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John Paolo G.


12 GHT-10

Position Paper

Death penalty is a very controversial issue many people have different opinions on
how the criminals should be punished But, is the DEATH PENALTY is appropriate punishment? as
a human we should consider the life of the others even criminals they have the right to live.
instead of punishing them to death I'll recommend to strengthen and reform our Criminal justice
system to deter criminals in our country.

I am against to this punishment because of our poor justice system and I dont want an innocent
people to be punished by this kind of law . According to the Supreme Court, trial court judges
issued erroneous judgments in 71.77% of Death Penalty cases tried. imagine if you are wrongly
accused and the punishment is Death your life will be wasted.

It will be abused and misused by this Administration many policemen can plant an evidence
that's why we need to reform our justice system. if the Death penalty is implemented it not
means that it can deter crime Scientific studies have consistently failed to demonstrate that
executions deter people from committing crime.

Many people suffer from being in jail because of the crime they did not commit here are the
evidence that human cannot give the right judgement all the times.

David McCallum- Man wrongfully convicted of murder freed after 28 years


Kirk Bloodsworth- The first American on Death Row exonerated by DNA evidence


Timothy Cole- Texas Tech University student who was wrongly convicted in the 1985


This person's are convicted for a long time because of the crime they did not commit and freed
after so many years. imagine if the equivalent of their case is Death their lives will be wasted.

Reasons Why We Should Abolish Death Penalty

1. The death penalty does not deter the commission of crimes.

Numerous scientific studies conducted in various countries have clearly and indisputably
established that the certainty of punishment is a more effective deterrent against crime
compared to the severity of punishment. The death penalty has never been scientifically proven
to have a clear and substantial effect in reducing crime incidence.

2.Death penalty kills mostly the poor.

In a survey conducted by the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) in May 2004, an overwhelming
number of death penalty inmates belong to the poorest of the poor, have only an elementary
education, work in low-paying and back-breaking jobs. In other words, the death penalty
disproportionately targets the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our society,
those who have limited access to adequate legal representation and who are the most prone to
have their rights disregarded or violated.

3. The death penalty condemns the innocent to die.

There can be no doubt that some people who were innocent have been executed. Criminologist
Michael Radlet notes that between 1900 and 1992, there were 416 documented cases of
innocent persons who have been convicted of murder or capital rape—a third of whom were
given a death sentence. He discovered that in 23 of these cases, the person was executed.