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Asperger and School - How to Make Sure Your Child Loves Their Education

Often one of the biggest issues for a parent of a child with Aspergers is how will my child cope with
school and Aspergers? There are few Asperger school facilities specifically catering to the needs of
children and as such a normal school environment, or home schooling, are the only possibilities. There
are some strategies though which can help your child deal with the uncertainty and anxiety which can
arise out of this new environmental challenge.

Children with Aspergers syndrome can benefit significantly from a structured, residential treatment
center and clear routine. The most effective routines are one which span their entire day, from getting
up in the morning, to getting back into bed at night. Ideally, such a routine will provide structure without
excessive rigidity, so as to provide certainty to your child without causing undue anxiety if for some
reason the routine cannot be exactly complied with on any given day.
Planning a child's morning routine can be particularly important in providing a launching pad into a
school day, and a child with Aspergers Syndrome can benefit from visual reminders, either by way of
lists or story boards which help provide instructions.

If your child is about to start school, it is essential that you attend at the school with your child prior to
the first day. If possible, you might consider approaching the school and inquiring whether they will
facilitate your child being taken through a shortened version of the school day prior to other students
being in attendance.

If the school is prepared to facilitate this, meet with the teacher of your child and ensure your child is
clear on the school routine and the expectations which will be placed on them.

Again, children with Aspergers can benefit from a list or story card of how their day will progress, in
order that they can refer to it and be clear on what is happening now and what will happen next. A copy
should also be provided to their teacher, or even prepared with their input.

It will assist if the teacher is conscious of your child's needs so that if there is to be any significant
change in routine they can advise your child before hand. This has the inherrent mutual benefit to the
teacher of avoiding anxiety or outbursts from your child in circumstances where a change of routine
causes distress.

One important factor you might consider drawing to the teachers attention is that at times during the
day Aspergers children may provaricate or obsess over a topic of choice, or display repetitive behavior.
This is often indicative of an Asperger's child dealing with anxiety, autism school and whilst it may seem
inappropriate, can serve to maintain stability. An understanding approach to these interludes from your
child's teacher will assist more than a disciplinarian one.

Closing out the day at home with a scheduled routine can also assist. Include time to review the day
with your child, complete homework,

Often children with Asperger's will experience sleep difficulties so a night time routine, whilst not
remarkably different in nature to any child, should be more strictly adhered to. In addition, a bedroom
environment as free from extraneous sensory stimuli, such as bright light or noise, can also assist an
Aspergers child in sleeping.
Alternative Cure for Autism

Other than normal medication and behavioural therapy, natural therapies like Ayurveda can help cure
autism, making a painful disease easy to cure and with no side effects.

A neuro-developmental disorder, autism affects people and can appear during the first years of a child's
life. Impairment in speech and social activities are few of the common symptoms to identify autism in a
child. A range of symptoms like Asperger syndrome, Autistic Disorder, Rett Syndrome, Pervasive
Developmental disorder, Childhood disintegrative syndrome come under the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The causes of autism have not yet been concluded, though scientists and doctors attribute it to
environmental, Aspergers boarding school and genetic factors. Exposure to environmental toxins
during pregnancy can increase the chances on giving birth to a child with autism. A mishap during early
foetal brain development also leads to autism. And the cure is found in behavioural therapy sessions
and therapy workshops. Ayurveda has tried to find a solution to this disease.
Those diseases that are not genetically linked can be treated by Ayurvedic practices. Dietary
modifications, changes in lifestyles and intake of Ayurvedic medicines can cure certain diseases.

1. What you eat determines how your body will react. Diet is the main important treatment point for
autistic patients, or for that matter for any person. Certain foods like alcohol, meat and junk processed
foods should be strictly avoided. Fresh and green vegetarian foods should be ingested. Pulses, milk and
lots of leafy vegetables are a plus point.

2. To treat the autism spectrum disorder, detoxification therapies to cleanse the metabolic system has
been suggested. Few popular ones are Purgation and Fomentation therapies.

3. The other way through this cure is through medications. Internal medicines and external treatments
like massages are prescribed for autistic patients.

Other methods of autism cure is based on treating symptoms of autism. One of the common symptoms
in autism patients is insomnia. Melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep-wake patterns in people
can be orally given. Melatonin supplements if given to autism patients can reduce insomnia. To treat
hyperactivity, autism program for teens and repetitive behaviour, omega-3-fatty supplements can help.
Autism patients have certain nutritional deficits that can be corrected with respective supplements.
Multivitamins can come to the rescue and must be given in moderate doses. be eating a well-rounded

Autism in children can be disheartening to see and must be treated with love and attention. Autism
schools educate children with autism and take care to make them independent. Education for autistic
children is different from that of a normal child. These children need to be handled with patience and
love. Communicating in pictures is the key. These children respond well to pictures and story-telling
concept is the way towards educating these children. Thanks to many autism schools in Mumbai,
parents have a way to educate their children. The fear of the disease cannot stop their children from
moving forward in life.