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Ultra Poor Graduation (UPG) Programme


January 21, 2019 Circular no: Pa/ 02/ 2019

To: Branch Manager and Regional Manager, Ultra Poor Graduation


Subject: Correction, regarding the indicators (page no. 8) described in the 2019
cohort member selection guideline.

You are aware that, the three indicators of member selection of group two are; 1.
Women do work or need to do income generating works because of poverty 2.
The value of the productive property of the household is maximum 5000 taka 3.
The household’s total amount of land along with the home is maximum 10
decimal. As per the decision of the programme if any household meets any two
of the indicators, that household fulfills the conditions to be primarily selected.

In the light of experiences and realities, the decision has been taken that, from
now on, if a household meets the indicator no 1 and any other one indicator of
the rest two indicators, the household should be selected for group 2 Id Est.,
indicator 1 should be considered as mandatory.

A few things which are needed to be considered regarding the indicator 1 are
stated bellow:
 If the family is dependent on the income of women or not

 Do women need to work along with men for income generating


 Women need to work outside of the home and they are interested to
work as well, but because of social and family hindrances/ problems
they cannot go outside.

 Women interested to work outside the home but there is no scope of

working in the locality that’s why they cannot work but, if there is
opportunity to work in the locality, they will do income generating

If we see by considering the matters stated above that, woman needs to do

income generating activities outside of the home or they are interested to work
outside the home if there is opportunity then she should be considered for
indicator q of group-2. But, we need to remember that PO cannot decide by
giving his opinion importance if the woman needs to go outside of the home for
work or not. In this case decision should be taken by giving special importance to
the opinion of the member; id est. if the member herself feels the necessity or
works only then she will be eligible for group 1. The related explanations
regarding the necessity of working should be written clearly in the questionnaire
comments column.

Following the aforementioned matters, the officials of Branch office should

complete the task of primary selection.
After the verification, if the regional managers think that any member does not
meet the indicator 1 so she is selected in the group 3, but she meets the other two
indicators and considering the other vulnerabilities she is eligible to be finally
selected in group 2, then regional manager according to his own conscience can
include her in group 2 from group 3. In the same way if the regional manager
thinks that by fulfilling the indicator 1 primarily, she is selected for group 2 but
in the condition of her poverty she is actually eligible for group 3 then he
(regional manager) can do it by his own consideration.

It is to be mentioned that, as per the rules described in the member selection

guideline, the rule of shifting any member from group 2 to 3 or from 3 to 2
according to his/her own consideration of the regional manager is unchanged.

Everyone concerned to this is being requested to take necessary measures

regarding this. It is being mentioned that, for next PRA of January 2019 the
aforementioned decisions should be effective.


Orunav Shaha

Head of Programme

Ultra Poor Graduation (UPG) Programme