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Praxis Core Analysis

Rubicela Chavez-Lazcano

College of Southern Nevada


Exam Requirements

Passing the Praxis Core Exam is an important and necessary step for my career in

education. I am in the process of completing my Associate’s Degree and getting ready to

transfer into the Bachelor’s of Education degree program at NSC, where I am planning to

attend. I must pass the Praxis Core Exam first however, in order to be admitted. It is also

one of the requirements to become a licensed teacher in the State of Nevada. The passing

scores for the Praxis Core Exam in Nevada are as follows: 150 for Math, 156 for

Reading, and 162 for Writing.

Exam Preparation

I did a few things to prepare for the Praxis Core Practice Exam. Before taking it, I

read the Praxis Information module in this course which lead me to the Official Praxis

website. I read up on it in more detail on that website. I also used one of the Praxis prep

websites, mometrix.com, to take their practice tests first for math, reading, and writing.

This all helped but I could have prepared more.

Exam Results

I took the Praxis Core practice tests for Reading, Writing, and Math. In both

Reading and Writing, I scored in the 75% range which is a borderline passing score. That

means that, when I take the official Praxis Core Exam, I could pass or be just short of a

passing grade. I scored higher in Math, within the 85% range, meaning that I am likely to

pass the math portion of the official Praxis Core Exam.


Future Exam Preparation

I need to further prepare myself to pass the Praxis Core Exam. I will continue

using the free practice websites provided. I plan on using the Praxis ETS website to help

prepare. They have an official Praxis Core prep resource called Khan Academy that will

help me create a personalized study plan that meets my needs, and it will allow me to

take full practice tests scored on the same scale as the Praxis Core. I will also purchase a

Praxis Core study guide book and flash card book. In case I feel like I need more prep

than this, I will also plan on doing more research into paid online prep programs to

decide if I will invest in one. If I devote a lot of time and effort to this preparation, I know

I can pass the test.