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Kharen Lorise S.

Bautista Mathematics in the Modern World

BABR 1-1D June 28, 2019

1. What is Mathematics?
 Mathematics is the science of structure, order, and relation that progressed from the
basics of counting, measuring, and describing objects whilst dealing with logical
reasoning and quantitative calculation.

2. Is Mathematics invented or discovered? Explain

 I honestly believe that Mathematics is discovered rather than invented. How so? If
you look at history, Mesopotamia was one of, if not, the first civilization to make
use of the practice of math. The people wanted to be able to have an efficient way
to form trades and commerce in order for society to function, which brings us to
the discovery of math and how it is a concept that can be manipulated to suit logic
and calculation. So yes, math is discovered, however, formulas and theorems are
invented in order to fit the numbers depending on the need for it.

3. 10 Practical Uses of Mathematics in the Modern World

 Money Management- We have to understand that the core of the function of
money is trade and value, and value is deeply rooted with the existence of math. In
the current world, almost everything holds monetary value and in order for us to
identify how much we need for that material thing, we also have to calculate how
much money we need and how much money should we keep for ourselves to use it
for other means.
 Cooking- To be able to ensure the best quality and quantity of a recipe, the cook
must be able to understand basic measurement of ingredients and time which makes
use of basic mathematical abilities.
 Shopping- Calculation of possible discounts when sales occur using statistics along
with mark-up or mark-down of prices
 Investments- Through math, you can calculate which type of investment is suited
for you and predict the estimated amount of money you can get from that particular
 Travel- Distance and time can be measured through this science which is
particularly helpful when you’re constantly on the move and going to places. Math
would allow you or your gadget to calculate distance between one place to another
and know what the expected time of arrival is depending on the speed and mode of
 Health- When we eat food, our body gains calories depending on the food we eat,
and if we exercise we lose our calories which would use mathematics to be able to
keep track with it.
 Visual Art- Visual arts are the ones like photography, sculptures, paintings etc.
Artists who create these types of arts should be able to know basic measurement.
For example, in photography, there is measurement between angles, lighting, and
speed. As for sculptures and paintings, these artists should have enough knowledge
between the materials they choose to work with and how to divide these parts to
create a synthesis between its elements.
 Performance Art- This includes dancing, vocals, and instruments. For dancers you
need to be able to count the steps and the beat to properly time yourself along with
the music, for both singing and instruments, these people should know how to
properly count the speed of the songs and count where the proper note should be
 Infrastructure- Math is especially important in terms of infrastructure because this
would be the base of any building under construction. Engineers must accurately
calculate the strength of materials and how many they need for it to make sure that
the infrastructure would stand strong and efficiently.
 Environment- Numbers are important in the environment to measure various
aspects affecting our climate as an example. We see how thermometers determines
the heat a location is currently experience or the barometer to quantify the air
pressure in a certain environment.