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QRG – Remote Access (IAG) with Swivel (Regional Office)

Remote Access (IAG) with Swivel Pinsafe Once these components have all been installed, the
following remote working page can be logged into.

The Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) replaces the

current Citrix login and RSA keyfob combination for
accessing centrally hosted applications.

Citrix will remain but is packaged for IAG in a manner that

is invisible to users. The introduction of IAG does not
change the security requirements for application access.

Logging In
The user should login to the employee portal by opening
an internet browser and entering the following address :

The first time you login, you will be asked to install some or
all of the following components to enable the IAG page to

• Whale Client Components these should start Username and password remain the same (a/b/p number
automatically and could take up to 5 minutes to and password)
complete. The browser may restart. Swivel Password is a One Time Code that is derived from a
• Compliance Check – IAG will check that antivirus and PINsafe PIN provided via email on setup of the user
firewall are installed and up to date account
• Certificates – If you are not using an M&S managed
machine, you will be asked to accept a number of SMS/Turing
certificates. Set the option to ‘Always’ trust to make Turing will be the only password provisioning process used
sure this is only required at first login by Regional Offices. The Swivel Password is applied to the
• The Citrix ICA component will need to be installed if displayed Turing Passcode e.g if the user password is 2468
the user has not used a Citrix session on this the Swivel Password to enter in the login box for the
machine previously example below is 1326
QRG – Remote Access (IAG) with Swivel (Regional Office)

After first login you will be prompted to change your PIN.

To do this, follow the steps on screen, entering the One
Time Code from your current PIN, followed by the One
Time Code that matches your new PIN

The Remote Working Homepage

The Remote Working homepage has links to the
applications that have been provided to the employee
previously as well as the Regional Office link to the web
The default is to open on the Primary Portal and
applications can be accessed by selecting them from the
list under “Launch Application” e.g SRO Web Apps. Only
applications that the user has access to will be displayed.

Changing Your PIN

QRG – Remote Access (IAG) with Swivel (Regional Office)

FAQs What if the applications that I use aren’t displayed?

What if I forget my password? Check that the application you are looking for is not
Call your RO IT support as normal displayed on the SRO Web Apps Portal. If you still can’t
find the application contact the I&AS Global Clients
What if I enter my Swivel password wrongly? Programme (I&AS.GlobalClientsPr@marks-and-
You have 3 chances to enter a correct PIN or password. spencer.com)
You will need to call your RO IT Support to reset

What if the Swivel Turing Password box isn’t

displaying on screen?
Make sure that you have selected ‘Turing’ at the top of the

How do I set up a new user account for IAG?

As part of the new user set up in the Regional Office you
need to request access to IAG from RO IT Support

What if I can’t get into IAG?

The citrix/keyfob method will still be available to use until
the full transition to IAG, however you should use the IAG
portal wherever possible

What if I still want to use my keyfob?

The citrix/keyfob method will still be available to use until
the full transition to IAG, however you should use the IAG
portal wherever possible

What if I can see the applications but am unable to

access them?
Check that you have downloaded the correct components.
You will not be able to use the applications if you have not
updated your antivirus in the past 7 days.