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Fire Systems

CO2 High Pressure
Fire Systems TM

More Experience. More Applications Worldwide.

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A History of Fire Safety Technology The Benefits of Experience
bbuussiinneessss With over 60 years of commitment to The challenge of new applications and
innovative fire protection technology protection of valuable assets continues to
ssuurrvviivvee aa ffiirree?? worldwide, Chemetron continues as a advance our technical development.
leader for integrated special hazard fire Chemetron is your single source solution
While it seems that everything in
protection systems. Since CARDOX® for special hazards fire suppression
our world is changing, Chemetron carbon dioxide systems were first systems by integrating:
Fire Systems remains constant in our installed in 1940, our effective combination • Fire hazard evaluations
commitment to provide the highest of engineering, equipment and system • Hardware
standard of fire protection safety and performance continues to make Chemetron • Advanced engineering, technical
the leading choice for high risk applications. and service support
value. As the nation’s oldest CO2
• Innovative computer software
systems manufacturer, Chemetron Technology, expertise and customer
• A worldwide distribution and
loyalty have driven Chemetron Fire Systems
has led the way in establishing service network
to the forefront in the global marketplace.
industry standards. • A commitment to environmental
Today, our core businesses hold a leading
Today we understand the challenge share in their specific markets.
Our growth has not been a matter of
you face in this just-in-time business Advanced Engineering with Custom Solutions chance. It has been built on a history of
environment. If a fire occurs, a Chemetron leads the industry in inno- ideas, service and quality.
company simply cannot afford a vative product design. As we begin the
major interruption to its operations new millennium, new product development CO2 is ...
remains a top priority.
and financial future. Your ability to ■ Effective.
prevent or recover from a business You can measure our experience by
the diversity of applications, the technical ■ Fast. Carbon dioxide is a three-
disruption is critical and will depend dimensional clean agent. Within seconds,
sophistication, and system performance
on selecting the best fire protection represented by a variety of commercial it penetrates the entire hazard area to
system and agent. and industrial special hazard applications. smother the combustion.
CO2 is used in the extinguishment and ■ Efficient. CO2 vapor chokes off
With our worldwide reach, prevention (inerting) of flammable liquid combustion quickly. The dry ice “snow”
Chemetron Fire Systems is your
single source solution for standard
or custom designed multiple hazard
fire protection.
and gas fires. Innovative solutions were
developed for dealing with fires involving
energized electrical equipment, as well
as for a variety of combustibles found in
in the discharge allows “local application”
protection of non-enclosed hazards.
■ A Low-Cost Clean Agent. CO2 is
colorless and odorless. It exists as a gas
these applications:
in the earth's atmosphere and is one of
• Aerospace
the by-products of combustion. Its use
• Data processing centers
has no environmental impact.
• Manufacturing and industrial
processes ■ Non-damaging. CO2 is normally harm-
1927 • Marine less to equipment, materials and property.
Herbert E. Bell forms • Power generation It does not cause spoilage, requires no
Safety Mining Company. • Telecommunications

1938 1939
Name changed to Cardox Cardox developed and patented bulk low pressure carbon dioxide storage for
(acronym for carbon dioxide). use in fire extinguishing systems. The first fire protection CO2 applications
were for the power plant industry.

