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Soul Pop Singer-Songwriter Kate Fay Releases Debut Concept EP "Duality,"

Vulnerably Sharing Her Process of Healing After Heartbreak

Kate Fay releases debut concept EP "Duality" combining her love for retro soul with pop,
disco-funk and neo-soul, resulting in an emotional and uplifting collection of very personal
experiences and learning. Her hope is that through these 6 songs, you'll move through your own
reflection, healing and growth.

Los Angeles, CA, December 10, 2019 --(PR.com)-- While living in Boston,
30-something-Berklee-College student Kate Fay weaved emotional experiences into soul pop songs,
addressing Heartbreak, Reflection + Trust, landing in the world of neo-soul. Kate's mission in
entertainment is to lead by example that it's never too late to express oneself artistically, and that through
the willingness to be vulnerable, we truly heal from the pains of life, and grow into better versions of

Raised in rural Iowa by a musical family, Kate realized from a young age that singing would be a huge
part of her life and she yearned for big city opportunities. From rock bands to soul bands to studio
recording and writing, Kate made her way to New York City for music and theater, worked on Wall
Street as a means of stable support, and later moved to Boston to study voice, songwriting and business at
Berklee College of Music. Kate finished her degree at Berklee's Valencia, Spain campus, then ventured
off to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of recording and releasing music and pursuing a performance

Kate's first EP "Duality" is a glimpse into the triumphs, let downs and learning along the way of life,
highlighting sounds that resonate with her equal love for retro soul music along with pop, dance, neo-soul
and disco funk grooves. Be sure to catch "Duality" on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all music
platforms at midnight 12/13.

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