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Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste * Biotechnology

Abbasi, Dr Tasneem Management, Environmental * Chemical
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Nanotechnology, Process Safety & Engineering * Civil
Loss Prevention * Mechanical
* Environmental Engineering

Environmental Nanotechnology, Solid

* Biotechnology
Abbasi, Prof. Shahid A. Waste Management, Wastewater
FL101 * Chemical
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Treatment, Energy Studies, Process Engineering
* Civil
Safety & Loss Prevention
* Computer Science

* Inorganic
Hydro-bio-hydrometallurgy, Waste
* Biotechnology
Abhilash, Dr Remediation & Pollution Control, Chemistry
FL3460 * Chemical
NML, Jamshedpur Rare Earth Extraction, Chemical Engineering
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Engineering, Extractive Metallurgy Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
* Environmental Sciences
Environmental Sciences, Plant-
microbe Interactions, Bio-
* Biotechnology
Abhilash, Dr P.C. remediation, Climate Change,
FL2229 * Environmental Sciences
BHU, Varanasi Microbial Diversity, Soil Carbon Flux, Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Sustainability Science, Sustainable
* Plant Sciences

Materials Chemistry, Structure- * Inorganic

Achary, Dr S.N. property Correlations, Solid State Chemistry * Condensed Matter Physics
BARC, Mumbai Inorganic Chemistry, X-ray Earth and Planetary Sci. * Solid State
Crystallography Physics * Mineralogy
* Materials Science

Acharya, Dr Moulinath Molecular Genetics, Functional * Biotechnology

NIBG, Kalyani Genomics, Genome Editing Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Molecular Biology, Human Genetics and G
Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics,
Adarsh, Prof. Kumaran Nair Valsala Devi
FL3068 Amorphous Semiconductors, * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
IISER, Bhopal Physics
Condensed Matter Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Beyond Born - Oppenheimer
Theories, Quantum/Classical
Adhikari, Prof. Satrajit
FL1036 Dynamics, Molecule-Surface
IACS, Kolkata Chemistry * Physical
Scattering, Triatomic Reaction

Adhikari, Dr Rathin High Energy Physics, Astroparticle

FL2402 * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Physics Physics
* Relativity and Cosmology
Adhikari, Dr Soumya
FL4007 Radiation & Photochemistry
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry * Physical
Green Organic, Catalytic
Adimurthy, Dr S.
FL1454 Transformation, Heterocyclic
CSMCRI, Bhavnagar Chemistry * Organic
Agro-informatics, Rural
Development, Systems-approach in
Adinarayana, Prof. J. * Civil
FL2988 Agriculture, Soil-water-plant-weather Engineering
IIT, Mumbai * Agri Engineering
Interactions with Geo-ICTs, Plant Life Sciences
Adlakha, Dr Nidhi Bioenergy, Fermentation,Bioproduct
RCB, Faridabad synthesis, Protein engineering Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Power Conversion, Design of
Agarwal, Prof. Vivek
FL2090 Electronic Systems, EMI/EMC, Non-
IIT, Mumbai Engineering * Electrical
conventional Energy
Agarwal, Dr Amit Kumar
FL2699 Theoretical Physics
IIT, Kanpur Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Evolutionary Biology, Ecology,
Agashe, Dr Deepa Molecular Evolution, Bacterial * Animal Sciences
NCBS, Bengaluru Genome Evolution, Niche Evolution, Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
Gut Microbiome, Insect Diet * Evolution

Aggarwal, Prof. Amita Clinical Immunology, Rheumatology,

FL2277 * Health Sciences
SGPGIMS, Lucknow Juvenile Arthritis, SLE Life Sciences
* Immunology
Agrawal, Dr Usha
FL2156 Oncopathology, Immunology
NIP, New Delhi Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Micro-manufacturing, Manufacturing
Agrawal, Dr Anupam Processes, Advanced Forming
IIT, Ropar Processes, Hybrid Manufacturing, Engineering * Mechanical
Additive Manufacturing, CAD/CAM
High Energy Physics,
Agrawal, Prof. Pankaj
FL1013 Phenomenology, Quantum * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
IOP, Bhubaneswar Physics
Information, Quantum Computation * Quantum Information
FL2802 Agrawala, Dr Paban K. Radiation Biology, Genetics,
INMAS, Delhi Epigenetics, Molecular Biology & Cell Life Sciences * Animal Sciences

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Biology, Pre-clinical Animal Studies, * Health Sciences

Ahmad, Prof. Wasim Nematology, Taxonomy, Nematode * Animal Sciences

AMU, Aligarh Ecology Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
* Agriculture
Fluvial & Channel Hydraulics,
Ahmad, Prof. Zulfequar Hydraulic Structures, River
IIT, Roorkee Engineering, Computational Engineering * Civil
Hydrogeology & Groundwater
Ahmed, Prof. Shakeel
FL3168 Management, Hydrogeophysics,
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Geostatistics & Numerical Methods
Transcriptional Regulators in M.
tuberculosis, Mycobacterium-
Ajay Kumar, Dr R. macrophage Interactions (esp.
FL2935 * Biotechnology
RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram regulation of host gene expression Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
through chromatin modifications),
Anti-mycobacterial Molecules
Ab-initio & Tight-binding Atomistic
Ajoy, Dr Arvind Computation, Micro- * Electrical
FL3909 Engineering
IIT, Palakkad electromechanical Systems & Low- * Electronics
cost Instrumentation * Condensed Matter Physics
Akhtar, Dr Sohail In-vivo Protein Folding, Transcription,
CDRI, Lucknow Gene Regulation Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Quark Gluon Plasma, High Energy
Alam, Prof. Jan-e
FL1836 Nuclear Physics, QCD Phase
VECC, Kolkata Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics

Ali, Prof. Nahid Immunology, Parasitology,

FL1220 * Animal Sciences
IICB, Kolkata Biochemistry Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Ali, Dr Akhtar
FL4001 Molecular Genetic Diagnostics
BHU, Varanasi Life Sciences
Molecular Genetics & Genomics,
Alone, Dr Debasmita P.
FL2208 Human Genetics, Developmental
NISER, Bhubaneswar Life Sciences * Health Sciences

Ambili, Dr Anoop
FL3699 Geochemistry & Paleoclimatology
IISER, Mohali Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Bioinformatics, Wireless Networks,

Amritanjali, Dr
FL2888 Operating System & Parallel
BIT - Mesra, Ranchi Engineering * Computer Science

Anand, Prof. G.V. Statistical Signal Processing, Ocean

PES Univ., Bengaluru Acoustics, Nonlinear Dynamics Engineering * Signal processing, Detection and Estimat

RNA Biology, CRISPR-Cas Immune

System, Ribosome Assembly, * Biotechnology
Anand, Dr B.
FL2832 Structural Biology, Bioinformatics & * Health Sciences
IIT, Guwahati Life Sciences
Computational Biology, Genome * Microbial Sciences
Engineering * Structural Biology/Bioinformatics
Applied Optics, Digital Three
Dimensional Imaging, Digital
Holography, Bio-medical Imaging, * Health Sciences
Anand, Dr Arun
FL2775 Quantitative Phase Microscopy Life Sciences * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
MS Univ. of Baroda, Baroda
Optical Instrumentation, Optical Physics * Microscopy for life and health sciences
Coherence Tomography, Fringe * Bio-medical optics
Anand Alladi, Dr Phalguni
FL4006 Neuro Toxicology
NIMHANS, Bengaluru Life Sciences * Neurophysiology
Quantitative Cell Biology, Biophysics,
FL3957 Ananthanarayanan, Dr Vaishnavi
Microscopy, Live-cell imaging Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Compliant Mechanisms, Design
Optimization, Micro-Electro-
Ananthasuresh, Prof. G.K. Mechanical Systems, Micro/meso
FL3479 * Biomedical
IISc, Bengaluru Scale Fabrication, Protein Design Engineering
* Mechanical
Biomechanics of Cells, Kinematics of
New Synthetic Methodologies,
Anbarasan, Dr Pazhamalai
FL3140 Natural Products, Carbon-di-oxide
IIT, Chennai Chemistry * Organic

Angom, Prof. Dilip Atomic Physics, Statistical Physics,

FL1264 * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
PRL, Ahmedabad Bose-Einstein Condensates Physics
* Condensed Matter Physics

Anil Kumar, Dr Suresh Bio-medicine, Nanotechnology, * Biotechnology

SRM Univ., Amaravati Microbiology, Cancer Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Anto, Dr Ruby John Cancer Biology: Chemosensitization,
RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram Chemoprevention, Bioprospecting Life Sciences * Biotechnology

* Earth Sciences
Antony, Dr Runa Polar Microbiology, Biogeochemistry,
FL3424 Earth and Planetary Sci. * Microbial Sciences
NCAOR, Goa Supraglacial Carbon Cycling
Life Sciences * Polar Science (biogeochemistry)
* Polar microbiology
Anupama, Prof. G.C. Novae, Supernovae, Symbiotic Stars
IIA, Bengaluru & Activity in Galaxies Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

Anupama, Dr K.
FL3400 Genetics & Plant Breeding * Biotechnology
CDFD, Hyderabad Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
FL1895 Aparna, Dr S.G. Indian Ocean Circulation, ENSO &
NIO, Dona Paula, Goa IOD Events, Low Frequency Sea Earth and Planetary Sci. * Oceanic

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Level Changes, SST Fronts & their
Relevance to Fisheries
Biodiversity & Conservation (Birds,
Butterflies), Forest Ecology,
* Animal Sciences
Aravind Madhyastha, Dr N.A. Amphibian Ecology & Conservation,
FL1776 * Environmental Sciences
ATREE, Bengaluru Non-Marine Mollusc Conservation, Life Sciences
* Others1
Freshwater Ecology, Urban Ecology
* Ecology
Data Mining, Phylogeny
Planetary Science, Hyper-spectral
Arivazhagan, Dr S.
Remote Sensing in Mineral * Earth Sciences
FL2677 Gandhigram Rural Institute - Deemed Univ.,
Exploration, Change Detection Earth and Planetary Sci. * Solar System
Analysis using Remote Sensing * Geological Remote Sensing

Arivuoli, Prof. D. * Biotechnology

FL1071 Nanoscience & Technology Life Sciences
Anna Univ., Chennai * Condensed Matter Physics
* Materials science
Structure-based inhibitor discovery
Arockiasamy Arulandu, Dr A.
FL1559 for anti-cancer and anti- * Health Sciences
ICGEB, New Delhi Life Sciences
therosclerosis therary. * Sstructural biology
Computer Vision & Image
Processing, Machine Learning,
Aruchamy, Dr Srinivasan * Biomedical
FL2512 Medical Image Processing, Signal
CMERI, Durgapur Engineering * Computer Science
Processing, Algorithms, Internet of
* Electronics
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, C-H
Arulananda Babu, Dr S.
FL1000 Activation, Medicinal Chemistry,
IISER, Mohali Chemistry * Organic
Green Chemistry

Arun Kumar, Prof. Molecular Biology, Human Molecular

FL1524 * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Genetics & Cancer Biology Life Sciences
* Cancer Biology
Molecular & Van der Waals
Arunan, Prof. E.
FL121 Spectroscopy, Chemical Kinetics &
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Physical

Arunasree, Dr M.K. Epigenetics: Basic biology of HDACs

UOH, Hyderabad Drug Discovery & Drug Repurposing Life Sciences * Health Sciences

Biomaterial Sciences, Tissue * Biomedical

Arya, Dr Neha
FL3744 Engineering, In-vitro Tumor Models, Engineering * Biotechnology
AIIMS, Bhopal
Breast Cancer Metastasis Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Arya, Dr Ranjana Recombinant DNA Technology , Cell
JNU, New Delhi Biology Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Polymer Chemistry, Solar Energy
Asha, Dr S.K.
FL1681 Research, Materials Chemistry * Organic
NCL, Pune Chemistry
including Nanomaterials * Physical
Molecular Medicine, Functional
Ashraf, Prof. Mohammad Zahid
FL3922 Genomics, High Altitude Biology, * Biotechnology
JMI, New Delhi Life Sciences
Platelets & Cardiovascular Medicine * Health Sciences
Aswal, Dr Vinod K. Neutron Scattering to Soft Matter &
BARC, Mumbai Nanomaterials Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Athira, Dr P. Water Resources Engineering,
IIT, Palakkad Climate Change Impact Analysis Engineering * Civil

Ayyappan, Dr Anoop
FL3573 Computational Chemistry * Organic
IIT, Kharagpur Chemistry
* Physical
Babu, Prof. Suresh
FL4012 Ecology
Dr B.R. Ambedkar Univ. Delhi, New Delhi Life Sciences * Ecology

Baburaj, Prof A. Fluid mechanics, Turbulent * Aeronautical

IIT, Chennai convection, Interfacial flows Engineering * Chemical
* Mechanical
Bachhawat, Dr Anand K. Glutathione & Sulphur Metabolism in
IISER, Mohali Yeasts Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences

* Analytical Chemistry
* Physical
Flexible & Wearable Nanoelectronics,
* Biotechnology
Badhulika, Dr Sushmee Synthesis of Nanomaterials,
FL3422 Chemistry * Chemical
IIT, Kandi Electrochemical Sensors, Biosensors,
Engineering * Electrical
Paper Electronics, supercapacitors
* Electronics
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Nanotechnology
Bag, Prof. Prasanta K.
FL2582 Microbiology, Biochemistry
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences

Bag, Dr Swarup * Mechanical

FL2407 Materials & Manufacturing
IIT, Guwahati Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* manufacturing
Chemical Biology; Bio-organic &
Medicinal Chemistry; Fluorescent
* Organic
Bag, Dr Subhendu Sekhar * Environmental Sciences
FL2697 Nucleosides/Oligonucleotides/Amino Chemistry
IIT, Guwahati * Health Sciences
Acids/Peptidomimetics; Beta Lactam Life Sciences
* Synthesis, Biophysical, and Spectroscopy
Antibiotics; Enediyne Anticancer
* Biophysical
Antibiotics; Sensing;

Bagla, Prof. Jasjeet Singh Astrophysics, Cosmology,

FL1993 * Astronomy and Astrophysics
IISER, Mohali Computational Astrophysics Physics
* Relativity and Cosmology
FL127 Bagyaraj, Prof. D.J. Agricultural Microbiology
CNBRCD, Bengaluru Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences

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* Plant Sciences
Baitalik, Prof. Sujoy
FL2748 Inorganic Chemistry
Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata Chemistry * Inorganic

Cancer Biology, Nano-medicine, Drug * Organic

Bajaj, Dr Avinash
FL1808 Delivery for Cancer & Infectious Chemistry * Biotechnology
RCB, Faridabad
Diseases Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Bal, Dr Naresh Chandra

FL3670 Biotechnology * Animal Sciences
KIIT Univ., Bhubaneswar Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Computational Heat Transfer,
Experimental Heat Transfer,
Computational Radiation,
Balaji, Dr Chakravarthy
FL3892 Optimization in Thermal Sciences, Engineering * Mechanical
IIT, Chennai
Inverse Heat Transfer, Satellite Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
Meterology, Numerical Weather
Numerical Electromagnetics,
Balakrishnan, Prof. N. Information Security, Aerospace * Aeronautical
IISc, Bengaluru Electronic Systems, Complex Engineering * Computer Science
Networks * Electronics
Balakrishnan, Prof. Rohini
FL1038 Bioacoustics, Animal Behaviour
IISc, Bengaluru Life Sciences * Animal Sciences

Balakrishnan, Prof. Narayana Rao Computational Fluid Dynamics,

FL1015 * Aeronautical
IISc, Bengaluru Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics Engineering
* Mechanical

Embedded Systems, Assistive

Balakrishnan, Prof. M. * Computer Science
FL3187 Technologies, EDA & System Level
IIT, New Delhi Engineering * Electronics
Design, FPGA Architecture & Tools
* Assistive Technology

* Inorganic
Chemical Information Sciences,
* Organic
Quantum Chemistry, Computational
Balakrishnarajan, Dr Musiri M. * Physical
FL3216 Material Science, Algorithm Design & Chemistry
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry * Chemical
Artificial Intelligence, Chemical Engineering
* Computer Science
Graph Theory, Nano-materials
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Bonding
Synthetic Organic Chemistry:
Transition Metal & Bronsted Acid
Balamurugan, Prof. R.
FL1355 Catalysis, Organic Electron Donors
UOH, Hyderabad Chemistry * Organic
for Materials Applications,
Methodology Development

Biotechnology, Functional Genomics

Balamurugan, Prof. K. * Animal Sciences
FL2863 & Proteomics, C. elegans based
Alagappa Univ., Karaikudi Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Studies Host-Pathogen Interactions
* Comparative proteomics using C. elegans

Balasinor, Dr N.H. Reproductive Biology, Development & * Animal Sciences

NIRRH, Mumbai Epigenetics Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* epigenetics

Balasubramanian, Prof. S. Molecular Simulations, Liquid State,

FL2018 * Physical
JNCASR, Bengaluru Computational Chemistry Chemistry
* Computational
Deep Learning, Machine Learning,
Balasubramanian, Dr Vineeth N
FL3817 Computer Vision, Optimization, Real-
IIT, Hyderabad Engineering * Computer Science
world Applications
Molecular Biology, Diabetes, Insulin
Signalling, miRNA, Epigenetics,
* Animal Sciences
Telomere Biology, Probiotics,
Balasubramanyam, Dr M. * Biotechnology
FL1766 Oxidative Stress Senescence
MDRF, Chennai Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
Mechanisms Vascular Biology,
* Health Sciences
Disease Biology, Gut Microbiota
* Diabetes related molecular work
Ca2+ Signal

Balyan, Prof. Harindra S.

