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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information
Name: TR. SANG
Birthday : 29/7/1975
Address: Go Vap Dist, HCM
Career Objective
I am looking for a new position and a new job where I can work in a challenging environment and gain experience
in working as part of a team to research and develop new software products

2006: Bachelor of Science by Hanoi National University of Education

Job Experience
2/2018 - Now : Passion Fruit Software Development Ltd. Co
Position : Senior .NET Developer (C# - SQL, Unity - NodeJS - PHP - MySQL)
All work to support system, service for business
Develop module, api for app (multi - platform)

5/2017 - 2/2018 : GratefulDays Asean Fan (Japanese - Korea)

Position : Software Architect (Unity, PHP, C# - SQL, NodeJS - MySQL)
All work for a new game online which can run multi platform.
Recruit & train new staff

6/2016 - 4/2017 : Mulodo VietNam

Position : Unity Supervisor/Team Leader (Main : Unity-C#)
- Research and development prototype, new technicals
- Write technical documents, user requirements
- Create plan for train, develop
- Development two game prototype
- Suggest problems : about orientation, about train(language & technical), …
- Write documents : technicals, development & business plans, seminars, ...
- Research & develop samples with Swift, FireBase, Smartfox

2/2015 - 5/2016 : SoonGame Studios (Madrid, Spain) (OneWorld - MaxCom)

Position : Brand Manager
All work for a new game online which can run multi platform.
Recruit & train new staff

1/2013 - 8/2014 : EGame(Deco Online)

Position : Project Manager, Team Leader, Designer
- All work for a new game online which can run multi platform.
- Recruit & train new staff

3/2012 - 12/2012 : VNG Corporation

Position: Software Engineer
Responsibilities: Develop components of game
+ Suggest and make a Dynamic GUI manage system
+ Suggest and make a method for manage event
+ Suggest and Make a tool for manage game
+ Build GUIs and code for functions
+ Debug and Fix errors in game (Client/Server)
+ Config and Deloye game
+ Development back-end with php and zendframework
+ Research fast transfer network
+ Research new archive : casual server, ...
+ Building a new system : Lua, Ogre, CeGUI, …

1/2011 - 3/2012 : Gemadept Corporation

Position: Software Engineer
Responsibilities: Develop the software required
+ Develop a part of GSS project, a module of MISC project
+ Develop a project for manage customers (SCSC)
+ Develop a project for logistic (PO Shipping)
+ Research/Develop a module for device which manage in/out door
+ Introduces a large customer, three potential partners
Solution/Architect :
- Detect employer
- Manage task with employer

9/2010 - 11/2010 : Nano Corporation

Position: Technical Manager
+ Training for new staff
+ Manage the construction works
+ Research new equipment and consulting clients
+ Assign and monitor daily work to employees
+ Retain a large customers
+ Establish a new working environment
+ Resolve three major construction projects
+ Successful organization of conference clients

3/2010 - 8/2010 : FPT Software

Position: Technical Teacher (role as Project Manager/Team Leader)
+ Develop documents required
+ Research on new technology
+ Research tools for develop software
+ Teach staff about company, rule & teach in develop
+ Research and development examples for Test Driven Development
+ Write a document about Unit Test, a tutorial about VSS/SVN
+ Develop a training process for new staff
+ Implement two courses on software development in the android
+ Implement courses on developer rule in project, how to work in FSoft project

9/2007 - 9/2009 : Sao Mai Software

Position: Software Development
+ Develop the software required
+ Research about recognition technology
+ Research about network technology, image process technology
+ Human detect, Objectives detect and Car License Plate detect on DirectX and OpenCV
+ Lan Manager with transfer video, audio on network (TCP)
+ Display a landscape on Direct3D with data from GPRS
+ Image Processor, Antivirus

1/1998 –3/2010 : Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm Hight School

- Before 2005 : Position: IT Manager (Main : C/C++ )
+ Do all IT job
+ Develop the software required
+ Research about multimedia, security
- After 2005 : Position : Deputy Leader
+ Teach IT
+ Management expertise of teachers
+ Implementation of courses in IT, vocational counseling
+ The softwares is developed as management of contests; animation in DirectX with created script languages
like C; an antivirus was developed on ClamAV; advanced image processing to output the animation as AVI, SWF;
develop a tools autoplay for JXOnline with C++ and Assembler; ...
Scholarship about the software development of Aptech on TTVN’ 2003
Solution/Architect :
- File System : manage file with integrated security, multi-compress
- Intelligent System : autoupdate and detect virus
- Anim System : import/export, script, effect, sound, ..
- Game System : script, physical, effect, model …
- Dynamic website system

Language: English : school; have learn more
Computer Skills:

Technology Level Memo


C/C++ Professional

C# (MS.Net) Professional

Java Advanced

Visual Basic Advanced

HTML/Javascript Advanced

ASP/ASP.NET Professional
PHP Professional


MS SQL Professional

MySQL Professional

MogoDB Advance

Oracle Advance

Operating Systems

Windows 98,2000,XP, ... Professional

Windows Server Professional

Linux Professional


OpenCV, Python Advanced

DevExpress,Crystal Report Advanced

DirectX, Direct3D Professional

Ogre, CEGui, Lua Professional

Unity, EZGui, NGui Professional

Slack, Svn, Git, ... Professional

Internet, Book and Traveling