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By: Haley Szramek

June 12th-18th
Departing Flight:
American Airlines
9:50 am-8:25 pm (15h 35m; 2
stops OKC & LAX)
Returning Flight:
United Airlines
3:04 pm-6:00 am (9h 56m; 1
stop SFO)
When bundling through - For 2 adults and 1 child
Expedia this saves money flying in economy is
on the costs of the flight, $524.93 roundtrip.
hotel, and car. - Opted out of travel
Saved $173. 18! insurance since it will
allow us to use to
money on other parts of
the trip.
- 20 mpg at $2.15 per gallon
- We decided to get 10
gallons of gas for a total of

Since we bundled through Expedia the

rental car was included for a small fee.
The Ford Focus costs $1 per day. In total
it will cost $7 excluding gas.
- Free at Hotel
- Not parking at airport, my Papa always is our
ride to and from for our vacations.
- Total: $0

- No tolls in Hawaii
- From 47 to O’Hare is $1.50 in tolls (one way).
- Total: $3.00, since we have an I-Pass.
- Since we again bundled
through Expedia we got
some good deals!
- Kings’ Land by Hilton
Grand Vacations
- Total: $3,225.00 (tip
- Includes a kitchen, washer/dryer, shower,
balcony, etc. Sleeps 4, so this is perfect for
my family of 3 that is planning this trip.
- June 12-18; 6 nights & 7 days
- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Snacks
Total of $266.28
- The hotel provides free breakfast in the morning!
- Just in case, I put some money towards a trip to
Starbucks that is a couple minutes from the hotel.
- We will utilize the kitchen in out hotel room
to make our own lunches/picnics!
- From the local grocery store we will buy
ingredients for sandwiches, BLTs, and burgers.
Also, we will buy chips and drinks.
Roy’s Bar & Grill: - The whole point in
- Hawaiian, $50 travel is not only for the
Foster’s Kitchen: site seeing but for the
- Little Bit of Everything, $42 food!
Boat Landing Cantina: - I have planned for our
- Mexican, $39 family go to 4 different
Napua Beach Club: restaurants.
- Hawaiian, $50
Roy’s Boat Landing

Foster’s Napua
- We will keep some snacks in our hotel room.
We will stop at the store and buy some
water, fruit, chocolate, and microwave
- These snacks are definitely good by the pool
or the beach!
- I have planned 4
different activities to
do on our vacation.
- Thurston Lava
- Golf/Spa Day
- Kings’ Shops
- Chilling at the
Total Cost: $770.26
This tour includes…
- Volcano National Park and
Hawaii’s most active volcano
- Big Island Candy Store
- Richard’s Black Sand Beach
- Rainbow Waterfall
- Inside the Thurston Lava Tube
- Imiola Sky Garden
- Turkey Lunch
- Transportation to and from
- Located at our King’s Land
- My dad and I will be playing
nine holes with a cart. $75.00
- While we are playing my
mom will be getting a Kohala
Swedish massage at the spa.
- The Kings’ Shops are located near
our resort and we would love to buy
some souvenirs during our trip!
- They have clothing and little
souvenir shops. Also, they have a
few restaurants!
- Directory
- The main activity here on our
vacation is to chill in the sun.
- All water supplies (surfboards,
raft, etc.) are included with the
- Clothing
- Toiletries
- Extra
Total Cost: $169.90
A cute sundress for me! It A floral romper for my The perfect Hawaiian
is $27.99 from Kohls. Mom. It is $44.99 from shirt for my Dad! It is
Kohls. $10.99 from Amazon.
- $9.99 3-pack
- $.97 toothpaste
- $6.44 sunscreen
- $1.79 shampoo
- $1.79 conditioner
- $.99 Lotion
- $2.99 Face
- Perfect for traveling since it
comes with a bag.
- They are sand proof beach
- $19.99 each on Amazon. We
are buying 3, for each of us.
That’s my vacation to