FL768 Genetics & Crop Biotechnology * Biotechnology
Ch. Charan Singh Univ., Meerut Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Fluid Mechanics Transport in Porous
FL3958 Bandopadhyay, Dr Aditya Media Electrohydrodynamics Low * Mechanical
Reynolds number flow Active matter * Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer, thermody

Bandyopadhyay, Prof. Rajib Electronics & Instrumentation * Electrical

Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata Analytical Instrumentation Engineering * Electronics
* Instrumentation

Bandyopadhyay, Prof Subhajit Photochromic Materials, Sensors,

FL1443 * Analytical Chemistry
IISER, Kolkata Biomimetic Chemistry Chemistry
* Organic
Genetics, Functional Analysis, Gene
Banerjea, Dr A.C. Therapy, Virology, Microbiology,
NII, New Delhi Biochemistry, Stem Cell Biology, Life Life Sciences * Animal Sciences

* Animal Sciences
Molecular Pathogenesis of
Banerjee, Prof. Sharmistha * Biotechnology
FL904 Mycobacterium tuberculosis, HIV &
UOH, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
Mycobacteria-HIV Co-infections
* Health Sciences
* Immunology

Banerjee, Prof. Soumitro * Electrical

FL139 Nonlinear Dynamics Engineering
IISER, Kolkata * Electronics
* Nonlinear Dynamics

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL1878 Banerjee, Dr Ansuman Formal Methods, Artificial
ISI, Kolkata Intelligence Engineering * Computer Science
Biomaterials, Targeted Cancer
Banerjee, Dr Rajkumar
FL3047 Therapeutics, Liposomal Delivery Chemistry * Organic
IICT, Hyderabad
Systems Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Waste Water Treatment, Functional
Organic & Inorganic Material
* Analytical Chemistry
Banerjee, Dr Priyabrata Development, Fluoride, Mercury,
FL3410 Chemistry * Inorganic
CMERI, Durgapur Arsenic, Nitro Explosive Sensing
Earth and Planetary Sci. * Organic
Corrosion Science, MOF, COF Material
* Atmospheric
Solar Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD),
Banerjee, Prof. Dipankar
FL3862 Magneto-seismology, Space Weather
IIA, Bengaluru Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics
Heterogeneous Catalysis, Hydrogen
Generation, Electrocatalysis,
Banerjee, Dr Atindra
FL3918 Hydrogen Evolution Reaction,
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry * Inorganic
Electrocoating, Membrane Electrode
Memory, Neurodevelopmental
Disorders, Synapse Formation,
Banerjee, Dr Sourav * Animal Sciences
FL3596 Synaptic Plasticity, miRNAs, Long
NBRC, Manesar Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Non-coding RNAs, Local Translation,
* Health Sciences
Patch Clamp Recordings
Human Genetics, Pharmaco-genetics,
Banerjee, Dr Moinak
FL3221 Epigenetics, Psychiatric Disorders,
RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Vascular Disorders
Variational methods, Regularity,
FL3959 Banerjee, Dr Agnid unique continuation, free boundary
Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana
Kinematics, Control, Smart Material
Banerjee, Dr Atanu
FL1341 based Sensors & Actuators, Energy
IIT, Guwahati Engineering * Mechanical
Molecular Plant Biology, Plant
Banerjee, Prof. Anjan Development, micro RNA, Gene * Biotechnology
IISER, Pune Regulation, RNA Trafficking, Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Functional Genomics * miRNA and gene regulation
Spectral Graph Theory, Structure &
Banerjee, Dr Anirban
FL4014 Evolution of Biological Networks,
IISER, Kolkata Mathematics * probability, statistics, financial mathemat
Human Brain Functional Networks

Bansal, Prof Abhey Ram Geophysics, Fractals, Signal

NGRI, Hyderabad Processing Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Bapat, Dr Sharmila A.
FL1505 Cancer Biology, Cancer Stem Cells * Biotechnology
NCCS, Pune Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Bapna, Dr Komal Maintaining the Primary Standards
NPL, New Delhi for Temperature Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Molecular Plant Virology, Serological
& Nucleic Acid based Diagnostics,
Baranwal, Prof. Virendra Kumar Viral Genome Characterization,
IARI, New Delhi Recombinant Coat Protein Life Sciences * Molecular Plant Virology
Expression, Virome Analysis through
Deep Sequencing

Ecology, Biodiversity and

Barik, Dr Saroj Kanta * Environmental Sciences
FL3924 Environmental Sciences including
NBRI, Lucknow Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Magnetism, Spintronics, Magnetic
Thin Films, Heterostructures &
Barman, Prof. Anjan
FL1128 Nanostructures, Magnonics, * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
SNBNCBS, Kolkata Physics
Femtosecond Spectroscopy, THz * Condensed Matter Physics

Barman, Dr Rupam * algebra, group theory, representation the

FL2339 Algebra, Number Theory
IIT, Guwahati Mathematics * combinatorics
* number theory, coding theory
Computer Science, Information
Barnwal, Dr. Rajesh P. Technology, Internet of Things, Cyber
FL2525 * Computer Science
CMERI, Durgapur Physical Systems, Network Security, Engineering
* Information Technology
Participatory Sensing
Barpanda, Dr Prabeer Materials Chemistry for Energy
IISc, Bengaluru Storage Chemistry * Inorganic
Cardiometabolic Disorders,
Barthwal, Dr Manoj Kumar
FL3165 Atherosclerosis, Inflammation & * Animal Sciences
CDRI, Lucknow Life Sciences
Innate Immunity * Health Sciences
Magnetism & Magnetic Materials,
Basheed, Dr Gounda Abdul Spintronics Materials, Functional
NPL, New Delhi Oxides & Fluid Dynamics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
(Nanomagnetic Fluids: Ferrofluid)

Wildlife Biology and Conservation,

Bashir, Dr Tawqir * Animal Sciences
FL3790 High-altitude carnivore ecology,
Univ. of Kashmir, Srinagar Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
Human-wildlife conflict
* Wildlife Sciences

Bashyam, Dr M.D. Cancer Genomics, Human Genetic

FL146 * Biotechnology
CDFD, Hyderabad Disorders Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Organic Synthesis, New Synthetic
Baskaran, Prof. S.
FL1949 Methods, Biologically Active
IIT, Chennai Chemistry * Organic
FL2857 Basu, Dr Soumalee Bioinformatics

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
* Bioinformatics
Photo-chemical Engineering &
Electro-chemical Reaction
Basu, Prof. Suddhasatwa
FL3284 Engineering, Water Splitting, CO2 * Chemical
IMMT, Bhubaneswar Engineering
reduction, Functional Material, * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Data Mining, Graph Mining, Social
Basuchowdhuri, Dr Partha
FL2511 Network Analysis, Recommender
IACS, Kolkata Engineering * Computer Science
Allelopathy, Abiotic Stress, Natural
Plant based Herbicides, Plant Based
Batish, Prof. Daizy Volatile Organic * Environmental Sciences
Panjab Univ., Chandigarh Compounds/Essential Oils & their Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Ecological & Biological Roles Ecology * Ecophysiology, Ethnobotany, Forestry
of Invasive alien plants

Batra, Dr Sanjay
FL1714 Organic & Medicinal Chemistry * Organic
CDRI, Lucknow Chemistry
* medicinal
Asymmetric Synthesis/Catalysis,
Helical Molecules, Green Chemistry,
Bedekar, Prof. Ashutosh Vasant
FL3242 Synthesis of pi-Conjugated * Organic
MS Univ. of Baroda, Baroda Chemistry
Compounds, Bio-catalytic * Asymmetric Synthesis
Transformations, one-pot synthesis

* Inorganic
Behera, Prof. Rabindra Kumar * Biotechnology
FL3152 Bio-Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry
NIT, Rourkela * Health Sciences
Life Sciences
* Bio-inorganic
* Protein Chemistry
Air Pollution in Mega Cities, Air
Quality Forecasting & Modelling,
Beig, Prof. Gufran-Ullah
FL150 Atmospheric Chemistry, Impacts of
IITM, Pune Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
Air Quality on Health, Climate
Change & Middle Atmosphere

Benny George, Dr K.
FL2498 Algorithms, Combinatorics Engineering * Computer Science
IIT, Guwahati
Mathematics * combinatorics
Sedimentology, Sequence
Bera, Dr Melinda Kumar
FL2920 Stratigraphy, Stable Isotope
IIT, Kharagpur Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Internet of Things, 5G Mobile
System, Industry 4 and Industrial
IoT, 5G Connected Cars and
Bera, Prof. Rabindranath
FL2531 AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE with RADAR, * Electronics
SMIT, Sikkim Engineering
Cognitive Radio & Radar Systems, * Others
Satellite Communication & DVB

Bethunaickan, Dr Ramalingam Molecular Immunology - Innate * Animal Sciences

NIRT, Chennai Immune Function Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Semiconductor Devices, Impedance
Betty, Dr C.A. Spectroscopy, Thin Film Devices,
BARC, Mumbai Photoelectrochemical Cells, Solar Physics * Semiconductor Physics
Cells, Biochemical Sensors
Bhadra, Dr Anindita Animal Behaviour, Ecology, Evolution,
IISER, Kolkata Animal Cognition Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Bhadra, Dr Subhadip Structural Geology, Metamorphic
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Petrology, Petrochronology Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Marine Biology, Marine Ecology,
Bhadury, Profes Punyasloke
FL859 Marine Microbiology, * Earth Sciences
IISER, Kolkata Earth and Planetary Sci.
Biogeochemistry * Oceanic

* Analytical Chemistry
* Inorganic
Bhalamurugan, Dr Sivaraman Laboratory Astrochemistry, Planetary * Organic
FL3297 Chemistry
PRL, Ahmedabad Science * Physical
Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Solar System
* Astrochemistry
* Icy satellites
Observational Astrophysics,
Bhalerao, Dr Varun Balachandra
FL3426 Astrophysical Instrumentation,
IIT, Mumbai Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics
Astrophysical Transient Sources

Bhalla, Prof. Upinder S. Systems Biology, Computational

NCBS, Bengaluru Neuroscience, Systems Neurobiology Life Sciences * Computational neuroscience

Bhanage, Prof. Bhalchandra * Inorganic

FL2413 Catalysis, Green Chemistry
ICT, Mumbai Chemistry * Organic
* catalysis
Bhandakkar, Dr Tanmay K.
FL2881 Solid Mechanics
IIT, Mumbai Engineering * Mechanical
Nutrition-Infection Interaction, Child
Bhandari, Dr. Nita
FL3050 Health, Nutritional Interventions,
CHR&DSAS, New Delhi Life Sciences * Medical Sciences - nutrition, nutrition-infe
Clinical Evaluation of Vaccine
FL1614 Bhandarkar, Prof. Upendra Molecular Simulations for Gas Flow in
IIT, Mumbai Microchannels & Re-entry Situations, Chemistry * Aeronautical
Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics, Engineering * Chemical
MHD Flows, Chemical Reactions in Physics * Mechanical
Plasmas/Re-entry Flows

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Computational Chemistry
* Statistical Physics

Bharadwaj, Dr Mausumi Molecular Virology & Vaccines, * Biotechnology

NICPR, Noida Cancer Genetics Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
* Health Sciences
Planetary Atmosphere & Ionosphere,
Bhardwaj, Dr Anil
FL156 Space Physics, Planetary Missions,
PRL, Ahmedabad Earth and Planetary Sci. * Solar System
Lunar & Martian Science
Bhardwaj, Dr Vishal
FL3795 Experimental Particle Physics
IISER, Mohali Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Cancer Biology, Host-Virus
Bharti, Prof. Alok Chandra
FL762 Interaction, Transcriptional * Animal Sciences
UOD, Delhi Life Sciences
Regulation * Health Sciences
Photochemistry, Ultrafast
Bhasikuttan, Dr Achikanath Chirakkara Absorptions & Fluorescence
BARC, Mumbai Spectroscopy, Supra-molecular Chemistry * Photochemistry

Synthetic Organometallic Chemistry,

Bhasin, Prof. K.K. * Inorganic
FL1463 Chemistry of Organoselenium &
Panjab Univ., Chandigarh Chemistry * Organic
Tellurium Compounds
* Organometallic Chemistry

Bhaskar, Dr Sangeeta Cancer Immunotherapy, Vaccine

FL1643 * Biotechnology
NII, New Delhi Development for Tuberculosis Life Sciences
* Biotechnology

Bhat, Prof. B.V. Rajarama Quantum Probability, Operator

FL158 * real and complex analysis, functional ana
ISI, Bengaluru Algebras, Operator Theory Mathematics
* linear algebra
Meteorology, Atmospheric Science,
Bhat, Prof. G.S.
FL159 Clouds, Atmospheric Boundary Layer
IISc, Bengaluru Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric

Bhat, Prof. S.V. Experimental Condensed Matter

IISc, Bengaluru Physics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Bhat, Dr Manoj Kumar Cell Biology, Cancer Chemotherapy,

FL2136 * Biotechnology
NCCS, Pune Metabolic Disorders Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Metagenomics, Biomolecules from
Bhat, Prof. Sarita G. Deep Sea Fish gut Bacteria, Phage
FL3011 * Biotechnology
CUSAT, Cochin Endolysins, Biofilm Control, Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

* Biotechnology
Bhat, Prof. Navakanta Nanoelectronics, Biosensors, Gas * Electrical
FL3608 Engineering
IISc, Bengaluru sensors, 2D materials * Electronics
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Condensed Matter Physics
Bhat, Dr Anuradha Community Ecology, Biodiversity &
IISER, Kolkata Conservation, Behavioural Ecology Life Sciences * Animal Sciences

Bhatnagar, Prof. Shalabh Stochastic Systems, Reinforcement * Computer Science

FL3526 Engineering
IISc, Bengaluru Learning, Simulation Optimization * control theory, optimization, operations re
* probability, statistics, financial mathemat

Bhatnagar, Prof. Shinjini * Biotechnology

FL163 Paediatrics, Maternal & Child Health
THSTI, Gurgaon Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Medicine

Bhatt, Prof. Dinesh Avian Bioacoustics & Biodiversity,

FL2057 * Animal Sciences
Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar Breeding Ecology & Behaviour Life Sciences
* Environmental Sciences

Bhattacharjee, Dr Saikat Molecular Plant-pathogen

FL2822 * Biotechnology
RCB, Gurgaon Interactions Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences

Etiology of Neurodegeneration &

Bhattacharjee, Dr Ashima * Animal Sciences
FL3621 Hepatobiliary Carcinoma associated
Amity Univ., Kolkata Life Sciences * Biotechnology
with Copper Homeostasis Disorders
* Health Sciences

Bhattacharjee, Dr Bornali Dissecting the microbial dynamics in

NIBG, Kalyani upper respiratory tract infections. Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences

Bhattacharjee, Dr Kuntala
FL3411 Semiconductor, Metal Nanostructures
IIST, Thiruvananthapuram Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Quantum Many-Body Systems,
Bhattacharjee, Dr Subhro
FL3280 Quantum Magnets, Topological
ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Phases of Condensed Matter

Bhattacharjee, Dr Samsiddhi Statistical & Computational

FL2427 * probability, statistics, financial mathemat
NIBG, Kalyani Genomics Mathematics
* Statistical Genetics

Bhattacharjee, Prof. Manish Catalysis, Synthetic Inorganic

FL2437 * Inorganic
IIT, Kharagpur Chemistry Metal - Organic Gel Chemistry
* Catalysis
Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Surface
Science, Excited State Calculations,
Bhattacharya, Dr Atanu * Physical
FL2695 High Harmonic Generation, Photo- Chemistry
IISc, Bengaluru * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
electron Spectroscopy, X-ray Physics
* Condensed Matter Physics
Absorption Spectroscopy
Bhattacharyya, Dr Suvendra Nath Molecular Cell Biology, Small
IICB, Kolkata Regulatory RNA, Protein Translation Life Sciences * Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Bhattacharyya, Dr Sunanda Functions of Chaperones, Yeast
UOH, Hyderabad Genetics & Molecular Biology Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
FL174 Bhattacharyya, Prof. S.P. Quantum Chemistry
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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
IIT, Mumbai Chemistry * Physical
Soft Condensed Matter Physics,
Bhattacharyya, Dr Sarika M.
FL2900 Material Science, Statistical Chemistry * Physical
NCL, Pune
Mechanics, Glass Transition Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Bhattacharyya, Prof. Sriman Kumar

FL2561 Structural Engineering
IIT, Kharagpur Engineering * Civil

Experimental Condensed Matter

Physics & Materials Science with
Bhattacharyya, Dr Amitava Special Interest in Single Crystal
RMVERI, Howrah Growth, Neutron Diffraction, Inelastic Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Neutron Scattering & Muon Spin
Relaxation/Rotation Study

* Analytical Chemistry
Bhattacharyya, Prof. Aninda J.
FL1021 Materials & Physical Chemistry * Inorganic
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry
* Organic
* Physical
Mechatronics, Robotics, System
Modelling, Sensor Development,
* Biomedical
Orthotic and Prosthesis Devices, Bio-
Bhaumik, Prof. Subhasis * Computer Science
FL993 signals processing, EEG / EMG, GAIT
IIEST, Shibpur Engineering * Electronics
Analysis, Bio-robotics & Bio-
* Mechanical
mechatronics, Innovative Product
* Mechatronics & Robotics

* Electronics
Bhavani Kumar, Dr Y. Engineering
FL2300 Lidar Remote Sensing of Atmosphere * Atmospheric
NARL, Tirupati Earth and Planetary Sci.
* differential equations, dynamical systems
* Remote sensing

