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First name: Middle name: Family name:

Passport Number: Valid until:
Place of birth: Mobile no:
Email address: Date of birth: Age:
Facebook: Instagram: YouTube(Option):
Name of High School or college/university:
Height(cm): Bust/Waist/Hips(inch): Hair colors: Eye colors:
Weight(kg): / / / ex. 34/24/35 Shoe size: Dress size:
Please specify the places where you grew up and have lived:
Have you ever participate in other beauty pageant or models contest; when/where?
If yes, any titles you have won?
What is your past/current occupation? What do you hope for?
How would you describe yourself? (E.g. extroverted, adventurous, sporty, shopaholic, bookworm etc.)

What are your top 3 hobbies and interests?

Do you have any allergic or sick diseases?
Languages spoken fluently: Languages written:
List countries you have visited/traveled/year:
National Director/Model Agency name: City / Country:
Email: Mobile Phone No:
From where/who recommended to you to take part of Miss Super Talent of the World?

In Case of any Emergency:

Person to contact: Relationship:
Mobile Phone No: ____ Email: ___________________
I hereby certify that all the information provided in this form is real and irreversible


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1. Now I am entering The Miss Supertalent of the World Final ("STW”), which is to praise the Fashion,
Talent and Beauty Reign Supreme.

2. I understand the “STW” organization will provide with hotel room, meals and transportation from
airport on day 1 to entire competition period and assisted with hair and make-up experts for the
official events and final competition. The “STW” organization is NOT responsible for any extra hotel
expenses for any early check in or late checkouts, not responsible either for transportation to the
airport in the case of missing the transportation at the scheduled time. I understand any extra
expenses spent by me or any of my companions, such as: air taxes, tips, phone calls, laundry medical
expenses are responsibilities of the managers and companions. I understand the “STW” organization
is not responsible for any personal belongings. In this sense I understand I cannot complain in the case
of any of my personal belonging is missing, and agree that the organization is not responsible for any
accident or injury during the event.

3. I understand this event is for women ages from 18 years old, minimum height 172 without shoes and
desirable for single and has never been married and has not participated in any obscene or X-rated
exhibitions, whether print, stage, television or movies and I accept that Suta Group, ownership
company of ”STW”and it’s associated sponsors use my image and contents during competition without
restricted period and payment as contestants and models with portrait rights and copyright, and I
cannot use my image as “STW” national titleholder, logos nor slogans or any parade, event or program
without the written consent of the “STW”.

4. I must take out medical insurance before participating the ”STW” shall provide continuous
medical control and medical emergency and similar contingencies. I understand this is a beauty
and talent competition, with that in mind I commit to be in a good physical shape for the swimsuit
event. In the case of not being in good shape for the event of “STW” organization has the rights to
disqualify the contestant during the competition. I agree to participate in, show up on time, and to
act in the best of my ability to satisfactorily complete all arrangements (go-sees, rehearsals,
competition, etc.) and follow instructions given by the “STW” organization during and Competition
period. I shall obey all laws and regulations of the hosted country and maintain moral behavior. I
agree to conduct myself with propriety, dignity, and in a professional manner, or otherwise I
understand that may injure the reputation and goodwill of “STW”. I agree no visitors shall be allowed
except for my family, national directors and managers during competition period.

5. In the event that I award the Winner or Top 7, I and my national director have first option to agree
exclusive contract with ”STW” and Suta Group Inc. The management payment from Suta Group will
be negotiated separately in terms of period and conditions

6. In case of ”STW” to be hosted in Asia, and if I am elected the Top 7 of ”STW”, I agree to stay hosted
country for minimum five (5) days.

7. I understand I have follow and respect all the timelines, deliver all documentation and all the
responsibilities of the competition or event. If I do not follow any of these rules could result in the

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disqualification of the participant or crowned winner. I accept that the judging may take place
throughout the whole time of competition of ”STW” and knowing the impartiality of the judges, I
accept the result. I agree not to protest against the final result and I will not make any comment about
it or offer my personal opinion to the press or any other person in the host country. I understand I
cannot have any personal interview with the jury and in the case of having a previous link or interview
with the jury I have to notify the organization.

8. I and national director agree to keep confidential all terms and conditions of this Agreement and shall
not disclose such information to any other parties not directly involved in writing as stated in this
Agreement, including other Delegates contracted with the ”STW”.

I certify that I have the full knowledge of the advantages and obligations mentioned in this entry form. I have
read the contract carefully and fully agree to accept and respect the rules and regulations set out. I declare that
this document has been explained and if necessary translated to me and therefore I fully agree with its contents.

________________________ ________________________
Contestant Signature Date

Contestant name: ________________________________________________________


We declare the validity of the above information and the answers that are given are true to the best of our

National Director’s signature: __________________________________________________

National Director’s name:


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(ⅰ) One Typical or Fantasy National Costume (Not Heavy one, Essential)
(ⅱ) One Long Dress Evening Gown for final (Essential)
(ⅲ) One Fantasy Cape such as Victoria’s Secret Style (Essential)
(ⅳ) One-piece Black/Red/Blue/White Dress (Essential)
(ⅴ) One Swimsuit (preferably white color, but possible any other color)
(ⅵ) One Crown for Fashion Show (Optional)
(ⅶ) Two(2) Pairs of High Heals Shoes (preferably silver and Red color)
(ⅷ) Clothes for daily bases & rehearsals and comfortable shoes for trips.


Top Model of the Year Supermodel of the Year Best Actress of the Year
Emerging Talent of the Year Best Artist of the Year Rising Star of the Year
Best Musician of the Year Best Singer of the Year Best Dancer of the Year
Future Icon of the Year Industry Icon of the Year Super Star of the Year
Best Influencer of the Year Best YouTuber of the Year Fashion Icon of the Year
Beauty Icon of the Year Best Celebrity of the Year Inspiring Woman of the Year
Top 7
Top 3
Editorial Winner Winner Fashion Week Winner Supertalent of the World


Email: nd@sutagroup.com Tel: +82 2 3444 7821 www.supertalent.co
SEOUL: 4 Floor, 590 Gwangnaru-ro, Gangjin-gu, 05033 Seoul
SINGAPORE: 20 Science Park Road, Teletech Park #03-11/14, Science Park II, Singapore 117674

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