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Reg. No: 15RBAR069


For the Award of the Degree of


NOV 2018

Faculty of Architecture
(Established under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956)
Karpagam Academy of Higher Education
Pollachi Main Road, Eachanari Post, Coimbatore
Tamilnadu-641021, India

Thiruvananthapuram Coastal View a forum for the development of the capital city suggested
Poovar- Pozhikkara as an ideal location (nearby beach resort of Thiruvananthapuram) for the
proposed ship building and repair yard. The site was selected because it is close to the
International Shipping lane with a depth of 25-30m. Therefore, ships can be brought to the yard
with minimum detour based on various studies. Availability of land is also not a problem as
government itself has around 120 acre of revenue land in the region. Poovar- Pozhikkara region is
just 10km away from the proposed monorail, coming up in the capital city and the area is well
connected to other places through railway and national highway.


To propose a Greenfield shipyard at the Poovar region looking forward to the fast pace progress
works on Vizhijam International Seaport.


According to experts, Poovar has a natural depth of 30 metres and is situated barely ten nautical
miles (18.5 km) from the international shipping route, besides a wide beach spread over two
kilometers. Availability of government-owned land to the tune of over 200 acres at Poovar also
makes it an ideal location; as the need for land acquisition would be minimal.
The project location would only be 10 km from Vizhinjam mother port. Also, the availability of
fresh water from Neyyar nearby is an added attraction. According to Amaladasan Pereira of
Thiruvananthapuram Coastal View, an organization which spearheaded a campaign for the port,
the Centre first mooted the idea in 2011 realizing the immense potential of Poovar.
The works on Vizhijam International Seaport is progressing at a fast pace and soon, huge ships
would dock there. The presence of a ship repair facility at Poovar nearby will offer immense
opportunity for the state’s economic development.


 The construction and development of a new shipyard in conjunction with a new port of
international standards could put the country and the state in an enviable position.

 Poovar has a natural deep draught of 25-30 m that will enable big warships, super tankers
and cargo vessels to be built, berthed and repaired.

 Encourage the visits of tourist; as when the Vizhijam International Seaport is at fully
function able this will encourage more cruise ships and the shipyard proposal at poovar
helps the ships to dock and undergo maintenance for its next cruise.

 Foreseeing the emerging global situation, the predictions of the future of shipping at the
global level envisaged a ring-route around the globe on which vessels of 13,000- 18,000
TEU capacity would ply. These vessels would require minimum water depths of 18 m. The
Poovar coastal line is the ideal place having all the endowments to be developed as a
futuristic shipyard and port.

Shipbuilding business starts with a shipyard construction with a large scale investment initially.
The starting point of shipyard construction is to design a shipyard layout. For this purpose, four
kinds of engineering parts required. Those are civil, building, utility and production layout
engineering. The business organization of shipyard green-field project (Greenfield project is one
which is not constrained by prior work. It is constructing on unused). Among these, production
layout engineering is most important because its result is going to be foundation of the other
engineering parts and determine the shipyard capacity in the shipyard lifecycle.

Phase Object
Phase Preliminary - Design a rough layout (concept layout) of the main shop & workstage
1 design (Indoor shops, Painting shop, Outfitting shop, PE workstage, etc.)
considering the capacity of the dry-dock (input) and the ship construction
cycle (e.g. 1 ship / 2 week)
Phase Basic design − Simulate the concept layout considering a ship block data and
2 transportation, in order to define the capacity of each shop and inter-

− Make a modified layout from the concept layout, which can satisfy the
requirements (production volume, lead time per ship, etc) of the shipyard
Phase Detail design − Design each shop and workstage in detail level
3 − Flow production line
− Design a number of the block assembly line and the configuration of
each line
− Workstage
− Define the location and the arrangement of each workstage
− Design the number & size of each workstage

The preliminary layout design can determine the schematic configuration of the major factories
and working stages of shipyard so that the approximate capacity of fabrication shops, painting
shop, outfitting shop, PE working stage considering the initial capacity of dry dock and the ship
construction duration. General scope of the preliminary layout design is to estimate a size of main
shops and workstages including location optimization with the consideration of flow, relation and
cost. A detail workstage planning could be conducted, where the detail workstage planning means
a unit area allocation inside a given boundary of each shop and workstage. The detail workstage
planning is conducted by considering average plate size for the stockyard and the average block
area for the assembly and the outdoor workstages.


 Increase in tourism leading to better hotels, parks and other tourist facilities within the
radius of the proposal.

 Level up the neighboring port eligible areas such as Vizhinjam being developed as an
International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT).

 Increase in the import and export margins leading to a hype in freight transportations.
Resulting in high road quality and better connectivity.

The trend of building bigger and larger ships is likely to remain strong in view of the 30 per cent
operational cost differential compared to older ships built up to 2010. As ships become bigger in
size and larger in capacity, they need deeper ports and approach channels.


- Cochin Shipyard Limited, Cochin (Live study)

- Hindustan Shipyard Limited, Vishakhapatnam (Live study)
- Jiangnan Shipyard, China (Literature study)
- Hyundai heavy Industries, Ulsan (Literature study)


The site selection is done by studying about the site and certain criteria which are to be looked
into for a shipyard design; the criteria are listed below.

 Poovar has a natural depth of up to 30 meters

 Situated 18.5 km from the international shipping route
 Wide beach spread over two kilometers
 Availability of 200 acres of government-owned
 Project location 10 km from Vizhinjam mother port
 Availability of fresh water from Neyyar


- Development of Vizhinjam International deep-water port through PPP_

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