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Kevin To

How-To PC Guides

Newegg PCGamer Techradar

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Picture Reference y y y
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Necessary Tools n y n

Recommended y y y
Brand (For Parts)

Where to Buy Parts n y y

Recommended OS y n n

Brief Introduction n y y

Parts List y n n

Included Video y y n

Rewarding y y n

Affordances​: This genre allows people that know how to build a pc, learn step by step
on how to building a PC and what parts are needed in order for the build to work.
Building a Pc is more beneficial than buying a pre-built one because building it you can
get a better performing computer for cheaper.

Constraints: ​Building PCs is very hard because of all the parts that need to be in the
right slots and certain cables need to go in certain slots. If any part is done incorrectly
the Pc will not work as you want it to.

Organization: ​All three of the hows to were very clear and organized so that even
someone with no experience with PCs can understand and build a PC. But all 3 haven't
different ways on building a PC whether its doing one step first or the other.
Tone:​ The tone of how the How Tos are written were very informal and descriptive so
you know what part goes where and also has a rewarding tone at the end to make you
feel accomplished that you built a PC.

Evidence:​ Each How to has its own visual reference to help with building the PC and
how that certain is being installed. For some people that prefer video reference two out
of the three how tos have a video included with the steps

Part 2: Determining the Rhetorical Situation ( Underlying the Textual Genre )

Exigence:​ I have always wanted to build a pc but couldn't because I didn't know
anyone that knew how.

Writer:​ the writer of the hows to is a corporation or someone from the corporation that is
experienced with building PCs

Primary Audience:​ the primary audience would be someone interested in building a

PC, so majority gamers

Secondary Audience:​ the secondary audience would be adults(parents) or others

trying to help someone build a PC or tech companies that builds PC

Writer’s Goal:​ the writer's goal is to inform people on how to build PCs

Context/Background:​ People love playing games either its a kid or an adult. Gaming
appeals to anyone. With how to guides on how to build a PC it just makes it easier for
anyone that wants to build a PC eithers it graphic designers or just a regular gamer.
PCs can be used for day-to-day things or intense graphic visuals either in editing or