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BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

HBO Presents
A Limited Series
Pitch by
Bob Garlen

Based on and Inspired by:

“BATMAN” created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger
“BATMAN: Year One” by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli
“BATMAN: The Killing Joke” Illustrated by Brian Bolland
“BATMAN: The Man Who Laughs” by Ed Brubaker and Dough Mahnke
“BATMAN: Earth One” Vol. 1 & 2 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank
“BATMAN: Zero Year” by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen


BATMAN: YEAR ONE is a limited series based on several Batman Graphic Novels and

Storylines centering around the Dark Knight’s origin. With a series centered around a specific

character there is a unique aspect that draws in the admiration and love of fans, with Batman, it’s

his humanity and how he battles it. All versions of the Batman origin have hinged on a specific

angle, whether it’s his relationship with the city, establishing the motivations of his grim

demeanor, or what he can represent. With this version it’s the battle and acceptance of his

humanity in a city that nurse’s apathy as a virtue. This will challenge Bruce in various ways,

testing his patience and his limits leading into him developing his own rules: No killing, No

Guns. BATMAN: YEAR ONE is the story of a traumatized kid fighting to give a city back its

sense of innocence.

Titled BATMAN: YEAR ONE, for the simplistic nature of the title, a quick explanation

of the length of time that is covered by this series, and the iconography of Frank Miller’s iconic

take on the Batman Origin Story. This is a Batman who is inexperienced in the field of urban

combat, limited by the technology of his time. This is Batman at the beginning, making mistakes,

getting hurt, suffering, and learning. This is how Batman became the haunting icon Criminals

fear in Gotham City. Delving into Bruce’s mindset, exploring the emotional turmoil and the

trauma that made Bruce The Batman. This is BATMAN: YEAR ONE.

The Opening Credits for the series should be set to an Original Score, placed against the

back of images from the show transforming into the iconic images from Frank Miller’s Batman

Year One comic, as well as other Darker Images forming the Bat Symbol. This sets a precedent

that the story is adapting specific material, the show is darker in nature, made for adults, and that

this will challenge fans emotionally. For the score influences should come from films primarily
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

of the 70’s and 80’s as well as specific crime films from the 90’s and 00’s such as: Martin

Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape From New York,

Sidney Lumet’s Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon, Mike Hodges’ Get Carter, Richard Donner’s

Lethal Weapon, and David Fincher’s Se7en and Zodiac.


Every series needs a main goal. A proper goal would be one that drives the narrative as well as

playing with the series thematically. Whether it’s telling the Origin and making of the greatest

Superhero (Smallville), Delve into the heart of Police corruption (The Shield), or Show the

struggles of a Hitman trying to change his life and fulfill his purpose as an actor (Barry) the

show has a main goal that drives it thematically as well as narratively. With a series focused on

comic’s most famous vigilante, a powerful and engaging Main Goal has compare to the iconic

figure. BATMAN: YEAR ONE’s Main Goal is to explore a traumatized man’s struggle with his

own humanity and how the union between trauma and humanity gives birth to the Greatest

Crime Fighter ever known.


It’s the year 1975, Gotham City is a town that nurtures apathy. Crime is at an all-time

high: Cops are corrupt, Killers, Rapist and Thieves roam the streets while Organized Crime pulls

the political strings while Drug Dealers earn for them. The Series begins as Bruce Wayne returns

from active duty in the Vietnam war meanwhile Police Lieutenant James Gordon transfers from

Chicago after turning in a group of Officers for being on the take from the Chicago mob. Bruce

begins to struggle trying to find a way to fulfill his purpose while Gordon tries to acclimate
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

himself to the way things work in Gotham. Dragged into the dirt of Gotham Bruce and Gordon

begin a epic war on crime.

With a unique and realistic take on the origin of the Batman rules are necessary. Rules

can help recognize the full potential of the series, while creating ingenuity. Developing a series

of this magnitude necessitates the implementation of rules. Rules can elevate the material,

recognize the limits of this series’ possibilities, and help keep the series in tone. As the series is

set in a very specific year rules are needed to keep the tone of the series in the realm of the real

world as well as keep the time period accurate. For proper reference there are rules can be

referred to as…


1. No Guns, No Killing. Batman isn’t a killer. It’s famously known as Batman’s one rule,

and it’s too be respected. The series will instead delve into it, exam why Batman refuses to kill.

Guns are removed from his arsenal as they have been since the 1940’s. As the series explores his

refusing to kill it will also give its own explanation for why he refuses to use Guns.

2. Technology of the time. The series is set in 1975, While the series does make very

strong historical departures, to set this version of the Batman story apart from others, this version

will only see Batman using the technology and inventions that were available or created before

1976. This keeps stakes high as Batman can’t rely on a Grapple Gun or Shark Repellent. Save

for maybe one Gadget (the Bat-Echo-Caller from Year One) all of the tech seen is tech related to

the mid 70’s or earlier. While you might see a Glider and a Batmobile these are either modeled

directly or inspired by real inventions present in that era.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

3. TV-MA. This is a mature series geared for an adult audience. This isn’t made thinking

about the 1960’s incarnation nor does it reflect a family friendly atmosphere. This is a series

designed to show the darker sides of the world, something well beyond the boundaries of family

entertainment. This is also in respect to the violence depicted in the series. While the series does

not aim to go overboard or glorify violence it does want to treat violence honestly and give a

genuine and mature look at it, especially when coming from a character dressed as a giant Bat.

4. A Universe of its own accord. This is a series set in its own Universe. There is no

connection to a pre-existing universe, nor is their meant to be. This takes place on a Earth that

while inspired by Frank Miller’s Batman, is its own unique world and has its own history that

could be further expanded. This is not related to any other previous or current adaptation, as the

nature of the story is best left to its own world.

5. Grounded and Dark. This is a series that treats violence on a grounded and realistic

level. This is a series that addresses certain darker elements of life that may be too disruptive or

too emotionally shaking for some viewers. This pushes a unique envelope in Superhero

entertainment, as it’s meant to. This treats violence and action with a sense of honesty and

ugliness that would be expected in the real world.

6. 12 Episodes Only. With a Limited Series, the Episode count is somewhat flexible, but

very few ever escalate beyond 12. While there are numerous avenues a Batman Limited Series

could go, sticking it with a firm count of episodes as well as give it a structured beginning,

middle, and end help keep it what it is, limited. This covers just enough grounds of the story

without over-indulging or stretching the story.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

7. The Here and Now. There’s no shortage of ways to go about a Batman series. There’s

even a great Batman series that hasn’t been made yet, but this isn’t it. To keep it simple, the

focus should be on this story not on setting up something that goes beyond this. Even if there

were more Limited Series set in this continuity this Limited Series shouldn’t be too cute with

setting up the future at the cost of the story’s here and now.

8. Real World Changes. There’s no doubt that considering the circumstances, the state

of the country in the time period there would be some unique changes to the Batman Mythos.

Chief among them in this version is placing Bruce Wayne as a Vietnam veteran as he is

beginning his crusade in the 1970’s. This also puts significant changes on other characters (i.e.

Jim Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth).

9. Alternate History. Being that the series takes place in fictional version of the United

States during the 1970’s it will also feature historical changes. It will be seen that certain

characters, like Superman, assisted in the war to avoid further bloodshed. It will also suggest

something wildly different such as the Citizens who were fighting for a South Vietnam were

safely transported to an island known as Corto Maltese. These changes won’t be a primary focus

and will often accustom background or world building elements as to not distracting the main

story but to elaborate on it.

10. Unconnected Tissue. Most series start with several lingering plot threads that build

up through a season leading to a penultimate reveal that they are in fact connected. Instead, to

stand apart, to test Batman the Series will features moments where certain storyline intersects but

for the most part will keep them separated. This will cause the series to stand apart as it deals

with the main story in unique fashion.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen


Bruce Wayne was born February 19th, 1949 to Parents Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne.

From a young age he shown interest in Science and Math while also loving adventure and the

rapidly expanding Movie Industry. He often watched Movie Serials where he was taken by his

parents or, on occasion, by his private ‘Nanny’ and Butler Alfred Pennyworth. In 1957 the

Wayne Family exited a rare showcase of the 1941 film ‘The Mark of Zorro’ Starring Tyrone

Power. In the Alley Way of the theater, as they were heading to a private dinner at a nearby

restaurant Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha were both gunned down in a mugging, witnessed by

then 8-Year-Old Bruce Wayne. This caused an odd emotional transformation, at the time

referred to as Shellshock and now commonly known as Post-Traumatic Stress disorder.

Bruce that very night made a solemn vow to avenge his parents’ death and to fight his

whole life to keep any other child in Gotham from experiencing the same trauma he did. Joe

Chill was listed as a primary suspect of the murder but evaded capture, robbing Bruce of justice.

Alfred teaches Bruce self-defense, wanting to give Bruce some Peace of mind. Bruce spent the

interim time abandoning hopes of Hollywood stardom to study criminal psychology, forensics,

and detective work. As an orphan he was raised by Alfred, who trained him in self-defense and

encouraged him to further his education. In 1967 at age 18 Bruce enlisted in the United States

Army for a lengthy tour in the Vietnam War to learn advanced fighting techniques.

He becomes a powerful force inside the Army, earning a reputation of not killing enemies

and keeping his men alive. In 1973 near the end of the War the President appeals to Superman to

assist the United States to stop further bloodshed. Superman agrees on conditions that allow him

to pick a team and to have full control, the President agrees. Superman interviews many Army
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

Soldiers to build a platoon of which Bruce is the first one to join. Superman and his platoon keep

war casualties low.

During Bruce’s time in Superman’s platoon they prioritized the safe rescue of Prisoners

of Wars. Superman and Bruce had worked out a formula where Superman would track Bruce

based on several devices in unison, allowing Bruce to get captured only to rescue him after

transportation. In late 1974 Bruce Wayne was captured and kept for several months before being

found by Superman who sets him and other POW’s free. Bruce Wayne is given his discharge

papers. Bruce returns to Gotham, eager to make good on his vow.