Chemetron Integrated System Extinguishing Performance

clean up and leaves no residue, thus Similar controls are provided for each Methods of Actuation
minimizing downtime after a fire. hazard area. The directional valves are There are three independent types of
pilot-controlled and operated by line CO2 actuation integrated into each system:
■ Non-conductive.. CO2 is electrically
pressure. Pilot controls can be actuated - automatic actuation
non-conductive and three-dimensional,
by solenoid valve using pressure from - manual electric station
allowing use for a wide variety of
automatic releases or by manually - direct manual release (by handwheel
special applications.
operating the pilot control valve. on top of each pilot cylinder)
■ Adaptive. CO2 is effective on a wide
range of flammable and combustible A CO2 High Pressure system is designed An optional feature is a pneumatic
materials in both surface and deep- to cost effectively combine major compo- discharge delay for use in systems with
seated fires. nents into a reliable system consisting of: no source of electric power or where an
uninterrupted source of electric power is
A CO2 High Pressure fire protection ■ Storage, valve & discharge components
not assured. In the event of the loss of
system allows for: These components consist of agent
power, which would disable the electrical
• minimal space and weight containers, valve assemblies, piping,
system controls, the pneumatic discharge
requirements and discharge nozzles.
delay would prevent an immediate CO2
• fast installation and service ■ Control panels discharge into a normally occupied space
■ Recognized by the top independent The control panel is the brain of the and allow personnel time to evacuate
listing and approval agencies. system and is used to monitor the detec- the area. In order to be effective and as
tion and accessories, as well as control an additional precaution, the pneumatic
Around the world, Chemetron the alarm and discharge functions. discharge delay should be connected to
continues to meet the challenge of a CO2 siren.
special hazards. A Chemetron CO2 High ■ Detection, alarm devices, and accessories
Pressure system is a versatile, cost- These external devices act as the eyes
and voice of the system as they detect Continuous Operation
effective suppression system designed Reserve banks of CO2 cylinders provide
with an extra measure of reliability. fire and give audible and visual signals,
as well as specialized annunciations. continued operation and protection while
the main bank is being serviced after a
Multiple Hazard Versatility ■ CO2 storage cylinders
Chemetron CO2 High Pressure systems A quantity of CO2 sufficient to TO HAZARD
work hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art extinguish the type of fire anticipated DIRECT MANUAL RELEASE
control and detection components to in the protected hazard area is stored
identify and extinguish fires. in 50 lb (22 kg), 75 lb (34 kg), or 100
Multiple hazards may be protected lb (45 kg) cylinders, which can be used
from a common supply of CO2 by using individually or manifolded together. The OPERATING
pneumatically operated directional gas is released into the piping distribution HEAD

(selector) valves. CO2 pressure is used to system upon system actuation. PISTON
open valves as well as operate switches ■ Completer Kits VALVE

and accessories. This is essentially an This system component consists of PILOT STORAGE
economy measure designed to reduce warning signs, hoses, connection fittings, CYLINDER
system size. It is to be used only when pressure gauge, solenoid valve, and the
there is assurance that only one hazard actuator required to manually operate the
could require a discharge at any one time. cylinder valve.

1940’s 1950’s 1952

World War II accelerated development of CO2 applications. Gaseous agent systems took a leap forward High pressure CO2 system
Massive discharges of carbon dioxide to control large fires when, under Cardox, the first proven method of design introduced that
was demonstrated with a Cardox crash-fire-rescue truck predicting two phase gas flow in piping systems eliminated weights
for the American Armed Forces during World War II. was developed. and levers.
Research expanded to facilitate development of systems that
could control large industrial fires with a clean, available,
inexpensive fire extinguishant. CO2 installations in power
plants, metal rolling mills, printing plants and industry
expanded the practicality of the fire suppression capability.

