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Hawaii Accepts Environmental Impact Statement for the Villages of 'Aina Le'a, a Billion Dollar Real Estate Development

Project on the Big Island - CNBC

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Hawaii Accepts Environmental Impact MOST SHARED

Statement for the Villages of 'Aina Le'a, a Australia Surprises With Rate Hike; Currency Jumps

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Published: Monday, 25 Oct 2010 | 8:00 AM ET Text Size
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KONA, Hawaii, Oct 25, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- DW 'Aina Le'a Development,
Fed Easing May Mean 20% Dollar Drop: Bill Gross
LLC announced today that the County of Hawai'i Planning Department has End Regulations Not Approved by Congress: Rand Paul
accepted The Villages of 'Aina Le'a Final Environmental Impact Statement for
its 1,092-acre development, which will include 2,350 homes and a 460,000
TOP HEADLINES » Markets | Economy | Companies
square foot shopping and entertainment center, across from the world famous
Mauna Lani Resort. The three-year study is a major step in the process to Australia Surprises With Rate Hike;
Currency Jumps (1)
make certain that the development complements the surrounding
communities. With this final approval, work on a signalized intersection onto
the Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway for both The Villages of 'Aina Le'a and The
World's Number Two Bank Plans $9.2 Billion Rights Issue (2)
Mauna Lani resort will commence. The acceptance of the environmental impact
Toyota China Sales Down for First Time in 18 Months (2)
study also allows DW 'Aina Le'a Development to obtain permits to install the
Markets Look to a Stingier Congress Post-Election (2)
wastewater treatment plant to serve the 'Aina Le'a community.
BP Sends Mitsui Unit $1.9 Billion Bill for Spill: Report (1)

Hawai'i is very proud of its heritage and its beautiful environment, and SEC Probing Deal Between JPMorgan and Hedge Fund (21)
Race to Contribute $690 Million to Australia Economy
therefore the community has actively participated in the evaluation and
Soaring Above India’s Poverty, a 27-Story Home (5)
direction of the project's components. The County Department of Water
Luxury Suit Maker's China Sales Now Higher Than US (5)
Supply confirmed, "the estimated potable water demand is within the The World's Largest Yachts 2010
anticipated capacity of the water system to be constructed per the agreement.
The State of Hawai'i Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of
Aquatic Resources, carefully studied the proposed wastewater treatment, and
DW's use of recycled water for irrigation on the planned golf courses. They Political Ads' Perfect Storm
meticulously considered any possible effects of wastewater on the aquifer and Expect Bullish Market Momentum in the Near-Term:
Strategist (3)
the beautiful coral reefs surrounding the Island of Hawai'i. In their response,
Mid-term Election Year & Market Performance
"The DAR commends the applicant's commitment to the use of membrane SEC Probing Deal Between JPMorgan and Hedge Fund (21)
bioreactor technology. As noted by the EPA, the effluent from MBR's contain Why California's ‘Bong Show’ May Fail (1)
low concentrations of bacteria, total solids (TSS), biochemical oxygen demand Chadwick: QEII – Will it Work? I Have My Doubts (6)
(BOD), nitrogen and phosphorous." The Mauna Lani Resort Association M&T Bank Buys Wilmington Trust Far Below Market Value (2)
confirmed its support for the immediate installation of the proposed Evoshield Gets Big Buzz Before It Hits Stores (2)

channelized/signalized intersection at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway. The Sweep That Won't Include California? (3)
Lock Up Profits — in Prison Stocks: Analyst (17)
The Island of Hawaii looks forward to the project's contributions to the
employment of the workers in the area, and the increased financial support
provided to all County and State Departments. Abbey Mayer, Director of the 2010 Penny Stock Report
Office of State Planning, stated, "I know this is the only major project going Wall Street's Secret. 3 Stocks Poised for 300%
on there (the Island of Hawaii). I know this is a good place for a project to

happen." DW has already commenced construction of Lulana Gardens, penny stock

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Hawaii Accepts Environmental Impact Statement for the Villages of 'Aina Le'a, a Billion Dollar Real Estate Development Project on the Big Island - CNBC

consisting of 432 townhomes, which will be sold to locals under the County of help with your trade
Hawaii's housing guidelines. The 1,092-acre development is expected to take
Tips on Hot Penny Stocks
between five and seven years to complete, and will include 2,350 homes, Get tomorrow's hot pick today, huge gains
privately constructed utilities, public school sites, golf courses, a regional retail
center, a Village shopping area, medical facilities, active parks with sports
Free Stock Chat Room
fields, walking and biking trails, and open areas to preserve and enhance 400+ Active Traders, Improve Your Trading Now!
living in Hawaii.

SOURCE: DW 'Aina Le'a Development CONTACT: DW 'Aina Le'a Development

Steve Dunnington, 808-896-2808, ext. 5 Copyright Business Wire 2010 -0- KEYWORD: United


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Construction & Property

Residential Building & Real Estate SUBJECT CODE: Product/Service

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Hawaii Accepts Environmental Impact Statement for the Villages of 'Aina Le'a, a Billion Dollar Real Estate Development Project on the Big Island - CNBC

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