Alfred Pennyworth, born March 29th, 1924 in the United Kingdom. Son to a World

War I Veteran, Alfred grew up in a poor family and often resolved to bare knuckle boxing to

earn money for groceries. When the United Kingdom got involved in World War II Alfred felt

he had no choice but to join the British Army. He rose through the ranks quickly and became an

MI6 operative. He assisted in missions involving both Sir David Niven and Sir Ian Flemming.

Alfred was considered by many as a world Class Spy.

After his time in war he went to work for the Wayne Family, using his time as a Soldier

Servant in the war as reference. The Family hired him and in 1949 he became a personal nanny

and bodyguard to their son Bruce. He cared for Bruce and adapted quickly to the young child. He

saw the opportunity as a way of making up for all the horrific bloodshed in the war. He saw his

only loyalties as to being with the Wayne Family. He holds his service to Bruce as his most

important task.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

James Gordon was born August 18th 1932 in Chicago, Il. He joined the Army in 1950

to fight in the Korean War and served until the war’s end in 1953. 1954 he joined the Chicago

Police Department. He achieved a detective position in 1960 and Lieutenant in 1967. He met his

wife Barbara in 1969 and Married her 1970. In 1970 he is partnered with C.P.D.’s token

diversity hire Maggie Sawyer. The two established a good bond and became Chicago’s top

Homicide Detectives.

In Summer 1974 he and Sawyer witnessed Cops beating on defenseless citizens,

falsifying arrests, and taking bribes. He reported said incidents to internal affairs. For his own

safety in late 1974 he and his partner were forced Transfers to Cities on the opposite side of the

country. This led to Maggie going to Metropolis and Gordon unfortunately being transferred to

Gotham. The series of events lead to Gordon developing severe depression. During this time

Barbara reveals suspicions of Pregnancy, only furthering Gordon’s depression.

Selina Kyle was born November 12th, 1949 in Beijing, China. Her parents were both

slaughtered when she was a young age and a family friend got her passage to the United States

where she was forced into prostitution. She grew bitter and hateful of the world around her until

1963 when one of the local girls in Gotham died in childbirth. Selina took the child in and

became a surrogate mother, raising her in the worst part of Gotham City. Since then Selina has

moved from basic prostitution to becoming a dominatrix, keeping a careful eye over surrogate

daughter Holly Robinson. Selina grew more bitter around the clients and more protective over

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

Willis Todd, born September 16th of 1943 in Gotham City. He grew up in an abusive

and mostly poor household. He developed very little in the way of social skills save for making

people laugh. He demonstrated an acute mind for Science, particularly Chemistry. In 1961 He

was granted a scholarship for Gotham University where Willis excelled at Chemistry. He earned

a doctorate in 1965.

During this time Willis was often visited by Government officials, who after his

graduation, hired him for the Government. He was station in a Civilian Chemical Planet known

as Ace Chemicals. There he worked under Psychological Chemist Dr. Jonathan Crane. Together

they developed more horrid versions of Mustard Gas that was used in Vietnam. After their

success they were both transferred to working the CIA for their MK Ultra program. This lasted

until 1972, where Crane was repurposed to Ace Chemicals and Willis was blacklisted by the

government for suspicious behavior.

During his exile, Willis met a man named Jack Napier, who led the radical Anarchist

Hippy Movement: The Red Hoods. During his time joining the Red Hoods Willis became close

friends with Jack and fell in love with Jack’s personal ‘Lady’ Sheila Haywood. Due to the nature

of Jack’s anger issues their affair was kept a secret. During his time with the Red Hoods, Willis

was challenged to create drugs for the group, mostly drugs that followed similar highs to cocaine

or heroin. While he also spent time attempting to further his comedic assets at the suggestion of

Sheila. This started a downward trend of luck for Willis as he found performing stand up

troubling and saw Napier’s leadership troubled, yet Willis remained too afraid to leave.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

Edward Nygma was born July 3rd, 1942 in San Francisco, CA. He was the son of an

abusive and alcoholic factory worker. This lead to Edward developing homicidal tendencies and

spiked aggression. He sought to prove himself to his father intellectually, which only furthered

his suffering. In May of 1958 Edward discovered his unique intellects ability to solve and create

intricate puzzles. He attempted to use this skill to gain money to buy his father’s approval but

only earned further beatings.

During his time in High School Edward became a rising student with perfect scores in all

mind-based courses. His excellence in school was only met with further hostility from his father.

It was in 1959, Edward took his father’s life staging it as a suicide, Edward was never suspected.

He used money from his father’s death to move to Gotham City. When he came to Gotham he

set to challenge himself to become a more physical threat to match his wit and began a long

journey into becoming a serial killer. Inspired by San Francisco’s Zodiac Killer he began to

fashion a new identity known as: The Riddler.


A Detailed look at the plot points of each episode as well as full character breakdowns

giving a closer look at the characters, world, and style of BATMAN: YEAR ONE. Certain

bonus details include written breakdowns of: The Batmobile, The Batsuit (along with images of

which suits inspired it), and Batman’s Utility belt as well as Other Character’s Costumes as they

appear in the series.



BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

18 years prior Bruce Wayne witnessed the death of his parents, wealthy socialites Dr. Thomas

and Martha Wayne. Now, in 1975 Gotham City, he returns from enlistment in Vietnam. He

begins exploring the city, beginning with his home, searching for a way to fulfill the promise he

made his parents. Meanwhile James Gordon is transferring from Chicago Police Department,

escaping peer persecution for turning I.A. onto cops who were moonlighting as mob enforcers.

Gordon tries to resist his urge to repeat the incident as he arrives to a city famous for its

corruption, as he meets the highly intimidating Commissioner Gillian Loeb who partners Gordon

with his favored enforcer Detective Arnold Flass. During this time Assistant District Attorney

Harvey Dent is losing patience in the system after District Attorney Marion Grange has impeded

Dent’s attempts to persecute Mafia Don Carmine Falcone, with the Murder of what was Dent’s

Star Witness drawing in Gordon, and Flass to investigate.


A.) Bruce is returning home from Vietnam. His time at war has left scars on him, mostly

physical. He seeks to use his training to see how he can use it to make good on the promise he

made his parents, starting with exploring his own House while haunted by his time in war.

B.) James Gordon is transferring it from Chicago Police Department. He begins to get

acclimated into the network of Gotham City, seeing that in some form or fashion the City and the

real people who run it are more daunting then the crimes that sent Gordon out of Chicago.

C.) Harvey Dent is an assistant District Attorney hampered by his boss Marion Grange, only

keeping himself employed due to his connection to Bruce Wayne. Harvey struggles to try and

make a difference in a City that just refuses to change, after his star witness turns up dead on the

steps of City Hall.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

D.) Commissioner Gillian Loeb keeps a close eye on Gordon, having read his file from

Chicago. Loeb is eager to make sure that someone like Gordon joins the program fast. He closely

monitors Gordon through his number 1 goon Detective Arnold Flass.


A.) Bruce discovers some of the older relics of his Childhood, as well as a massive

underground structure, built by his father as a Bomb Shelter should the Russians ever launch a

warhead on Gotham. Bruce begins to feel a gut instinct that tells him to something is beginning

and the monster he made in Vietnam can be useful in this war.

B.) Gordon witnesses what kind of Person Flass is, seeing him assault a high school kid.

Gordon decides he won’t be on the take but makes a smart move in deciding not to rat him out to

internal affairs. The Mixed emotions cause a sense of discomfort by Flass.

C.) Harvey meets with Bruce Wayne and the two begin talking, formulating a plan that could

in turn change the face of Gotham. Harvey begins doing his own investigating into District

Attorney Marion Grange to see if he can find the Skeletons in her closet.

D.) Loeb begins to lose faith as he sees that Gordon displays less than desirable traits for a

corrupt cop. This puts Loeb on edge as he begins modifying things, seeing if he can attract

Gordon to the nature of Gotham.



BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

His training begins, Bruce tests the limits of his strength, speed, and endurance, searching for

something. He begins to chronicle his internal crisis in letters, looking for clues to what he needs

to do, while Alfred watches and worries. Gordon and Flass begin interviewing various suspects

regarding the homicide, leading to Gordon’s first test in Gotham: a bribe from a local Priest. This

pushes Gordon to the edge, forcing him to decide to either be quiet, or to enforce the law. Loeb

keeps closer tabs as Gordon as he notices worrisome behavior. Harvey Dent begins his excursion

into D.A. Grange’s life, starting with following her after a disgruntled meeting.


A.) Bruce begins his physical training, bringing in courts of Physical combatants to test his

Martials arts skills as well as his war time Training, hunting for a missing element.

B.) Gordon is tested by the city, encouraged by many to take bribes, he must actively fight

off the attempts, driving him to the point where he begins fighting back against the bribes.

C.) Harvey meets with Bruce and discovers the early stages of Bruce’s plan. Harvey has a

choice to make, join Bruce and validate the corruption of Gotham, or refuse and fight pointlessly.

Harvey explores his options while following D.A. Grange.

D.) Loeb begins to see a rebellious streak in Gordon and begins to grow uneasy at the

Detectives Constant lectures against the various members of the department.


A.) Bruce comes to an epiphany, inspired by his war experience. He must travel deep into the

heart of the most corrupted parts of Gotham and see the enemy, to understand the enemy in its

natural, corrupted habitat.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

B.) Gordon is slid a fifty, causing him to arrest a Priest. Gordon chews out the entire squad

with an ethics lecture, practically daring Flass. Gordon realizes he’s regressing, choosing to

refuse to let Gotham change him.

C.) Harvey joins Bruce. Feeling he has no choice as the previous battles he’s waged has had

the odds stacked against him. In joining Bruce he presents Leverage on D.A. Grange, declaring

“In Gotham, even the good guys play dirty.”

D.) Loeb gets his reports on Gordon, seeing his inability to ‘get with the program.’ Loeb

decides on one last ditch effort to force Gordon into submission, ordering Flass to get the boys

together and plan an attack.




