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Graphic Designer

Graphic designer is professions that create illustrations, typography, photography, or motion

graphics. A graphic designer creates works for publishers, print media and electronic media, such as
brochures and advertising products. They are responsible for an appearance to look attractive, which
can be applied in various forms of promotional material related to the product and the public. Graphic
Designer’s job is to convey an information desired by the product / client in an attractive design. Graphic
design services are the choice for business because they have broad prospects that are promising.
Various kinds of graphic design services are also offered through websites or sites or by offering them
directly to prospective clients.

Seeing great business opportunities, many graphic design studios offer a variety of graphic
design services such as logo design services, illustration design services, brochure design services,
magazine design services, and others. Those who are in this business generally have an educational
background in Visual Communication Design or Advertising. Although many do not have an educational
background, but have passion or work experience in that field. Graphic design services are closely
related to other businesses such as advertising and printing. So it is not uncommon, business owners
offer graphic design services along with printing services that can facilitate the clients. With that system,
clients are made easier because they no longer need to look for inexpensive printing, which saves time.
Every business and business definitely needs branding and promotion such as logo design, letterhead,
envelopes, ad designs, folders, and so on. Well, that's where graphic design services can play an
important role.

Custom Motocycle Workshop

The vehicle modification creative industry, especially custom flow, is increasingly in demand by
people from various ages, from young to old, now custom motorbikes are in high demand, because of
the diversity of styles such as; scrambler, bobber, japstyle, chopper, and so on. The growing popularity
of custom motorcycles seems to be a new business alternative. The reason, many lovers of two wheels
who do not want to bother changing their motorcycles by own self.

As a result, they prefer to buy custom motorcycles that have already been made. Not
surprisingly, the business opportunity to make a custom motorbike is then resold even more glance. The
sale can be offline or online, the disadvantage of this business is that it requires a large amount of
capital because the parts are quite expensive, and the manufacturing requires a lot of labor and have
their respective expertise to build a motorbike. Even people who open this business must have a basic
about the world of automotive first, because they really need insight into custom motorcycles, and also
have to have extensive relationships in the world of custom motorcycles and motorcycle clubs to get
customers. creativity becomes the key to perpetuation in the custom motorbike business. Creative is
important because we are creative, so we can work continuously and cannot be easily satisfied. The idea
must continue to emerge. We can recycle old works that are looking for innovation. Just like cellphones
on the market there are new ones, just like motorcycles.

Today the world of photography is no longer monopolized by professional photographers. We

can get lots of choices of camera products according to their needs and budget, especially digital
cameras. Even the type of Single Lens Reflex (Digital) camera which was originally intended for
professionals, now it is already owned by many people who are not familiar with photography.

Interesting indeed because the world of photography is very broad and can be learned. There
are at least hundreds of classifications of the genre of photography, and some are quite popular and in
demand. Yes, classifications ranging from portrait photography, wedding photography, wildlife
photography, macro photography, fashion photography to the most challenging is aerial photography.

The prospect of this photography business became evident when the discovery of a DSLR
camera in 2008 ago. It can be said that the photography business is a promising business field for
anyone who has a great interest in the world of photography and has an entrepreneurial spirit in him.
Many kinds of businesses for photographers, including the wedding photograhy business, commercial
photography business, being a photo journalist, etc.

All photography business starts from a hobby, a hobbyist certainly will not always be easily
satisfied and he will continue to learn until finally he has the skills that are able to rival the professionals.
Photography you can do anywhere, whether indoor, outdoor, on the beach, in the mountains, even
above the skyscraper.