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My undergraduate courses such as Data Structures, Programming in C and Computer Programming

have stimulated me to think about wonders which can be generated. When I see various features of
Social networking sites, amazon’s technologies, Robert Sophia to becoming part of a country, I feel a
sense of marvel. These innovations keeps on evolving not only technically but also creatively and
logically. The joy of seeing these marvel technologies is similar to the sense of exhilaration I feel
when my code executes successfully or my deployment is errorless. This sense of achievement drives
me to work inconsiderably for toughest problems. Furthermore, my desire to learn and explore new
technologies propels me to apply for MS in Computer Science.
Being keen in sports, mainly table tennis during my school days, helped me relate to various aspects
of mathematics and physical sciences. These aspects such as the angle to which the ball should be hit
to create a spin effect, force required to acquire a specific distance or speed help me enhance my
performance in sports. Practical usage of these courses allured me to take up mathematics and
science in my pre-university course. My interest in Mathematics and my zeal to learn new
technologies encouraged me to pursue Engineering. Furthermore, my high academic credentials,
sports certifications and a good rank in joint entrance examination secured me a place in Kurukshetra
University, A + graded by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council).
In technology evolving world, having knowledge of electronics and communication together with
computer science in depth is of great advantage. The combination of electronic components like
microprocessor, microcontroller with various computer languages like C, android produces useful
gadgets and technologies. The fusion of these knowledge motivated me to undertake minor project
‘Monitoring of heart beat using Android Device’, which uses microprocessor to calculate heart beat
with the help of sensors and transmit it to android device using Bluetooth technology. The android
device display the result in Android Application. Moreover, my keen interest computer languages
encouraged to take up JAVA, PHP and Android courses from my nearby institute, which help me
involve in numerous projects including generating a website from scrap for an institute using PHP
and SQL server. Proactive in my approach to learning, I also secure first position in college in
Foundation Program organized by Infosys as part of campus connect. These program help me
understand various aspects of computer science like Relational database management system,
software development life cycle.
After acquiring knowledge about various languages and undertaking projects in college, it was my
desire to exposure software industry and be part of real life changing project, and this prompted me
to take up job at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), world leader in IT consulting and IT services.
Learning has always been part of my life .The two years’ work experience at TCS not only gave me
the opportunity to work on real life project but also help me to gain knowledge about latest
technologies by providing a learning platform, iEvolve. Nevertheless, I still feel undergoing a
graduate program will enhance knowledge in incomparable manner. Furthermore, I feel it is the most
appropriate time to undergo graduation program and fulfil my dream of having lucrative career in
The MCS program in Computer Science offered by Arizona State University will undoubtedly
provide me with the right knowledge, skills, and experience to pursue my dream. The practical
oriented of your course will allow me to use my professional and academic knowledge to work on
practical technologies. Furthermore, your opportunity to study various engineering discipline will
help my creative mind to combine different areas like embedded system with computer science. I
hope my profile suits the University and my work done these years help me get admission in your