Bruce begins his journey as he explores the heart of Gotham City, going as far as the crime

ridden ‘East Side.’ Meeting all manners of Criminal, Bruce comes across an individual who

piques his interest. Gordon is attacked by Flass and his men, who give Gordon a warning that he

“still has a pregnant wife.” Gordon goes on the hunt for Flass, finally realizing that in Gotham

City, to be a cop you got to get dirty – But there’s different types of Dirty. Harvey begins

researching and building a case against specific crime lords in Gotham, eager to see Bruce’s plan

go into fruition. Harvey gathers intel on who, what, and where to strike.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

A.) Bruce’s ventures into Gotham brings him to the most dangerous parts of the East End

where he searches for what motivates the criminals in Gotham. He looks for what he needs to

change them, what the missing element is.

B.) Gordon is attacked by Flass, left in a state that leaves him badly wounded, lighting a fire

in Gordon. He decides he’s going to make an impact and hunts the city for Flass.

C.) Harvey begins going to dangerous places to discover the various activities of Gotham’s

gangsters, as well as their meeting habits. Harvey begins to play with his own safety as he

investigates the GCPD and discovering how corrupt it is.

D.) GCPD officers go out to celebrate their attack on Gordon, showing their careless attitude

and the depravity of their effect on Gotham. Flass begins to wonder whether Gordon can get with

the program or if they need to finish him off for good.


A.) Bruce returns to Wayne Manor, seriously wounded by gunshots from two GCPD Officers

moonlighting as enforcers. He has discovered what he is missing is an element to shake them.

Witnessing how cowardice they become he needs an element that gives a supernatural essence to

it. Pleading to his father for what this element could be, he’s greeted with a large Bat smashing

through the study windows, looming over him.

B.) Gordon finds Flass, isolating him from the party and attacking him. Gordon proves that in

a fight he is more dangerous than Flass could ever imagine, doing just enough damage to keep

Flass out of the Hospital. Gordon realizes what it takes to be a cop in Gotham City.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

C.) Harvey gathers notes on who the sellers are, why Grange let them go, and where to strike.

Harvey singles out individuals likely to talk or work deals if under pressure.

D.) Gordon’s attacker learn that Gordon isn’t to be trifled with, as they discover Flass but

also get a stern warning from Gordon. The news comes as something troubling to Loeb, who

sees an oncoming war between him and Gordon.




Gordon earns ‘Hero Cop’ status in the non-lethal apprehension of an escaped inmate of Arkham

Asylum. Giving him a bit of ‘Armor’ against Loeb, Gordon begins making a stronger foothold

for decent cops to exist in Gotham. Bruce travels to Washington, D.C. to recruit a friend to his

cause as well as research the latest in defense technology. Culminating in Bruce’s debut as “The

Bat-Man” Bruce officially begins his war on crime. As Batman he begins to gain attention from

GCPD after a series of attacks to crime figures. Harvey witnesses the Bruce’s effect on corrupt

individuals in The D.A. while Gordon sees the effects on corrupt cops.


A.) Gordon garners a hero cop status and begins to really feel the disgust he has for the job.

He tries to separate himself from the job, to prove to himself that Jim Gordon is more than a cop

as he struggles with his wife’s pregnancy.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

B.) Bruce visits Washington, D.C. Meeting an associate from the army, Lucius Fox.

Presenting Lucius with an opportunity, He begins investigating recent innovations in tactical

armor he intends to use as Batman.

C.) Bruce begins to take out smaller fish as Batman to develop a supernatural like reputation,

readying himself to strike at the bigger fish.

D.) Cops and politicians begin to scramble as word about The Batman begins going public

and gaining traction in the news.


A.) Gordon sees his influence in two GCPD officers: Detective Sarah Essen and Officer

Stanley Merkel. Gordon begins to have hope in work and home, as it’s discovered his wife is

having a boy. Gordon begins to let himself feel cautiously optimistic.

B.) Lucius joins Bruce’s crusade, leaving the CIA and introducing Bruce to Kevlar Material

and Carbon Fiber, buy a large quantity of each so the two may manufacture a custom “Batsuit”

for Bruce.

C.) Bruce finds Batman to be a difficult element, as his first night out he gets lucky and

miraculously keeps himself from killing anyone. Chiding himself he decides to attempt a more

mysterious approach from then on.

D.) Loeb gets ordered to put a task force together to apprehend the Batman, but seeing

Batman as less of a threat, he decides it best left for rookie officers.


BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen


Flass is assaulted by Batman, leaving Loeb to force GCPD S.W.A.T. to act as security the night

of a big gala at Commissioner Loeb’s Mansion. Gordon is forced to attend as security, much to

Loeb’s dismay after being ordered to by Carmine Falcone. Harvey get’s Batman the information

for the gala, where he intends to put on a show. Gordon is made perfectly aware that it’s either

the Batman or his job. To this end Detective Essen joins Gordon’s “Batman Task Force.” Harvey

and Bruce enjoy the impression Batman is making on the underworld.


A.) The Batman strikes again as he learns about Detective Flass and drug dealer Jefferson

Skeevers. This weakens Loeb as Batman begins to escalate the war.

B.) Harvey gathers intel on this Gala after making a photocopy of Grange’s invitation,

suggesting to Bruce that The Batman invite himself. Bruce begins to enjoy the theatrics.

C.) Gordon is forced to attend a Gala at Loeb’s mansion. Gordon is humiliated to be made

such a public ‘Lap Dog’ for Loeb, only made worse when he’s forced to work a security detail

with a ‘pure psychopath’ Brendan.

D.) Loeb and the Gotham Elite enjoy themselves as they begin to discuss the future they want

for Gotham, keeping their thumb down on the city. Loeb enjoys the surrounding company of:

Carmine Falcone the true leader of Gotham, Mayor Wilson Klass, D.A. Marion Grange, and

various City Councilmen.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

A.) Batman hand delivers Skeevers and Flass to Harvey. Allowing the A.D.A. To begin a

deep and horrifying probe into the corrupt members of Gotham City.

B.) Bruce’s theatrics make an impression, he feels his truer self with Batman and is able to

make an impression humiliated Commissioner Loeb.

C.) Gordon has his first encounter with Batman, seeing Batman knocking him out. Gordon

comes to only to be informed by Loeb that should he fail to bring in Batman, he can consider

himself fired.

D.) The Elite are made perfectly aware that the Batman isn’t just some vigilante, he’s

something else. He makes a direct threat, warning the Elite they’ve eaten enough of Gotham’s

Soul and they’re no longer Safe.




Essen and Gordon set up traps attempting to capture the Batman, growing closer together over

their time committed to catching Batman. During a trap a GCPD officer is killed and left with a

letter with a riddle. This begins to divert media attention to a new figure in Gotham as reporter

Jack Ryder receives a threat from this killer, calling himself “The Riddler.” Meanwhile Gordon

and Essen begin investigating Harvey Dent, as a suspect to be the Batman. A chance encounter

brings Gordon and Essen face to face with Batman. Batman battles the police in a high-speed

chase, while denizens of Gotham watch on.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

A.) The Riddler is making headlines with a victim and a bomb and a series of Riddles,

aiming to garner the attention of Gotham City in the same manor as the Zodiac Killer.

B.) Gordon begins to wonder the futility of Batman’s actions and questioning what he’s

trying to accomplish. Gordon and Essen gather a team and begin staging assaults, attempting to

lure Batman out.

C.) A Truck Driver has a heart attack that causes him to crash through the city, nearly

smashing through Gordon’s car and aiming towards a homeless lady. Gordon tries to stop him in

an encounter that causes the truck to flip, while the Batman succeeds in saving her. This leads to

a confrontation between the two.

D.) Gordon’s investigation into the Batman brings him to the doorstep of Harvey Dent. Dent

becomes a legitimate lead in the eyes of Gordon but leaves many things to question.


A.) Bruce catches wind of the Riddler and understands him as being a criminal unlike what

he’s dealt with. He sees that his war on crime must include individuals like the Riddler. He

begins taking notes of Riddler sightings, noting the riddles and begins searching for incidents

that match the Riddler’s M.O.

B.) Witnessing Batman firsthand and seeing him save a life, Gordon begins to respect him

and starts to consider his side of the conflict. Gordon becomes significantly relaxed on Batman,

deciding instead to investigate Loeb, Essen joins his crusade and the two share a kiss.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

C.) Batman evades the Police in the Batmobile. Gotham Citizens take note of the Batman’s

rebellion against the corrupt cops in Gotham. This leads to Selina punching out Stan and taking

Holly with her to make a new life in Gotham.

D.) Dent feeds alibies to Gordon and warns Bruce that the GCPD are looking into the

investigation with their only decent cop. Essen speaks to Gordon about possible suspects

bringing Bruce Wayne to mind, noting his training and motivation as well as his wealth as being

notable supporting factors for an investigation.




Gordon investigates Bruce Wayne, based on a hunch from Essen. Gordon’s continued affair with

Essen attracts Loeb’s attention, causing them to be followed. Bruce begins digging into the

Riddler, checking a possibly connection between him and an outlaw of radical hippies known as

“The Red Hoods.” Flass, with a new partner: Harvey Bullock begin investigating the Red Hoods.

Willis Todd, a member of the Red Hoods, is caught having an affair with one of the concubines

of Red Hood Leader Jack Napier. In retaliation Jack attempts to murder Willis during a Red

Hood rain on Ace Chemicals.


A.) Loeb begins gathering evidence of Gordon’s illicit affair with Essen, waiting for his

chance to attack Gotham’s Hero Cop, hoping to submit him into joining the take.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

B.) Bruce’s Riddler investigation leads him to a similar murder, committed by the Red

Hoods. Bruce begins to investigate the Red Hoods, keeping tabs on Flass and Bullock after they

were publicly named lead investigators on the case.

C.) Willis Todd is a man in love. The woman is Sheila Haywood and she operates as the

concubine to Willis’ personal hero, Jack Napier. Willis wants to run away with Sheila, feeling

that there’s no life for them to be together if they’re part of the Red Hoods.

