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C 89 E/78

Official Journal of the European Communities



Community and to support Member States in their risk management related decision-making processes by providing a flexible tool to rank the risk potential of such plants.

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OJ L 230, 5.8.1982, p. 1. OJ L 10, 14.1.1997, p. 13.

(2001/C 89 E/078)


by Ioannis Souladakis (PSE) to the Commission

(31 May 2000)

Subject: Funding of the pre-accession procedure for Cyprus and Malta

What action does the Commission intend to take to ensure that the appropriations provided for the applicant countries Cyprus and Malta are moved from chapter B4 of the budget, concerning external aid, to chapter B7, concerning pre-accession aid, in accordance with the guidelines for the 2001 budget that Parliament has already voted on (paragraph 48)?

Answer given by Ms Schreyer on behalf of the Commission

(6 July 2000)

As part of the a revision of the financial perspective ( 1 ), the Commission has proposed transferring the amounts relating to financial support for Cyprus and Malta from heading 4 to heading 7. The aim of this transfer is to harmonise the treatment of these two countries with that of the other candidate countries already part of heading 7, which covers pre-accession (the Regulation on the pre-accession strategy for Cyprus and Malta was adopted on 13 March 2000 Council Regulation (EC) No 555/2000) ( 2 ).

In this context, a subheading for the Mediterranean countries under heading 7 is being proposed (because Cyprus and Malta cannot avail themselves of the Ispa and Sapard pre-accession instruments).

The amount of this transfer for the period 2001-2006 is € 20 million per year.

On the more strictly budgetary front, under the 2000 budgetary procedure, two new headings were created under Title B7-0: B7-040 ‘Pre-accession strategy for Malta’ and B7-041 ‘Pre-accession strategy for Cyprus’. These two headings were given a token entry (p.m.), since the relevant amounts are still entered under heading B7-4012 ‘Pre-accession strategy for Cyprus and Malta’.

In view of the adoption of the above-mentioned regulation, the Commission proposes to allocate amounts to the two new headings in the preliminary draft budget (PDB) 2001. These will be € 7,5 million for Malta (B7-040) and € 11,5 million for Cyprus.

( 1 ) ( 2 )

COM(2000) 262 final. OJ L 68, 16.3.2000.

(2001/C 89 E/079)


by José Ribeiro e Castro (UEN) to the Commission

(25 May 2000)

Subject: Framework for the ‘sanctions’ against Austria Commission report

It was recently publicly reported that the Austrian Chancellor, Mr Wolfgang Schüssel, has asked the Commission to draw up a rigorous report on the situation in Austria with reference to the ‘sanctions’ agreed and in force against Austria in the context of the EU. This report is to be prepared in time for the forthcoming European Council, to be held in Santa Maria da Feira on 19 and 20 June 2000.