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1. The purpose of a start and end date in each infotype is: 2.

Identify the validity of infotype

2. Mr. Reeves was assigned for a business trip in Melbourne, Australia for 2 days. In this case, her
time type data will be: 2. attendance
3. In order to access a particular infotype, you may either do the followings, except: 4. Nove of the
4. During the payroll run, Ms. Julia Schulz, the HR Administrator encounters an error that requires
some changes in master data. In this case, prior to executing the changes in the current period
payroll run, the functions in menu that she needs to select is: 4. correction
5. The followings is NOT a TRUE statement in regards to Applicant status: 1. If applicant overall
status is
6. The integration in Personnel Development include the following, except: 2. Payroll accounting
7. The Planned Compensation infotype (1005) enables you to use one of types of planned
compensation: 1. Pay grade - salary
8. Through Time Manager's Workplace, Time administrators can view time data using the following
type of views, except: 4. Organizational view
9. In the Enterprise structure, the configuration of Company Code is executed by the following
module: 3. Financial Accounting
10. The followings are Development Plan items, except: 2. Business event group
11. ABC Bicycle Company classifies its applicants into three types: permanent, freelancer, contract --
depending on which type of employment they are applying. This classification is known as: 2.
Applicant group
12. The following is NOT a TRUE statement in regards to Time Management: 4. Attendance quota is
an employee’s entitlement to leave from the work
13. George Meyer attended Business English on the 6th - 8th June this year. The followings are
includedas follo up business events, except: 1. Booking data on that day for the business
English business event will not be deleted and sorted for historical record
14. The following option is not included in Utilities in Master Data maintenance: 3. Additional
15. Recruitment module has close integration with the following modules, except:
3. Time management
16. When you want to do hiring action, you maintain infotype through: 3. Fast Entry
17. Types of attendees can be individual or group attendees. The followings are included iin Group
attendees, except: 3. Contact person
18. The followings are some of object types in Organization Management, except: 5. Personnel
Calculation Rule (PC)
19. The Organizational, Enterprise and Personnel Structure is maintained in the following infotype:
20. The followings are infotypes required for Negative Time Management, except: 3. Payroll status
21. There are some training list need to be uploaded in the Training catalog. This list is known as:
2. Business event
22. Mr. George Vega has to record the time when he enters first clock in to the office, work off-site,
back on-site and clock-out. This type of time data is maintained in: 2. Positive time
23. Below is part of Compensation Administration prior to activate a plan, except: 5. None of the
24. How many maximum dimensions in setting up matrix guidelines? : 3.Three
25. An employee may have attended more than one institution for his education. In this case, the
time constraints for IT0022 (Education) is as follow: 3.3
26. If you have integrated Training and Event Management, the deficit in qualification may trigger
training proposals. Besides training proposal, the system may also propose: 3. Development
27. Requirements subprofile for a position is inherited from the superior position : 2. FALSE
28. The following is NOT a TRUE statement in regards to Recruitment: 2. Vacancies shown in
recruitment represent only the simulation of workfoce requirement
29. The most important features in employees subgroup include the followings, except:
1. Peronal Structure
30. When Ms. Catherine Camino, HR administrator, executes a Hiring action. When she creates a
personal data and enters : 3. Dynamic Action
31. The followings is NOT a TRUE statement in regards to Requirement and Qualifications:
3. Requirement are list of skills that an employee has while qualifications list of skills required
for a job or position
32. In dynamic business event menu, you can execute the following functions, except: 3. Lock and
unlock attendance
33. You can generate reports within structural graphicsby using the following tool: 2. HIS
34. Time data can be recorded by time administrator in various ways, except:
3. Personal action
35. The following is NOT a TRUE statement in regards to Time Evaluation: 4.time statement
contains the overview of time attendances
36. The followings are criteria used for Career but not Succession Planning: 5. None of the above
37. The followings are included in the planning process in Personnel Cost Planning, except:
4. review
38. Once obtaining the information of Time Evaluation can be generated through the following
report: 2. RPTIME00
39. Ms. Catherine Camino, HR administrator wants to administer bonus performance for Mr.
George Vega in Finance department for his outstanding performance. He is entitled for 500USD.
In this case, if Ms. Camino also wants to maintain the history of the action, she has to use the
following maintenance : 3. Fast Entry
40. One example of statutory and voluntary deductions is: 2. Basic salary