Bhavesh, Dr Neel Sarovar Biophysics, Structural Biology, NMR * Physical

FL1560 Chemistry
ICGEB, New Delhi Spectroscopy, Metabonomics * NMR Spectroscopy
Life Sciences
* Structural Biology
Bhowmick, Dr Jyotishman Operator Algebras, Noncommutative
ISI, Kolkata Geometry, Quantum Groups Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana
Chemical Oceanography,
Palaeoclimate Studies, Accelerator
Bhushan, Dr Ravi
FL1206 Mass Spectrometer, Radiocarbon * Earth Sciences
PRL, Ahmedabad Earth and Planetary Sci.
Applications, Cosmogeni * Oceanic
Radionuclide Applications
Bhutani, Prof. Rajneesh
FL2592 Isotope Geochemistry
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Biju, Dr Akkattu T.
FL2290 Organic Chemistry
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Organic
Asymmetric Catalysis, Organic
Bisai, Dr Alakesh
FL2752 Synthesis, Total Synthesis of Natural
IISER, Bhopal Chemistry * Organic
Water Resources Engineering,
Biswal, Prof. Basudev
FL3567 Hydrology, Prediction in Data-scarce
IIT, Mumbai Engineering * Civil

Biswas, Prof. Gautam Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, CFD, * Biomedical

IIT, Guwahati Turbulence, Microfluidics Engineering * Chemical
* Mechanical
Computer Vision & Image Analysis,
Biswas, Dr Soma Pattern Recognition, Digital Image
IISc, Bengaluru Processing, Video Processing, Engineering * Electrical
Multidimensional Signal Processing

Biswas, Dr Nidhan K. Cancer Genomics, Population * Biotechnology

NIBG, Kalyani Genetics, Informatics Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Genomics, Informatics, NGS

* Earth Sciences
Fiber Optics Instrumentation,
Biswas, Dr Rajib * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
FL1726 Sensors, Nanoparticles, Material Earth and Planetary Sci.
Tezpur Univ., Tezpur * Condensed Matter Physics
Science, Seismology Physics
* Seismology, site effects
* Sensor, Nanomaterials, Fiber Optics and I
Inorganic Chemistry, Solid State
Biswas, Prof Kanishka Chemistry, Thermoelectrics, Energy * Inorganic
FL3069 Chemistry
JNCASR, Bengaluru Materials, Perovskite Halides, 2D * Physical
Materials * Condensed Matter Physics
Dendritic Polymers, Intrinsically
Disordered Proteins, Hydration Water
Biswas, Prof. Parbati
FL3587 around Biomolecules, Protein
UOD, Delhi Chemistry * Physical
Sequence Design, Protein Misfolding
& Aggregation, Protein Fold Switch
Biswas, Prof. Ranjit
FL1200 Physical Chemistry
SNBNCBS, Kolkata Chemistry * Physical

Quantum Computation & Information

Biswas, Dr Asoka * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
FL1938 Theory, Cavity Optomechanics,
IIT, Ropar Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Quantum Thermodynamics
* Quantum Information, Computation
Small Scale Materials Properties,
Solid Mechanics, Nano-Mechanics,
Bobji, Prof. M.S.
FL3482 Nano-Particles in Tribology, Surface
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering * Mechanical
Micro-texturing, Designing Surfaces
for Drag Reduction

FL3961 Borah, Dr Debasish High Energy Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
* Relativity and Cosmology

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 8/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL2746 Borah, Prof. Bhogeswar Data Mining, Soft Computing, Image
Tezpur Univ., Tezpur Processing Engineering * Computer Science

* Animal Sciences
* Biotechnology
Borges, Prof. Renee M. Evolutionary Biology, Behavioural
FL181 * Environmental Sciences
IISc, Bengaluru Ecology, Plant-Animal Interactions Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences
* Ecology, Evolutionary Biology

Borkar, Prof. V.S. Stochastic Control Theory, Applied

FL182 Engineering
IIT, Mumbai Probability
Cell Division & Genetic Disorders
Bose, Dr Tania related to Failure of Cell Division,
FL3689 * Biotechnology
Univ. of Pune, Pune. Neurodegenerative Diseases, Yeast Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
as Model Organism
Bose, Dr Santanu
FL1185 Structural Geology, Geodynamics
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Bose, Prof. Sankar Metamorphic Petrology, Precambrian
Presidency Univ., Kolkata Geology, Geochronology Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Bose, Prof. Sukanta Gravitational Waves, Relativistic

FL3857 * Astronomy and Astrophysics
IUCAA, Pune Astrophysics, Cosmology Physics
* Relativity and Cosmology
Brockmann, Dr Axel Honey Bee Behaviour, Neurobiology,
NCBS, Bengaluru Drosophila melanogaster Life Sciences * Animal Sciences

Applied Mathematics, Fluid

Bujurke, Prof. N.M. * Mechanical
FL186 Dynamics, Numerical Analysis Engineering
Karnatak Univ., Dharwad * differential equations, dynamical systems
Fourier to Wavelets and beyond Mathematics
* Numerical Analysis,wavelets
Crystal Engineering, Pharmaceutical,
C Malla Reddy, Profes C.
FL875 Mechanically Responsive Smart * Organic
IISER, Kolkata Chemistry
Crystals * Smart Functional Organic Crystals
Microbiology, Bacterial Genetics &
Chaba, Dr Rachna Physiology, Bacterial Stress
IISER, Mohali Respones, Transcriptional Regulation, Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences

Sonochemistry, Advanced Oxidation

Chakma, Dr Sankar * Chemical
FL3427 Processes, Environmental
IISER, Bhopal Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Engineering, Wastewater Treatment
* Environmental Engineering

Chakrabarti, Dr Subhabrata Genomics of congenital and age- * Biotechnology

LVPEI, Hyderabad related eye disorders Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Human Genetics and genomics, genetic e
Chakrabarti, Prof. Jaydeb
FL1201 Soft Matter Physics
SNBNCBS, Kolkata Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Chakrabarti, Dr Rajarshi Theoretical Physical Chemistry &

FL2553 Chemistry * Physical
IIT, Mumbai Chemical Physics
Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Chakrabarty, Dr Debasis Heavy Metal Metabolism, Plant * Biotechnology

NBRI, Lucknow Transgenics Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Chakrabarty, Dr Dibyendu
FL2368 Space Weather, Ionospheric Physics
PRL, Ahmedabad Earth and Planetary Sci. * Space weather, Geomagnetic Storm, Sub
Chakrabortty, Dr Joydeep Theoretical Particle Physics, Unified
IIT, Kanpur Field Theory, Supersymmetry Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Nutritional Genomics, Plant
Chakraborty, Dr Subhra
FL194 Immunity, Proteomics, Molecular * Biotechnology
NIPGR, New Delhi Life Sciences
Biology, Genetic Engineering * Plant Sciences

Engineering * Mechanical
Chakraborty, Prof. Suman Fluid Dynamics, Microfluidics,
FL195 Life Sciences * Health Sciences
IIT, Kharagpur Biomedical Engineering
Mathematics * differential equations, dynamical systems
Physics * Fluid Dynamics
Physical Oceanography, Ocean
Chakraborty, Dr Kunal Modelling, Physical-Biological
FL2450 * Earth Sciences
INCOIS, Hyderabad Interactions in the Indian Ocean Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Oceanic
(Marine Ecosystem Modelling)
Chakraborty, Dr Sagar Chaos & Dynamical Systems, Game
IIT, Kanpur Theory Physics * Dynamical Systems, Chaos, Nonlinear Dy
Vibrational & Electronic
Chakraborty, Prof. Tapas
FL3053 Spectroscopy, Cold Molecules & Chemistry * Physical
IACS, Kolkata
Clusters, Mass Spectroscopy Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Lithium-Ion Battery Modelling,
Chakraborty, Dr Jeevanjyoti
FL3436 Electrokinetic Flows, Transport * Chemical
IIT, Kharagpur Engineering
Phenomena at Microscale * Mechanical

Chakraborty, Prof. Niranjan Plant Molecular Biology, Plant

FL3271 * Biotechnology
NIPGR, New Delhi Proteomics, Stress Biology Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Monsoon variability, Boundary Layer
Chakraborty, Dr Supriyo
FL2589 Meteorology, Biosphere-atmosphere
IITM, Pune Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
interaction, Isotope Hydrology,

* Physical
Chakraborty, Prof. Aniruddha Chemistry
FL3880 Theoretical Chemistry * Biotechnology
IIT, Mandi Life Sciences
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Condensed Matter Physics
Chakraborty, Prof. Chandan Sedimentology, Basin Analysis,
ISI, Kolkata Structural Geology, Classical Music Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
FL977 Chakraborty, Dr Bishwajit Ocean Acoustics, Seafloor
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 9/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
NIO, Dona Paula, Goa Morphology, Environmental Engineering * Earth Sciences
Acoustics, Marine Bioacoustics Earth and Planetary Sci. * Signal Processing
* Ocean Acoustics, Geophysics

Molecular Biology of Plant Viruses,

Chakraborty, Prof. Supriya * Microbial Sciences
FL943 Host Virus Interaction, RNAi &
JNU, New Delhi Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Transgenic Resistance
* Virology
X-ray Binaries, Neutron Star, Black
Chakraborty, Dr Manoneeta
FL3591 Holes, Magnetars, Accretion Physics,
IIT, Indore Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics
Pulsars, Burst Physics
Quantum Field Theory,
Chakraborty, Prof. Biswajit Noncommutative Quantum Theories,
FL1121 * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
SNBNCBS, Kolkata Noncommutative Geometry, Physics
* Quantum Field Theory
Gravitational Physics

* Biomedical
Chakraborty, Dr Arup Physical & Chemical Sensors using
FL3029 Engineering * Electronics
IIT, Gandhinagar Photonic Technologies
Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Lasers

Chakraborty, Prof. Partha S. Operator Algebras, Noncommutative

FL3518 * algebra, group theory, representation the
ISI, Kolkata Geometry, Quantum Groups Mathematics
* real and complex analysis, functional ana
Bioinorganic Chemistry, Co-
Chakravarty, Prof. A.R.
FL197 ordination Chemistry, Metal-based
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Inorganic
Anti-Cancer Agents
Chakravortty, Prof. Dipshikha Microbiology, Immunology, Infectious
IISc, Bengaluru Diseases Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
Igneous Petrology, Mantle
Chalapathi Rao, Prof. N.V.
FL2545 Geochemistry, Geodynamics &
BHU, Varanasi Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Mineral Resources, EPMA Studies
Extragalactic Astronomy &
Chand, Dr Hum
FL199 Cosmology, Active Galactic Nuclei
ARIES, Nainital Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

* Analytical Chemistry
Chanda, Dr Nripen Nanomaterials & Nanodevices for * Inorganic
CMERI, Durgapur Sensor & Energy Applications Chemistry * Organic
* Physical
* Nanoscience
Chanda, Prof. Bhabatosh Digital Image Processing, Pattern
ISI, Kolkata Recognition, Computer Vision Engineering * Computer Science

Chandak, Dr Giriraj Ratan Complex Disease Genetics,

CCMB, Hyderabad Epigenetics Life Sciences * Health Sciences

Structural Dynamics, Vibration &

Control, Wind/Earthquake induced * Aeronautical
Chandiramani, Prof. Naresh K.
FL2989 vibrations and its control, Vibrations * Civil
IIT, Mumbai Engineering
due to high speed moving loads on * Mechanical
bridges. * Applied Mechanics
Chandni, Dr U. Experimental condensed matter
IISc, Bengaluru physics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Env Physiology, Ornithology,
Nutrition, Reproduction, Basic &
* Animal Sciences
Chandola-Saklani, Prof Asha Translational Thyroidology, Maternal
FL3586 * Biotechnology
Apeejay Stya Univ., Gurgaon & Child health, Clinical Data Life Sciences
* Environmental Sciences
management, Data Science, Onco-
* Health Sciences
Counseling, Science Education

* Biomedical
Ornithology, Conservation Biology,
Chandola-Saklani, Prof. Asha * Biotechnology
Molecular Epidemiology & Etiology,
FL201 Apeejay Stya Univ., Gurgaon/Swami Rama Engineering * Animal Sciences
Endocrinology, Science Education,
Himalayan Univ., Dehradun Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Clinical Research, Bioinformatics
* Environmental Sciences
* Health Sciences
Transient Objects, Circumstellar
interaction in Supernovae,
Chandra, Dr Poonam Multiwaveband study of Type IIn
NCRA, Pune supernovae, Radio afterglows of Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics
Gamma Ray Bursts, Electromagnetic
counterparts of Gravitational Waves

Chandra, Prof. H. Sharat * Animal Sciences

FL754 Human Genetics
CHG, Bengaluru Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Chandra, Dr Subhas Hydrogeophysics, airborne EM,
NGRI, Hyderabad Groundwater Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Nanobiotechnology Material Science
Chandra, Dr Pranjal
FL3635 and Engineering Electrochemistry Chemistry * Analytical Chemistry
IIT, Guwahati
Microbiology, Biotechnology Life Sciences * Nanobiottechnology and Biosensors
Financial Economics, Individual
Chandra, Dr Abhijeet Decision Making under Risk &
IIT, Kharagpur Uncertainty, Behavioral Finance, Engineering * Management Sciences
Quantitative Finance
Bio-Mathematics (Mathematical
Chandra, Prof. Peeyush Epidemiology & Mathematical
FL203 * differential equations, dynamical systems
MS Univ. of Baroda, Baroda Ecology), Fluid Mechanics - Low Mathematics
* Mathematical Biology
Reynolds Number Flows
FL204 Chandrakumar, Dr K.R.S. Theoretical & Computational
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry, Self-Assembly Processes, Chemistry * Physical
Nanomaterials, Nanocatalysis, Engineering * Chemical
Growth Mechanism of Nanomaterials * Electrical

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Chemistry at the Nanoscale
Complex Networks, Synchronization,
Chandrasekar, Dr V.K.
FL2256 Neural Networks, Integrable Mathematics * differential equations, dynamical systems
SASTRA Deemed Univ., Thanjavur
Systems, Spintronics Physics * Nonlinear Dynamics
Chandrasekhar, Dr S.
FL393 Synthetic Organic Chemistry
IICT, Hyderabad Chemistry * Organic
Image & Video Quality Assessment,
Perceptually Optimal Algorithms &
Channappayya, Dr Sumohana
FL2983 Multimedia Communication & * Computer Science
IIT, Hyderabad Engineering
Biomedical Image Processing & * Electronics
Machine Learning
Chaplot, Prof. S.L. Condensed Matter Physics, Neutron
BARC, Mumbai Scattering, Lattice Dynamics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Chatanathodi, Dr Raghu
FL2842 [Computational], Materials Modeling, * Condensed Matter Physics
NIT, Calicut Physics
DFT Calculations * computational physics, materials modelin
Atmospheric Sciences, Aerosol &
Chate, Dr Dilip Cloud Physics, Boundary Layer * Atmospheric
S.P. Univ., Pune Meteorology, Air Quality Impact Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Assessment, etc. * Environmental Impact assessment
Chattaraj, Prof. P.K. Density Functional Theory, Nonlinear
IIT, Kharagpur Dynamics, Chemical Reactivity Chemistry * Physical
Chatterjee, Prof. Mitali
FL3285 Immunopharmacology
IPGMER, Kolkata Life Sciences * Health Sciences

* Biomedical
Biomedical Engineering, Bio-
* Biotechnology
Chatterjee, Dr Kaushik materials, Metallurgy, Materials,
FL1745 Engineering * Chemical
IISc, Bengaluru Polymers, Biomedical Application of
Life Sciences * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Cavitation, Multiphase Flows,
Chatterjee, Dr Dhiman Turbomachines, Microscale Fluid
IIT, Chennai Flow, Application of Ultrasound in Engineering * Mechanical
Biology & Medicine

Molecular Simulations, Fuel Cells, * Physical

Chatterjee, Dr Abhijit Chemistry
FL3073 Batteries, Catalysts, Informatics, * Chemical
IIT, Mumbai Engineering
Physical Chemistry * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Condensed Matter Physics

Chatterjee, Dr Subhadeep Bacterial Genetics, Molecular Biology, * Biotechnology

CDFD, Hyderabad Host-pathogen Interactions Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Chatterjee, Prof. Anupam
FL211 Radiation Genetics, Cancer Genetics
NEHU, Shillong Life Sciences * Mutagenesis & Carcinogenesis

Chatterjee, Dr Raghunath Genetics, Epigenetics, Molecular * Biotechnology

ISI, Kolkata Biology Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Epigenetics

Chatterjee, Dr Arindam Theoretical Particle & Astro-particle * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
ISI, Kolkata Physics Physics * Relativity and Cosmology
* Astro-particle physics
Molecular Biology, Biophysical
Chatterji, Prof. Dipankar
FL213 Chemistry, Biomolecular Chemistry * Physical
IISc, Bengaluru
Spectroscopy Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
Mathematical Modelling, Ecology,
Chattopadhyay, Prof. Joydev
FL216 Epidemiology, Eco-Epidemiology, Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
ISI, Kolkata
Nonlinear Dynamics Mathematics * differential equations, dynamical systems

Chattopadhyay, Dr Debasis Plant Molecular Biology, Genome

FL800 * Biotechnology
NIPGR, New Delhi Sequencing Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Photophysics & Photochemistry,
Chattopadhyay, Prof. Nitin
FL847 Biophysical Chemistry, Time-resolved * Physical
Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata Chemistry
Spectroscopy * Photochemistry
Chattopadhyay, Prof. Kamanio Physical Metallurgy, Materials
IISc, Bengaluru Science, Energy Materials Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Experimental High Energy Physics,
Chattopadhyay, Dr S. Heavy Ion Collisions, Advanced
VECC, Kolkata Gaseous Detector Development Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics

