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To please our senses, it is the main characteristic of whatever form of art we see.

expresses the feelings of the artist that can be interpreted by us in various ways. A medium
through which we express our thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is through art that we can
reveal to the world our creativity that comes and exists in our mind and also our deepest
feelings. Through his/her artworks the artist or the doer of the art tells a story and conveys a
meaning with another human being indirectly but deeply felt. There are different forms of art
that affect our feelings and emotions. Photographs are great example of this.

They say photography is a world full of adventures, stories, interesting events and games
where you play colors and light. It represents the reality, the real world, the true world where
we live. In photographs we usually look at the camera and wear our big smiles. We typically
believe that by taking pictures we capture the best moments in our lives and photographs helps
us reminisce the past. Does photography only depicts happiness?

The Protest Art in PUP is social

realist that has its own specific
characteristics as it is a product of a
particular position and experience
such as the themes of social
injustice, state violence, education
as a universal right, and more
importantly liberation to giving
freedom and the idea of ideal
society. An important aspect of PUP
art is the fact that it intends to
inform values in the community.
Through this the citizens’ will be
educated about what would be their role in the community.

THE BIG LIE exhibit highlights the narratives of families of victims of the deadly anti-narcotics
war of President Rodrigo Duterte that has already killed close to 30,000 people (PUP Protest
Art). The photographs were taken by journalists who have been covering daily killings, they also
challenges the perception about the effects of the “war on drugs” on poor communities.

As I walked through the gallery room, I saw many photos that sorrow and sympathy crept in
my heart. I saw photographs showing bloods, tears and the situation of the people victimized
and included in the killings and in the war on drugs operation. I stand directly in front of each
photograph, I looked and observed closer to properly appreciate all of it, but there is this one
photo that stole my attention. My heart felt the pain like I was also part of the photo. It was so
heart wrenching.
Family and friends of 13- year old Aldrin Pineda weep during his funeral in Manila, March
14, 2018.

Pineda was playing with his friends in their neighborhood when a police officer on patrol, Omar
Molinao, said he tripped and accidentally fired his gun. It is a captured photo by Ezra Acayan.

The photographs composition, focus, color and tone properly conveys the emotions being
delivered. As it is a sad piece of an art it is not colorful that makes the photo mysterious and
sorrowful. What made me appreciate this photo the most is for the reason that it makes me
sympathize deeply. More of it was the story behind this photo, a mere innocent child killed in
just a click of a gun. This art is to be taken into the heart, for the reason behind it and how the
art turned out to be.

I thought I would see art that would make me feel happy. I initially thought that art is
appreciated if you felt happy, but as I went out of the room I realized that appreciating at isn’t
about being always happy it is about appreciating it with the heart.

The kind of art I saw was not intended for me to be happy it is to awaken me from my
fantasies about the world. Fantasies that turned into the harsh reality I should face. The
photographs made me realize and appreciate how important life is. How we should love and
value each other. As a part of the community I was there not just to space out and see the
photos with my naked eyes. I was there to perceive and appreciate the true essence of those
arts in my heart wholeheartedly.

The art I appreciated came from a bad event or experience but it turned into a positive one
as I realized and appreciate something about it.
Art really do have a silent power to move our soul and enlighten our spirits. I’ll always believe that
we have to put the art in the heart.