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Tarot and the Flat Earth Society

Envision this: It is the year 1492. You are Christopher Columbus and you have recently found that when
you remain on the shoreline, you can see waves, however when you remain on a bluff you can see the
sea yet no waves. Did the waves vanish? No, obviously not. You essentially changed your vantage point
and that made you see significantly more.

This made you think. You saw that when you approach a visually impaired slope, it would seem that the
highest point of the slope is the finish of the earth. Yet, when you get to the highest point of the slope,
you find that the street proceeds into the skyline. This makes you feel truly fearless. You keep on
strolling, hoping to achieve the finish of the earth quickly. Be that as it may, the street finishes on
another shoreline.

Presently you are extremely inquisitive. You manufacture yourself a huge pontoon, and you choose to
cruise on the ocean until you either achieve land or tumble off the earth. A couple of months after the
fact you return triumphantly, flatearthers and educate individuals concerning the land you found. You
even show them examples of the weird foods grown from the ground you found on this far off land.

You do see that individuals are at first in stunningness of what you let them know, yet then they begin to
evade you. When you get down to business, they cross the road so as not to chance upon you. When
you need to visit them, you hear them advise their kids to disclose to you they are not at home.

This is somewhat befuddling, however you know your certainties and nothing can change that. You have
found that the earth is round and not level.
At that point you meet another companion called Maggelan. He listens cautiously to your stories and
pays attention to you. He even goes above and beyond. He cruises away, vowing to continue cruising a
similar way until he comes back to the point of flight.

In the interim you have gotten a few alerts from the congregation to quit spreading false authoritative
opinion. You choose to stay under the radar until Magellan returns - and you wonder whether you will
ever observe him again.

At that point, after three years, when your neighbors are conversing with you again and the
congregation is cheerful that you have quit being a troublemaker, Magellan returns. He affirms your
story that the earth is round.

Obviously this makes you extremely cheerful, flatearth map and you need to yell your revelation out to
the world. You do see the congregation men crouching close-by, however you are not all that elated
that you totally disregard them.

You hear a few bits of their discussion: "... stay silent... Ptolemy... that blasphemer Pythagoras.. must get
dread back.. can't have this... "

In the dead of night, you figure out how to sneak into the congregation. Your central goal is to discover
progressively about the discussions you caught. You realize that there are a few books in the
congregation, flatearth map and you have figured out how to peruse. You are planning to discover a
portion of these books. Be that as it may, no such karma. You find that there is a gathering of chapel

They are talking about the most recent advancements around the local area. What's more, they are
pressing the congregation books into cartons. "We can't give reality a chance to get to conventional
individuals", the pioneer says inwardly. "We should shroud these books! We should make a case of
those individuals! What will the world come to if everybody begins to utilize their presence of mind and
have an independent perspective?"

For what reason am I revealing to you this story? Since in the previous couple of days I have re-
experienced some twenty-first century variants of this situation. Supplant the level earth with 2012 and
the "apocalypse", or with tarot and the information of life.

How would you answer a canny individual who says to you "I have caught wind of 2012 however I am
too hesitant to even think about finding out what it is about and kindly don't let me know"?

What do you say to an individual who says "Tarot is evil, and it is about death and the villain"? How
would you disclose to the individual that tarot is a reference book of life, and one of the most
extravagant wellsprings of data about our reality on this planet?

When I experience a frame of mind like that about tarot, I have much more regard, flat earth map and
profound respect for the general population who figured out how to hold the information that was
caught in tarot. In the event that that equivalent learning had been caught in books just, each one of
those books would have been singed by the individuals who were in a place of intensity. They would
have done everything to guarantee that the old learning stays accessible to just a chosen few individuals
who might have mishandled the hallowed information for their very own motivations.

By catching the information of tarot in lavishly outlined cards loaded up with images and subtleties, the
prodigies who chose to do that guaranteed that the learning stayed accessible on display.

Obviously there are as yet numerous individuals from the level earth society who might joyfully play
with the cards - or with the variety that is utilized for betting - and they would have no clue about the
hallowed learning that they approach. Obviously there are additionally those individuals that
intentionally play the roulette of life by remaining as far from the tarot cards as would be prudent. They
can't give explanations behind not having any desire to know anything about tarot, since they essentially
hinder their psyches and find similarly unmindful individuals who concur with their biases to legitimize
their decisions.