D.) Gordon investigates Bruce Wayne as a possible suspect, judging his necessity to go as far

as interviewing him as he puts the Puzzle pieces together. Dent approaches Gordon in the hopes

of making an ally.


A.) Dismayed with Gordon’s present failure to catch the Batman and learning that Gordon is

planning to go after the GCPD, Loeb reveals evidence of Gordon’s affair with Essen, taunting

him by telling him “The walls have ears Jimmy.”

B.) Batman follows Flass and Bullock to find the Red Hoods, who intend to raid Ace

Chemicals. The police have a trap the Red Hoods walk into causing a battle between Batman,

GCPD, and The Red Hoods.

C.) During the Ace Chemical raid Willis learns that Jack brought him in the hopes of getting

Willis killed. This backfires when both Police and Batman appear. In the confusion of the

conflict Willis attempts to escape until he’s confronted by Batman, causing Willis to fall into a

vat of Chemicals.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

D.) Gordon becomes disappointed to be fed a series of reliable alibis by Wayne. Gordon

attempts to look deeper into the connection from a hunch. When Dent approaches Gordon, he

refuses as he doesn’t wish to be associated with the very publicly Pro-Batman Dent.




Willis escaped Ace Chemical, horribly scarred by the chemicals. He wonders the streets of

Gotham trying to put himself back together when he encounters, and viciously murders Selina’s

former pimp – Stan, and steals his clothes, Willis decides to go out for revenge against Jack.

Gordon struggles with Essen to keep the affair a secret as they continue to investigate Wayne.

Selina starts a life as a cat burglar, inspired by the theatrics of Batman she creates a costume and

uses the name “Catwoman.” Batman attempts to reach out to Gordon, seeing that Gordon is the

only good cop in a rotten city.


A.) Willis returns to the Red Hoods, seeking to right the wrongs against them, he fixes a

special batch of the signature drug he made for the Red Hoods, called “Happy”, to begin a

master revenge plan.

B.) Selina reveals her costume to Holly and begins trying out a life of “exciting” crime.

Armed with a bullwhip she goes on a spree of burglaries.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

C.) Gordon and Essen hit a dead end in Wayne’s possible connection to Batman. Essen

reveals she’s been working with Dent to help get Loeb out of the commissioner’s seat. Gordon

sits with the weight, knowing he needs to make a decision.

D.) Batman leaves Gordon a note full of instructions, reaching out in hopes to gain another

ally in a city as rotten and corrupt as Gotham. Gordon begins to wonder if he can really take on

Loeb without someone like Batman in his corner.


A.) Willis distributes the polluted “Happy” to a majority of the Red Hoods causing them to

overdose and die laughing. Willis murders Jack while Sheila attempts to convince him to snap

out of it by revealing she’s pregnant with his son. Willis tells her to leave and never come back,

separating himself completely from his old life and calling himself “The Joker.”

B.) Selina gets a taste of crime as Catwoman and decides to continue her crusade. She

decides she is going to begin targeting Gotham’s elite and corrupted, like Carmine Falcone and

Commissioner Loeb.

C.) Gordon decides he is going to end things with Essen and come clean to his wife, allowing

him to go after Loeb and GCPD full steam. He agrees to work with Dent, who is attempting to

force drug dealer Jefferson Skeevers to flip on Flass and other noted GCPD Officers.

D.) Gordon follows Batman’s instructions, reaching back out to him. Gordon makes it clear

he doesn’t know if Batman is right, but decides Batman is too big to judge and attempts to make

peace with what few options he has left to clean up GCPD.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen



Batman pays Skeevers a visit to change his mind about testifying. Riddler Makes another kill and

leaves another riddle, this time directed right at Batman. Batman pays Falcone a visit, leaving his

car in the lake. Catwoman checks out Loeb’s home, searching for dirt, jewels, and other

valuables. Joker decides to go after Batman and turns the Red Hoods into his private criminal

empire, distributing and selling Happy to get Batman’s attention. Gordon comes clean to his wife

about his affair with Essen.


A.) Batman isolates and attacks Skeevers to convince him to “unburden” himself with the


B.) A bomb goes off and another person is shot with a riddle left behind, teasing Batman

about who he is. This attracts the attention of the Joker, who independently gathers the clues to

find the Riddler.

C.) Catwoman puts together a heist on Commissioner Loeb’s mansion. Eager to significantly

boost her wealth while taking down a tyrant.

D.) Gordon faces the music on his affair with Essen, sinking to his most personal low. He

promises to better himself and never hurt Barbara like that again.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

A.) Skeevers turns himself into Gordon and Dent. Gordon gets started on getting Skeevers

into protective Custody as he and Dent start getting Skeevers to divulge information on

Gotham’s drug operations and the GCPD connection.

B.) Batman takes notice and puts Riddler as a top priority. Riddler himself is discovered by

the Joker who suggests the two pull their resources to give Batman a “Long Halloween.” Riddler

agrees and the two begin working together.

C.) Catwoman’s heist proves successful as she makes off with much of Loeb’s prized

possessions, only to be disappointed by what they are. Selina decides her next target to be

Falcone himself.

D.) Gordon comes clean and the resulting shock and hurt cause Barbara to go into labor.

Gordon begins feeling the guilt of his actions, opening up to Essen who reveals she’s put in for a

transfer to New York City.




Barbara goes into labor, giving birth to a son. Flass and several other Members of GCPD are

brought into I.A. by Gordon and Dent who assist in the investigation against them. Skeevers gets

poisoned, Dent stands guard over him. The Riddler and Joker leave a series of clues for Batman

that attracts him to a hellish trap at the abandoned Amusement Mile. Catwoman lashes out after

Batman is falsely given credit for the heist on Commissioner Loeb’s home. She gets ready for

her next target, this time intending to leave a mark for everyone to know it was Catwoman.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen


A.) Skeevers is poisoned, putting Gordon and Dent both on High Alert. With trouble brewing

for Gordon personally as Barbara is in labor, Dent takes duty over watching Skeevers and

making sure he makes it trial.

B.) Riddler and Joker put together death traps for Batman using the Red Hoods for muscle.

Joker and Riddler both aiming for a personal confrontation with Batman.

C.) Bruce finally gathers the information to discover where the Riddler is, taking the

opportunity to catch him despite knowing the high likelihood he is walking into a trap.

D.) Catwoman gather materials and runs through a ‘test heist’ to make sure she’s ready for



A.) Skeevers survives the assassination attempt, maintaining that he still testifies against

Flass and GCPD. This leads to a formal question with Detective Flass. Witnessing what is going

on, Harvey Bullock approaches Dent intent on helping him take down Flass.

B.) Batman is driven through hell on Halloween night as he goes through a series of Death

traps orchestrated by the Riddler. This leads to Batman coming face to face with both the Riddler

and the Joker who separate after Batman escapes the conflict. This forces Batman to put the

Joker as another top priority.

C.) Bruce feels humiliated by his failure to capture the Riddler and overwhelmed as he has to

add a newer menace to his list. He begins to break things down and dissect the clues to try to

bring the Riddler in.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

D.) Selina proves to herself she’s ready and modifies her gear. She adds claws to her costume

as well as having prepared the tools necessary to rob Carmine Falcone.




Bruce begins running himself into the ground going over the Riddler’s clues, leading him to

discover the Riddler’s real name. Loeb begins to panic as Skeevers has flipped and I.A. has Flass

under lock and key. Gordon and Bullock go on the hunt to round up every drug dealer for Dent

to run through and build a case against Falcone and Loeb. Dent approaches Bruce, needing his

help in getting Falcone to implicate D.A. Grange so he can raid the GCPD and force them to flip

on the entire operation and take down Loeb and Falcone. Joker decides to start building a very

special batch of his drug “Happy” for the entire city. Catwoman launches her attack against

Carmine Falcone, leading to her first confrontation with Batman.


A.) Bruce starts digging into the Riddler’s clues finding a hidden codex in one of the Riddler


B.) Bullock, Dent, and Gordon begin heavily investigating D.A. Grange, trying to find a

connection between her and Falcone to get her removed and put Dent in the D.A. seat so they

can raid GCPD.

C.) Selina sets off to rob Falcone, revealing her resentment as Falcone’s men forced her onto

a boat when she was a child, forcing her into a life of slavery in Gotham City.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

D.) Joker begins fixing a highly toxic batch of his drug “Happy” and decides that he needs to

separate himself from the Red Hoods to really shine as a prominent figure in Gotham City.


A.) Bruce finally discovers Riddler’s identity and tracks down his layer. He battles the

Riddler as Batman, proving his resolve and whit being superior, he takes down the Riddler,

leaving him for Gordon and Bullock to apprehend.

B.) Bullock finds a report of Grange’s bank records, information that puts Dent and Gordon

on the proper trail to lead to Falcone. They wait for any news the Batman can provide to assist

in taking her down.

C.) Selina’s heist goes well until she gets surrounded by Falcone’s goons. She gets her first

look at The Batman. The two team up as Batman raids Falcone’s home looking for evidence to

connect him to Grange, while Selina takes the opportunity to mark Falcone with her own

signature. This incident leaves Falcone in the hospital.

D.) Joker steals a gasoline truck to transport his batch of “Happy.” After the resulting heist he

force feeds it to the Red Hoods causing them to overdose and die laughing while Joker laughs to

the chaos. Finally picking a target and a time, Joker chooses to dump the drug in Gotham’s fresh

water supply plant on Christmas.



BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

The Joker begins announcing murder victims on television and in the newspapers. Gordon, Dent,

and Bullock are forced to hold off on their raid until the Joker is brought down. The United

States Government becomes aware of the Batman’s presence and sends someone Bruce is

familiar with to investigate it. Batman starts to obsess over Joker and Riddler, worrying there

will be more like them, Bruce considers his role in their madness. Loeb rages his war against the

Batman, sending S.W.A.T. after him. Carmine Falcone launches an attack against Gordon.


