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C 333 A/4 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 24.11.




Reference: 00/05

(2000/C 333 A/02)

The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions in Dublin is an
autonomous body established by a regulation of the Council of Ministers of the European Communities.
The European Foundation is organising an open competition to fill a vacancy and to form a reserve list
for the recruitment of a:

WEBMASTER (male or female)

The Foundation is an equal opportunities employer. — developing database-driven web applications and services,
especially for the Intranet, using appropriate web tools,

Candidates are asked to give careful attention to this notice of — assisting in developing and performing usability assess-
competition and to use only the official application form. ments of new and existing applications, content, and

— advising on guidelines and strategies, especially in relation

to web standards and technical issues, for the Foun-
dation’s web presence,
— taking part in project management, either as team leader
or team member,
Reporting to the Web Manager, the Webmaster will be a key
member of the Foundation web team and will work in close — undertaking such other responsibilities as may be
liaison with colleagues in the information and IT areas to directed.
ensure that the Foundation makes effective use of web
technologies in its internal and external communications. He
or she will be self-motivated and will work closely with
research managers, information officers and external contrac-
tors to assure consistency and usability of the websites. Duties II. CONDITIONS FOR ADMISSION
will include:

The competition is open to candidates who, by the closing

— assisting in the management of Foundation websites, date for applications, fulfil the following conditions:
(including Intranet and Extranet), in terms of content
rendering, updating, correction and development of
website content and structure in liaison with colleagues
and external service providers. The principal website is
maintained concurrently in both English and French, A. GENERAL CONDITIONS

— assisting in the choice and implementation of appropriate Candidates must:

state-of-the art tools and facilities for the operation of the
Foundation websites, in collaboration with the Infor-
— be nationals of one of the Member States of the
mation and IT units, and external service providers,
European Union and enjoy full rights as a citizen,

— supporting colleagues in the use of these tools and — be able to produce character references as to suit-
facilities to generate content for the websites, ability for performance of the duties specified.
24.11.2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 333 A/5

B. SPECIAL CONDITIONS 2. The Selection Board will examine the applications

and draw up a list of candidates who fulfil the
special conditions set out in Section IIB.
1. Qualifications and professional experience
required: It will base its decision exclusively on the information
given on the application form and backed up by
— At least a certificate of secondary education, supporting documents. Candidates who do not fulfil
the requisite conditions for admission under Section
— A relevant professional or technical qualifi- II or who have not provided relevant documentary
cation, evidence in support of their claims by the closing
date will be eliminated at this stage. A curriculum
— At least two years relevant experience, specifi- vitae will not be regarded as a supporting document.
cally of standards-based HTML, web graphics,
client-side scripting (such as CSS, Java script The most suitable candidates will be invited to
etc.), server-side scripting (such as CGI, Perl interview(s) with the Selection Board.
etc.) required,
3. Information on state of procedure:
— Experience in XML, web databases, and other
web technologies,
at the end of each stage candidates will receive a
personal letter informing them of the decisions
— Experience with Windows NT Internet servers taken in their case.

— Project management experience desirable,

— Good communication and organisational skills.

A reserve list of suitable candidates will be drawn up by

2. Knowledge of languages the Foundation.

Thorough knowledge of one official language of the The list will be used as a reserve for recruitment
European Union and a satisfactory knowledge of should additional vacancies arise. It will be valid until
another official language of the Union, including a 31 December 2002 and may be extended. It if is,
satisfactory knowledge of English. Knowledge of successful candidates will be duly informed.
both English and French is desirable

Candidates must be able to prove that they meet the

conditions for admission by means of appropriate docu- IV. CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT
ments (copies of diplomas, certificates from university
authorities and employers, etc.)
Category and grade

III. ORGANISATION OF THE COMPETITION The successful candidate will be recruited to grade B 5.

The competition will be based on examination of application

forms followed by interviews of short-listed candidates. Place of employment

Dublin, Ireland. Residence within reasonable distance of the

Foundation’s offices will be required.

1. A list of the candidates who have submitted their Pay

applications using the official application form and
by the closing date required (see Section V) and who
fulfil the general conditions set out in Section IIA The initial basic monthly salary will be according to Grade B 5
will be drawn up and forwarded to the Selection step 1, to B 5, step 3 of the salary table under Article 66 of the
Board with the applications. To assist in the adminis- Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Union,
tration of applications, candidates are requested to depending on the candidate’s training and professional experi-
submit a curriculum vitae in English, together with ence. It will, where appropriate, be increased by the allowances
their application. set out in the Staff Regulations of the Foundation.
C 333 A/6 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 24.11.2000

Pay is subject to Community tax and other deductions laid E-Mail:
down in the Staff Regulations. It is, however, exempt from any Fax (353-1) 282 67 19 or (353-1) 282 42 09.
national taxation.
The pay is subject to the Irish weighting factor which is
presently 109,7 %.

Candidates must use the form contained in this issue of the — Candidates should use the official application form as
Official Journal for their applications. Having completed and contained in this notice, and which may also be down-
signed it, they must post it, together with the curriculum vitae loaded from the Foundation’s website:
in English and photocopies of any supporting documents
(diplomas, employment certificates or any other documents to — In preparing their applications, candidates may in no
support claims made on the application form), preferably by event refer to documents, applications or other forms
registered post not later than six weeks following publi- submitted in connection with previous applications.
cation in the Official Journal of the European Communities, as
attested by the postmark, to: — Successful candidates who receive an offer of employment
Melina Fenelon, will be required to produce the originals of their diplomas,
Secretary to Selection Board academic qualifications or employment certificates.
(Reference EF 00/05)
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and — Supporting documents will not be returned to candidates.
Working Conditions
Wyattville Road
Loughlinstown — Candidates are asked to report any change of address
County Dublin in writing, without delay, mentioning the competition
Ireland number.