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Dyspepsia and Peptic ulcer Chanon Suebsan 58
Pharmacist : Good morning. I'm pharmacist on duty. How can I help
Patient : Good morning. Today I want to buy some medicine for
relieving stomachache.
Pharmacist: For yourself?
Patient : Yes.
Pharmacist: Can you tell me about your symptoms?
Patient : I had a stomachache and when I ate something.
Pharmacist : Do you have other symptoms along with your
Patient : Yes, I have. I always felt nausea and vomiting.
Pharmacist : Do you vomit blood?
Patient : Yes, it occurred 2 days ago.
Pharmacist : Have your stool had a darker color?
Patient : No, it hasn’t. It looks the same as normal
Pharmacist : Have you ever had this symptom before?
Patient : No. I don’t have symptom before.
Pharmacist : How strong is the pain? Let's say in a 1 to 10 scale, how
would you describe the intensity of the pain?
Patient : Between 4-5
Pharmacist : Is the pain continuous or does it come and go?
Patient : It comes and goes.
Pharmacist : Do you usually have your meal on time?
Patient : I rarely had breakfast because I was too hurried to go to
Pharmacist : Oh! really it is not good.
When you eat something, your symptoms will get better?
Patient : No, on the other hand, I feel worsened.
Pharmacist : How long have you had this symptom?
Patient : Oh! last week.
Pharmacist : Have you drunk alcohol coffee or soft drink and smoke in
Patient : I have just drink coffee every day.
Pharmacist : Are you allergic to any medicine?
Patient : Nothing that I know.
Pharmacist: Do you have any other health problems?
Patient : Yes, I had osteoarthritis for a long time.
Pharmacist: What kind of medication are you currently taking?
Patient : I always take Indomethacin for it.
Pharmacist: Could you tell me how to take this medication
Patient : I take this two tabs per day
Pharmacist: From your information that you told me, I think you
have dyspepsia because you use indomethacin for a long time,
so this drug can lead to bleeding in stomach.
You always miss meal, so this make your symptoms worse.
Today I will dispense an antacid and omeprazole for
relieving symptom.
They will make you feel better.
Take antacid 2 teaspoons between meals and before bedtime,
Take omeprazole 2 capsules 30 minutes before meal two times
a day in the morning and evening for 8 weeks. If your
symptoms were not relieved, I recommend you see the
doctor as soon as possible.
Patient : How about the side effect?
Pharmacist : These two medications have the same side effect but it’s
not quite known widely
but it will make you are headache or stomach upset a little bit
but don’t worry
Pharmacist : Do you have any question?
Patient : No.
Pharmacist : Can you recall how to take the medicine?
Patient : Yes. Take antacid 2 teaspoons between meals and before
Take omeprazole 2 capsules 30 minutes before meal two times
a day in the morning and evening for 8 weeks.
Pharmacist : Finally, do not forget to take this medication because it is
very important. And you should drink a lot of water after take
indomethacin. You should have your meal in the right time. And
avoid drinking coffee because it can make your symptom
worse. I hope you will get better soon.
Patient : Thank you very much for your help.
Pharmacist : It’s my pleasure.