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Enabling Digital Transformation in Mining

digital network

Combined Power and Fibre Ethernet distribution

Optimised for mine environments

1Gbps, Fibre and Copper Ethernet

Easy to install and maintain

Modular design for easy expansion and scalability

MST Global reserves the right to make changes to the specifications and information contained in this brochure at any time and
without notice.
wireless network platform core

MST’s AXON core is a technologically advanced and highly flexible digital network
platform designed to provide uninterrupted network bandwidth and power
in a single unit. It’s modular design also allows for multiple use cases and cost
efficiencies for hard rock mines and extensive tunnel networks.
The AXON core unit serves as the main building block of high-speed IP infrastructure within the hard rock underground
environment. AXON core uses composite fibre and power cable for the interconnectivity and network distribution while
providing further copper (PoE+) and fibre ethernet interfaces to various IP client devices.

In addition, AXON core features industry leading power management, and through its modular design architecture can be
expanded to provide additional functionality offered within optional extension modules. Examples of extension modules:
attachable Wi-Fi access point, control and automation module, subsidiary DC power module with additional PoE+ ports.
Other modules will be added to the family in the future.


Network connectivity Environmental parameters

• 3 x 1Gbps Optic Fibre + Power ports • IP65 rated
• 3 x 1Gbps PoE+ ports • Operating temperature: 0-50°C
• 1 x 1Gbps radio module port with proprietary PoE • Humidity: 95%
Network protocols LED indicators
• VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q) • Power status
• RSTP (802.1W) • Power warning LED
• MSTP (802.1Q-2005) • 6 x PoE port status dual colour LED
• LLDP (802.1AB) • 6 x PoE port activity LED
• MST Device Discovery • 3 x Fibre port status LED
• SNMP (read only) • Radio port status LED
• QoS (P802.1p) Configurability
Power input • Remote firmware upgrade
• 20 - 60 Volt DC • Remote configuration (Web page and file push)
Power output • Configuration change with SD card
• Composite fibre ports: input pass through • Remote monitoring (SNMP)
• Twisted pair PoE+ ports: 802.1at, 54 VDC • Reset button
• Prioritised power distribution among clients • Factory reset button
• Combined PoE+ power output: up to 120W Compliance
Dimensions and Weight • EMC: CE, FCC, RCM
• 500 x 350 x 150 • Safety: IEC 60950-1
• 4.5kg

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