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Mitchell 1

Katie Mitchell

Mrs. Tatum

AP Language, 4th Period

15 December 2019

Revised Argument Essay: Competition

The drive of competition is deeply integrated into human nature as this strive is evident

through the evolutionary perspective and natural selection. However, within modern society,

competition has developed a stigma due to the loss of a requirement its true form demands:

respect. For those who preserved the sheer definition, this natural act of rivalry is an expression

of pushing one’s limits, becoming the best version, and rising above others in a respectful way.

In contrast, corrupted minds, such as Kohn, claim competition as an oppression to others as one’s

success depends solely on other’s failures. Therefore, without alteration from modern society,

competition is a harmless and beneficial action expressed by all due to its incorporation within

mankind; one evolves into their best self all while preserving respect.

The most predominant expression of competition is through all sports- ranging from

individual to team and intense to calm. The purpose of participating within a sport is to persevere

through adversities and become the best by claiming victories, all of which is driven my

competition. In contrast, Kohn declares that competition comes at the “cost of other’s failures”;

however, the true expense is the sacrifices teammates make in order to become successful. My

personal experience of being apart of the Women’s Varsity Lacrosse team at Harrison High

School greatly teaches the practice of true competition. My teammates and I dedicate countless

hours every day to practice and attempt to eliminate every flaw accompanied by obtaining the
Mitchell 2

skill of becoming a team. The sacrifices we made and dedication we committed was eventually

expressed through victories. In truth, the greatest obstacles my team experienced was the

acceptance of failure as this is where respect prevails. If we lost, we would transform our

mistakes into a learning experience and respectfully acknowledge our defeat rather than blaming

the other team. Therefore, due to the mindset of my team, competition is truly harmless in its


In truth, competition is inherently pure due to the drive and lessons it provides, thus

resulting in the best. Competition is based upon the principles of natural selection, an inevitable

force within the world. However, due to corruption of modern minds, competition has lost its

true definition because of the loss of respect.