A.) The Joker taunts Batman as he moves closer to his plan to poison Gotham’s water supply,

turning it into a hellacious landscape. Batman makes Joker his number one priority as he sees the

death and destruction in his wake.

B.) Bullock, Dent, and Gordon are forced to work with Dirty Cops to stop the Joker from

carrying out his threats, coming to a temporary truce even with the Batman.

C.) Bruce examines himself to see if his crusade is the cause of these violent theatrical

criminals and whether he should stay Batman.

D.) Superman arrives to Gotham City Investigating Batman, interested to see if the Caped

Crusader’s methods are pure or just an attempt at reckless revenge.

E.) S.W.A.T. Commander Branden goes after Batman. Using the S.W.A.T. as a private

Army to try and kill Batman, Branden turns Gotham City into a War Zone.

F.) Carmine Falcone tries one last ditch effort to get rid of Gordon, sending his nephew to

kidnap Gordon’s family and quiet Gordon about the corruption in Gotham.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

A.) Batman Battles the Joker, keeping him from poisoning the water supply. Joker is

apprehended by Bullock and Gordon and is kept at Arkham Asylum until he stands trial. This

forms a bond between Batman and Gordon.

B.) The Joker is captured, Bullock, Dent, and Gordon get assistance from other clean officers

in GCPD and raid the Police Station, arresting every corrupt officer they can as well as removing

D.A. Grange from office, kicking into a gear a chain of events that could save the city.

C.) Bruce recognizes some accountability for the Joker and Riddler but feels he must

continue to be Batman as only more threats will emerge. This clears Bruce’s conscience that he’s

doing wrong and he celebrates by leaving flowers on his parents’ grave and thanking them for

the direction they’ve given him in his life.

D.) Batman and Superman battle. Their confrontation ends in a stalemate when Superman

realizes Batman’s secret identity as Bruce Wayne and experiences what crime in Gotham is like

and what it needs. They end on respectful terms with Superman warning Bruce that if he gets out

of line he will return. Bruce responds by playfully revealing he’s known Superman’s identity

since they served together. The two leave with a mutual understanding of each other.

E.) Batman battles Brendan and his forces trapped into a rundown apartment complex.

Batman shows his superiority in combat over the S.W.A.T. teams and rounds them up for the

good cops of Gotham to take them into custody.

F.) Gordon is alerted to his Son’s kidnapping and races to save his son from Carmine

Falcone’s nephew Johnny Viti. This escalates into a major conflict causing Batman to intervene

and save Gordon’s son as Gordon battle Viti. Ending in Batman disappearing into the city,

Gordon gets an arrest warrant and arrests Carmine Falcone.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen


BRUCE WAYNE, 25, Gotham’s native son. He spent 5 years abroad studying and honing his

skills in detective work as well as rudimentary chemistry and 7 years entangled in Vietnam to

physically prepare for his homegrown war against crime. He returns home unsure of how he can

fulfill his promise, exploring Gotham and discovering the truly deplorable state of it.

BATMAN, Bruce’s true self. A hard hitting and very serious vigilante. The product of years of

military service and scholarly study in the form of a human being in his peak physical condition.

Using combat training as well as a host of theatrics he becomes a strong and powerful force in

Gotham. He shows only disgust towards criminals. He begins to force change in Gotham both

positively and negatively.

JAMES GORDON, 43, An old-world cop from Chicago forced into Gotham. Battling his own

demons, he tries to make the best of his situation, but when he finds himself unable to change his

nature, he starts his own war to make Gotham a more habitable world. He finds himself

begrudgingly respecting Batman and wonders what hope the city really has, to be a decent place.

ALFRED PENNYWORTH, 54, Longtime butler of the Wayne Family and Bruce’s legal

guardian after the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Caring deeply for Bruce he joins him on

the crusade, trying his best to keep Bruce safe. He applies his knowledge of field surgery to his

efforts in helping Bruce, often mockingly calling himself “Batman’s Bat-Man.”

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

HARVEY DENT, 35, A former mentor and childhood friend of Bruce. He spent his youth living

in the rough areas of Gotham and always took care of Bruce in school. Now he stands as one of

Gotham’s Assistant District Attorneys fighting the losing battle. He forces his way through

knowing that there must be good things coming to Gotham.

SARAH ESSEN, 38, A Sergeant in the Gotham City Police Department. She struggles through

the department as everyone in the precinct sees her as a little more than eye candy. With other

officers distracted she’s been able to climb the ranks and has proven herself one of the most

dedicated cops in Gotham.

BARBARA GORDON, 38, Gordon’s very loving wife, pregnant with a son. She’s emotionally

strong but finds herself struggling as she feels Gotham does nothing but poison their marriage.

She forces herself to battle through as she worries for Gordon and his efforts in the GCPD.

SELINA KYLE/CATWOMAN, 26, Born in China she was brought to Gotham at a young age.

She learned quickly to take care of herself and has worked hard to keep her dignity. She acts as a

dominatrix until she is inspired to take more control of her life by the Batman. She allows herself

to evolve and becomes Catwoman.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

HOLLY ROBINSON, 12, Acting as Selina’s ward. She is a trained pickpocket and is carefully

watched over by Selina. She tries to grow up to the speed of how Gotham is. She holds no regard

for her childhood as being a child in Gotham is dangerous.

HARVEY BULLOCK, 38, A cop who feels the disgust of how Gotham has been operating for

years. Seeking a life with dignity and result he flips on the corrupt center of GCPD after he is

inspired by Gordon and Dent’s efforts. He joins them and becomes a strong ally in taking down

Commissioner Loeb.

LUCIUS FOX, 30, Brilliant research scientist who left the army and went to Langley. He’s

known Bruce since their first tour together and has shown some ability to do amazing things

given little to work with. He becomes Bruce’s primary confidant when it comes to making his

gear as Batman. He cares deeply for Bruce and feels the need to make something to benefit the


JACK RYDER, 48, Longtime reporter for Gotham Gazette. He’s spent his career trying to

expose the truth to everyone in Gotham. Once he discovers the Riddler he becomes obsessed

with the madman and makes it his personal mission to taking him down.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

VICKI VALE, 24, Reporter for the Gotham’s Gossip Magazine. She covers the return of Bruce

Wayne while hoping to do something meaningful as a reporter. She covers every Batman

sighting she can, seeing it as a step towards being a real journalist.

SHEILA HAYWOOD, 24, A member of the Red Hoods and concubine to their leader Jack

Napier. She was loyal to the cause until she fell in love with Willis Todd. She seeks a way out so

that she and Willis could start a family together. She shows a deeply inviting personality layered

with compassion. Seeing Willis fall breaks her, causing her to flee Gotham.

JACK NAPIER, 32, Leader of the Red Hoods. A self-obsessed Charles Manson-like anarchist.

He takes every chance he gets to turn his followers against polite society as a way of controlling

his environment. He becomes jealous after witnessing one of his concubines with one of his

followers, Willis Todd.

WILLIS TODD, 32, A former chemist who worked on the C.I.A. MK Ultra Program. After

being let go he was found and given direction by Jack Napier who conned Willis into making a

custom drug for the gang known as “Happy.” Willis fell in love with Sheila Haywood, a

concubine of Napier’s. When Napier discovered their relationship, he attempted to kill Willis.

Instead of dying Willis became much more dangerous.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

JOKER, the sinister result of Jack Napier’s attempt on Willis’ life. After the encounter with

Batman caused him to fall in a vat of chemicals Willis became the Joker. He’s a homicidal

mastermind hellbent on causing death and destruction. Physically transformed to have chalk

white skin and green hair Joker proves to be a monster with no equal as he takes over the Red

Hoods and makes them his own Manson-Family like followers.

EDWARD NYGMA/RIDDLER, 36, a Sociopathic serial killer with a god complex. Calling

himself the Riddler, he sees himself as a higher being and begins a spree of murders like that of

the Zodiac Killer. Leaving cryptic riddles and clues in his wake as a way of showing his

superiority. As he is exposed to Batman he becomes constantly obsessed and insulted by the

vigilante’s appearance and makes it his personal mission to prove the Batman as a lesser being

than himself.

JONATHAN CRANE, 45, Chief Chemist at Ace Chemicals, Dr. Jonathan Crane excelled as

Psychiatry and Psychiatric Chemistry. Crane worked as a mentor to Willis Todd during the early

stages of the MK Ultra Program. Together the two created the chemical agent that would turn

Willis into the Joker, Agent Green. Crane continued his MK Ultra research after the programs

was shut down, developing a psychoactive chemical agent that causes an individual to have

frightening hallucinations and experience nightmare like sensations while awake. This chemical

compound was dubbed Agent Yellow.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

STAN, 40, A local Pimp who ‘owned’ Selina and Holly until they rebelled. He’s accustomed to

the way Gotham works and enjoys his life. He places fashion and appearance as the most

important aspects for his business, feeling if he looks tough, people will think twice before

messing with him.

JEFFERSON SKEEVERS, 43, The top drug dealer in Gotham. With a penchant for getting

himself in trouble he’s become very familiar with GCPD as well as A.D.A. Harvey Dent. He’s

one of the few who works directly under the Falcone crime family he works in tandem with

Flass, Loeb, and the GCPD. He lives a life he would describe as “Gangsta” while being unaware

of the Batman and his effect on Gotham.

WILSON KLASS, 54, The Mayor of Gotham and one of many who take bribes from Falcone.

He shows little to no interest in the actual welfare of Gotham. Always flashing a political smile,

he shows nothing but disdain for Gotham and her people.

MARION GRANGE, 50, Gotham City District Attorney. Always keeping herself a step ahead

she blocks everyone of Dent’s attempts to prosecute anyone relating to the Falcone Crime

Family. She places her well-being and wealth above the ethics of her elected position, often

toying with Dent and his aspirations to become D.A.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

HOWARD BRENDAN, 34, Gotham Police Department S.W.A.T. Commander. Often labeled a

psychopath with a badge. He shows little care or remorse in his work and is noted for taking

more extreme measures. He holds an iron grip on his position and has become little more than

Commissioner Loeb’s top assassin.