Chaturvedi , Dr Akanksha Immunology, B cell biology,

FL3613 * Health Sciences
NCCS, Pune Extracellular vesicles, Cell Signaling Life Sciences
* Immunology

Chaturvedi, Prof. Madan Mohan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

FL2060 * Animal Sciences
UOD, Delhi (Chromatin Biology/Epigenetics) Life Sciences
* Epigenetics
Chaube, Dr Radha Reproductive Molecular Neuro-
BHU, Varanasi endocrinology, Toxicology Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Chaubey, Prof. Gyaneshwer
FL4004 Molecular Anthropology
BHU, Varanasi Life Sciences

Chaubey, Prof Binay Molecular Biology, Virology,

FL2335 * Biotechnology
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Functional Genomics Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
FL225 Chaudhuri, Prof. Bijay Krishna Center for Cryogenics & Rural
NIT, Rourkela Development, Ceramic Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Nanomaterials, Biomaterials,
Polymer Composites,

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 11/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Superconductivity Magnetodielectric,
Structural Phase Transitions (Theory)

* Earth Sciences
Mangrove Ecology, Trace Biology, * Oceanic
Climate Change, Geoinformatics, * Biotechnology
Chaudhuri, Dr Punarbasu Fungal Biology, Bio-remidiation, Chemistry * Environmental Sciences
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Nano-biotechnology, Geo-Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Sci. * Microbial Sciences
Environmental impact on Arctic- Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Antractic Environment. * Geo Chemistry
* Climate Change
* Magrove ecology

* Animal Sciences
Chauhan, Dr Radha D. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell
FL2824 * Biotechnology
NCCS, Pune Biology, Structural Biology Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* structural biology
Chavan, Dr Subhash P.
FL2464 Synthetic Organic Chemistry
NCL, Pune Chemistry * Organic
Chawla-Sarkar, Dr Mamta
FL3996 Virology, Molecular Biology
NICED, Kolkata Life Sciences * Virology, Molecular Biology
Theoretical Physics, Nonlinear
Chethil, Dr Sudheesh
FL2817 Dynamics, Chaos, Quantum * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
IIST, Thiruvananthapuram Physics
Information, Quantum Optics * Theoretical Physis, Quantum Information

Chinnaswamy, Dr Sreedhar Genetics of Infectious Diseases,

FL1848 * Biotechnology
NIBG, Kalyani Innate Immunity against RNA viruses Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Chopra, Dr Madhu
Drug Design & Development, * Organic
FL1104 Dr BR Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry * Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Desgin
Research, Delhi Life Sciences
* Cancer

Choudhuri, Prof. Tathagata * Biotechnology

FL1914 Tumor Virology
Visva Bharati Univ., Santiniketan Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Tumor Virology
Theoretical Chemistry, MD
Simulation of Molecular Systems,
Statistical Mechanics, Structure &
Choudhury, Dr N.
FL1257 Dynamics in Condensed Phase, * Physical
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry
Water & Aqueous Solutions, * Theoretical & computational
Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes,
Study of Pattern Formation in Self-
organizing Systems Occurring during
Choudhury, Dr Abhik * Mechanical
FL3897 Phase Transformations, Integration
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
of Different Modelling Techniques,
* Computational Materials Science
Phase-field models

Choudhury, Dr Utsav
FL3910 Algebraic Geometry * algebra, group theory, representation the
ISI, Kolkata Mathematics
* geometry, topology
Chemistry of Soft Matter, Surface &
Choudhury, Dr Sipra Interfacial Chemistry, Thin Films
FL3421 * Analytical Chemistry
BARC, Mumbai development by self assembly, Gas Chemistry
* Physical
Sensors, Biosensors
Functional Electronic, Magnetic &
Choudhury, Dr Debraj
FL3543 Dielectric Properties of Strongly
IIT, Kharagpur Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Correlated Electronic Systems
Physical & Biophysical Chemistry,
Chowdhury, Profes Pramit
FL1302 Protein Folding, Fluorescence
IIT, New Delhi Chemistry * Physical
Chowdhury, Dr Shantanu Structural & Molecular Biology,
IGIB, Delhi Genomics Life Sciences * Biotechnology

Chrungoo, Prof. Nikhil Molecular Biology, Plant Genetic

FL1202 * Biotechnology
NEHU, Shillong Resources, Plant Physiology Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Dahiya, Dr Mamta
FL2773 Theoretical High Energy Physics
UOD, Delhi Physics * Particle Physics Phenomenology

Dalal, Dr Amaresh Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer,

FL1108 * Chemical
IIT, Guwahati Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineering
* Mechanical

Dalal, Dr Ashwin Medical Genetics, Molecular Genetics,

FL848 * Health Sciences
CDFD, Hyderabad Cytogenetics, Biochemical Genetics Life Sciences
* Medical Genetics
Environmental Science Nanoscience
Darbha, Dr Gopala Krishna
FL3627 Hydrogeochemistry Environmental
IISER, Kolkata Chemistry * Environmental Chemistry
Molecular Biology of Cancer,
Das, Prof. B.C.
FL231 Molecular Virology, Human Genetics,
Amity Univ., Noida Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Stem Cell Research
Das, Prof. Sampa Plant Molecular Biology, Plant
Bose Institute, Kolkata Biotechnology Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Graphene and other 2D
nanomaterials, Sensor, Colorimetric
* Analytical Chemistry
and Fluorescence detection
Das, Dr Manash R. * Inorganic
FL1153 technique, Peroxidase mimic,
NEIST, Jorhat Chemistry * Organic
Nanozyme, Paper strip device,
* Physical
Photocatalysis, Photodegrdation,
* Environmental Science, Nanoscience
Water Pollutants

Das, Prof. Parimal Molecular Human Genetics, Cancer

FL1631 * Health Sciences
BHU, Varanasi Genetics Life Sciences
* Human Genetics, Cancer Genetics

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL2421 Das, Dr Manas Nanofinishing, Micro-machining,
IIT, Guwahati Micro-manufacturing Process, Engineering * Electrical
Development of Electronic Circuit for * Electronics
Micro-machining Processes * Mechanical
* Manufacturing Sc. (Advanced Finishing an

Das, Dr Shyama Prasad Fluid Mechanics, Thermal

FL2899 * Aeronautical
IIT, Chennai Engineering, Aerodynamics Engineering
* Mechanical
Biofilm, Quorum Sensing,
Bioremediation, Environmental
Das, Dr Surajit * Biotechnology
FL3241 Biotechnology, Marine Microbiology,
NIT, Rourkela Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
Marine Biotechnology, Marine
* Microbial Sciences
Biology, Biodiversity & Ecology
Das, Dr Subrata Kumar Atmospheric Science: Radar & Lidar
IITM, Pune Remote Sensing Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric

* Inorganic
Macromolecular Crystallography,
* Organic
Biophysics, Drug design and
Das, Prof. Amit * Physical
FL2490 Docking, Biochemistry, Molecular Chemistry
BARC, Mumbai * Biotechnology
Biology, Structural Biology, Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Biotechnology, Molecular Dynamics
* Microbial Sciences
* Biotech,Biophysics, Biochemistry,etc.
Flapping Wing Aerodynamics,
Theoretical & Experimental Fluid
Das, Prof. Debopam Dynamics, Instability & Transition of * Aeronautical
IIT, Kanpur Internal Unsteady Flows & Free Engineering * Mechanical
Shear Flows, Vortex Rings & its * Unmanned systems
Interaction, Aero-acoustics
Low Surface Brightness Galaxies,
Das, Dr Mousumi
FL3858 Void Galaxies, Barred Galaxies,
IIA, Bengaluru Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics
Interacting Galaxies
Synthesis, Properties, & Applications
of Functional Nanomaterials including
Das, Dr Santanu Graphene, 2D TMDs, Quantum Dots,
FL3590 * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
IIT - BHU, Varanasi Solar Cells, Supercapacitors, Engineering
* Ceramic
transistors, batteries, fuel cells,
Das, Dr Pradeep Immunology, Parasitology, Molecular
RMRIMS, Patna Biology, Cell Biology Life Sciences
Supra-molecular Self-Assemblies in
Bio-catalysis & Bio-medicine, Anti-
Das, Prof. Prasanta Kumar micriobial Soft Materials, Carbon
FL2742 * Organic
IACS, Kolkata Dots as Functional Materials, Enzyme Chemistry
* Bio-Organic
in Organized Assemblies, Enzyme in
Non-conventional Medium
Das, Prof. Puspendu K.
FL234 Laser Spectroscopy, Nonlinear Optics
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Physical
Functional Inorganic Materials based
on Co-ordination Compounds,
polyoxometalates, MOF Containing
Das, Prof. Samar Kumar
FL1424 Compounds & Dithiolene
UOH, Hyderabad Chemistry * Inorganic
Compounds, Ruthenium-bipyridine
type systems of photo-physical
Das, Dr Bata Krishna Multivariable Operator Theory,
IIT, Mumbai Operator Algebras & Operator Spaces Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana

Das, Dr Mousumi Theoretical & Computational * Physical

FL861 Chemistry
IISER, Kolkata Chemistry * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Condensed Matter Physics

Das, Dr Ranabir The Ubiquitin System, Protein Quality

FL3916 * Biotechnology
NCBS, Bengaluru Control Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Synthesis, Characterization of
Das, Dr Dipti P. Materials/Heterojunction Catalyst, * Analytical Chemistry
IMMT, Bhubaneswar Mesoporous Materials, Water Chemistry * Inorganic
Splitting & Environmental Benign * Physical

* Biotechnology
Das, Prof. Saumitra Molecular Virology, Molecular Biology,
FL235 * Health Sciences
IISc, Bengaluru Cell Biology Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* Molecular Virology
Gas Phase Laser Spectroscopy,
Electronic and IR spectroscopy,
Das, Dr Aloke
FL2330 Conformations of Biologically
IISER, Pune Chemistry * Physical
relevant molecules, Non-covalent
General Relativity & Cosmology,
Das Gupta, Prof. Patrick
FL2614 Gamma Ray Bursts, Gravitational * Astronomy and Astrophysics
UOD, Delhi Physics
Waves, Black Holes * Relativity and Cosmology

Das Gupta, Prof. Sujoy K. * Biotechnology

FL2574 Mycobacteriophage Mycobacteria
Bose Institute, Kolkata Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Dasari, Dr Hari
FL3722 SOFC Materials, Catalysis
NITK, Surathkal Engineering * Chemical
FL2507 Dasgupta, Dr Suman Metabolic Disease Biology (Type 2
Tezpur Univ., Tezpur Diabetes, Atherosclerosis) Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
* Biotechnology

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 13/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Health Sciences
* Metabolic Disease Biology

Receptor Protein Kinases in Plant,

DasGupta, Prof. Maitrayee * Biotechnology
FL1229 Rhizobia-legume Nitrogen fixing
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Dasgupta, Prof. Swagata Biophysical Chemistry, Protein
IIT, Kharagpur Chemistry Chemistry * Biophysical Chemistry; Protein Chemistry
Non-equilibrium Behaviour of
Dasgupta, Prof. Subinay
FL1802 Quantum Ising Models, Measurement
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Physics * Statistical Physics
Problem of Quantum Mechanics

Dasgupta, Prof. Indranil * Biotechnology

FL776 Plant-Virus Interactions
UOD(SC), New Delhi Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Dasgupta, Prof. Somnath Metamorphic Petrology,
IISER, Kolkata Geochemistry, Precambrian Geology Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Quantum Optics, Quantum
Dasgupta, Dr Shubhrangshu Information Theory, Chemical
IIT, Ropar Physics, Quantum Biology, Quantum Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Digital Signal & Image Processing,
Dasgupta, Dr K.S.
FL3520 Digital Communication, Computer * Computer Science
DA-IICT, Gandhinagar Engineering
Networking, Satellite Communication * Electrical

Biomaterials (Drug & Gene Delivery,

* Organic
Dash, Dr Mamoni Biomedical Implant Coatings &
FL3589 Chemistry * Biotechnology
ILS, Bhubaneswar Biosensors), Tissue Engineering,
Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Polymer Chemistry
* Polymer chemistry
Phase-change Phenomena,
Dash, Dr Susmita Desalination, Scale Mitigation, Boiling
IISc, Bengaluru Heat Transfer, Electro-wetting, Engineering * Mechanical
Diversity Oriented Synthesis,
Dash, Dr Jyotimayee Organocatalysis, Small Molecule-
FL2120 Chemistry * Organic
IACS, Kolkata Nucleic Acid Interaction, Bioinspired
Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Supramolecular Self-Assembly
Self Assembly in Block Copolymer,
Polymer Blend, Polymer Graphene * Physical
Dasmahapatra, Dr Ashok Kumar Chemistry
FL2712 Nanocomposites, Protein Folding & * Biotechnology
IIT, Guwahati Engineering
Misfolding, Molecular Simulation, * Chemical
Solar Cells * Condensed Matter Physics

Dass, Prof. Sahab Materials Science, Inorganic * Analytical Chemistry

Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra Chemistry Chemistry * Inorganic
* Physical
Ultrafast Dynamics,
Datta, Prof. Anindya
FL1020 Photoluminescent Nanomaterials,
IIT, Mumbai Chemistry * Physical
Fluroscence Spectroscopy
Computational Chemistry,
Datta, Dr Ayan
FL1409 Theoretical Sciences, Computational * Organic
IACS, Kolkata Chemistry
Materials Science * Physical
Transmission Electron Microscopy &
Datta, Dr Ranjan
FL1412 Spectroscopy, Optoelectronic * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
JNCASR, Bengaluru Physics
Materials * Condensed Matter Physics
Datta, Dr Riddhi
FL3549 Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Government College, Molecular Plant Pathology
Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Study of Early Universe, Epoch of
Reionization, Aperture Synthesis
* Atmospheric
Datta, Dr Abhirup Calibration & Imaging Techniques,
FL3593 Earth and Planetary Sci. * Solar System
IIT, Indore Radio Interferometers at Low Radio-
Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics
frequencies, Space Weather,
* Relativity and Cosmology
Sustainable Research & Big Data

Datta, Dr Rupak
FL1571 Biology of Diseases * Health Sciences
IISER, Kolkata Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Role of Regulatroy Proteins in

* Animal Sciences
Datta, Dr Kaustuv Controlling Mitochondrial Ribosome,
FL2571 * Biotechnology
UOD(SC), New Delhi Biogenesis/Function in Yeast, Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
* Microbial Sciences
Datta, Dr Amitava
FL2121 High Energy Physics
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics

Datta, Prof. Alokmay Soft Materials, Glasses, Glassy Nano-

FL1483 * Condensed Matter Physics
CGCRI, Kolkata composites, Films Physics
* Soft Materials and Biomaterials

Molecular Microbiology, Protein * Animal Sciences

Dayananda, Prof. Siddavattam Transport, Environmental * Biotechnology
UOH, Hyderabad Microbiology, Biodegradation, Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
Bioremediation * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

De, Prof. Rajat K. Computational Biology, Artificial * Computer Science

ISI, Kolkata Neural Networks, Deep Learning Engineering * Electrical
* Electronics

De, Dr Arijit Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Optical

FL3408 Chemistry * Physical
IISER, Mohali Trapping
Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
FL3882 De, Dr Susmita Applications of Theoretical &

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 14/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
CUSAT, Kochi Computational Methods, Structure, Chemistry * Inorganic
Bonding & Mechanistic Study, * Organic
Biomimetic, Enzymatic, Organo- * Metal-protein and ligand-protein interacti
metallic Main Group Metal Catalysis,
Metal Protein Interactions
Communication Networks, Emphasis
on Performance Modelling & Analysis,
* Computer Science
De, Prof. Swades Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks,
FL3499 * Electrical
IIT, New Delhi Broadband Wireless Access, White- Engineering
* Electronics
Space Access Networks, Smart Grid
* Communication Engineering

Controlled/Living Polymerization,
De, Prof Priyadarsi * Organic
FL876 Polymer-Based Drug Delivery
IISER, Kolkata Chemistry * Physical
System, Oxidative Polymerization
* Polymer
Quantum Information &
De, Prof Aditi Sen
FL178 Computation, Condensed Matter * Condensed Matter Physics
HRI, Allahabad Physics
Physics, Quantum Optics * quantum information and computation
Nanotechnology, Sensor,
Antibacterial Activity, Synthesis of
De, Dr Mrinmoy * Organic
FL3005 Layard Molecular Assemblies, Supra-
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Physical
molecular Interaction with Bio-
* 2D nanomaterials
molecules, Synthesis of Ligands
Deb, Prof. P. Nanoscience, Surface Science &
Tezpur Univ., Tezpur Magnetism Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Hardware security, Multi-core

* Biomedical
Deb, Dr Sujay Processor Architectures, Digital
FL2529 * Computer Science
IIIT, New Delhi Hardware Design, VLSI, FPGAs, Engineering
* Electrical
Biomedical Systems
* Electronics
Catalysis, Hybrid QMMM, DFT based
Deka, Prof. Ramesh C. Reactivity Descriptors, Computer
FL2736 * Physical
Tezpur Univ., Tezpur Aided Drug Design, QSAR, Chemistry
* Theoretical Chemistry
Theoretical Studies on Nano Clusters
Deka Baruah, Prof. N.
FL1724 Number Theory
Tezpur Univ., Tezpur Mathematics * number theory, coding theory
Finite Element Analysis, Structural
Desai, Prof. Y.M.
FL1017 Dynamics, Composite Mechanics, * Civil
IIT, Mumbai Engineering
Computational Mechanics * Mechanical
Biological Oceanography, Estuarine &
Coastal Ecology, Marine Invertebrate * Earth Sciences
Desai, Dr Dattesh
FL2304 Ecology & Biology, Climate Change Earth and Planetary Sci. * Oceanic
NIO, Dona Paula, Goa
Impact on Marine Invertebrates, Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Zooplankton & Benthic Ecology * Environmental Sciences

