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Annotated Bibliography

Primary Sources

Bain News Service, Publisher. Mme. Marie Curie. [No Date Recorded on Caption Card]

Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <​www.loc.gov/item/2014687674/​>

This photograph is used because it shows a picture of how she looked like at the time,

and the caption further clarifies the use of this photo.

“Le Patrimoine Et Les Ressources Historiques Du Musée Curie.” ​Archives Et Collections -

Musée Curie​, ​https://musee.curie.fr/decouvrir/archives-et-collections​.

This is a picture from the Curie Museum and it shows the University Marie Curie

attended and graduated from.

Pierre et Marie Curie with bicycles. [Between 1945 and 1951?] Photograph. Retrieved from the

Library of Congress, <​www.loc.gov/item/2003669983/​>.

This photography is from the Library of Congress, and was taken the Curie’s wedding. It

shows Marie Curie and her husband together with their bicycles. The purpose of using

this image was to show how Pierre Curie and Marie Curie and explain their marriage.

“The Marie Curie Institute.” ​Marie Curie US​, ​www.mariecurie-usa.org/​. ​The New York herald.

[volume]​ (New York, N.Y.), 13 March 1921. ​Chronicling America: Historic American

Newspapers​. Lib. of Congress.


This newspaper dated back to 1921 was published in the U.S., and briefly discusses

Marie Curie’s accomplishments. It includes a photograph of her at the time, and her

discovery, invention, legacy, and her contribution to the world.

Secondary Sources

Biograhy.com Editors. “Marie Curie.” ​Biography.com,​ A&E Networks Television, 29 Aug.



This website discusses Marie Curie’s life shortly and briefly; it discusses her childhood,

her marriage, her discovery, and her legacy. It includes many photos and also includes a

video to portray her life in an understandable way. One photograph from this source is

displayed in the website.

“Marie Curie Quotes (Author of La Vita Non è Facile, e Allora?).” ​Goodreads,​ Goodreads,


This source was used to include quotes in the website.

The Atomic Heritage Foundation. “Marie Curie.” ​Atomic Heritage Foundation​, 7 Nov. 1867,


This website explained detailed a few key statements and turning points in Marie Curie’s

life. A few quotes from this source is included in the website to further explain her

discovery of Radioactivity and the two elements.

The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. “Marie Curie.” ​Encyclopædia Britannica,​

Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 3 Nov. 2019,


This secondary source was used to provide background information. One of the

photographs from this website is used to show how Marie Curie at the time.