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School: Grade Level: VI

GRADES 1 to 12  Teacher: Credit to the author of this file Learning Area: ENGLISH
DAILY LESSON LOG  Teaching Dates and
Time: JANUARY 3 – 5, 2018 (WEEK 9) Quarter: 3​RD​ QUARTER


A. Content Standards ● Demonstrates understanding of various non-verbal elements in orally communicating information
● Demonstrates understanding that words are composed of different parts to know that their meaning changes depending in context
● Demonstrates understanding of verbal and non-verbal elements of communication to respond back
● Demonstrate understanding of the research process to write a variety of texts
● Demonstrates understanding that a change in stress entails a change of meaning to evaluate the speaker’s/author’s purpose and meaning
B. Performance Standards ● Orally communicates information, opinions and ideas effectively to different audiences for a variety of purposes
● Uses strategies to decode correctly the meaning of words in isolation and in context
● Uses a variety of strategies to provide appropriate feedback
● Uses a variety of research strategies to effectively write a variety of texts for various audiences and purposes
● Uses knowledge of stress and intonation of speech to appropriately evaluate the speaker’s intention, purpose and meaning
C. Learning Competencies/ Oral Language Vocabulary Study Strategies/Research Fluency
Objectives Attitude
Present a coherent, comprehensive Organize information from Observe accuracy, appropriate rate and proper expressions in
report on differing viewpoints on an Infer meaning of content of specific secondary sources in preparation dialogs
issue an issue terms using for writing, reporting and similar
-context clues academic tasks in collaboration
-affixes and roots with others.
-other strategies

Show tactfulness when

communicating with others
Write the LC code for each EN6OL-IIIi-1.19 EN6V-IIIi12.4.1.3 EN6SS-IIIi-4 EN6F-III-3.6
II. CONTENT Reporting viewpoints on an issue Inferring meaning using Antonyms, Organizing information from Observing accuracy, appropriate Creative writing (Dialog)
(Subject Matter) (Global Warming) and Synonyms secondary sources rate and proper expressions in
-writing an announcement dialogs.
A. References
1.Teacher’s Guide/Pages Curriculum Guide pp 94-95
2.Learner’s Materials Pages
3.Textbook Pages
4.Additional Materials from Learning http://hdgc.epp.cmu.edu/teachersgui Interactive Skillbook in English 6 Google search
Resource(LR)portal de/teachersguide.htm#lesson pp 47-49
B. Other Learning Resources Picture, Short Film Chart, worksheet announcement dialog Picture dialog
A. Reviewing previous lesson or Show the picture of how warm is the How will you give a viewpoint on a Who can recall the meaning of an What are the basic information How do we write a dialog
presenting new lesson globe. certain issue? antonym and a synonym? needed in writing an
Ask pupils interpret the picture base Sentence 1- State first viewpoint Can someone give me an Original File Submitted and
on how they understand it. Sentence 2- Discuss first viewpoint example/s? Formatted by DepEd Club
(this Sentence 3- Reason why you agree Member - visit depedclub.com
map or disagree with viewpoint for more
is Sentence 4- Example to support
your view

taken from google, it clearly shows us

how warm is our mother earth, the
orange color represents the heat we
B. Establishing a purpose for the Class how is our weather today? Think Pair Share What upcoming activities do you Listen to a dialog, with proper Recall the selection about
lesson have in your school? intonation… Climate change.
(answers may vary depending on the Each pair will be given this activity Who emerged as winners in the
weather) sheet to work on, follow instruction recently concluded sports (Refer to basic speech for you
intramurals? and me audio tape or
Are there contests in your school YouTube)
where you can participate in?
First three pairs will report on their
What can you say about the
Are they pronouncing words
clearly and audible?
C. Presenting examples/ Film showing about global warming Read the passage Present an example of an Have a copy of this dialog on Ask pupils to write a dialo
instances of the new lesson announcement: the board about climate change.
(please refer to YouTube) The Earth's climate is changing, and
people's activities are the main
1. What can you say about the film? cause.
2. Can we do something about it?
3. Who are the great contributors of
these phenomena?