Desai, Dr Kartiki
FL1849 Cancer Genomics * Biotechnology
NIBG, Kalyani Life Sciences
* Health Sciences

* Organic
Structural Biology, NMR * Physical
Deshmukh, Dr Mandar V Chemistry
FL1908 Spectroscopy, Motions & Dynamics in * Biotechnology
CCMB, Hyderabad Life Sciences
Proteins * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Biophysics, Computational Biology (but n
* Material Science, Biophysics
Thermal Transport in Nanostructures,
Deshmukh, Prof. Mandar Electrical Transport in 2D Materials, * Electronics
FL3947 Engineering
TIFR, Mumbai Quantum Hall Physics, * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Electromechanics, Optoelectronics * Condensed Matter Physics
Computational Fluid Dynamics,
Aerodynamics, High Performance
Deshpande, Prof. S.M.
FL248 Computing, Data Assimilation, Monte
JNCASR, Bengaluru Engineering * Aeronautical
Carlo Methods, Grid-free Methods,
Kinetic Methods

* Atmospheric
Deshpande, Dr R.D. Isotope Hydrology, Hydro-geology,
FL1043 * Earth Sciences
PRL, Ahmedabad Hydro-meteorology Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Oceanic
* Meteorology

Dethe, Dr Dattatraya H. Bioactive Natural Products, New

IIT, Kanpur Synthetic Methods Chemistry * Organic

Deva Priyakumar, Dr U. Computational Chemistry,

FL1982 Chemistry * Physical
IIIT, Hyderabad Computational Biology
Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Cognitive Neuroscience, *
Devarajan, Prof Sridharan Computational Neuroscience, * * Computer Science
FL3842 Engineering
IISc, Bengaluru Machine learning, * Brain-computer * Health Sciences
Life Sciences
interface (BCI) * Neuroscience
Dey, Dr Sutirth Population Ecology, Life-History
IISER, Pune Evolution Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Electrochemistry, Water electrolysis,
Energy Storage & Conversion, * Analytical Chemistry
Dey, Dr Ramendra Sundar
FL3761 Supercapacitor, Battery, CO2 Chemistry * Inorganic
INST, Mohali
Electroreduction, Biosensing & Physics * Physical
Sensing * Condensed Matter Physics
Metal Organic Frameworks,
Dhakshinamoorthy, Dr Amarajothi
FL3237 Heterogeneous Catalysis, Graphene * Organic
MKU, Madurai Chemistry
Oxide Catalysis * Heterogeneous Catalysis
Water Resources Engineering,
Dhanya, Dr Chandrika Thulaseedharan
FL3262 Climate Change Impact Assessment, Engineering * Civil
IIT, New Delhi
Hydro-climatological Modelling Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
FL253 Dhar, Prof. Abhishek Statistical Physics, Condensed Matter

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru Physics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Hydraulic & Water Resources
Dhar, Dr. Anirban Engineering (Groundwater
IIT, Kharagpur Hydrology, Computational Engineering * Civil
Light Matter Interaction at
Nanoscale, Photonics, Plasmonics
Dhara, Prof. Sandip Kumar
FL2180 Nanobioscience & Sensor
IGCAR, Kalpakkam Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Applications, Scanning Kelvin Probe
Conservation Biology, Insect
Dharma Rajan, Dr Priyadarsanan Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Eco- * Animal Sciences
ATREE, Bengaluru informatics & Ecology, Ecology & Life Sciences * Others1
Conservation of Wetland Systems * Conservation Science
Natural Products Chemistry,
Dhavale, Prof. Dilip D.
FL257 Carbohydrate Chemistry, Medicinal
Savitribai Phule Pune Univ., Pune Chemistry * Organic
Chemistry, Peptide Chemistry

Theoretical & Computational

* Physical
Chemistry, Hydrogen Storage
* Atmospheric
Dhilip Kumar, Dr T.J. Materials, Energy, Atom- Chemistry
FL1676 * Earth Sciences
IIT, Ropar molecule/Ion Collisions, Quantum Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Solar System
Dynamics, Electronic Structure Physics
* Condensed Matter Physics
Calculations, Ultracold Collisions
* Computational Chemistry

Dhiman, Dr Ramesh Chand Vector-Borne Diseases, Climate

FL3298 * Environmental Sciences
NIMR, New Delhi Change, Early Warning Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Bioinspired metal-ligand chemistry,
Dhuri, Dr Sunder
FL3159 homogeneous catalysis, metal * Inorganic
Goa Univ., Goa Chemistry
organic frameworks * Biomimetic chemistry

Cardiovascular Pharmacology,
Dikshit, Dr Madhu * Animal Sciences
FL260 Neutrophils, Molecular Pharmacology,
CDRI, Lucknow Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Nitric Oxide Synthase
* Health Sciences
Dimri, Prof. V.P.
FL262 Geophysics
NGRI, Hyderabad Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Dinesh Kumar, Dr Lekha
FL2313 Cancer Biology
CCMB, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Biotechnology

Diwan, Dr Sourabh Aerodynamics, Flow Transition &

FL3489 * Aeronautical
IISc, Bengaluru Turbulence Engineering
* Mechanical
Cancer Biology, Human Genetics,
Dixit, Dr Manjusha
FL2198 Cancer Genetics, Cancer
NISER, Bhubaneswar Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Dogra, Dr Anjana Oxide Heterostructures, Pulsed Laser
NPL, New Delhi Deposition, Low Temperature Physics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Liquid Crystal Polymer, Sol-gel
Process, Photopolymerization,
Emulsion Polymerization,
Dolui, Prof. Swapan Kumar
FL1723 Polymerization in Supercritical
Tezpur Univ., Tezpur Chemistry * polymer science
Carbon Dioxide, Olefin
Polymerization using Ziegler Natta
Catalyst, Nanocomposite
NMR Quantum Computing, NMR
Dorai, Prof Kavita
FL997 Metabolomics, Diffusion using
IISER, Mohali Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Gradient NMR
Protein Folding, Chaperone Biology,
DSilva, Prof. Patrick Protein Trafficking, Cell Biology, * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Genetics, Stress Biology, Cancer, Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Neurobiology * Microbial Sciences

Parasite (Leishmania), * Biotechnology

Dube, Dr Anuradha
FL3057 Immunobiology, Drug Discovery, * Health Sciences
CDRI, Lucknow Life Sciences
Model Development * Microbial Sciences
* Parasite immunobiology

Microwave Exposure Assessment,

* Chemical
Quantum Communication, Orbital
* Computer Science
Dubey, Dr Satya Kesh Angular Momentum of EM waves, Engineering
FL3979 * Electronics
NPL, New Delhi LASER Atom interactions, S- Mathematics
* differential equations, dynamical systems
Parameters Analysis, IoT Based Physics
* real and complex analysis, functional ana
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Dubey, Dr Nawal Kishore
FL3112 Bio-prospection of Higher Plants
BHU, Varanasi Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Dubey, Dr Pawan Kumar
FL4002 Stem Cells
BHU, Varanasi Life Sciences * Stem Cells

Durga Rao, Dr Chilakalapudi Virology, Cell & Molecular Biology, * Biotechnology

SRM Univ., Amaravati Biotechnology Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Dutt, Dr Som Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, * Biotechnology

CPRI, Shimla Plant Biochemistry Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
* Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
Heavy Ion Experiments at Relativistic
Energy, Data Analysis/Simulation for
CMS Experiment at LHC,
Dutta, Dr Dipanwita
FL3139 Theory/Phenomenology of QCD,
BARC, Mumbai Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Simulation with GEANT/FLUKA,
Heavy Ion Experiment/Detector
FL3619 Dutta, Dr Arnab Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Alternative
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 16/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
IIT, Gandhinagar Energy Research Chemistry * Inorganic
* Bio-inorganic chemistry
Dutta Choudhury, Dr Sharmishtha
FL4008 Radiation & Photochemistry
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry * Physical

Dutta Majumder, Prof. J.

FL1117 Metallurgical Science & Technology * Biomedical
IIT, Kharagpur Engineering
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Mathematical Modelling of
Atmosphere & Ocean, Ocean
Circulation Modelling & Data
Assimilation, Nonlinear Regime
Dwivedi, Prof. Suneet
FL2759 Transitions, Prediction of Indian * Atmospheric
Univ. of Allahabad, Allahabad Earth and Planetary Sci.
Summer Monsoon Rainfall, Chaos & * Oceanic
Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Time
Series Analysis, Low Order Ocean -
Atmosphere Models

Edward Raja, Dr C. * Biotechnology

MKU, Madurai Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Translational Regulation of Gene

Eswarappa, Dr Sandeep * Animal Sciences
FL3465 Expression Endothelial biology
IISc, Bengaluru Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Indian Summer Monsoon, Air-Sea
Francis, Dr Pavanathara
FL1620 Interaction Processes, Ocean General * Atmospheric
INCOIS, Hyderabad Earth and Planetary Sci.
Circulation Modelling * Oceanic
Gadgil, Dr Siddhartha
FL3869 Geometric Topology
IISc, Bengaluru Mathematics * geometry, topology

Gadre, Prof. S.R. Quantum Chemistry, Computer

FL270 Chemistry * Physical
Savitribai Phule Pune Univ., Pune Applications
Engineering * Computer Science
Gahalaut, Dr Vineet
FL2164 Geodesy, Tectonics & Seismology
NGRI, Hyderabad. Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

* Organic
Reactive Separation Processes,
* Physical
Gaikar, Prof. Vilas G. Thermo-chemical Conversions,
FL2405 Chemistry * Biotechnology
ICT, Mumbai Natural Product Extraction,
Engineering * Chemical
Purification Molecular Simulations
* Electrical
* Electronics

Ganapathy, Prof. Rajesh

FL1407 Soft Condensed Matter * Condensed Matter Physics
JNCASR, Bengaluru Physics
* Soft Condensed Matter

* Animal Sciences
Gandotra, Dr Sheetal
FL2383 Mycobacteria-Host Interaction * Biotechnology
IGIB, Delhi Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Ganesan, Dr R.
FL2454 Solid State Physics
IISc, Bengaluru Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

* Others1
Engineering * differential equations, dynamical systems
Ganesh, Prof. R. Statistical Mechanics, Computational
FL1253 Life Sciences * Astronomy and Astrophysics
IPR, Gandhinagar Plasma Physics
Mathematics * Computational Physics
Physics * Active Matter
* statistical mechanics
Astronomical Instrumentation &
Observations, Polarization * Electronics
Ganesh, Dr Shashikiran Engineering
FL2472 Measurements of Astronomical * Solar System
PRL, Ahmedabad Earth and Planetary Sci.
Sources, Milky Way studies, Solar * Astronomy and Astrophysics
system objects * astronomical instrumentation
Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic
Chemistry, Electrochemistry,
* Analytical Chemistry
Ganesh, Dr V. Nanomaterials, Electrocatalysis,
FL2305 * Inorganic
CECRI, Karaikudi Biosensors, Microbial Fuel Cells, Chemistry
* Physical
Enzymes, Supercapacitors &
* Electrochemistry
Graphene based Materials
Plant Evolutionary Biology, Plant
Ganeshaiah, Prof. K.N.
FL273 Genetics & Breeding, Foraging * Animal Sciences
UAS, Bengaluru Life Sciences
Ecology of Ants * Plant Sciences
Gangadhar, Prof. Bangalore Nanjundiah Electroconculsive Therapy, Developed
NIMHANS, Bengaluru Indigenous Modern ECT Machine Life Sciences * Psychiatry

Gangi Setty, Prof Subba Rao

FL1868 Cell Biology * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Life Sciences
* Cell Biology

Gangopadhyay, Dr Debashis Quantum Field Theory, Cosmology,

FL3560 * Relativity and Cosmology
RMVERI, Howrah Quantum Computation Physics
* Quantum field Theory, Quantum computa

Ganguli, Prof. Ranjan * Aeronautical

FL3928 Helicopter Dynamics
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering * Computer Science
* Mechanical
Non Volatile Memory Devices like
* Computer Science
Ganguly, Dr Udayan Nanowire Transistor Spiking Neural
FL2114 Engineering * Electrical
IIT, Mumbai Networks- devices, Circuits &
Physics * Electronics
Systems. Stochastic / Probabilistic
* Condensed Matter Physics
Computing, Analog Computing,
Garg, Prof. Naveen
FL2940 Algorithms, Optimization
IIT, New Delhi Engineering * Computer Science

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 17/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL3667 Garg, Dr Manoj Cancer Biology, Drug Screening,
Amity Univ., Noida shRNA Screening, pancreatic cancer, Life Sciences * Health Sciences
leukemia * Molecular and Cellular Oncology, Drug Sc
Nucleoid associated Proteins of
Garg, Dr Rajni Mycobacterium Tuberculosis,
FL3760 * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Dormancy of Mycobacterium Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Garg, Dr Neha
FL3634 Cancer, Stem Cells, Drug Delivery * Biotechnology
IIT, Mandi Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Garg, Prof. Pramod Kumar Gastroenterology, Pancreatic
AIIMS, New Delhi Diseases Life Sciences * Gastroenterology

Garkoti, Prof. Satish Chandra Forest Ecology, Tree Water Relations,

FL2801 * Environmental Sciences
JNU, New Delhi Plant interactions Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Amorphous Metal-oxide & Metal-
oxynitride Semiconductors, Device
Gaur, Dr Anshu
FL2885 Physics & Modelling, Carbon Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
IIT, Kanpur
Nanostructures, Flexible Electronics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
& Computational Materials Science
Gaur, Prof. Vinod K. Geophysical Inversion, Earth System
CMMACS, Bengaluru Sciences Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Development & Disease, * Animal Sciences

Gautam, Dr Naveen
FL3740 Biotechnology, Diabetic Nephropathy, * Biotechnology
IITR, Lucknow Life Sciences
Renal Toxicity, Urinary Diseases * Environmental Sciences
* Health Sciences

Geetha Bali, Prof. Neurobiology, Biotechnology, * Animal Sciences

CSRF, Bengaluru Autophagy & Neurodegeneration Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences

Geetharani, Dr K.
FL3719 Organometallic Chemistry * Inorganic
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry
* Organic
George Thomas, Prof. K. Photochemistry & Photophysics,
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Plasmonic Materials, Quantum Dots Chemistry * Physical
Effective use of Superplasticizers in
Concrete, Behavior of Concrete with
Gettu, Prof. Ravindra
FL3353 Admixtures, Characterization &
IIT, Chennai Engineering * Civil
Application of Fibre Concretes, Life
Cycle Assessment & Sustainability

Ghag, Dr Siddhesh Plant Pathology, Plant Biotechnology,

FL3778 * Biotechnology
UM-DAE CBS, Mumbai Transgenic Crops Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Theoretical & Computational
Ghanty, Prof. Tapan Kumar Chemistry, Density Functional
FL3114 * Physical
BARC, Mumbai Theory, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Chemistry
* Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Gharpure, Prof. Santosh J.
FL2307 Organic Chemistry
IIT, Mumbai Chemistry * Organic
Genomics & Bioinformatics,
Ghazi, Dr Irfan A. Functional Genomics of Rice for * Biotechnology
UOH, Hyderabad Disease Resistant, Anticancer Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Properties of Medicinal Plants * Bioinformatics

Ghorai, Prof. M.K.

