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Sarah Eggleston

EDUC 3000


Micro Teaching Reflection

I think overall the lesson went pretty well. The first group wasn’t very active, but it was the first

rotation, first thing in the morning, and I don’t think many people are truly awake that early, so I can

understand. The second group went much better, not just because there was more participation, but

because Macray and I revised our technique a little bit which helped. One thing that felt a little awkward

was the Venn Diagram section of our lesson. It felt like pulling teeth, and I don’t think we truly got to the

discussion we wanted. Given a little bit more time, I feel like we could have reached there, but with the

amount of time we barely scratched the surface. It was enough to get the point across, but not enough

to truly delve into what either of us really wanted.

I think one issue for me was that none of my students really had any theatrical background,

which made the discussion a bit more awkward, or so it seemed to me. None of the students had any or

little theatrical background, so trying to bring up something a bit more complex like technical theatre

seemed a bit ambitious, instead of solely sticking to acting, however acting was technically part of the

standard as well. I just wished that they hadn’t solely focused on acting and expanded a bit more to

other aspects or areas of theatre, however with as much background knowledge as they had, it wasn’t a

bad discussion. I’m sure in my own theatre classroom, I’m sure that I wouldn’t hit this same kind of

dilemma, or at least not to this extent. However, along these lines, I could’ve spent a bit more time on

explaining exactly what I meant instead of briefly dictating/introducing each aspect.

I think our behavior management wasn’t terrible because all of our students behaved really

well, although with the first group a bit more prodding was needed because none of them really wanted

to speak up in the discussions. In that aspect, I think we could have done better in trying to get the
students to participate, or really curving the discussion to where we truly wanted it to go instead of

trying to get it to come up naturally/organically by the students.

A lot of the feedback we got was that we needed to be a bit more enthusiastic, although our

adoration of our subjects was evident. Even though it was morning, I do agree we could’ve been a bit

peppier in a way. Although I do believe most of those comments were from elementary education

students, in which the level of enthusiasm is drastically different, although as a secondary education

student, energy is still important, just not quite at the same level as elementary. Another comment we

got was that we should have stood up instead of remained seated. Ordinarily in my own classroom, I

know I would have stood, it was just restriction of the space and resources that kept us seated. Another

comment was that while showing the clips, we should have the students fill out the Venn Diagram

instead of having them sit there getting bored. I liked that idea, but instead of having them fill out a

Venn Diagram, I’d just have them write down things that they noticed about the performances, and

from that go to a class discussion filling out the Venn Diagram as a large group in a discussion setting. A

lot of the comments were definitely helpful and I’d like to incorporate them into this lesson if I use it in

my own classroom, but also into my teaching.