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• Introduction
• Existing CRM Practices
• Customer Experiences
• Stations of Experience
• Recommendations
• Started in 1942 by 4 entrepreneurs
Champaklal Choksey
Chimanlal Choksey,
Suryakant Dani and
Arvind Vakil as
“Asian Oil and Paints Company”
• Turnover of 3.5 lacs within 3 years
• In 1967 Asian paints became the tenth largest paint company in the world.

• India’s largest paint company.

• Asia’s third largest paint company and leader in 11 countries.
• Operates in 21 countries with 29 manufacturing facilities with capacity of 420 mn
• Awarded the "Sword of Honour" by the British Safety Council for all the paint plants in
India. This award is considered as the pinnacle of achievement in safety across the

Consumer products
US$1.1 billion

5,000 (worldwide)
Mumbai, India

Web Site

SAP® Solutions and Services

SAP® Customer Relationship Management
application (functionality for
marketing, interaction center, sales,
service, and partner channel management),
SAP Ramp-Up program

Implementation Partners
Mahindra IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a unit
of Mahindra & Mahindra Group; SAP Consulting

Asian Paints aims to become one of the top five Decorative coatings companies world-wide
by leveraging its expertise in the higher growth emerging markets. Simultaneously, the
company intends to build long term value in the Industrial coatings business through alliances
with established global partners.
Key Challenges
• Develop a direct link to the customer
• Standardize sales delivery processes used by Asian Paints Homes
• Solutions providers
• Institute an online ordering and accounting system for providers
• Implement a real-time reporting system for employees and
• business partners

CRM Practices

• Launched a supplier portal that includes an automated digital document exchange

facility that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of interaction with suppliers
• An employee portal (Internal CRM)
• Customer Relations Management (CRM) tools are being used in Asian Paints Helpline
and Home Solutions initiatives.
• Asian Paints made the decision to move from a strictly product-based manufacturing
business to a services model.
• The current CRM practice at Asian Paints incorporates a scalable customer relationship
management (CRM) system that maps the major business processes of Asian Paints
Home Solutions and provides visibility into all customer interactions:

1) State of the art call center

2) Effective lead management system that could prioritize and route leads for proper

• Standardizing the sales delivery process to ensure the same quality of service every
time to the customer
• IT system enabling both the provider and Asian Paints Home Solutions to view all
customer interactions and financial information in real time.
• A variety of Customer Surveys provided to the channel members to provide real time

CRM Practices

• Ask Aparna
• Colour Speak
• Foresite
• Home Solutions
• Paint Calculator
• Painting Guide
• Painting Tips
• Project Sales
APHS - Service and Process
Asian Paints Home Solutions is a professional painting service offered by Asian Paints
Limited. The service was initiated as a pilot in Hyderabad in the year 2000 and currently is
available in 13 cities all over India - Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Baroda, Chandigarh, Chennai,
Coimbatore, Cochin, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, NCR (including Gurgaon,
Faridabad and Noida) and Pune. Till date we are proud to have built up to more than 55,000
satisfied customers.

The objective of APHS is to provide a professional, hassle free painting service for consumer
homes. The service also offers a range of exciting themes and special effects to give a signature
look to each wall. Customer feedback over the years has consistently shown that 4 out of every
5 customers who have tried APHS are satisfied with the service. A statistic to reiterate this: 1
out of every 3 customers today is acquired through referrals from existing customers.

How will APHS undertake & execute painting job at your home –

As an interested prospect, you may contact APHS Customer Care through the following routes
Call our national toll free no. 1800-209-5678

SMS Paint to 56161

e-mail us at

Fill our online - web forms.

A Customer Care Executive will record your requirement, interest in the service and schedule
an appointment for a site visit.

A Sales Associate will visit your home on the appointed date & time.

 He will understand your painting requirements.

 He will explain the various products and painting systems available and suggest options
given your need.

 He will conduct a thorough site evaluation to understand present condition of the

paintable area.

 With your consent, he will get measurements done for the chosen paintable area
through a panel applicator assigned for the job.

 He will finalize the Painting Estimate as per the measurements, painting systems
chosen and the standard rate card.
 The Sales Associate will introduce you to the Relationship Associate who will be
responsible for the execution of the job, and handover all points discussed with you so
far, before start of the actual painting job.
CRM Enabling Business Flow
CRM Through SAP
Customer Experiences

• Experience of Mr. Chaturvedi

• The sales Person was contacted. After inspecting he said the Putty was not required due to good
quality of walls and suggested to use Royale paint.
• On the scheduled starting date, the salesperson informed that the painters were not available on
that day.
• The painting began the next day.

• The contractors arrived after an hour

• They said Royale paint cannot be used due to the presence of brush marks on the wall
• They recommended the use of putty.
• Subsequently, the sales person came with a Paint Technologist and agreed with the contractor
• On my request the cheques were returned to me.
• Continuous CRM
• Current Focus only on Pre-Sales and Sales
• Company has to consider post sales as well

Post Graduate Programme in PGPLSCM

“CRM Of Asian Paints”
(5th term - MID TERM)

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Poonam Mangaraj (PGPLSCM/09-11/18)
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A.Gopinath Pradhan (PGPLSCM/09-11/1)

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