FL1768 Organic Chemistry
IIT, Kanpur Chemistry * Organic

Mathematical Biology, Biofluid

Ghorai, Prof. S.
FL931 Dynamics, Mathematical Modelling, * differential equations, dynamical systems
IIT, Kanpur Mathematics
CFD * Mathematical biology
Ghosh, Dr Zhumur Stem Cell, Noncoding RNA,
Bose Institute, Kolkata Bioinformatics Engineering * Computer Science

* Analytical Chemistry
Ghosh, Prof. Pushpito K. Green Technology, Renewable * Inorganic
ICT, Mumbai Resources, Process Research Chemistry * Organic
* Physical
* Interdisciplinary process research
Condensed Matter & Materials
Physics, Disorder & Nanomaterials,
Ghosh, Prof. Aswini
FL280 Structure, Relaxation Dynamcis &
IACS, Kolkata Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Scaling, Broadband Dielectric
Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Quantum
Ghosh, Prof. Hirendra N. Dot, Dye-sensitized Solar Cell,
INST, Mohali Quantum Dot Solar Cell, Ultrafast Chemistry * Physical
Electron/Hole Transfer Dynamics

Biotechnology, Healthcare Genomics * Animal Sciences

Ghosh, Prof. Sankar Kumar
FL3301 & Bioinformatics, Biodiversity & DNA * Biotechnology
Univ. of Kalyani, Kalyani Life Sciences
Bar Coding * Environmental Sciences
* Health Sciences
Plant Specialized Metabolism, Plant
Ghosh, Dr Sumit Biochemistry, Plant Molecular
FL3463 * Biotechnology
CIMAP, Lucknow Biology, Plant Biotechnology, Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Metabolic Engineering

Cell Biology, Toxicology,

* Animal Sciences
Ghosh, Dr Ilora Biochemistry, Oxidative Stress,
FL1859 * Biotechnology
JNU, New Delhi Human Health, Proteomics, Life Sciences
* Environmental Sciences
Environmental Microbiology
* Microbial Sciences

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL3603 Ghosh, Dr Kaushik Inorganic Chemistry, Bioinorganic &
IIT, Roorkee Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry * Inorganic
Biochemistry, Catalysis,
Organometallic Chemistry
Computational material science,
Ghosh, Dr Prasenjit
FL3874 Heterogeneous Catalysis, Photo- Chemistry * Physical
voltaic Cells & Thermoelectrics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Ghosh, Dr Attreyee
FL3956 Geodynamics
IISc, Bengaluru Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Ghosh, Dr Tuhin
FL3963 Astrophysics & Cosmology * Astronomy and Astrophysics
NISER, Jatni Physics
* Relativity and Cosmology

Ghosh, Prof. Suhrit Polymer Chemistry, Supramolecular * Organic

IACS, Kolkata Chemistry, Surfactant Aggregates Chemistry * Physical
* Supramolecular and Polymer Chemistry
Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs),
Metal-organic Polyhedras (MOPs),
Ghosh, Dr Sujit K.
FL950 Nano-composites of porous materials
IISER, Pune Chemistry * Inorganic
etc. Supramolecular chemistry,
Crystal engineering.
Ghosh, Prof. Sundargopal Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic
IIT, Chennai Chemistry, Main Group Chemistry Chemistry * Inorganic

Ghosh, Dr Subimal
FL2501 Climate Change, Hydrology Engineering * Civil
IIT, Mumbai
Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes,
Nanostructures, Thin film, * Chemical
Ghosh, Dr Ranajit Optoelectronic Applications, Gas * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
FL1447 Engineering
CMERI, Durgapur Sensor, CNT-polymer * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Nanocomposites, Drone Blade * Condensed Matter Physics
Fabrication * Nanotechnology
Signal Processing, Speech
Ghosh, Dr Prasanta Kumar
FL2521 Processing, Pattern Recognition, * Electrical
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering
Machine Learning * Electronics
CRISPR/Cas9 for Genome
Engineering, Metabolic Flux Analysis
Ghosh, Dr Amit
FL3657 & Metabolomics, Molecular Dynamics
IIT, Kharagpur Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Simulation, Systems Biology of Gut
Analysis of Shallow Foundation,
Retaining Walls & Earth Pressure
Ghosh, Dr Priyanka
FL2992 Theory, Pullout Resistance of
IIT, Kanpur Engineering * Civil
Anchors, Vibration Screening,
Geopolymers, Stability of Slopes
Chemical Sensing of Ions, Anion &
Ghosh, Prof. Pradyut Ion Pair Recognition Chemistry,
FL3253 * Inorganic
IACS, Kolkata Interlocked Molecular Systems & Chemistry
* Supramolecular Chemistry

Ghosh, Prof. Saurabh

FL285 Statistical Applications in Genetics Life Sciences * probability, statistics, financial mathemat
ISI, Kolkata
Mathematics * Genetics
Ghosh, Prof. Prasenjit Organometallic Synthesis,
IIT, Mumbai Homogeneous Catalysis Chemistry * Inorganic
Structural Earthquake Engineering,
Uncertainty Quantification, Structural
Ghosh, Prof. Siddhartha Reliability, Probability & Statistics,
IIT, Mumbai Steel Structures, Heritage Masonry Engineering * Civil
Structures, Software Development in
Steel Design

Theoretical & Computational * Physical

Chemistry, Molecular & Materials * Chemical
Ghosh, Dr Swapan K. Chemistry
FL288 Modelling, Computational Materials * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
UM-DAE CBS, Mumbai Engineering
Science, Soft Condensed Matter * Condensed Matter Physics
Physics * Theoretical
* Theoretical
Ghosh, Prof. Ashutosh
FL3379 Co-ordination Compounds
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Chemistry * Inorganic
Ghosh, Dr Hiyaa Neuroscience, Genetics, Molecular &
NCBS, Bengaluru Cell Biology Life Sciences * Neuroscience, Mol-cell Biology
Phase Transformations,
Ghosh Chowdhury, Dr Sandip Crystallographic Texture
NML, Jamshedpur Development, thermomechanical Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg

* Analytical Chemistry
* Inorganic
Computational Biophysical
Ghosh Dastidar, Dr Shubhra * Organic
FL1713 Chemistry, Molecular Modelling, Chemistry
Bose Institute, Kolkata * Physical
Dynamics Simulations Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
* Computational Chemistry and Biophysics
* Bioinformatics
Theoretical & Computational Fluid
Dynamics & Heat Transfer,
Ghosh Moulic, Prof. Sandipan Hydrodynamic & Thermal Instability, * Aeronautical
IIT, Kharagpur Spectral Methods in Fluid Dynamics, Engineering * Chemical
Perturbation Methods in Fluid * Mechanical
Partial Differential Equation,
Ghoshal, Dr Shyam Sundar
FL3437 Conservation Laws, Controllability of
TIFR - CAM, Bengaluru Mathematics * differential equations, dynamical systems
Nonlinear PDE

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 19/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL2700 Ghoshal, Dr Debajyoti Porous Co-ordination Polymer,
Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata Semiconducting MOF, Phase Chemistry * Inorganic
Transformation in MOF, MOF based * Material Chemistry
Air quality modelling, data
Ghude, Dr Sachin D.
FL3906 assimilation aerosol fog interaction, * Atmospheric
IITM, Pune Earth and Planetary Sci.
fog modelling and forecasting * Earth Sciences

Giri, Prof. P.K. Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology,

FL2830 * Condensed Matter Physics
IIT, Guwahati Optoelectronics Physics
* Nanotechnology

Giri, Dr Rajanish Protein Folding, Infection Biology, * Biotechnology

IIT, Mandi Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
* Biochemistry

Alzheimer Disease, Prion Disease, * Animal Sciences

Giri, Dr Ranjit K.
FL835 Neuroblastoma, Gene Expression & * Biotechnology
NBRC, Manesar Life Sciences
Regulation, Stem Cell Technology * Health Sciences
* gene expression and regulation

Nanotechnology, Raman
Girish, Dr C.M. * Biotechnology
FL3721 spectroscopy and biological
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Cochin Life Sciences * Others1
applications, Cancer diagnostics
* Diagnostics
Gnanasekaran, Dr G. Angiosperm Taxonomy, Ethnobotany,
Madras Christian College, Chennai Systematics of Acanthaceae in India Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Univalent Function, Harmonic
Gochhayat, Dr Priyabrat
FL2854 Univalent Mappings, Special * real and complex analysis, functional ana
Sambalpur Univ., Burla Mathematics
Functions & Orthogonal Polynomials * Geometric function theory, orthogonal po
Cavitation Phenomena, Wastewater
Treatment, Process Intensification, * Organic
Gogate, Dr Parag R. Enzymatic Reactions, Nanomaterials, * Biotechnology
FL291 Chemistry
ICT, Mumbai Advanced Oxidation Processes, * Chemical
Catalyst Synthesis, Sonochemistry, * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Crystallization * Environmental

Gongopadhyay, Dr Krishnendu Hyperbolic Geometry, Geometric

IISER, Mohali structures, Combinatorial groups. Mathematics * geometry, topology

Applied Theoretical Chemistry,

Gopakumar, Dr Gopinadhanpillai Computational Studies on Lanthanide * Inorganic
IGCAR, Kalpakkam & Actinide Metal Complexes, Chemistry * Organic
Quantum Chemistry * Physical

Gopi, Prof Hosahudya N. Peptide Synthesis & Conformations,

IISER, Pune Peptide Antibiotics & Bio-materials Chemistry * Organic

Photochemistry, Photoinduced
Gopidas, Dr K.R.
FL1514 Electron Transfer, Supramolecular * Organic
NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram Chemistry
Chemistry * Physical

Heterogeneous Catalysis, * Analytical Chemistry

Gopinath, Dr C.S.
FL1516 Nanomaterials Chemistry, Surface * Inorganic
NCL, Pune Chemistry
Science, Photocatalysis * Physical
* Materials chemistry, Nanoscience

* Biomedical
* Biotechnology
Gorthi, Prof Sai Siva Opto-fluidics, Biomedical * Chemical
FL3306 Engineering
IISc, Bengaluru Instrumentation * Computer Science
* Electronics
* Mechanical
* Optics

* Physical
* Biomedical
* Biotechnology
Molecular dynamics simulations, Chemistry
* Chemical
Gosavi, Prof. Shachi Protein Folding & Dynamics, Protein Engineering
FL1826 * Computer Science
NCBS, Bengaluru Conformational Transitions Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
[Computational work] Mathematics
* Biophysics and computational chemistry.
* Biophysics and Computational Biology
* Any
* Any
Origin & Evolution of Solar System,
Goswami, Prof. J.N.
FL1531 Planetary Exploration, Moon &
PRL, Ahmedabad Earth and Planetary Sci. * Solar System
Meteorites, Geo-Chronology
Goswami, Prof. Aruna
FL2768 Stellar & Galactic Astronomy
IIA, Bengaluru Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

Goswami, Dr Srikanta Chronic Disease Biology, Cancer

FL3015 * Biotechnology
NIBG, Kalyani Biology Life Sciences
* Health Sciences

Goswami, Dr Anindya Stochastic Control, Mathematical

FL2332 * control theory, optimization, operations re
IISER, Pune Finance Mathematics
* probability, statistics, financial mathemat

* Animal Sciences
Goswami, Dr Chandan Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular * Biotechnology
NISER, Bhubaneswar Biology, Microscopy Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* Microscopy
Goswami, Prof. Srubabati
FL3331 Neutrino Physics
PRL, Ahmedabad Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Goswami, Dr Rajib Kumar Chemical Synthesis of Bio-active
IACS, Kolkata Natural Products Chemistry * Organic

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 20/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL3484 Govardhan, Dr Raghuraman N. Fluid-Structure Interaction,
IISc, Bengaluru Separated Flows, Turbomachinery Engineering * Mechanical
III-Nitride based Semiconductors,
Growth & Characterisation, Gas
Govind, Dr
FL1573 Sensor, Photo Detectors Device
NPL, New Delhi Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Fabrication, Surface & Interface
Science, Semiconductors
Organic Chemistry, Polymer
Govindasamy, Dr Jayamurugan Chemistry, Supramolecular
FL3629 * Organic
INST, Mohali Chemistry, Nano Science & Chemistry
* Nano science and technology
Gowd, Dr Bhoje Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Science
NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram & Technology Chemistry * Polymer Science and Technology

Gowd, Dr Konkallu Hanumae * Analytical Chemistry

FL2522 Chemical Biology Chemistry
Central Univ. of Karnataka, Gulbarga * Organic
Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
Gowrishankar, Dr J.
FL298 Microbial & Molecular Genetics
CDFD, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences

Grover, Prof. Anil Plant Biotechnology, Molecular

FL299 * Biotechnology
UOD(SC), New Delhi Biology, Crop Sciences Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences

Human diseases with a focus on

Guchhait, Dr Prasenjit * Biotechnology
FL2125 Thrombosis, Inflammation & Immune
RCB, Gurgaon Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Numerical Analysis, Analysis, Partial
Gudi, Prof. Thirupathi
FL1545 Differential Equations, Finite Element
IISc, Bengaluru Mathematics * differential equations, dynamical systems
Guha, Prof. Debatosh Electronics & Telecommunication
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata [Antenna Engineering] Engineering
Number Theory, Modular Forms,
Special Values of L-functions,
Gun, Prof. Sanoli
FL2254 Algebraic Number Theory, Sieve * algebra, group theory, representation the
IMSc, Chennai Mathematics
Methods, Transcendental Number * number theory, coding theory

Gunanathan, Dr C. Organic Synthesis, Oraganometallic * Inorganic

NISER, Bhubaneswar Chemistry, Catalysis Chemistry * Organic
* Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis

* Biomedical
Gundiah, Prof. Namrata Engineering * Biotechnology
FL1835 Cell Mechanobiology
IISc, Bengaluru Life Sciences * Mechanical
Physics * Biotechnology
* Soft Matter Physics
Spatial & Spatio-temporal Datasets,
Gunturi, Dr Venkata M. Viswnath
FL3233 Geographic Information Sciences,
IIT, Ropar Engineering * Computer Science
Gupta, Dr Neena
FL2758 Commutative Algebra
ISI, Kolkata Mathematics * algebra, group theory, representation the

Gupta, Prof. Pushpendra K. Cytogenetics, Genetics & Plant

FL305 * Biotechnology
Ch. Charan Singh Univ., Meerut Breeding, Crop Biotechnology Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Energy storage in Flow Batteries and
Gupta, Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Supercapacitors, Understanding
IISc, Bengaluru nanoparticle synthesis, Modelling and Engineering * Chemical
Polymer Reaction Engineering, Multi-
Gupta, Prof. Santosh K.
FL307 objective Optimization using Genetic
UPES, Dehradun Engineering * Chemical

Innate Immunity, Medical

Gupta, Dr Taruna M. * Animal Sciences
FL309 Biotechnology, Host-Pathogen
NIRRH, Mumbai Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences

* Aeronautical
Process Modelling, Iron & Steel * Chemical
Gupta, Prof. Govind S.
FL1235 Making, Fluid Flow, Heat & Mass * Civil
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering
Transfer, Multiphase Flow * Computer Science
* Mechanical
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry,
Organometallics (Specifically
Gupta, Dr Parna Cyclometalated Phosphorescent
IISER, Kolkata Transition Metal Complexes with Chemistry * Inorganic
Application in Photodynamic Therapy
Seismology, Computational
Gupta, Dr Sandeep Kumar
FL3039 Seismology, Seismic Imaging,
NGRI, Hyderabad Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Tectono-physics, Geophysics

Gupta, Dr Shamik Statistical Physics, Non-linear

FL3469 * Condensed Matter Physics
RMV Univ., Howrah Dynamics Physics
* Statistical Physics, Nonlinear dynamics
Gupta, Dr Y.K. Nuclear Reaction, Nuclear Fission,
BARC, Mumbai Nuclear Radiation Detectors Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Gupta, Prof Dhruba
FL1102 Nuclear Astrophysics
Bose Institute, Kolkata Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Gupta, Dr Subhojoy Teichmueller Theory, Low
IISc, Bengaluru Dimensional Geometry, Topology Mathematics * geometry, topology
FL300 Gupta, Prof. Alok K. Experimental Petrology, Mineralogy,

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 21/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Univ. of Allahabad, Allahabad Geochemistry Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Translational Bioinformatics, NGS

* Biotechnology
Gupta, Dr Dinesh Data Analysis, Computational
FL2111 Engineering * Computer Science
ICGEB, New Delhi Biology, Systems Biology, Molecular
Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Modelling & In-silico Screening
* Bioinformatics

* Atmospheric
Gupta, Prof. Anil K. Palaeomonsoon, Palaeoclimatology,
FL301 * Earth Sciences
WIHG, Dehradun Palaeoceanography Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Oceanic
* Continental records
Gupta, Dr C.M. Membrane Biology, Bio-organic
CDRI, Lucknow Chemistry, Molecular Biophysics Life Sciences
Power System Dynamics & Control,
Gurrala, Dr Gurunath
FL3208 Microgrid Control, Renewable
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering * Electrical
Chemical Crystallography, Structural
Guru Row, Prof. T. N. Chemistry, Functional Materials, * Physical
FL312 Chemistry
IISc, Bengaluru Charge Density Analysis, * Condensed Matter Physics
Polymorphism & Co-crystals in Drugs * crystal engineering
Cognitive Radio Networks,
Underwater Acoustics & Signal
Gurugopinath, Dr Sanjeev
FL3903 Processing, Powerline
PES Univ., Bengaluru Engineering * Electronics
Communication, Free-space Optical
Communication, Speech Technology
CAD, Computational Metrology,
Gurumoorthy, Prof. B.
FL3490 Product Informatics, Product Design
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering * Mechanical
& Prototyping

Guruprasad, Prof. Lalitha

FL2206 Computational Biology Chemistry * physical organic
UOH, Hyderabad
Life Sciences * bioinformatics

Habib, Dr Saman
FL932 Molecular Biology & Parasitology * Health Sciences
CDRI, Lucknow Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Haider, Prof. S.A. Planetary Atmosphere,

PRL, Ahmedabad Ionosphere/Magnetosphere of Mars Earth and Planetary Sci. * Solar System

Asymmetric Synthesis, Asymmetric

Catalysis, Diversity Oriented
Hajra, Prof. Saumen
FL3117 Synthesis (DOS), Stereo-divergent
CBMR, Lucknow Chemistry * Organic
Synthesis of Compounds with Multi-
Haldar, Dr Devyani
FL1871 Chromatin Biology, Epigenetics
CDFD, Hyderabad Life Sciences * epigenetics
Antimicrobial Therapeutics,
Haldar, Dr Jayanta Antimicrobial & Anti-fouling
JNCASR, Bengaluru Materials, Smart Drug Delivery Chemistry * Physical
Land-climate Interactions using
Halder, Dr Subhadeep diagnostics & modelling, Variability &
FL3449 * Atmospheric
Univ. of Allahabad, Allahabad Predictability of the Monsoon, Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Geophysics
Climate Modelling
Hanumanthu, Prof. Krishna
FL3210 Algebra, Algebraic Geometry
CMI, Chennai Mathematics * algebra, group theory, representation the

