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Using the attached module as reference, discuss in not less than 500 words the Relevant Societal

Concerns. Include the components of societal concern and procedures in investigating social concern.
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As it was stated in the module, Relevant Societal Concerns deals with the current issues and
problems of the community. In a community, it is normal that they are experiencing conflicts and
problems with each other. Others say that problems undergo and it’s up to the people how they deal
and solve with it. When a community solved a problem, the relationship of the people will be stronger
than before. We can’t just leave the problem, we need to solve it right away. So it also includes the
investigation in solving the problem. There are many benefits when a community had underwent a
certain problem. One of it is when the problem is solved, the people will be friends. They will know more
each other and will prevent that problem again.

There are also components of societal concerns. The first one is the background of the issue. A
problem will not be a problem unless they have a background. Where did it began? What did they do
that led to that problem? We need to know what went to place during that time. We will investigate for
the root cause of the problem. By that, we can easily think of a solution because we understand the
problem that we are trying to solve. The second component is key players. Ofcourse, we need to know
who are the persons involved in the situation. Are they friends? Are they acquaintances? There are
many roles like they can be the victim, the suspect, the initiator, the advocate, the mastermind, etc. All
those roles may be become helpful and useful in solving the problem. The third one is the characteristics
of the issue. This is divided into two: the public concern and the sectorial issue. Before we act, we have
to know what the characteristic of the problem is. If it’s public concern, by the name itself it is set to
public. It means that all people are affected by the issue. All can give their opinions and insights of the
problem. But if it’s sectorial issue, only few people are affected by the problem. It means it is not open
for all. And the last one is effects of the issue. If we have a cause, then ofcourse there will be an effect of
those actions. These are the consequences of the actions of the people who are involved.

Step one in investigating a social concern, just like in doing Scientific Experiments the first step is
to observe. So we first need to observe the community and select a social problem that is happening.
Next is gather information. We need to get enough information regarding the problem. We can’t just
jump to conclusions. Step 3 is you need to process your data. Examine what you had figured out using
the information that you had gathered. Next step is you need to analyze and interpret the data starting
from the root of the problem. Why do you need to examine the problem? Why is it important? And the
last step is you need to provide solutions for the problem. After all the things that you had gathered, you
can now conclude and give a right and realistic solution for the problem including the things that should
be prevented by the affected people and what can they do to improve, etc.