ARNOLD FLASS, 44, Former Green Beret and current GCPD Detective. He’s the favorite

enforcer of Commissioner Loeb and often sees himself as living life in the Fastlane. He tries to

make himself appear cool and approaches his job with the attitude of ‘shoot first, ask later.’ He

has very few, if any, morals and stands as one of the most corrupt cops in Gotham.

JOHNNY VITI, 34, Carmine Falcone’s nephew and chief enforcer. He’s a slow learner and has

a quick temper but he makes up for his short comings with his depravity and what terrible acts

he’s willing to do. He dreams of taking over for his uncle and early on sees Batman and Gordon

as threats.

GILLIAN LOEB, 64, Corrupt Police Commissioner and twisted individual. He collects pop

culture memorabilia and can, at time, regress to more childlike behavior. Once he gets wind of

Gordon’s anti-corruption attitude he attempts to ‘correct’ Gordon as to how things work in

Gotham. As time goes on Loeb becomes more and more paranoid that Falcone will get rid of him

and appoint a new Police Commissioner.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

CARMINE FALCONE, 63, Lifelong Gotham resident and powerful crime lord. Having been

raised in the worst parts of Gotham, Falcone made something of himself and accepted the city

for its depravity. Gaining a taste for the theatrical he adopts the moniker “The Roman.” Using his

resources, he has become the dark center of Gotham City.

SUPERMAN, 30, Rocketed to Earth form the doomed planet Krypton, Superman was raised as

Clark Kent, a Kansas Farm Boy who grew up to be a mild-mannered reporter. Superman is an

apolitical figure asked to join the Vietnam war by President Nixon. Superman joins to stop the

bloodshed. Superman is highly empathetic and holds a very popular no killing policy, he stands

as a bastion of Good American Morals.


Gotham City is the worst place on earth. It’s a dirty city with a stink that invades your mind,

body, and soul. It leaves a stain on you that isn’t washed off. It’s worse than New York, NY in

the 1970’s. Crime is prevalent, Crime is king in Gotham. When it rains, it is the city crying over

its own lost sense of morality and purity. It’s an aging bloated whore. Cops, Minorities, everyone

who lives in Gotham suffers something from it. The city causes trauma like it’s a circle of hell

unexplored by Dante. The city is a claustrophobic nightmare, trash is piled on the streets while

junkies, murderers, and rapists roam the city, as if the city itself feeds on the violence of the

people who live there. No one chooses Gotham City everyone is trapped there.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

(TAXI DRIVER, Dir. Martin Scorsese, 1976 – Columbia Pic.)

Gotham is dirty, overpopulated, disgusting. It’s a sewer. Criminals own the streets and the

disgusting scent of indecency follows them. The worst of it is Gotham’s East End where its

collective filth stacks on itself to create the worst version of civilization. There’s an old saying

“Don’t Fall in Gotham City, no one will catch you.” If there’s a hell, it’s nicer than Gotham.

(ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, Dir. John Carpenter, 1981 – AVCO Embassy Pic.)
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

Often considered the most popular and awe-inspiring vehicle in fiction. The Batmobile has been

Batman’s primary mode of transportation since its inception in the comics. It has gone through a

variety of different looks from the 1940’s to the modern times. It has been featured in almost

every live action and animated adaptation of Batman and is a necessity for the Batman mythos.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE has its own take on the Batmobile.

(JUSTICE, Alex Ross, 2004 – DC Comics)

The Batmobile has a staying power in the mythos. As the series

takes an extremely controversial look at Batman, a batmobile is

certainly a needed piece. Certain aspects of the Batmobile have

stood out to give it a unique and frightening look. Such elements

like a battering ram in the shape of a bat head, or elongated fins

on the wheel covers. Most attempts at designing the car either root

it in classic designs of the 40’s and 50’s or take an ultra-modern

approach to the fabled vehicle.

(Pictured left “BATMAN #20”, Dick Sprang, 1940 - DC Comics)

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

(JUSTICE, Alex Ross, 2004 – DC Comics)

To follow the proper design work of numerous versions of the batmobile before, this series will

adapt it from an existing vehicle that follows a similar aesthetic. This version of the Batmobile,

while taking cues from such comic book series as 2004’s Justice will also be based on the 1925

Rolls-Royce Phantom-1 Jonckheere Coupe. The very look and approach of the car screams a

Batmobile aesthetic perfect for the warped reality set in the series.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

(Photograph, Scott Williamson, 2007 – Car Collector Magazine)

The 1925 vehicle (pictured above) aptly named ‘The Phantom 1’ was manufacture by Rolls-

Royce. The inherent implied wealth of the vehicle as well as the overall design and gravitas

make it the perfect candidate for a Batmobile. With the series having a Batman operating in the

Mid-70’s, the caped crusader would likely look for something that stood out and gained a sense

of mystery for the Batmobile, the Phantom 1 does just that. Its sleek design, combined with the

1920’s aesthetic, the round doors, and overall vibe help it stand out as a model for a Batmobile

that does something different and unique in concept with the car. The last few adaptations have

leaned extremely heavy on the technological approach, using military backdrop for purpose and

design. This series, going with a more limited and low-tech Batman, needs a car that can stand

out the way the Phantom 1 does.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen



The concept behind the batcave first appear in the BATMAN Movie Serials in the 1940’s. An

underground structure beneath Wayne Manor where Batman stored a state-of-the-art crime lab as

well as the gadgets, used in his crimefighting endeavors, as well as the Batmobile. Created by

Harry Fraser in 1943, it served as an area where Batman was able to use his detective skills in a

hands-s manner. It proved to be such a popular concept it was adapted into the comic books and

inspires a slew of “rip-offs” as other characters started developing secret layers. It has held a

thematic resonance with Batman, the character popularly known as a lone figure that can sit

isolated in a cave surrounded by the creatures that inspire him. Like with anything else in

BATMAN: YEAR ONE this version of the Batcave has its own history.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

(BATMAN BEGINS, Dir. Christopher Nolan, 2005 – Warner Bros.)

The Batcave was originally just a series of tunnels beneath the countryside of Gotham City.

Since before the civil war they were used to assist the transport of slaves to the north to gain their

freedom. Long after the civil war ended, their upkeep began to falter until 1950 when Dr.

Thomas Wayne began adjusting and reinforcing the cave walls. Over the period of Five years he

had a pet project of making the Caves and Catacombs underneath the Manor a Bomb shelter. He

committed to this project to allow a safety space for Gotham’s citizens, should the U.S.S.R. ever

launch Nuclear War Heads. During this time Martha Wayne isolated a section of the cave for

local wildlife, geared specifically at saving Bats (her favorite animal.)

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

In 1975 Bruce Wayne rediscovers the caves underneath Wayne Manor and sees it as a way of

executing a grandiose vision to protect the city. He begins constructing a crime lab as well as a

workshop, he decorates the Cave with his military relics as a constant reminder he’s at war. In

his Batcave workshop he customizes gear specifically for his war on crime. In the batcave he

modifies his father’s favorite car into the Batmobile, He takes scrapped metal turning them into

Batarangs, he creates a tailor made Batsuit. As it stands, the Batcave is an area of refuge and

focus for Bruce, aiding in his psychological transformation into Batman. The Batcave is where

Bruce feels the Most at home.


By far one of the most important pieces of equipment in

Batman’s possession is the Batsuit. Unmatched with dark

colors and a sinister vibe. Existing since the very

beginning of his publication and crimefighting career. The

suit often stands out as a symbol of fear and

incorruptibility. Early versions of the batsuit were designed

to look like Spandex while modern suits became more

armored. BATMAN: YEAR ONE features a batsuit made

of materials available in 1975, fitting of the era.

(Art by Jim Lee, 2018 DC Comics)
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

The batsuit is made of numerous components consisting of a Bodysuit, Boots, Cape, Cowl,

Gloves and Utility Belt. These are elements that will be explored in details sections that goes

over assembly, material for construction, and design and influence. References will be used in

certain areas to explain influence and appropriate a designs scheme. The design input will reflect

materials available and used in the 1970’s centering as close to 1975 as possible. The intended

result is to display what would have been a functional batsuit that would have been made by

Bruce in the 1970’s and represent a Batsuit that is faithful to the tone and presence of the comic



Covering from the neck to legs, the Bodysuit covers the entirety of

Batman’s torso and legs. On the chest is the Batsymbol, an element both

practical and decorative. The chest is the most padded and armored area

of the batsuit, with the Batsymbol emblazed on the chest it directs

numerous attacks to the chest where the armor can withstand more

damage than other areas of the suit. The symbol gives meaning and helps

establish Batman in a direct and unique fashion. The abdomen is also

armored but due to the need for flexibility its protection is minimal in
comparison to the chest. Numerous comic books have depicted the design by Bob Ringwood
1992, Warner Bros.)
bodysuit as having a grey or dark grey color scheme, as it fits the

character’s taste.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

The primary material for the bodysuit is a well-known fabric

developed in 1964 by Polish-American Chemist Stephanie Kwolek

for powerful lightweight tires. Modern Kevlar was developed in

1971 and by 1976 was determined to be suitable for use as a

bulletproof vest by DuPont. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility

(Kevlar Fabric Pic. above) that character like Bruce Wayne would discover and quietly

research something of this nature independently. The material is perfect for a bodysuit as it

carries protective qualities while also being a fabric that allows for a full range of movement. A

fabric like Kevlar is something necessary for a fast-paced Batman. The unique design and texture

would allow this version of the batsuit to stand out against previous incarnations on a practicality

scale as well as a design aesthetic.

(Image from theprepared.com)

While Kevlar itself isn’t enough to protect the Batman, Kevlar vests have often included Metal

Plates that help absorb the impact. These plates are either pocketed under the fabric or sewn in.