Hareesh, Dr U. S.
FL2492 Materials Chemistry, Nano Ceramics * Inorganic
NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram Chemistry
* Materials Chemistry
Quantum Field Theory, Lattice Gauge
Hari Dass, Prof. N.D.
FL315 Theory, Gravitation & Astrophysics, * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
IISc, Bangalore Physics
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics * Relativity and Cosmology
Haridoss, Prof. Prathap
FL1240 PEM Fuel Cells, Carbon Nanotubes
IIT, Chennai Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Hariharan, Dr Ramasangu NLP Models and algorithms; Causal
Relecura Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru inference models. Engineering * Computer Science

Photophysics, Photobiology, Physical

Hariharan, Dr Mahesh * Organic
FL1227 Organic Chemistry, Femtosecond
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Chemistry * Physical
Spectroscopy, DNA
* Theoretical Chemistry

* Biotechnology
Harinarayanan, Dr R. * Environmental Sciences
FL1707 Bacterial Genetics, E.coli Bacteria
CDFD, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* Genetics
Haritsa, Prof. Jayant R.
FL1515 Database System Design
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering * Computer Science
Molecular Virology, Signal
Transduction, Regulation of
Harshan, Dr Krishnan H.
FL2811 Eukaryotic Protein Translation, * Microbial Sciences
CCMB, Hyderabad Life Sciences
Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition in * Molecular Virolgy
Cancer Metastasis
FL2205 Harursampath, Prof. Dineshkumar Nonlinear Mechanics, Multifunctional
IISc, Bengaluru Composite Structures Analysis, Chemistry * Aeronautical
Design & Damage Modelling, Solar Engineering * Computer Science
Photovoltaic/Thermo/Piezoelectric & Mathematics * Electrical
Battery Fibers, Self-Flapping MAVs, Physics * Electronics
Stratospheric Airships, SHM * Mechanical
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* differential equations, dynamical systems
* real and complex analysis, functional ana
* Condensed Matter Physics
* Electrochemistry
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 22/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Variational Asymptotic Method
* Photovoltaics & thermoelectrics

Hasnain, Prof. Seyed Ehtesham Functional Biology, Molecular * Biotechnology

Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Pathogenesis Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Hassan, Dr P.A. Surfactant Self-Assembly, Polymers,

FL1197 Chemistry * Physical
BARC, Mumbai Nanoparticles
Engineering * Chemical
Remote Sensing, GIS Applications,
Hazarika, Dr Nabajit
FL3432 Fluvial Geomorphology, Landuse
Nagaland Univ., Lumami Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Landcover Studies

* Biotechnology
Protein Biochemistry, Enzymology,
Hazra, Dr Saugata * Environmental Sciences
FL3323 Structural Biology, in-silico Protein Chemistry
IIT, Roorkee * Health Sciences
Dynamics, Antimicrobial Resistance Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* Medicinal chemistry, chemistry of degrada
Digital Image Processing, Computer
Hegadi, Prof. R.S. Vision, Medical Image Analysis,
Solapur Univ., Solapur Document Image Analysis, Engineering * Computer Science
Biometrics, Data & Image Mining
Home, Prof. Dipankar Foundations of Quantum Mechanics,
Bose Institute, Kolkata Quantum Information Physics * Quantum Foundations and Quantum Info
Home, Dr Vinayak
FL3793 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry * Physical
Hoti, Dr Sugeerappa Laxmanappa Vector Borne Diseases, Immunology,
RMRC, Belagavi Biotechnology Life Sciences

* Inorganic
* Organic
* Physical
* Biomedical
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology,
Husale, Dr Sudhir Chemistry * Biotechnology
FL2030 Physics of Nanodevices, Plasmonics,
NPL, New Delhi Engineering * Computer Science
Topological Insulators
Physics * Electrical
* Electronics
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Condensed Matter Physics
Power Electronics, Electric Drives,
Ikkurti, Mr Hanumath Prasad
FL2704 Power Converters for Renewable
CMERI, Durgapur Engineering * Electrical
Energy & Electric Vehicles

Inamdar, Dr Shreedhar
FL2469 Algebra, Combinatorics * algebra, group theory, representation the
ISI, Bengaluru Mathematics
* combinatorics

Indrayan, Prof. Abhaya

FL779 Biostatistics * Health Sciences
Univ. College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi Life Sciences
* Biostatistics
Indu, Dr J.
FL3471 Remote Sensing
IIT, Mumbai Engineering * Civil

Indulekha, Prof. K. Astrophysics, Galaxies, Stellar

FL3594 * Astronomy and Astrophysics
MG Univ., Kottayam Clusters Physics
* Environmental Physics
Islam, Prof. Nasreen S.
FL1722 Inorganic Chemistry
Tezpur Univ., Tezpur Chemistry * Inorganic

Isvaran, Dr Kavita Animal Behaviour, Life History

FL1687 * Animal Sciences
IISc, Bengaluru Evolution Life Sciences
* Animal Behaviour and Evolution
Iyengar, Prof. Soumya Neurogenesis, Neuroanatomy,
NBRC, Manesar Neuroethology Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Iyengar, Dr Sudarshan
FL2513 Data Sciences & Analytics
IIT, Ropar Engineering * Computer Science

* Analytical Chemistry
* Inorganic
* Organic
Materials Science, Polymers, * Physical
Iyer, Prof. Parameswar K. Biochemistry, Physics, * Biomedical
FL325 Engineering
IIT, Guwahati Optoelectronics, Electronics, Organic * Electrical
Life Sciences
Chemistry * Electronics
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Health Sciences
* Condensed Matter Physics
* Materials, Polymers
Synthesis, Characterization &
Jagadeesan, Dr Dinesh Applications of Materials as * Inorganic
IIT, Palakkad Heterogeneous Catalysts for Chemistry * Physical
Sustainable Energy & Environment * Materials Chemistry, Catalysis

* Aeronautical
Experimental Hypersonics, * Biomedical
Jagadeesh, Prof. Gopalan Engineering
FL2040 Shockwave Propagation in Complex * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Life Sciences
Fluid Medium * Mechanical
* Biotechnology
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics

Classical & Quantum Mechanics,

* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Jain, Prof. Sudhir R. Nonlinear Dynamics, Nuclear Theory,
FL331 * Condensed Matter Physics
BARC, Mumbai Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Physics
* Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Chaos, Mathematical Physics
* Classical and Quantum chaos
FL328 Jain, Prof. Arvind K. Structural Geology & Tectonics

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 23/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
CBRI, Roorkee Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Jain, Prof. Subodh Kumar Cell & Molecular Biology, Stress
Dr HS Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar Physiology Life Sciences * Biotechnology
River Science, Earth Surface
Jain, Dr Vikrant Processes, Tectonic Geomorphology,
IIT, Gandhinagar Application of Remote Sensing, DEM Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Jain, Prof. Neeraj

Plant Genomics & Transcriptomics, * Biotechnology
FL1774 Maharishi Univ. of Information Technology,
Genotyping & Fingerprinting Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Quantum Phase Transitions, High Tc
Jaiswal Nagar, Dr Deepshikha
FL3406 Superconductivity, Physics at nano-
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Enzymology, biochemistry, * Biotechnology

Jamdar, Dr Sahayog Jamdar
FL3914 microbiology, food science and * Microbial Sciences
BARC, Mumbai Life Sciences
nutrition. * Others1
* Biochemistry, enzymology, food science a

Jamma, Dr Trinath
Cell Biology, Cell Signalling, * Animal Sciences
FL3991 Birla Institute of Technology - Pilani,
Immunology & Metabolism Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Jana, Prof. Tushar * Organic

FL336 Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science
UOH, Hyderabad Chemistry * Physical
* Polymer
Experimental Materials Chemistry,
Jana, Dr Subhra
FL2725 Colloid & Surface Science, * Inorganic
SNBNCBS, Kolkata Chemistry
Spectroscopy & Catalysis * Physical
Jana, Dr Avijit Organic Photochemistry &
IICT, Hyderabad Photobiology Chemistry * Organic
Water Resource Systems, Pipe
Networks, Surface Water Hydrology,
Janga Reddy, Dr Manne * Civil
FL3345 Irrigation Water Management, Engineering
IIT, Mumbai * Earth Sciences
drought management, Evolutionary Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Hydrology and Water Resources
Algorithms, Soft Computing,
Jawahar, Prof. C.V. Computer Vision, Image Processing,
IIIT, Hyderabad Machine Learning Engineering * Computer Science
Audio Visual Signal, Processing,
Applied Machine Learning, Machine
Jayagopi, Dr Dinesh Babu Perception, Applied Signal
IIIT, Bengaluru Processing, Social Computing, Engineering * Computer Science
Human Robot Interaction, Multimedia
Analysis, Behavior Analysis
Precision Motion Control,
Nanometrology, Scanning Probe
Jayanth, Dr G.R. Microscopy, Design & Modelling of
FL3480 * Electrical
IISc, Bengaluru MEMS, Micromanipulation, Engineering
* Mechanical
Instrumentation for Real-world
Heterogeneous Catalysis in Organic
Jayaram, Prof. Radha V. Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Photo
FL2706 * Organic
ICT, Mumbai Catalysis, Waste Treatment, Surface Chemistry
* Physical
& Inter-facial Chemistry
Small Scale Mechanical Behaviour,
Jayaram, Prof. Vikram
FL337 Ceramics, Thin Films, Electron * Mechanical
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering
Microscopy * Metallurgy/Materials Engg

Jayaraman, Dr Sachindranath
FL1438 Linear Algebra, Matrix Analysis * real and complex analysis, functional ana
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Mathematics
* Linear Algebra
Semiconductor Nanostructures,
Jeganathan, Prof. K. Organic LEDs, Graphene,
Bharathidasan Univ., Tiruchirappalli Nanotechnology & Nano Drug Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Jeganmohan, Dr Masilamani Organic Synthesis, Organometallic

IIT, Chennai Chemistry Chemistry * Organic

Jemmis, Prof. E.D. Theoretical & Computational * Inorganic

IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry Chemistry * Organic
* Physical

Jha, Dr Gopaljee
FL2847 Plant Microbe Interactions * Plant Sciences
NIPGR, New Delhi Life Sciences
* Plant Microbe Interactions
Jha, Dr Rajan
FL2939 Nanophotonics & Plasmonics
IIT, Bhubaneswar Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics

Jhang, Dr Tripta
FL3106 Molecular Breeding * Biotechnology
CIMAP, Lucknow Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences

* Biomedical
Jhunjhunwala, Dr Siddharth Bioengineering, Immunology,
FL3652 Engineering * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Biomaterials, Drug Delivery Systems
Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences

* Animal Sciences
John Bernet, Dr Johnson
FL3665 Virology, Immunology * Biotechnology
RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
FL2135 Joseph, Dr Jomon Cell Biology, Cell Polarity, Nuclear

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 24/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
NCCS, Pune Pore Complex, WNT Signalling, Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
miRNA Pathway, ER-mitochondria * Biotechnology
biology * cell biology

Joseph, Dr James Electrochemistry, Sensors, Catalysis,

FL2371 * Analytical Chemistry
CECRI, Karaikudi Nanomaterials Chemistry
* Physical

Joseph, Dr Joveeta * Animal Sciences

FL3207 Medical Microbiology & Immunology
LVPEI, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Joseph, Dr Joshy Bio-organic Chemistry, * Organic

NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram Photochemistry Chemistry * Physical
* Bio-organic Chemistry
Experimental Evolution, Life-history
Joshi, Prof. Amitabh Evolution, Population & Quantitative
FL343 * Animal Sciences
JNCASR, Bengaluru Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics, Life Sciences
* Evolutionary genetics
Population Ecology
Nervous System in Drosophila,
Joshi, Dr Rohit
FL1693 Transcription Biology, Eukaryotic
CDFD, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Molecular Genetics

Joshi, Dr Mohan Chandra Bacterial DNA Repair, Anti Microbial * Biotechnology

Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi resistance & Nano biotechnology Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Joshi, Dr Abhijeet Biosensor, drug delivery, * Biotechnology

IIT, Indore nanotechnology, biomedical devices Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
* Health Sciences
Joshi, Prof Bhal Chandra Pulsars, Polarimetry,
NCRA, Pune Instrumentation, Software Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

Joshi, Dr R.G.
FL3198 Soft Condensed Matter, Photonics * Condensed Matter Physics
IGCAR, Kalpakkam Physics
* soft condensed matter

Joshi, Prof S.R.

FL1051 Microbiology * Biotechnology
NEHU, Shillong Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Joy, Prof. Keerikkattil Paily Neuroendocrinology, Reproductive
CUSAT, Kochi Endocrinology Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Geo-technical Engineering,
Foundation Engineering, Geo-
Juneja, Prof. Ashish
FL884 environmental Engineering, Engineering * Civil
IIT, Mumbai
Centrifuge Modelling, Numerical Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Integrated Omics, Algal * Biotechnology

Jutur, Dr Pavan Biotechnology, Biofuels, * Environmental Sciences
ICGEB, New Delhi Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
Metabolomics, Bioinformatics * Plant Sciences
* Algae Biology
Rock Mechanics, Geotechnical
K.S., Prof. RAO
FL2039 Engineering, Seismic Engineering * Civil
IIT, New Delhi
Microzonation,Engineering Geology Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Plant Biotechnology,
Kachhwaha, Dr Sumita
FL2838 Nanobiotechnology, Transgenics, * Biotechnology
Univ. of Rajasthan, Jaipur Life Sciences
Bioinformatics * Plant Sciences
Kadalbajoo, Prof. M.K.
FL346 LNM Institute of Information Technology, Numerical Analysis
Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana

Kailas, Dr Satish Vasu

FL3362 Tribology, Friction Stir Welding * Mechanical
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Nuclear Optical Model, Giant
Kailas, Dr S. Resonances, Heavy-Ion induced
BARC, Mumbai Fission/Fusion, Accelerator-based Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Multidisciplinary Science
Stainless Steel, Corrosion of Alloys,
Kain, Dr Vivekanand
FL1310 Materials Characterization, Failure
BARC, Mumbai Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg

Kalia, Dr Kiran Cancer Biology, Metal Toxicology, * Animal Sciences

NIPER, Ahmedabad Diabetic Nephropathy Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Magnetic Bearings, Self-bearing
Kalita, Dr Karuna Machines, Rotordynamics, Coupled * Mechanical
IIT, Guwahati Dynamics of Electro-mechanical Engineering * Others
Systems, Vibration * Electrical Machines
Wireless Communication, Signal
Kalyani, Dr Sheetal Processing & Machine Learning for * Computer Science
IIT, Chennai Wireless Communication, Deep Engineering * Electrical
learning, compressive sensing * Electronics

Kamal, Prof. Ahmed

FL348 Medicinal Chemistry
Jamia Hamdard Univ., New Delhi Chemistry * Organic

Chemical Biology, Metabolomics,

Kamat, Dr Siddhesh Shashikant
FL3992 Chemoproteomics, Lipid Metabolism, Chemistry * Organic
Protein Biochemistry Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Optical and infrared observations of
Kamath, Dr Umanath S.
FL3860 novae, symbiotic stars, star forming
IIA, Bengaluru Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics
FL2714 Kamble, Dr. Shashikant Chemical Engineering, Environmental

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 25/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
NEERI, Mumbai Engineering, Environmental Impact Chemistry * Analytical Chemistry
Assessment, Process & Technology Engineering * Inorganic
Development, Green Chemistry, * Organic
Membrane Processes, Technology * Physical
Transfer & Project Management * Chemical
* Environmental Science
* Environmental Engineering
Kamra, Dr A.K. Atmospheric Electricity, Cloud
IITM, Pune Physics, Aerosol Physics Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric

Kanaparthi, Dr Ravi Kumar Photophysics, Dye Sensitized Solar

FL3462 * Analytical Chemistry
Central Univ. of Kerala, Kasaragod Cells, Nanotechnology Chemistry
* Physical

Atmospheric Waves, Convection,

Kandaswamy, Prof. P. * differential equations, dynamical systems
FL350 Lubrication Theory, Mathematical Earth and Planetary Sci.
Bharathiar Univ., Coimbatore * Fluid Dynamics
Biology, Mathematical Modelling Mathematics
* Fluid Dynamics
Translational Immunology, Clinical
Immunogenetics & Molecular
Kanga, Dr Uma Medicine, Factors Impacting Organ & * Biotechnology
AIIMS, New Delhi Stem Cell Transplants, Genetic Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Diversity of HLA Genes, Molecular * Translational Immunology
Basis of Disease Susceptibility
Heterogeneous Catalysis, Biomass to
Kannan, Prof. Srinivasan Chemicals, Materials Chemistry, * Inorganic
CSMCRI, Bhavnagar Polymer-Clay Composites, CO2 to Chemistry * Organic
Chemicals * Physical
Complex Systems in
Electrochemistry & Polymers,
Theoretical Chemistry,
Kant, Prof. Rama * Physical
FL3059 Nanoelectrochemistry, Electron Chemistry
UOD, Delhi * Theoretical Chemistry
transfer at Electrode, Theories for Physics
* Polymer Physics
Rough and Porous Electrodes,
Transient Techniques
Solid & Structural Mechanics,
Kant, Prof. Tarun
FL353 Mechanics of Composite Materials,
IIT, Mumbai Engineering * Civil
Finite Element Methods

