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Good morning everyone!

We are group 4 and we are going to discuss the importance on

how to conserve and protect the birds..Our hashtag…#stopcrueltytowardsbirds

Birds suffer from the loss of habitats and other factors that affect their migration and
reproduction patterns, leading to a decline in their numbers and even driving some to
In order to protect and reduce the death of birds, there are various actions people can take to
conserve birds and to at least give them a chance to survive. Here are the amazing ways to
conserve and protect birds..
Preserve Personal Habitat: Even a small backyard can be vital to birds that live there, and as
other local habitats may disappear, individual yards become even more critical for greater
numbers of birds. Minimizing pruning or cutting down trees, avoiding excessive chemical use,
leaving leaf litter intact and allowing snags to stand are all easy ways to keep a backyard habitat
productive for birds.
Be Aware of Endangered Species: Of the nearly 10,000 bird species in the world, more than 10
percent are officially classified as threatened or endangered. Understanding how many birds
are at risk to become extinct is the first step toward raising awareness of how to lower the risks
of extinction for the birds that need the most intervention and conservation help.
Support Bird Conservation Programs: Supporting conservation programs and projects is the
most immediate way to help reduce the risk of bird extinctions. Many zoos and aviaries work
with captive breeding programs for endangered birds, and visiting the facilities helps fund their
work. Joining a birding organization also helps support conservation work, or making donations
to conservation groups, bird rescue organizations or wildlife rehabilitators can be useful.
Protect Diverse Bird Habitats: The more habitat there is available for wild birds, the better they
will be able to survive. All types of wild habitat are useful, and simply creating a bird-friendly
backyard can provide critical habitat for local species. Other ways to preserve habitats include
visiting wildlife refuges, purchasing duck stamps, helping with beach or river cleanups and
encouraging native landscaping in parks and other cultivated areas.
Be a Responsible Birder: First and foremost, birders can always minimize extinction risks by
putting birds' best interests above their own. That means always following proper birding
ethics, including bird photography ethics, and being considerate of other species at all times.
Avoid any behavior that may stress birds, and take steps to keep birds safe. This includes
backyard birding and being a responsible bird feeder, keeping pet cats indoors and ensuring
that a backyard habitat is just as safe and welcoming as any larger refuge.
Share Your Love of Birding: Introducing more people to birds and birding is an exceptional way
to minimize the risk of future extinctions, because the more people who are involved in
protecting birds, the greater and more effective those protections will be. Be patient with new
birders, get involved with birding festivals, introduce birding to children and take other steps
to raise awareness about birds and the hazards they face.
Live a "Green" Lifestyle: Conscientious, eco-friendly living is always helpful to preserve habitat
by minimizing pollution and reducing environmental stresses. Choosing a low-emission vehicle,
reducing water and electricity use, minimizing your carbon footprint, recycling regularly,
carpooling and other common sense steps all help protect habitat that birds and wildlife need.

That is all and thank you for listening..