Batman requires a large range of movement and protection over numerous areas of the body. The

plates could be sewn in under the fabric. Separating into sections covering the chest, back, and

multiple plates covering the abdomen, allows for a wider range of movement. Together this gives

the illusion of a bulletproof, 6ft Bat – something criminals would caution others about.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

The color of the bodysuit should be

primarily Grey. Adding Black

portions in to help separate the

colors to create a more dynamic and

eye-popping costume is perfectly

fine. The overall intent behind this

iteration of the batsuit is too look

like a real combat suit as well as

properly represent the costume as

it’s depicted in the Comic Books.

The Grey/Black color pallet has

been the proper color scheme for the

suit since the character’s origins.

The chest being highly protected

might have less black mixed in the

design as it also has the Batsymbol

to break up the color as well as add

additional padding. Areas such as

the ribs, abdomen and shoulders are

areas that could accentuated by

black Kevlar with plate sewn under.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

The suit won’t feature the traditional trunks often

featured on the batsuit, instead black kevlar could be

designed to insinuate the idea. This allows the design

to coyly play with the traditional batsuit design while

reframing from aspects that might be considered silly

or illogical design choices in a modern sense. The

overall look and design of the batsuit is meant to be

respected. It’s not a suit that is beyond reproach nor is

it, in a basic form, unrealistic. It’s a suit that hundreds

of artists have redesigned and retooled over the years

and has always kept to a certain pallet. The suit is

malleable and very easy to adapt to different design

while keeping the core aesthetic that makes it the


There are numerous takes on the body of the batsuit

that can be looked at for inspiration. Specific artists

that would no doubt influence a more 70’s led Batman

would be: Neal Adams, Jim Lee, David Mazzucchelli,

Lee Bermejo, and Gary Frank. Capturing their gritty

takes as well as the tone and style of the batsuit in the design is key. Mazzucchelli’s influence

would be top tier, due to his work on the comic “Batman Year One.” “Batman Year One” should

stand as the most direct inspiration for the Batsuit. This will be a definitive batsuit, looking

unique and balanced in an elemental design that fits the character.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

(BATSYMBOL designed by Jim Lee, 2004 - DC Comics)

The batsymbol has been an integral part of the batsuit. Drawing fire to the more protected chest

over the abdomen and head, as well as standing out as a symbol for criminals to fear. Numerous

artists have given their own take on the Batsymbol and this series shouldn’t be any different.

Drawing inspiration from artist like Bob Kane to Jim Lee to give the series its own unique

batsymbol. This series intends to use the symbol beyond its ideological implications as it will

add additional padding and an additional metal plate, like Kevin Smith’s short story

“Manufacture for Use” appearing Detective Comics #1000. This is intended to make the symbol

much more functional than it has been in previous incarnations, as Superman’s symbol is often

referred to as the “S-Shield”, in this series the batsymbol is very much a “Bat-Shield.”

The Bat-Shield should be based more on the classic lone Bat, not the shielded yellow oval. While

the Yellow Oval shield is a classic piece of Batman Iconography, it refers to a specific

reinvention in the comic that this series isn’t dealing with. This series is based on a comic that

dealt with Batman’s origin, returning an inherent darkness to the title. The lone black Bat

thematically fits the shows the darker take. This series deals with a Batman who is emotionally

alone. In designing the suit and the emblem on it should be tonally consistent with the series.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen


The boots are important more for comfort and function that they are for look. Most of the boots

in the comics have been modelled after contemporary combat boots. That is an applicable idea to

the series, but the main look should resemble something close to English horse-riding boots. The

Long black for, lace less and form fitting attributes of the boots make them not only perfect for a

suit like Batman’s but also fit any time period. Slight alterations might be made, such as adding

in steel-toe tips and sewing in metal plates over the shin. The core design is simple and should

certainly remain that way, perfect for a young emerging Batman.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

With sleek boots and sewn in plates it allows

the batsuit to be armored in a less

conventional manner. The possibilities

behind practically enhancing the boots are

numerous. The boots can be as armored as

most of the suit is. Adding in the steel toe

plating would give Bruce an additional

weapon and fit the character’s look. Using

the mold of a combat boot for comfort would

be a way of integrating his military history

into the costume in a seamless fashion as the boots aren’t the only thing Bruce reuses from his

military career. Adding elements of the character’s wealth as well as his hardships gives the

boots a metaphorical foot hold on the costume adding a layer of emotional complexity to the suit.

(BATMAN Cape, Designed by Bob Ringwood,

1989 - Warner Bros.)
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

Batman’s cape has always been an element of the suit designed for theatrics. Designed to model

after batwings, the cape has given an element of mystery and intrigue to the batsuit. It has been

adapted to more diverse functions, used as a glider, protection from fire, a tourniquet, and a

weapon. For the series it’s getting two very simple uses: Theatrics and a Weapon. In a theatrical

sense the cape has been designed with several scalloped edges at the bottom. The cape as a

weapon has few functions, mainly to blind or suffocate enemies.

The scalloped design was developed to mimic batwings. It’s a classic element of the Batman

outfit and has relatively remained unchained. It’s a design that inherently fit the character. The

design gives an eerie quality, as the scallops can add to both a theatrical approach. The nature of

the design lends itself to a theatrical element, while it hasn’t been entirely functional. The way it

looks in the shadows gives an almost supernatural quality.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

To weaponize the cape, Bruce will use throwing knives

sewn in the cape, using them in place of the scallops.

Hidden in the cape this gives Bruce another weapon in

his arsenal. This allows Bruce to use his cape to swipe

and cut enemies. Swinging it wildly could force enemies

back, opening them up for attack. The concept fit’s the

tone of the series as well as ingenuity of this version of

Batman. In a dire emergency they could also be removed from the cape and thrown.

Another way the Cape can be weaponized is via

suffocation and blinding opponents. Wrapping

the cape around their head, this gives Bruce a

few options in a strategic attack. With the

options of either wrapping the head and pulling

tight to restrict air flow, coverings their eyes to

blind them, or disorient and confuse them. A

few different methods are made available that

justifies the weaponized potential of a cape and

it is recognized by Bruce. It’s an unexpected

strategy that would be very becoming of an

early years Batman and fit’s a grounded take on

violence, being less flashy and more direct. This

is a new way of weaponizing Batman, making it

fit with a much more serious and darker character as depicted in this series.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

The material for the cape is a big question, being that this isn’t a cape that allows Batman to

effortlessly glide around the city and is rooted in a more realistic light there are numerous

options. The Batsuit from the 1989 released BATMAN was made by spraying latex over a

circular table and texturizing it. The texture gave it a leather like application, intended to mimic

the look and texture of real batwings. Arguable for a purely theatrical cape Leather might be the

best fit for the exterior, it’s going to match the look of the boots and gloves and it will stand out.

For an interior the best look might be French wool. This would help project a gothic and other-

worldly sense to the batsuit.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

Batman’s cowl is a signature element to the overall look of the character. What’s important is

making it look intimidating and practical for the character. Mystery and darkness are elemental

in the batsuit. Creating an ominous persona, the cowl was the signature element that helped the

character stand out. This element gave a mysterious and ominous look at the Batman creating the

character’s signature silhouette. It’s important when bringing this to life to keep that mystery.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

(BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Cowl Designed by Ian Ball - Rocksteady Studios)

The Cowl featured in this series comes from two groups of materials: A Kevlar cowl making the

traditional Batman cowl, and Armored Plates, made from melting down Bruce’s old Army

helmet, that fit over the Kevlar magnetically. The Kevlar sleeve-like Cowl is all black fitting

over Bruce’s face. The Armored Plates come in 3 pieces: the first piece covers the top of the

head, forehead, eyes and nose – fitted with clear polyurethane lenses to protect the eyes, the

second plate fits over the base of the head and the back of the neck wrapping around the ears and

forming armor over the bat-ears, the third fits over the outline of Bruce’s jaw. There is separation

between the plates as to allow proper movement at certain areas. The idea for said concept is like

the helmet from BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT (pictured above) albeit it with several changes

to fit the series. This allows for a form fitting, protective, and comfortable cowl for Bruce. The

design keeps the look in line with the series using what would have been available in the 1970’s.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

One of the most argued about elements of Batman’s cowl is the length of the bat-ears. Hundreds

of artists have designed different looking ears throughout the years varying in length, width, and

design. For this series the best look for the cowl would be to feature shorter ears as depicted in

Batman art by Jim Lee and the Year One art by David Mazzucchelli. Using shorter thinner ears

fits this characterization, as it’s someone who’s really developing an intimidating look. The

shorter ears give off a less silly and more realistic vibe fitting the intimidating look. While the

long ears are admired, they’re often distracting and don’t seem to

the overall design in this series.

While over the years the gloves to the batsuit have changed they

have always been a part of the character’s look. When in the Early

40’s featured longer gloves that had 3 blade-like scallops the design

has stuck. The gloves themselves have evolved altering the scallops

and the glove. Finding an appropriate design fitting the tone of the

series remains a strong challenge. The idea to incorporate military

aesthetic remains a key focal point in making it fit the look. This is

very much a Bruce bringing a real war to Gotham.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

The gloves Batman wears

have traditionally gone as

high up as his elbow. The

idea would be to have

gloves that reach to just

under his elbow. The best

model that could be found

would be Gauntlet Style

Motorcycle gloves. The

natural look and length are

perfect for the style of the

batsuit. While gauntlet style

gloves only go to halfway up the forearm, they could be custom made to reach his higher up on

his forearm. The style is a perfect template to start the gloves of the batsuit.

The idea is to weaponized the glove with the

scallops. To weaponize the glove Bruce takes

military knives and welds the tips to a metal plat

that he places inside the glove. The glove has 3

distinct slits where the blade tips protrude. With

the blade sticking out of the glove it takes the

classic scalloped glove shape. This gives him

added protection in the glove as well as an extra

weapon. It gives Batman a more tactical and horrifying look, adding to his mysterious presence.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

One of the hallmarks of the

batsuit has been the utility belt.

It’s been one of the simpler

elements of the ensemble design.