Our world is always changing. Look

out your window long enough, and
you might see the weather change.
Look even longer, and you'll see the
seasons change. The Earth's climate
is changing, too, but in ways that
you can't easily see.
Discuss the dialog after the
The Earth is getting warmer because pupils read it clearly.
people are adding heat-trapping
gases to the atmosphere, mainly by
burning fossil fuels. These gases are
called greenhouse gases. Warmer
temperatures are causing other
changes around the world, such as
melting glaciers and stronger
storms. These changes are
happening because the Earth's air,
water, and land are all linked to the
climate. The Earth's climate has
changed before, but this time is
different. People are causing these
changes, which are bigger and
happening faster than any climate
changes that modern society has

Comprehension Check Up
What is the passage all about?
What does this passage tell us?
How can we show our love to our
mother earth? Cite examples

D. Discussing new concepts and Ask the pupils to read the passage Use this chart for discussion Comprehension Check-up Comprehension check up: Check the dialog using
practicing new skills #1 carefully and analyze after. rubrics
1. What is the What is the dialog all about?
Scorching summers... Melting announcement about?
glaciers... Stronger storms... 2. Who are being invited How should we pronounce the
The signs of global climate change are to join the activity? words in reading a certain
all around us. 3. Where is the venue of dialog?
the activity?
4. When will the activity If a statement is in question
held? form how do we utter the
If you want to ask for more statement?
information about the seminar,
Synonyms are words that
who will you look for?
have the same or very similar
meaning. All words can have a
synonym. Nouns, verbs, adjectives,
adverbs and prepositions can have a
synonym as long as both words are
the same part of speech.
Antonyms are words that
have opposite meanings. For
Source: NASA/courtesy of
example, the antonym of long is
nasaimages.org. short. Often words will have more
than one antonym but as with
The Earth's climate is getting warmer, synonyms it depends on the context.
and the signs are everywhere. Rain For instance, the word warm could
patterns are changing, sea level is have the antonym cool or chilly. In
rising, and snow and ice are melting order to choose the correct
sooner in the spring. As global antonym, you have to look at all the
temperatures continue to rise, we'll meanings and how the word is used.
see more changes in our climate and Cool can mean stylish as well as
our environment. These changes will chilly so the word cool may not be
affect people, animals, and the best choice.
ecosystems in many ways.

Less rain can mean less water for

some places, while too much rain can
cause terrible flooding. More hot days
can dry up crops and make people
and animals sick. In some places,
people will struggle to cope with a
changing environment. In other
places, people may be able to
successfully prepare for these
changes. The negative impacts of
global climate change will be less
severe overall if people reduce the
amount of greenhouse gases we're
putting into the atmosphere and
worse if we continue producing these
gases at current or faster rates.
​E. Discussing new concepts and Work by pairs From the Selection read, look for The following announcements Ask someone to read the Ask pupils to deliver their
practicing new skills #2 words with antonyms and lack information that will make dialog, with proper guidance. conversation/dialog
Give their own, viewpoints about the synonyms. the readers confused. Identify properly
selection/issue they read. the missing information and
List down your answers on a piece of rewrite the announcement.
Have their written report ready. paper

What is/are the missing
​F. Developing Mastery Ask some pairs of pupils to report Group Activity Ask the pupils to work with a Choose the correct word
(Lead to Formative Assessment) their outputs while some of the pupils Group the pupils into 5 groups partner and write their own from the box to complete
are ask to jot down important points. then let them do their own dialog about their morning the dialog.
announcement based from the activity/ies A: ​Do you know if the
(observe politeness at all times) following events. library is open on
Group 1 – Spelling Bee Contest ____________?
Group 2 – PTA general meeting B: ​Yes, _______________
Group 3- Boy Scouts Investiture or
Group 4- Poster Making Contest No, I ___________ think s
Group 5- Science Quiz Bee A: ​What time will it be
B: ​___________ open fro

Don’t Monday
Do It will be
10 am 5pm

​G. Finding practical application of 1 What have you learn from the Synonyms What is the importance of an Choose three pairs to report
concepts and skills in daily living. selection you have read? announcement? on their dialog note proper
Adjectives:​ beautiful, lovely,
2. Who are the most affected with intonations and stresses in the
gorgeous, stunning, striking
these changes? words uttered.
3. As a student how can we Nouns​: House, home, dwelling,
contribute to lessen the effect of residence, abode, quarters
these changes? Verbs:​ jump, bound, leap, hop, skip
Prepositions​: in, inside, within
Suppose you are
salesman/saleslady, ho
Happy – sad will you start a dialog with
Healthy – sick this man?
Smart – stupid

