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Observation Task 3: Teaching Shared/Guided Reading

Table 3: Teaching Shared/Guided Reading (Example)

Title of book:

Type of Reading (Shared or Guided):

What the teacher does What the children do Comments

1. Before the teacher

read the story “The The students thinking The teacher can allow
Rainbow Fish” she about the story by seeing the students to turn and
asked them what her story cover. talk about how many fish
you can see on the They start to be thinking did you see or what will
cover of the story. about the story. What happen next or what
will happen in the story? color did you see?
They will remember that
they should read the story
from the left to the right.
Students start to focus on
the teacher when she
starts reading the story.
Students are exciting
2. She asks them what when the teacher reads
the story will be the story because the
about? And what teacher uses a different
will happen with voice when reading the
the fish? She story.
reminded the At the end, students think
students when about how to draw the
reading any story, fish and the other
we should read elements they saw in the
from the left to the story.
3. Then, t he teacher
starts to read the
story with the
students by using a
different voice to
engage the
4. During the teacher
reading, she asks
them some
questions like what
the color did you
see? How many fish
did you see?
5. At the end, the
teacher draws the
elements of this
story and asks the
students to come
and draw what they
are seen in the

1. Which concepts about print (CAP), phonological awareness, letter

knowledge and or phonics did the teacher focus on?

During the teacher read “The Rainbow Fish”. She tried to

achieve many goals such as in concept print "title and cover", in
phonological awareness "letter F", and in letter knowledge "she
showed them how the letter F looks like".

2. What strategies/activities did the teacher use to help the students

understand the concept being taught?

The teacher does the activity relate to the story and the letter "F". One of
the learning centres the students make a letter "F" by using the playdough.
Also, in the math centre, the students have story events and they tried to order
it in a correct way (sequences). Also, in the focus group, the teacher takes
group by group to let the students draw the events of the story "part by part"

3. Were there any initial/medial/final sounds, punctuation, sight words or

word families that were covered during the lesson? If they were, select
(a); if they were not, select (b).

a. What was the purpose of teaching these concepts. Explain its


The teacher taught the students the letter "F". Also, she tried to review the
sight words during reading the story such as, at, is and can.

a) Provide one (1) activity example of how initial/medial/final

sounds, punctuation, sight words or word families could have
been could have been covered during the lesson.