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Type of Activity

Extended Learning (Individual Practice) Classroom Encounter others

Strand 1: Basic Literacy (Reading)
Lesson: Sequencing of Events
Competency: Sequence events in a certain material
Learning Intent/s:
1. Identify signal words used in text
2. Organize and gather information in a sequential text
Value-emphasis: Appreciating the importance of properly sequencing the story shared with others.
The Rabbit and the Turtle.
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Sequencing of Events. https://www.education.com/lesson-plans/sequencing-events/ Retrieved 6 September

I- Pretest (Activity)

Instructions: Closely look at the pictures and identify how the boy named Ben should start his
day for school. Number the pictures from 1 to 6 in which 1 as the first and 6 as the last. Write it
only the number in the box, given below each picture.

II. Concept Notes


 Sequence is the order in which things happen.

 You will know the proper sequence of an event from the words used such as first,
next, lastly, etc. or if in a short story such as one day/once upon a time, soon
after/after it, days later, then, soon, etc.

Example 1:

First, I wake up and put on my slippers. Next, I go and brush my teeth using my
yellow toothbrush. Then, I go to the kitchen and eat some biscuits and drink some
orange juice. Lastly, I put on my clothes and come to school.

Example 2:
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful woman named Maria. She has been alone
for years. Soon after, she made a new friend named Sonia who stayed with her in her
small house. She was happy since then because she was no longer living alone.

 As a reader, you need to know about sequence because it helps you understand
different stories.

 As a writer, you need to know about sequence because you need to make sure the
events of your stories make sense in order.

III- Posttest (reinforces mastery of learning)

Instructions: Read the story given below about the Rabbit Harry and the TurtleTony. Identify
the proper sequence of the story by arranging the events from 1 to 5, with 1 as the first and 5 as
the last. Write the number inside the box above each picture.

Hare Harry and Turtle Tony one They soon started the race.
day met. Hare Harry was laughing Hare Harry was ahead of
and telling Turtle Tony that he is slow. Turtle Tony and was sure he
will win the race.

When Hare Harry woke up, he

Then they decided to race saw Turtle Tony was already
to prove who is faster. close to the finish line. No matter
how fast Hare Harry was
running, Turtle Tony was already
in the finish line. Hare Harry
loses the race and Turtle Tony
ended as the winner.

Hare Harry felt tired and decided

to sleep since Turtle Tony was
much far behind him. While Hare
Harry was fast asleep, Turtle
Tony passed by, without Hare
Harry knowing because he was

This is the end of your task. Good work! 