discharge, or during routine inspection. It has always been recognized that a Chemetron fire suppression systems
The reserve cylinders can also be used CO2 discharge to fire extinguishing levels have proven their reliability time and
for a second discharge if required. presents a severe hazard to any personnel time again when performance counts.
who might inadvertently be in the area
A reserve cylinder bank can be
where the CO2 is discharged. Precautions
activated three ways:
to be taken to protect facility personnel
- automatic actuation
- manual electric station
are covered in NFPA Standard No. 12, the CO2 Physical and
Chemetron publication “Carbon Dioxide
- direct manual release (by handwheel
Safety Manual” and OSHA’s Lockout &
Chemical Properties
on top of each reserve pilot cylinder)
Tag-out Standard, 29CFR Part 1.910,146. CO2 is an odorless, colorless, inert
System Safety gas that extinguishes fire primarily by
The Chemetron Difference diluting the oxygen that supports
Carbon dioxide systems are designed With more experience and more
in accordance with NFPA (National Fire combustion. Some cooling is also
applications, Chemetron provides a full
Protection Association) standards, which accomplished. It is used as an active
range of hardware, design, specification,
require a minimum carbon dioxide installation and support services worldwide.
free extinguishant and applied by either
concentration of 34%. These design con- the total flood or local application
centrations will not support human life. Thousands of companies have the method. In flooding, the enclosure of
Visual and audible warnings must be pro- confidence to protect their businesses the hazard protected is flooded to a
vided to alert occupants to vacate the area with Chemetron CO2 High Pressure proper concentration.
prior to discharge. In addition, as CO2 will integrated systems. With our single
source responsibility for suppression, In local applications, CO2 is directly
tend to migrate to low lying areas near
the protected hazard after a discharge, control and support, Chemetron continues applied in the proper amount at the
careful consideration of means to prevent to invest in product improvement to needed rate to cover the protected
accidental exposure of personnel to haz- meet changing requirements around hazard. The small "dry ice" particles,
ardous atmospheres in adjoining spaces the globe with: created in the discharge, facilitate its
must be designed into every system. • Systems engineering and design projection into the fire and coverage
capability of the hazard protected.
Because of the stated effects of CO2 on • Continuous quality improvement
the human body, certain precautions must programs Because CO2 is 1.5 times heavier
be taken to prevent personnel exposure. • Proprietary computer program than air, it will tend to settle in low-
A CO2 system discharge will also cause software lying areas in the protected hazard as
turbulence and noise, and the discharge • Education and safety training well as flow into adjacent areas outside
stream may have considerable force. • Product and technical assistance of the protected space.
Warning signs must be provided to advise • Installation and testing support

personnel what to do when the fire
In the design concentrations required
services to extinguish fire, CO2 will not support
extinguishing system is actuated, as well • Worldwide sales and distribution
as providing instructions on how to human life.
activate the system manually.
1970 1994 Today
High presure CO2 system CO2 storage tank refrigeration Since the development
design upgraded. CFC replacement developed. of CO2 as a new concept
in fire suppression,

Chemetron Fire Systems

1958 1975
has been the leader in
Cardox merged with Chemetron Corp. The Fire Systems operation separated from
CO2 system technology.
Chemetron is an acronym for the CO2 industrial gas sector and Chemetron
Chemical-Metals-Electronics). Fire System was formed.
A World of Protection

Worldwide Applications
CO2 FM-200®
■ Power Generation ■ Automotive ■ Telecommunication Facilities
Base Load Plants Assembly: Paint Application,
Co-generation & Combined Cycle Plants ■ Computer Operations
Mixing & Storage
Power Peaking Units Parts: Machining ■ Control Rooms
Upgrading Existing Heat Treating
Plants: with ■ Shipboard (Marine) Systems
Coal Conversions ■ Electronics Operations
Computer Areas ■ Rare Book Libraries
Coal Storage/Handling/Pulverizing
Automated Information ■ Universities and Museums
■ Cement Plant/Blast Furnace Indirect Storage Systems
Coal Firing Systems ■ Art Galleries
■ Electronics/Computer Production
■ Metals Production and Processing Wet Benches ■ Record & Storage Facilities
Electric Furnaces Wave Soldering Machines ■ Petrochemical Installations
Continuous Casters ■ Food Processing
Rolling Mills (Steel & Aluminum) ■ Pharmaceutical & Medical Facilities
Coating Lines ■ Research Facilities
Test Facilities ■ Electronics & Data Processing
■ Printing Anechoic Chambers Equipment
Newspaper Production
Periodical Printing ■ Shipboard (Marine) Systems
Packaging ■ Automated Storage and Retrieval Facilities

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Chemetron. Your Single Source Solution.

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