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From: Grant Rissler on behalf of Grant Rissler <risslerge@vcu.

To: Delegate Alfonso Lopez
Cc: Damian Pitt
Bcc: rdmcdougle@vcu.edu
Subject: Re: Attn: Kevin Saucedo-Broach - follow-up on meeting with Dr. Damian Pitt, expert in Solar Energy Policy
Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 10:35:23 PM
Attachments: 2018-Distributed Solar Energy-Pitt-OPPO-TRF.pdf
Pitt - ACSP 2017 - modeling distributed PV on residential and commercial buildings.pdf
Pitt - Compromise Post-Net-Metering Models for Distributed Solar Energy.pdf

Dear Kevin, 

Thanks again for your help in setting up the conversation with Del. Lopez.  Please pass on our
appreciation for his time and the lively conversation.  

During the meeting, Del. Lopez expressed interest in having the two bullet points of
recommendations from Dr. Pitt's brief as clear text.  Those two recommendations, based on his
research, are:

Raise the 1% cap on net-metered distributed energy systems in Virginia’s electricity

service areas to at least 5%. There is no evidence that raising the cap will have any
significant negative effects on Virginia’s electricity grid or retail electric rates.
Commission an independent third-party analysis of the current value of distributed solar
energy in Virginia, as well as the costs and benefits associated with significant long-
term increases in distributed solar capacity.  

Del. Lopez also expressed interest in any of the underlying documents that provided the basis
for the 2 page brief.  Two longer reports are attached in PDF form that served as the basis for
Dr. Pitt's brief. 

Likewise, Del. Lopez expressed interest in the following:

information about the energy storage tax credit bill form the 2018 session that Dr. Pitt
mentioned as having interesting potential - that bill was HB 1018 Energy storage
system; establishes tax credit; patron is Del. Toscano, bill was left in Appropriations
after being reported out of Finance. 
with regard to either recommendation, any language for potential legislation.   Dr. Pitt
will be following up with this information as he is able in the next weeks. 
with regard to the recommendation for a third party analysis of distributed solar energy
(included above), Del. Lopez is interested in hearing what key questions should be
included in such an analysis, whether conducted by JLARC or others. Dr. Pitt will be
following up with this information as he is able in the next weeks. 
thinking big picture, what are the changes beyond solar that can move Virginia from a
follower to a leader in alternative energy over the next decade.

As noted in places above, Dr. Pitt will follow up with further information on some of these

I also wanted to note that part of the intent of the Translational Research Fellows program is
that Del. Lopez or you should feel free to reach out if you ever have questions that Dr. Pitt or
others of our Fellows may be able to answer.  So, first, I wanted to share Dr. Pitt's phone
number - (804) 828-7397.  
Second, if  Del. Lopez  is looking for expertise in any other areas as he continues his service to
his constituents and the commonwealth, please feel free to review our other Translational
Research Fellows (link to our directory - scroll down to see the list of fellows and their areas
of expertise) with whom we're happy to facilitate a conversation.  Also, always please feel
free to reach out to me for suggestions of other faculty expertise at VCU.  

Thanks again and please be in touch if we can be helpful. 


Grant E. Rissler, Ph.D. [Pronouns: He/His]

Assistant Director, Office of Public Policy Outreach
Center for Public Policy
P: 804-827-2603