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(Common Rail Engine Diagnosis)

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1. When the booster pressure sensor has a problem, the main symptom is that :
1) EGR is not functioning
2) Engine is stalled
3) Injection volume is increased to boost up the engine power
4) None of the above

2. Find the correct explanation of the injector which has serious carbon deposit on its nozzle tip.

1) Wire brush is required to clean the carbon deposit

2) Engine might hesitate when it is cold but the symptom decreases after engine warm-up
3) The injector cannot be used anymore
4) Carbon deposit does not affect the performance of injector

3. Find the correct explanation of fuel filter of Bosch CRDi engine(D/A/U).

1) Fuel temperature sensor is integrated in the filter
2) Fuel heater is integrated and operates when the fuel temperature is below -5℃
3) The ECM controls fuel heater
4) Fuel filter should be replaced every 10,000km

4. The rail pressure of the 1st generation of CRDi engine was 1350 bars. And now the pressure is
increased up to 1800 bars with the 3rd generation. What is the benefit of higher rail pressure?
1) Better fuel combustion due to very fine fuel automization
2) Reduction of combustion noise
3) Higher compression pressure
4) higher engine speed

5. Which of the following is correct to measure the low pressure of fuel pump of U1.6 engine?
1) By using the GDS or Hi-scan test function
2) By using a pressure gauge
3) By using a vacuum gauge
4) Non of the above

6. There is a vehicle with CRDi D-2.0L engine and it cannot be started because of very low rail
pressure while cranking. What will not be the possible cause of this matter?
1) Leakage of pressure regulator valve on the common rail
2) Too much back-leak of an injector
3) Clogged fuel filter
4) An injector is fully stuck close

7. ECM of J-2.9 common rail engine is just replaced with new one. Technician A says, C2I codes of
all injectors have to be written on the ECM by scanner. Technician B says, it is not necessary
because the ECM recognizes C2I code automatically" Who is right?
1) A only
2) B only
3) Both A and B
4) Neither A nor B

8. What is the main purpose of EGR (Emission Gas Re-circulation)?

1) To reduce CO and HC
2) To save fuel
3) To reduced NOx
4) To reduce combustion noise

9. A solenoid injector of a vehicle is defected. What will not be the estimated vehicle behavior?
1) Engine hesitation
2) Hard engine starting or delayed starting
3) Poor engine power
4) No shifting to higher gear of AT

10. What is the main purpose of the MAF(Mass Air Flow) sensor of common rail system?
1) Pilot injection control
2) Idle speed control
3) Injection timing control
4) EGR (Emission Gas Re-circulation) control

11. The purpose of pilot injection of common rail system is?

1) To reduce black smoke
2) To reduce exhaust gas temperature
3) To reduce combustion noise
4) To reduce fuel consumption

12. What happens if the crankshaft position sensor has a malfunction while driving?
1) Nothing happens because of failsafe
2) Poor acceleration
3) High fuel consumption
4) Engine stall

13. Which of the following is correct regarding the pressure limit valve below?

1) Every common rail engine has it to protect the common rail from excessive fuel pressure
2) It is not necessary when a pressure regulator valve is installed on the common rail
3) The pressure limit of the valve is 1200 bar
4) It can be used permanently regardless of the number of times of excessive pressure

14. Which of the followings is the input data for injection amount control in Bosch common rail
1) Engine RPM (CKP) and air flowing into the engine (MAF)
2) Air (MAF) and pedal position (APS)
3) CKP and APS
4) None of the above

15. Which of the following will be the estimated vehicle behavior when EGR valve is stuck open?
1) Better fuel economy due to continuous EGR
2) Idle hesitation especially when the engine is cold
3) Reduced black smoke
4) Same engine performance

16. Which of the following will be the estimated vehicle behavior when VGT is defected?
1) Idle hesitation will be occurred
2) Engine power will be reduced
3) Engine starting will be delayed
4) Engine can be stalled when the engine load increases while driving

17. Which of the following is not the cause of engine hard starting or delayed starting?
1) Intake air leak after turbo charger
2) Defective immobilizer system
3) Clogged DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst)
4) Solenoid injector leakage
18. Which of the following is the cause of white smoke?
1) Excessive injection volume
2) Low cylinder compression pressure
3) Excessive engine oil inside combustion chamber
4) Intake air leak after turbocharger

19. Which of the following is the cause of black smoke?

1) Defected glow plug or carbon deposit around glow plugs
2) Bad fuel
3) Excessive engine oil inside combustion chamber
4) Intake air leak after turbocharger

20. Find the correct statement of the pressure regulator valve on high pressure pump of D2.0L
1) It is normally open type
2) If the connector is unplugged engine will be stalled because the valve is normally closed
3) It is applied since Euro-3 engine
4) To measure the maximum rail pressure with CRT-1000, the valve must be plugged