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Providing an exceptional experience for all athletes at Camp Dinger is of upmost

importance. To do this we, as a company, need to be constantly monitoring ourselves and
making improvements to ensure we are performing at our highest potential. All employees’ peak
performances are required for our team to achieve Camp Dinger’s goals, objectives, and mission.

To ensure our peak performance, biannual performance evaluations will be completed for
all employees, regardless of employment level. These evaluations will take place opposite of
biannual trainings to make sure all employees are constantly reminded of expectations, and then
are provided with opportunities to prove their commitment to company values and goals and
implementing changes to make improvements. Biannual trainings will take place every April and
October, with performance evaluations taking place every July and January.

Goals of this process:

• Allow managers to provide feedback to employees
• Allow employees to reflect on their own work
• Create an environment where employees and managers have a mutual understanding of
how the company’s goals will be accomplished
• Provide both employees and managers with feedback on what has been done well, and
what can be improved upon
• Create a plan for upcoming changes to continually improve our company

Before each biannual evaluation each employee will complete a self-evaluation to be

compared with their manager’s evaluation of their work. This comparison can then be used to see
how behaviors and actions are being perceived from both sides. After this comparison, plans will
be made for moving forward. This is not only a time for being critical, but will also be used to
praise employees for exceptional work, and contributions to the company.

When an employee has thoughtfully filled out their self-assessment it is expected for
them to take initiative in scheduling a meeting to discuss their performance with their manager.
This initiative is and accountability is a crucial part in Camp Dinger’s company culture as we
feel employees should always strive to improve themselves. Should an employee not schedule a
meeting with their manager by the end of the given month, repercussions may occur, and will be
noted in their performance evaluation.

Performance evaluations may, but are not guaranteed to, result in raises, promotions,
additional benefits or opportunities, reduction of privileges, demotions, or dismissal from the

The following self-evaluation should be completed and brought to your evaluation meeting.
Time with Company:

Performance Evaluation Excellent Good Fair Poor Comments

Job Knowledge


Work Quality

Technical Skills

Work Consistency





Work Relations





Communication Skills

Overall Rating
Opportunities for Development

Reviewers Comments