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Bazkhela, Durushkhela, Matta, Swat, KPK, Pakistan

● Mobile:+971 501539954
Email: drzahoor39@gmail.com

Seeking an expert position as Livestock Management Specialist, to utilize my technical and managerial
knowledge and experience in various Livestock development and production Projects.
I am a qualified veterinarian with 6 years of practical experience in livestock health which includes
diseases diagnoses treatment and control, with different national and international firms by providing
livestock health and management services in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
As a Veterinarian, I have dealt different livestock and poultry sector which include best livestock
management practices to boost up farmers income through innovative approaches and hand on trainings.
I have also facilitated the establishment of small and large scale enterprises of ruminant and poultry with
rural farmers.
● Designed and implemented small and large size private livestock enterprises.
● Developed and implemented livestock farms business plans including raring and fattening of
small and large ruminants for meat production.
● Experience in farm management.
● Designed and implemented small and large size private livestock enterprises.
● Organized, rural farmers in to producer and marketing groups and associations.
● Disease diagnosis, post-mortem examination, specimen collection for laboratory examination of
poultry and ruminants
● Treatment of diseased birds and small and large animals

Percent Year
Examination Board / University Division
DVM KPK Agricultural 1st 65.09 % ( 2. 91) CGPA 2012
University Peshawar
F.Sc {Pre B.I.S.E Saidu Sharif 1st 68.18% 2007
Medical} Swat
S.S.C B.I.S.E Saidu Sharif 1st 79.1% 2005
{Science} Swat


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Veterinary Officer, Jinnah Cattle and Sheep/goat Farm March, 2013 to Jun 2015
Lasbela Baluchistan, Pakistan
. The duties and responsibilities:
✓ Provided animal health and production Services.
✓ Developed a strategy for control of infectious diseases through mass vaccination and effective
diseases reporting system
✓ Artificial insemination in cows and buffaloes
✓ Feeding management and Ration formulation for large and small ruminants
✓ Improved animal housing, adequate space per animals, proper ventilation, introduction of
improved manger with adequate feeding space and 24 hours water supply, proper drainage and
sanitation, housing management in winter and summer season and sex, age and breed wise
gradation of animals

Poultry Farm Manager, September, 2015 to October 2016

Basra Broiler Farm Jeddah, KSA

Role and Responsibilities;

✓ Post-mortem Examinations;
✓ Disease Diagnosis;
✓ Treatment of sick poultry birds;
✓ Advisory services for adoption of appropriate prevention, strategy for endemic/ epidemic
✓ Farm hygiene,
✓ Record Keeping (Both Disease and Income/ Loss),
✓ Handling of poultry Pathogens/ Samples (for further laboratory investigations);
✓ Developed reports of the work done.
Veterinary Lab Officer October, 2016 to March 2017
Tillad Veterinary Centre, Riyadh KSA

Role and Responsibilities;

✓ Sample collection from sick animals
✓ Diseases diagnosis and treatment
✓ Performing various laboratory test like, ELISA, CBC, Microbial culture, Blood biochemistry,
Slides preparation for blood parasites and fecal examination
✓ Field visits for sample collection and providing treatment

Technical Advisor August 2017 to March 2019

Falcon Enterprises, Swat Pakistan

✓ Provide animal health and production services.

✓ Management of veterinary clinics
✓ Organize visits to livestock and Poultry communities for treatment and artificial insemination
✓ Will provide advisory services to livestock farmers on improved husbandry and breeding

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✓ Visit to Broiler and layers farm for technical advices regarding diseases control and best
management practices
✓ Day to day disease management, vaccination and treatment of diseases, such as Foot and Mouth
Disease, Haemorrhagic Septicaemia, Anthrax, Contagious Caprine Plueropnemonia, Contagious
Bovine Plueropnemonia, Brucellosis, Acidosis, Alkalosis, Pestedes Petitis Ruminants, Vesicular
Stomatitis, Mastitis, Sheep and goat Pox, three day sickness, Indigestion, Prolapse of uterus,
Internal and external parasite infestation etc.
✓ Live weight estimation for selling out, proper feeding and medication of animals, fattening of
large and small ruminants.
✓ Llinkages development between producer and poultry buyers
✓ Any other task assigned by the MD

Veterinary Doctor
March 2019 to date
The Village Poultry Farm Al Saad Al Ain ,UAE
Language Ability;
Pashto WRLS Native
English WRLS Good
Urdu WRLS Excellent
Arabic Good WRLS
Computer literacy;
● MS Office
● Internet & E-mail

Dr. Ikram Ullah
Email: ikramullah100@gmail.com
MD, Falcon Enterprises, Swat, Pakistan
Mobile: +923009788988

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