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LESSON PLAN Subject: Science

Trainee: Nawar Rashed Topic or Theme: Animals

Class: 2/A Date & Duration: 21/10/2019 – 45 mins

Trainee Personal Goals

I am working on solving the workbook on time.

Lesson Focus

Animals adaptation

Lesson Outcomes

At the end of the lesson students will be able to identify why animals act and look
the way they do.

Links to Prior Learning

Students know the groups of animals and how they grow and change.

21st Century Skills

Information literacy: the students will use the books to solve the activities
Technology literacy: I will use a PowerPoint in the opening to explain the concept

Key vocabulary

Adaptation – Camouflage.

Possible problems for learners Solutions to possible problems

Behaviour management and time Use stickers to praise good behaviour and
management put a timer on the phone.

Resources/equipment needed

PowerPoint – workbook – colouring papers

& Time
Students will: Teacher will:

10 mins - Greet the teacher and sit on - Greet the students and ask
the carpet. them to sit on the carpet.
- Answer question and tap - Tap into their prior knowledge
into prior knowledge and start explaining the new
- Listen to the teacher concepts.
explain and ask questions. - Use the PowerPoint to explain.

Main activities
& Time
Students will: Teacher will:
- Sit in their groups and wait - Send the students to their
25 mins for the teacher’s groups and give them
instructions. instruction.

Whole class:

- The students will open the book to page 84 and start solving the questions with
the teacher.
- If they finish early, they can colour the animals to camouflage them in the

& Time Plenary/Conclusion

Students will Teacher will

5/7 mins - Sit on the carpet - Ask the students to sit on the
- Review the lesson carpet.
- Do the kindness check list - Check for comprehension
with the teacher - Do the kindness check with


☐ Observation ☐ Student self- ☐ Oral ☐ Peer assessment

assessment questioning

☐ Quiz ☐ Student ☐ Written work ☐ Verbal feedback

presentation and feedback