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C 199/18 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 14.7.


Notice of initiation of an investigation pursuant to Council Regulation (EC) No 517/94 concerning

imports of cotton yarn originating in Syria

(2001/C 199/06)

The Commission has received information alleging that a situation of Community producers has deteriorated
significant increase of imports at very low prices of cotton substantially.
yarn as defined in point 2 of this notice (the ‘product
concerned’) originating in Syria has caused serious injury or
actually threatens to cause such injury to the Community
producers. Pursuant to Article 7(1) of Council Regulation Even if the current situation were not to be classified as serious
(EC) No 517/94 of 7 March 1994 (1) (‘the Regulation’), the injury yet, the information received indicates that it is clearly
Commission, on its own initiative, hereby opens an investi- foreseeable that the situation is likely to develop into serious
gation regarding the conditions of imports of cotton yarn injury in view of the rate of increase of Syrian exports to the
originating in Syria into the Community, with a view to Community between 1999 and 2000.
determine whether serious injury or of the actual threat of
serious injury is caused by such imports to Community
producers, and whether any further measure under the Regu-
lation might be justified. The specific evolution of Syrian imports as compared to those
of other third countries, justifies that an investigation is limited
to imports from Syria.
1. Information received
The Commission has received information from Eurocoton (the
Committee of the European cotton textile industry), repre-
4. Procedure
senting 85 % of Community production of the product
concerned, alleging that a surge in imports of the product After having decided that there is sufficient evidence to justify
concerned from Syria into the Community has caused or an investigation with regard to the conditions of imports of the
actually threatens to cause serious injury to the Community product concerned, the Commission referred the matter to the
producers. Data from Eurostat external trade statistics also Committee set up under the Regulation in accordance with
supports the initiation of the present investigation. Article 25 of the Regulation. The Committee agreed to the
initiation of this investigation.
2. Product concerned
The product concerned is cotton yarn of category 1 as in
Annex I to the Regulation (2). These CN codes are only given 4.1. Procedure for the determination of serious injury or
for information. threat thereof
The investigation will examine the trend of imports of the
3. Allegation of serious injury or actual threat thereof product concerned and the conditions in which they take
place, and shall determine whether such imports are causing
Whilst Community consumption of the product concerned serious injury or an actual threat thereof to Community
appears to have remained stable since 1996, the Syrian producers.
import volumes and market share has grown steadily since
1996, increasing both in absolute and in relative terms in
2000 to almost three times its 1999 level.
(a) Questionnaires
It is alleged that the volumes and the prices of the imported
product concerned have had, among other consequences, a In order to obtain the information it deems necessary for
negative impact on the market share held, the quantities sold its investigation, the Commission will send questionnaires
and the level of prices charged by Community producers of the to any known Community producers, any association of
like or directly competitive product. It is also claimed that, at producers in the Community, to known exporters/
the same time, the overall performance and the financial producers and associations of exporters/producers in
Syria, to known importers, to any known association of
(1) OJ No L 67, 10.3.1994, p. 1.
importers, and to the authorities of the exporting country
(2) As last amended by Regulation 2542/1999 (OJ L 307 of 2.12.1999)
CN Codes
5204 11 00, 5204 19 00, 5205 11 00, 5205 12 00, 5205 13 00,
5205 14 00, 5205 15 10, 5205 15 90, 5205 21 00, 5205 22 00,
5205 23 00, 5205 24 00, 5205 26 00, 5205 27 00, 5205 28 00, In any event, all parties are invited to contact the
5205 31 00, 5205 32 00, 5205 33 00, 5205 34 00, 5205 35 00, Commission forthwith by fax, but not later than the time
5205 41 00, 5205 42 00, 5205 43 00, 5205 44 00, 5205 46 00, limit set out in point 5(i) of this notice, in order to find out
5205 47 00, 5205 48 00, 5206 11 00, 5206 12 00, 5206 13 00,
5206 14 00, 5206 15 10, 5206 15 90, 5206 21 00, 5206 22 00,
whether they are already known to the Commission and, if
5206 23 00, 5206 24 00, 5206 25 10, 5206 25 90, 5206 31 00, necessary, request a questionnaire, given that the time limit
5206 32 00, 5206 33 00, 5206 34 00, 5206 35 00, 5206 41 00, set in point 5(ii) of this notice applies to all interested
5206 42 00, 5206 43 00, 5206 44 00, 5206 45 00, ex 5604 90 00. parties.
14.7.2001 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 199/19

(b) Collection of information and holding of hearings any other information within 40 days of the date of publi-
cation of this notice in the Official Journal of the European
All interested parties are hereby invited to make their views Communities, unless otherwise specified.
known in writing, submit information and to provide
supporting evidence. This information and supporting
evidence has to reach the Commission within the time (iii) Hearings
limit set in paragraph 5(ii) of this notice.
All interested parties may also apply to be heard by the
The Commission will seek all relevant information it deems Commission within the same 40-day time limit.
necessary, as provided for in Article 7(2) and (3) of the
6. Written submissions, questionnaire replies and corre-
Furthermore, the Commission may hear interested natural and
legal persons, provided that they make a request in writing All submissions and requests made by interested parties must
showing that they are actually likely to be affected by the be made in writing (not in electronic format, unless otherwise
outcome of the investigations and that there are special specified), and must indicate the name, address, e-mail address,
reasons why they should be heard orally. This request must telephone and fax of the interested party.
be made within the time limit set in paragraph 5(iii).
Commission address for correspondence:
5. Time limits
European Commission
(i) For parties to request a questionnaire Directorate-General for Trade
Directorate E
All interested parties should request a questionnaire as CHAR — 8/129
soon as possible, but not later than 20 calendar days Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200
after the publication of this notice in the Official Journal B-1049 Brussels
of the European Communities. Fax (32-2) 299 47 64.

(ii) For parties to make themselves known, to submit ques- 7. Non-cooperation

tionnaire replies and any other information
In cases in which any interested party does not provide
All interested parties, if their representations are to be information requested by the Commission within a reasonable
taken into account during the investigation, must make period, or significantly impedes the investigation, findings,
themselves known by contacting the Commission, affirmative or negative, may be made in accordance with
present their views and submit questionnaire replies or Article 7 of the Regulation, on the basis of the facts available.

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