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Hair product ads

Name of product cantu Au naturale pantene

Catch phrase for yes yes yes


Picture of a person yes yes yes

who supposedly
modeled or didn’t
model the product

Picture of the product yes yes yes

Short descriptions yes yes no

about the product

Ad includes company no yes yes



Good afternoon, My name is Tylaya Kint and I’m a college student currently studying
genres and rhetoric. And I am positive that I can be a great addition to your hair company to
help you advertise your products in the best way possible as your advertising agent. I can
guarantee that your brand, Luxurious Products, will end up being one of the best known
products on the market after I share all of this information with you and we put everything into
You guys are trying to increase the sell of your hair products at the stores, so today I’ll
speak about exactly how we can increase sales and make your brand more widely known.
Now, imagine you are walking into a hair store looking for a product that will make your
hair softer and more manageable. You look down the row of many hair products completely
overwhelmed when you see a hair ad for a company that promises exactly what you’re looking
for. So, that’s the one you choose.
Which is why I’d say that we should put most of product ads in stores.
Moving on, there are a few things that must be considered when looking at things of this
genre. (in this case hair product ads)
What is the exigence of a hair product ad? In other words, what is the reason for making this
ad? If you don’t know your exigence or what you hope to portray on your ad, then you will have
absolutely no idea where to start or what to include.
Some of the first things that might have came to mind when I asked about your exigence
may have been some of these: To put emphasis on a new product a company is selling. To
draw attention to the MAIN products of the company. To show how your hair will change if you
use the product at hand. And to make your company, Luxurious Products, stand out compared
to brands like Cantu, pantene, dark n lovely au naturale, and so many more top companies.
Your goal, I would assume, is to knock out the competition right? WE want to be on top.
Next, we have to think about what a hair product ad even consists of and where you may
see them. The term for this in the rhetoric and genre world is known as the conventions. So,
when you usually see a hair product ad what conventions do majority of them include?
Obviously, the ad should include the name of the product so that viewers know what product
you are advertising. Second, it should have a picture of someone who supposedly used the
product so that viewers see what to expect from the product. And since our primary audience for
these ads are typically females we will see mainly females modeling the products and of course
vice versa on ads who’s primary audience is men. Third, the ad should include the catchphrase
for the product or for the company because people are more likely to remember a catchphrase
or catchy rhyme and relate it directly to the product every time they hear it. Fourth, it should
include a picture of the product to make it easier for the viewer to distinguish the product in store
and also to appeal to the readers visual senses. Also on the topic of visual senses, the ad
usually includes the company colors. Which, I suggest should be contrasting colors to make the
ad bright and attention grabbing. Finally, the ad should include a short description of other
qualities of the product.
Ok, so, now that we know the exigence for making the ad, what the ad should consist of
and where you would see it; let's look at some examples of companies that included these
things and flourished.
The first company we’ll look at is one of the best and most well known hair product
companies for thick, coarse hair. Their ad includes the name of the product on the bottom of the
screen, a picture of the person who supposedly used the product for their thick and curly hair, a
catchphrase for the product;( which in this case is “be your own beautiful”), a picture of the
product also in the bottom of the screen. So, even if we have never seen cantu before, or even
if we have seen cantu for all of our lives, we know exactly what the product being advertised
looks like if we see it in stores. In this case, cantu didn’t use their colors on the entire ad, but
they did use contrasting colors and colors that compliment each other. And, very small at the
bottom of the screen you can see that they include a more in depth description of the product
saying that it is the “leave in conditioning repair cream and that it repairs breakage and mends
split ends.
Looking at the dark and lovely au naturale collection we see all of the same
conventions.The product name, a picture of the person who used the product, a catchphrase for
the product (You have a right to unstoppable curls that defy shrink), the ad has a picture of the
products in the line, includes company colors which also are contrasting colors, and a short
description of the product. You can see that it says that it's an anti shrinkage formula and that it
contains bamboo milk and mango oil.
Lastly, let's compare a top company that is more for silky straight hair. Pantene also
includes all of conventions mentioned earlier on. The product name, picture of the person who
used it, product catchphrase (stronger, shinier hair inside out), a picture of the product,
company colors, and this ad doesn’t have a clear description of the product but we could
assume that there is one in the bottom left corner. Or maybe there isn’t one at all.
Nonetheless, after we consider our primary audience, exigence, and conventions of the
ad we are pretty much 100% ready to create a hair product ad.
With me as your advertising agent and having all of this knowledge, Cantu, Pantene,
and Au Naturale will be coming to you asking how you advertise your products oh so well.

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