From the list given, choose a pair of

words from synonyms and
antonyms and write a sentence.
H. Making Generalizations and How will you give a viewpoint on a What is a synonym? An announcement tells about or Can someone complete the How are you going to
Abstraction about the Lesson certain issue? announces something that is sentence? observe accuracy,
A ​synonym​ is a word that means going to happen or that has appropriateness and
Sentence 1- State first viewpoint exactly the same as, or ​very nearly happened. It answers the A dialog is proper expressions in
Sentence 2- Discuss first viewpoint the same as​, another word in the question who, what, where, ____________________ dialog?
Sentence 3- Reason why you agree or same language when, and in some cases, why.
disagree with viewpoint What - refers to the activity
What is an antonym?
Sentence 4- Example to support your Who – refers to the person A dialog is an exchange of
view An ​antonym​ is a word that means involved in the activity ideas or opinions on a
the ​opposite​ of another word. For Where – refers to the venue or particular issue, especially a
example "bad" is an antonym of location of the activity political or religious issue, with
"good". When – refers to the date when a view to reaching an amicable
the activity be held agreement or settlement.
Why – refers to reason for
holding such activity
I. Evaluating Learning To what extent do you agree or Write your viewpoints on Global Write an announcement for a Complete the given
disagree on the issue about Global warming or Climate change use school event you expect to have conversation. Atan Hello, Dinah. Did
warming or Climate change? Antonyms and Synonyms in giving like field trip, a contest, a theater you have a good
Annie is at her friend Karan’s
your viewpoints. presentation, a sports activity trip ?
party. Rohan comes to
Discuss the advantages and and others. Remember to include Dinah It was not too bad
introduce himself.
disadvantages and give your own all the necessary information in In fact I managed
opinion. (Global warming or Climate your announcement. You may Rohan: Hi, I’m Rohan. I’m a
to sleep a bit.
change. add drawings or illustrations to friend of Karan. Annie: Oh,
make your announcement more ___________________ Karan
​( to express
attractive and appealing. has told me a lot about you.
satisfaction )
Rohan: You work with him, Atan Is that all your
don’t you? luggage ?
________________? Dinah Yes. Wait a minut
Annie: I’m a nurse. The small holdall
_________________? missing.
Rohan: I work at a bank. ​( to express
Annie: __________________? dismay )​ I must
have left it at the
Rohan: I’m from Chennai.
duty-free shop.
Suggested solution Atan ______​3​______
​( to reassure )​ W
Annie is at her friend Karan’s can ask the secur
party. Rohan comes to guard to get it.
introduce himself. Which shop was i
Rohan: Hi, I’m Rohan. I’m a ?
friend of Karan.
Annie: Oh, ​nice to meet you​.
Karan has told me a lot about
you. 1.
To express satisfaction​
Rohan: You work with him, A. It was so quiet.
don’t you? ​What do you do​? B. The passengers slept.
Annie: I’m a nurse. ​What about C. The seat was really
you? comfortable.
Rohan: I work at a bank. D. It has made me feel
Annie: ​Where are you from? rested.

Rohan: I’m from Chennai. 2.

To express dismay
A. Oh dear !
B. What a nuisance !
C. Where could it be ?
D. I remember now.

​To reassure
A. Don't cry.
B. Don't worry.
C. Are you sure ?
D. We'll look for it.

​J. Additional Activities for Draw a globe showing the effects of Give each pupils a copy of these Cut announcement from the Write a short dialog about your Group the class with
Application or Remediation global warming or climate change. activity sheet and ask them to news paper. List down all the morning activity members and ask them
answer in silence. information in paragraph form. write a dialog about t

A. No. of learners earned
80% in the evaluation
B. Number of learners who
are required additional activities for
remediation who scored below 80%
C. Did the remedial lesson work? No.
of learners who have caught up with the
D. Number of learners who continue
to require remediation
E. Which of my teaching strategies
worked well? Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I encounter
which my principal or supervisor help
me solve?
G. What innovation or localized
materials/discover which I wish to share
with other teachers?