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NAME: ______________________________________________________________________
I. Spelling Words
1. _________________________________ 4. _________________________________
2. _________________________________ 5. _________________________________
3. _________________________________
II. Subject and Object Nouns

Read each sentence below. Replace the word or words with the correct pronoun.
Choose your answer from the box.

He She They We Her Him

6. Ms. Santos enter the room. The children greeted ________ politely.
7. Michael joined the varsity. ________ enjoys playing basketball.
8. My family visited our relatives in our province. _______ have a warm welcome.
9. Mother and father went to a mall and saw a toy. ________ bought it for me.
10. Father had a long and tiring day, _____ needs a little rest.

III. Possessive Pronouns

Read the sentences. Encircle the correct possessive pronoun to complete each sentence.

11. I saw your bag on the table. I know it’s ( mine, yours ).
12. Janine is carrying her stuffs. Those are ( her, hers ).
13. Jack and Jho just bought their new house. That house is ( ours, theirs )
14. Kaiser and I played with our toys. These toys are ( ours, our ).
15. Jhim have a new shirt. That shirt is ( him, his ).
IV. Demonstrative Pronoun
A. Cross out the demonstrative pronoun.
16. That This is a bird.
17. These Those are trees
18. These This are my collection of slippers.
B. Look at the picture and complete the sentence with the correct demonstrative pronoun.
21. 19. ______________________ is a bird on the branch.

20. ______________________ are apples.

21. ______________________ are coins.

V. Tenses of Verb

A. Read the sentences and take note of the underlined verbs. Write P if the underlined
verb is in present tense, PPT if present progressive tense, PT if past tense and F if futre tense.

22. _____________ I lighted the candles.

23. _____________ We will go to the mall and buy some clothes.
24. _____________ Rick is fixing their pipes.
25. _____________ My mother irons my uniform everyday.

B. Encircle the correct present tense of the verb to complete each sentence.
26. She (know, knows) the lesson well.
27. Mother (prepare, prepares) our food.
28. Bert (sweep, sweeps, sweeping) the floor.
29. Our relatives (eat, eats) at the buffet.
30. The model (wear, wears) fashionable clothes.
C. Gives the past tense of the words below.
31. come - ______________
32. bring - _______________
33. sleep - _______________
D. Write the future tense of the verb to complete each sentence.
34. We (climb) _________________ up the ladder to get to the top.
35. I (sing) _________________ my favorite song on your wedding day.
VII. Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.

Read the sentences. Write TR in the circle if it is transitive verb and IN if it is intransitive
36. I got an email from my friend.
37. The choir sing harmoniously.
38. Jen failed her exams.

VIII. Write a paragraph with 3-4 sentences about the things you will do to make your dreams
come true. Encircle the verbs used.
(Criteria: Content and Relevance – 1pt and Grammar – 1pt)