Numerous artists have given

their own take but many often

resign to a very basic structure

of a belt with pouches. This is

the easiest element to translate

over into reality. Using the army

as a basis Bruce would just use

his combat belt with some

customized pouches. The belt

itself would be dyed to be a pale,

almost grey yellow for a more

theatrical element. The pouches

would still carry a foundation of

equipment Bruce could use in his war.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

(BATMAN BEGINS Utility Belt Design by Lindy Hemming, 2005 - Warner Bros.)

The gadgets on this Batman will be reduced from the normal amount. With only space for at

most 8 pouches, Batman will be very selective in choosing gadgets. Reducing Batman to a few

gadgets keeps things realistic. This Batman is ready for an offense just from the other elements

in his suit, the Utility belt will be more tool based, but will still see a couple classic weapons.

This Batman is one who has elements of detective, survivalist, and a marital artist. The layout of

items the utility belt will feature is: Batarangs, First Aid Kit, Lock Picking tools, Grapple-Hook

Rope/Bat-Rope, Fingerprint Dusting Kit, Smoke Grenades, Tear Gas Grenades.

(ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN THE BOY WONDER Art by Jim Lee, 2005-2008 - DC Comics)
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

Catwoman is one of, if not thee, most popular female supervillain in the Batman mythos. Like

with Batman, for Catwoman’s look there are thousands of images to draw from to design a

perfect Catwoman costume. The most important aspect is to source it from a natural place,

relaying that to the overall design for the suit itself. This series features Selina’s beginning as a

dominatrix and will use that as a natural launching point for assembling her Catwoman Costume.

Her Costume will naturally feature items from S&M Gear which gives gateway for getting her

Whip as well as giving proper pre-text as to why she would wear such a costume. This version of

the character’s catsuit should be made of leather.

The catsuit should feature a more tactical

aspect. Catwoman isn’t without her own fight

training and would certainly want an outfit

that allowed proper movement. This suit

would feature her using her trademark whip

and padded armor under her suit. The use of

old goggle would help protect the eyes and

add mystery to her look. This isn’t a hyper-

techy Catwoman, but one using barely

affordable tech in 1975. This suit’s strategic

use of leather for a bodysuit would add

(BATMAN: HUSH, Catwoman Art by Jim Lee, 2005 - DC
Comics) accentuate the character’s trademark sex

appeal without sacrificing tactical elements.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

The Catwoman costume has

always had a seductive element to

it. Having numerous features that

play heavily on the theme of the

costume. Preserving that is ideal,

as the time-based setting fits for

the more insane looking catsuit.

Certain elements such as the Mask,

Bodysuit, Long Gloves and Boots

are unarguable in importance,

elements like the tail and whiskers

are debatable and are not

considered ‘must haves’ in this

adaptation. The colorization should

be rooted to a unique color to the

character, Colors that have been

commandeered would be: Greens,

(CATWOMAN: YEAR ONE, Art by J.J. Birch, 1989 - DC Comics)
Purples, and Greys, but perhaps

darker variations might help stand out and step away from being associated with other

characters. Colors that might fit for Catwoman

would be: Silvers, Deep Browns, Blacks colors

that might look different but still present a classic

Catwoman presence in its adaptation.

(DC UNIVERSE ONLINE, Catwoman, Jim Lee, 2011)
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

A man of compulsion, the

Riddler has often wore

numerous outfits that fit a

sense intellectual vanity. The

Riddler as a character is highly

theatrical wearing insane and

over-the-top like costumes.

The character should be using

homemade materials for his

suit. The Riddler isn’t rich nor

resourceful, he’s a genius with

little to assist him. He creates a

costume that is absurd and

haunting in approach. In a

game-like tactic he wears a

domino mask as a way of hiding his identity.

This version of the Riddler will stand out in numerous ways. This version be rooted in the

depravity of what is 1975 Gotham and his theatrical nature will be directly inspired by Batman.

Another way this Riddler stands out is how he is based on an infamous serial killer. From

cyphers to public taunts the Riddler’s insane methods seem very Zodiac like in approach. This is

a character who uses their darker actions to garner the attention of the public only to brag about

how he is superior and smarter. The very nature of the Riddler is very Zodiac-laden and using the
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

infamous killer as a template allows for a natural and realistic adaptation of the character. The

Riddler in this adaptation is Gotham’s Zodiac Killer.

This version of the Riddler is heavily based on

the Zodiac Killer. With both being killers who

prided themselves on being smarter than those

trying to catch them and playing games. The

Zodiac Killer was very theatrical and

methodical which certainly fits a character like

the Riddler. The Zodiac had also worn an

outlandish outfit that feels appropriate for a

series like this. There’s no doubt that in a

modern sense it would be ideal to take a

character like the Riddler and use the Zodiac as

inspiration. The homemade outfit and

(The Zodiac Killer by Robert Graysmith, 1969)
simplistic design are exactly what should be

look upon for this series’ version of the Riddler.

(BATMAN FOREVER, Riddler's Question mark, Dir. Joel Schumacher, 1994 - Warner Bros.)
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

The Clown Prince of

Crime, Batman’s greatest

known adversary. The

killer clown has held

hundreds of unique looks

over the years, all

reflecting various styles of

the period and all of them

unabashedly colorful and

fitting of the Joker. With a

wide variety to pull from

narrowing down a specific

and unique look for the

Joker is just as big a

challenge as it was for

Batman. The Joker’s role

in this adaptation of Year

One is, as was Riddler’s, an entirely new plot but is something that still needs proper insight and

development. This Joker has control of a very insane and wrong-headed cult that already suggest

a specific look, Joker takes that look and warps it into a unique costume. This is most certainly

an Origin of Joker’s look while still including the classic hallmarks of: White Skin, Green Hair,

Ruby Lips, and a stylish Purple Suit.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

Before becoming the Joker, He was part of

an anarchic hippy group ‘The Red Hoods.’

The tone of the group is found in Chop

Top, from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Franchise. His look has elements of

violence and parody weaved in, making it a

perfect template for Joker. Chop Top’s pale

complexion is something very close to how

this series’ Joker would look. His look and

personality are excellent starting points for

this version of the Joker. Chop Top’s

overall Costume is something that should

be looked at closely for Joker.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

While the look based on Chop Top

would undoubtedly close in tone, the

Joker’s look is still clownish. Looking at

outfits like Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka,

there’s an inviting presence the Joker

would certainly invoke in a twisted way

to bring in victims. The use of soft

purples gives a very warm and bright

tone could be twisted to be more Joker-

like. Invoking a very clown like

demeanor in his appearance is important

in establishing a true Joker. Using a

strong color pallet is important to bring

out the clown-like attire and the Willy

Wonka costume is a fitting place for that

to start. The hat and Jacket are elements that fit’s the Joker’s bizarre look and should be

incorporated into this version.

The personality of the outfit must stand out as something reading “Psychotic but Stylish.” The

Joker’s the kind of character that wears his psyche in his clothing and adapting that is key. Joker

is a character that makes various psychological transformations, showing them are important in a

narrative and visual standpoint. This is about bringing out a classic Joker look and bending it into

something sickening and real. Certain elements of the character’s look can’t be compromised as

they are part of Joker. He wears his appearance like he wears his mindset, in full view.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

The Joker’s purple suit is just too iconic an

element to be ignored. While it may not be

where he starts visually it will be where he

ends. It’s a classic look and can be molded

and refitted to a Joker of any purpose. For a

series that is taking Joker through a much

grimmer and Frank Miller-esq journey,

there’s no doubt that a purple suit is tailor

made for such a mad man. Using his look

from artist like Frank Miller and Jim Lee is

a grand place to start crafting an Iconic

Joker look that fits the series 70’s setting

and the character’s more anarchic roots.

This Joker is a maniac in full view and will

certainly dress as such.

BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

One of, if not thee, most Iconic Superhero of

All Time. Dressed in Blue, Red, and Yellow

Superman’s outfit has stood the test of time as

an iconic image. He is imagined in Frank

Miller’s works as a moral boy scout, often

working under the wing of the government.

That is a story point that the series will deal

with. The government does influence

Superman’s look while working hard not to

impose too much noticeable change in the

Man of Steel’s attire. Certain Elements from

by Frank Miller, 1986 - DC Comics) the Costume will be unchanged while others

will be played with and altered to fit the government minded Superman. This is every bit the

younger version of Superman from BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, reflected in

a more naïve and younger man.

The S-Shield is one of the most iconic symbols in

Comics. It’s gone through hundreds of variations over

the years, each one defining it’s era. To design the

series’ version, it’s important to explore both the War

Time and Social hero elements. This is a Superman

who’s seen war. The S-Shield should reflect that and

inspire Hope but still resemble Authority. (Superman's S-Shield Designed by Jim
Lee, 2005 – DC Comics)
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

There’s no doubt that to fit properly in this

world, the classic Blue Bodysuit, Red Trunks,

Boots and Cape need to be present. It’s the

classic look that has carried the character over

80 years. While this version of Superman is

geared more towards the version that Frank

Miller wrote, it’s still Superman and he

should be respected in the piece as such.

When it comes down to it, much like the

Batman designs, Superman must still look

like Superman. Incorporating all the classic

elements will help this version succeed in its

(SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE #1 Cover Art by John
presentation to help sell this version of
Romita Jr., 2019 - DC Comics)
Superman. This will be a spiritual adaptation

of the Superman in BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS only with a much younger

perspective and more trust in the Government.

(Title Art for BATMAN YEAR ONE DC Original Animated Movie, Dir.
Sam Liu & Lauren Montgomery, 2011 - Warner Bros. Animation)
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen


This is Batman’s origin, this radical new take on the origin is inspired by the freedom of the DC

BLACK label. Some stories can’t be properly told in an Hour and a Half, Two Hours, or even

Three. This is a story that demands a limited series format. This story is about taking grief and

using it in everyday life to be productive and inventive. This series looks at a young man who

has been scarred by the world, who’s had the most important thing taken from him and his ability

to turn that into a force for good. At its core this is about the year in the life of Bruce Wayne and

his great becoming into the Batman, this is BATMAN: YEAR ONE.
BATMAN: YEAR ONE – Limited Series – Pitch Document – Bob Garlen

2005 - DC Comics)