Infectious Disease Genomics, * Biotechnology

Kant Mohapatra, Dr Saroj
FL1847 Computational Biology, Clinical * Health Sciences
NIBG, Kalyani Life Sciences
Transcriptomics * Microbial Sciences
* Computational biology
Kapat, Dr Santanu
FL3321 Electrical Engineering
IIT, New Delhi Engineering * Electrical
Kapoor, Prof. Meenu Developmental Biology, Functional
GGS Indraprastha Univ., New Delhi Genomics, Plant Epi-genetics Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Total Synthesis of Biologically Active
Kapur, Dr Manmohan
FL2739 Natural Products, Transition Metal
IISER, Bhopal Chemistry * Organic
Catalyzed C-H Functionalization
Structural Mechanics, Multifunctional
Kapuria, Prof. Santosh Structures, Smart Composite
FL3098 * Civil
SERC, Chennai Structures, Structural Health Engineering
* Mechanical
Monitoring, Active Vibration Control
Kar, Prof. Rup Kumar
FL2813 Plant Physiology
Visva Bharati Univ., Santiniketan Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Kar, Prof. Premashis Gastroenterology, Hepatology,
Max Super Speciality Hospital, Ghaziabad Biosciences Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Systems Biology, Mathematical
Modelling, Computational Biology,
Kar, Dr Sandip
FL2682 Stochastic Analysis, Oscillatory Chemistry * Physical
IIT, Mumbai
Chemical Reactions, Pattern Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Molecular Basis of Drought Tolerance
Karaba, Prof. Nataraja in Plants, Functional Validation of
FL1396 * Biotechnology
UAS, Bengaluru Genes, Endophytes to Mitigate Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Drought Stress
Computational Heat Transfer & Fluid
Karagadde, Dr Shyamprasad Flow, Solidification, Microstructure
FL3966 * Mechanical
IIT, Mumbai Evolution, Numerical Methods, Engineering
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Multiscale Modelling
Karmodiya, Dr Krishanpal
FL2329 Epigenetics, Molecular Biology
IISER, Pune Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Order Structure in Normed Spaces &
Karn, Dr Anil Kumar Operator Spaces (Matricially Normed
NISER, Bhubaneswar Spaces), Theory of Operator Ideals Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana
(Geometry of Banach Spaces)
Monsoonal and tropical Indo-pacific
climate variability and change,
Karumuri, Prof. Ashok seamless prediction and applications,
FL3930 * Atmospheric
UOH, Hyderabad paleoclimate modelling (Holocene), Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Oceanic
earth system modelling, extreme
Cancer Biology, Role of miRNAs in
Karunagaran, Prof. Devarajan Cancer, TGF Beta Signalling,
IIT, Chennai Apoptosis, NF-kappa B Signalling, Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Wnt Signalling
Animal Behaviour, Genomics,
Neuroscience & Molecular Biology,
Karuppudurai, Dr Thangavel Bat Behavioral Ecology, Genome
MKU, Madurai Biology, Molecular Genetics, Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Drosophila Behaviour, Molecular
FL3226 Karutha Pandian, Prof. S. Microbial Biotechnology, Genomics,

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 26/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Alagappa Univ., Karaikudi Medical Microbiology Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Microbial Sciences
Karuthapandi, Dr Selvakumar Main Group Chemistry,
VIT-AP Univ., Amaravati Supramolecular Chemistry Chemistry * Inorganic

Coding for Data Communication &

* Computer Science
Storage Information-Theoretic
Kashyap, Prof. Navin * Electrical
FL3871 Security, Source Coding, Data Engineering
IISc, Bengaluru * combinatorics
Compression, Data Synchronization, Mathematics
* number theory, coding theory
Symbolic Dynamics
* probability, statistics, financial mathemat
Superplasticity, Thermomechanical
Kashyap, Prof. Bhagwati P. Treatment, Grain Boundary
IIT, Jodhpur Phenomena, Microstructure- Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Mechanical Property Correlation
Topology, Algebraic Topology,
Kasilingam, Dr Ramesh
FL3762 Differential Topology, Differential
ISI, Bengaluru Mathematics * geometry, topology
Geometry and Riemannian geometry.
Photoperception & Cell Biology,
Kateriya, Dr Suneel
FL2928 Ciliopathies, Nano-Biotechnology,
JNU, New Delhi Life Sciences * Biotechnology

* Biotechnology
Kathiresan, Prof. K. * Environmental Sciences
FL824 Marine Biology - Mangroves
Annamalai Univ., Parangipettai Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences
* mangroves
Small RNA-mediated Gene
Katiyar-Agarwal, Dr Surekha Regulation, Molecular Mechanisms
FL2351 * Biotechnology
UOD(SC), New Delhi underlying Abiotic Stress Responses Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
in Plants

Material Science & Engineering

* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Katoch, Dr Akash (Synthesis of Nanomaterials, Chemistry
FL3693 * Materials Chemistry
Panjab Univ., Chandigarh Chemical Gas Sensors, & Heavy Engineering
* Only Material Science & Engineering
Metal Ion Sensor) Physics
* Material Sciences

OMICS of Macular Degeneration,

Kaur, Dr Inderjeet * Animal Sciences
FL1297 Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinopathy of
LVPEI, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Health Sciences
prematurity & Other Eye Diseases
* Microbial Sciences
Kaur, Dr Manmeet Thin Films, Nanomaterials, Toxic Gas
BARC, Mumbai Sensors Physics * Material Science

* Analytical Chemistry
* Inorganic
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Nano-
Kaur, Dr Navneet * Organic
FL2455 materials, Chemo-sensors & Bio- Chemistry
Panjab Univ., Chandigarh * Biotechnology
sensors Life Sciences
* Environmental Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* Nanochemistry
Kaur, Dr Rupinder Yeast Molecular Biology, Genetics,
CDFD, Hyderabad Molecular Pathogenesis Life Sciences * Biotechnology

* Biotechnology
Kaur, Dr Jagreet
FL1352 Plant- Microbe Interaction * Microbial Sciences
UOD(SC), New Delhi Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
* plant pathogen interaction
Biochemistry, Structural Biology,
Kaushal, Dr Prem Singh
FL3578 Cryo-EM, X-ray Crystallography
CDFD, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Bioinformatics and protein synthesis

* Computer Science
Weather & Climate Modelling, High * Atmospheric
Kesarkar, Dr Amit P. Performance Computing & Parallel * Earth Sciences
FL2453 Earth and Planetary Sci.
NARL, Tirupati Programming, Numerical Methods for * differential equations, dynamical systems
Solving Differential Equations * probability, statistics, financial mathemat
* real and complex analysis, functional ana
* Fluid Dynamics
Flow of Granular Materials, De-
Kesava Rao, Prof. K.
FL557 fluoridation of Drinking Water,
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering * Chemical
Demonstration Experiments
Asymmetric Catalysis,
Organocatalysis, Medicinal
Kesavan, Dr V. Chemistry, Stabilization of Secondary * Organic
FL3581 Chemistry
IIT, Chennai Structure of Peptides, * Biotechnology
Life Sciences
Immunotherapy using small organic * Health Sciences

Kessarkar, Dr Pratima M.
FL362 Marine Geology, Sedimentology * Earth Sciences
NIO, Dona Paula, Goa Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Oceanic

Khakhar, Prof. D. V. * Chemical

FL1607 Granular Flow Polymer Processing
IIT, Mumbai Engineering * Mechanical
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Khan, Prof. Faiz Ahmed
FL2026 Organic Chemistry
IIT, Hyderabad Chemistry * Organic

* Earth Sciences
Biological Oceanography, Marine * Oceanic
Khandeparker, Dr Lidita D.S.
FL2303 Microbial Ecology, Microbiology, Earth and Planetary Sci. * Animal Sciences
NIO, Dona Paula, Goa
Biochemistry & Biotechnology Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Environmental Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 27/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL363 Khanduja, Prof. Sudesh K. Algebra, Algebraic Number Theory
IISER, Mohali Mathematics * algebra, group theory, representation the
* Algebraic Number Theory

Epigenetics, Developmental Biology, * Animal Sciences

Khosla, Dr Sanjeev
FL854 Chromatin Biology, Mammalian * Biotechnology
CDFD, Hyderabad Life Sciences
Genetics * Microbial Sciences
* epigenetics, genetics, developmental biol
Plant Biotechnology, Comparative
Khurana, Prof. Paramjit Plant Genomics, Molecular Basis of
FL365 * Biotechnology
UOD(SC), New Delhi Plant Differentiation & Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Kini, Dr Rajeev N. Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Terahertz
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Spectroscopy & Imaging Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Kishore, Prof. Nand Biothermodynamics, Biophysical * Physical

FL366 Chemistry
IIT, Mumbai Chemistry * Biotechnology
Life Sciences
* Biophysical Chemistry

Biofuels, Pyrolysis, Liquefaction, * Biotechnology

Kishore, Prof. Nanda Bubbles, Drops, Particles, * Chemical
IIT, Guwahati Computational Fluid Dynamics, Non- Engineering * Mechanical
Newtonian Fluids * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Energy Engineering

Kishore Kumar, Dr Karanam Atmospheric Dynamics, Remote

VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram Sensing of Earth's Atmosphere Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric

Cyber & Information Security,

Kisore, Dr Raghu
FL2632 Analytics, Deep learning, Machine
Mahindra ECole Centrale, Hyderabad Engineering * Computer Science
Kodandaramaiah, Dr Ullasa
FL2645 Ecology, Evolution
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Life Sciences * Ecology, Evolution
Heat Transfer, Biomass combustion
Kohli, Prof. Sangeeta
FL3487 and gasification. Cookstoves, Rural
IIT, New Delhi Engineering * Mechanical

Kohli, Prof. Ravinder K. Ecology, Forestry, Weed Science, * Environmental Sciences

Central Univ. of Punjab, Bathinda Vermitechnology, Plant Physiology Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
* Ecology
Chronic Kidney Disease,
Kolandaswamy, Dr Anbazhagan
FL3658 Osteoporosis, Immunology,
St. Johns Research Institute, Bengaluru Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Inflammation, Monocyte Biology
Experimental High Energy Physics,
Collider Physics, Dark Matter
Komaragiri, Dr Jyothsna Rani
FL3866 Searches, Double Higgs Searches, b- * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
IISc, Bengaluru Physics
quark Identification, Trigger * Multivariate analysis & Simulation and da
Neuroscience (Cellular, Molecular,
Konar, Dr Arpita
FL3704 Behavioral) Cognitive & Psychiatric * Animal Sciences
IGIB, Delhi Life Sciences
Disorders, Epigenetics * Neuroscience

Supramolecular Photochemistry, * Inorganic

Koner, Dr Apurba L.
FL2397 Molecular Switches, Functional Chemistry * Organic
IISER, Bhopal
Materials, Bioconjugation Life Sciences * Physical
* Biotechnology
New Synthetic Methods, Unnatural
Kotha, Prof. Sambasivarao
FL780 Amino Acids, Transition Metals in
IIT, Mumbai Chemistry * Organic
Organic Synthesis

Kothari, Prof. Dwarkadas P.

FL368 Power Systems, Energy Machines * Electrical
VNIT, Nagpur Engineering
* Energy

Plant Tissue Culture, Transgenic * Biotechnology

Kothari, Prof. S.L.
FL369 Plants, Plants Biotechnology, * Environmental Sciences
Amity Univ., Jaipur Life Sciences
Nanobiotechnology Molecular Biology * Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Optimal control, Nonlinear &
Adaptive Control, Flight Vehicle
Kothari, Prof. Mangal Guidance & Control, Motion Planning,
IIT, Kanpur Coordinated Control of UAVs, Engineering * Aeronautical
Nonlinear Observer & Estimation,
Koyakutty, Prof. Manzoor Cancer - Nanomedicine,
Amrita Centre for Nanoscience, Kochi Nanotechnology, Immunology Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Krishnakanta Singh, Dr A.
FL2722 Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry
WIHG, Dehradun Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Krishnamoorthy, Dr K. Electrochemistry, Electronic Devices, * Analytical Chemistry

NCL, Pune Polymers Chemistry * Organic
* Materials

Krishnamoorthy, Dr K. Atmospheric Aerosols, Climate

IISc, Bengaluru Impact, Climatology Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric

Computational Chemistry,
Krishnamurthy, Dr Sailaja * Physical
FL1832 Computational Physics, Molecular Chemistry
CECRI, Karaikudi * Condensed Matter Physics
Modelling & Simulations Physics
* Theoretical Chemistry
FL3118 Krishnamurthy, Prof. Muralidhar Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer,
IIT, Kanpur Optical Measurements, Dropwise Engineering * Mechanical
Condensation, Water Harvesting,
Suspension Dynamics, Interfacial
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 28/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Intense Laser Plasma Physics,
Krishnamurthy, Prof. Manchikanti
FL3247 Atomic & Molecular Physics, Optical
TIFR, Mumbai Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics

Inverse Problems, Partial Differential

Krishnan, Dr Venky * differential equations, dynamical systems
FL2491 Equations, Image Reconstruction,
TIFR - CAM, Bengaluru Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana
Microlocal Analysis
* Partial differential equations
Krishnan, Dr R. Atmospheric Sciences, Climate
IITM, Pune Change Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric

Electrochemistry, Graphene
* Analytical Chemistry
Kuila, Dr Tapas Supercapacitor, Polymer Composites,
FL2755 * Inorganic
CMERI, Durgapur Electrocatalyst, Water splitting, Nano Chemistry
* Physical
Lubricant, Surface Coating
* Materials, Energy storage, Composites

Kulkarni, Prof. G.U.

FL892 Nanomaterials, Nanolithography Chemistry * Condensed Matter Physics
CNSMS, Bengaluru
Physics * Nano

Artificial Intelligence, Game Theory &

Kulkarni, Dr Ankur Achyut * control theory, optimization, operations re
FL3142 Optimisation, Stochastic Control, Engineering
IIT, Mumbai * Artificial Intelligence
Information Theory Mathematics
* Game theory, Information theory
Kulkarni, Dr Manas Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical
ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru Mechanics, Nonequilibrium Physics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Kulshreshtha, Dr Ankur Exosome Biology, Bioengineering,

FL3698 * Biotechnology
ICGEB, New Delhi Synthetic Biology Life Sciences
* Bioengineering/ Synthetic Biology
Proton Exchange membranes,
Kulshrestha, Dr Vaibhav
FL2702 Electro-dialysis, Redox Flow Battery, * Organic
CSMCRI, Bhavnagar Chemistry
Fuel Cell * Physical
Harmonic Analysis, Functional
Kumar, Prof. Ajay Analysis, Complex Analysis, Partial * differential equations, dynamical systems
UOD, Delhi Differential Equations, Operator Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana
theory * Operator Spaces, C*- algebras

Kumar, Dr Aditya Genomics, Molecular Biophysics, * Biotechnology

Tezpur Univ., Tezpur Computational Biology Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Synthetic Methodologies, Asymmetric
Kumar, Dr Pradeep
FL381 Synthesis, Total Synthesis of
NCL, Pune Chemistry * Organic
Bioactive Compounds
Molecular Recognition,
Kumar, Prof. Subodh Supramolecular Chemistry,
FL383 * Analytical Chemistry
Guru Nanak Dev Univ., Amritsar Fluorescence based Molecular Chemistry
* Organic
Kumar, Dr Rakesh Nanophysics, Condensed Matter
IIT, Ropar Physics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Neurobiology, Behavioural
Neuroscience, Epigenetic
Kumar, Dr Arvind
FL1918 Mechanisms in Depression & related
CCMB, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Neuroepigenetics, Neuropsychiatric Disor
Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Cellular
& Molecular Neuroscience

Vibration & Noise, Bio- * Biomedical

Kumar, Dr Navin
FL2126 mechanics/Bio-materials, Bone, Engineering * Mechanical
IIT, Ropar
Tissue, Bio-medical Instrumentation Life Sciences * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Biomechanics

Kumar, Dr Manoranjan
FL2384 Condensed Matter Theory Chemistry * Physical
SNBNCBS, Kolkata
Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Power Electronics Converters & its
Kumar, Mr Sumit
FL2705 Control for Applications in Solar PV * Electrical
CMERI, Durgapur Engineering
Converters & Microgrid * Electronics
Remote Sensing, Numerical
Kumar, Dr Raj Modelling, Geosciences, Applications
FL2876 * Earth Sciences
SAC, Ahmedabad of Microwave Radars, Assimilation, Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Oceanic
Structural Biology, Neuroscience,
Kumar, Dr Janesh
FL2925 Glutamate Receptor Ion Channels, * Biotechnology
NCCS, Pune Life Sciences
cryo-electron microscopy * Health Sciences
Smart Sensor-Actuator,
Instrumentation Electronics, Smart
Kumar, Dr Anuj Buildings, Internet of Things (IOT), * Electrical
CBRI, Roorkee Power Electronics, Smart Grid, Engineering * Electronics
Wireless Sensor Actuators-Networks, * Instrumentation Electronics
Smart City, Cyber Physical System
Liquid Biopsy, Circulating Tumor Cells
(CTCs), Bladder Cancer, Breast
Kumar, Dr Prashant Cancer, Gall Bladder, Cervical Cancer,
Institute of Bioinformatics, Bengaluru Genomic & Proteomic Approaches to Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Identify Biomarkers & Therapeutic
Targets in Cancer

Kumar, Dr Ashish
FL3705 Condensed Matter Physics
Inter University Accelerator Center, New Delhi Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Supramolecualr chemistry, metal-

Kumar, Dr Girijesh organic framework, molecular
Panjab Univ., Chandigarh recognition, carbene chemistry, Chemistry * Inorganic
heterogeneous catalysis
FL3759 Kumar, Dr Rajeev Carbon Nanomaterials such as
AMPRI, Bhopal graphene, MWCNTs & Porous Carbon Chemistry * Physical
Materials for Energy Applications Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 29/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Materials Chemistry
* Materials Physics

Functional Materials: Lithium-Ion

Kumar, Dr Sunil * Inorganic
FL3788 Batteries, Electroceramics, Lead-Free Chemistry
IIT, Indore * Condensed Matter Physics
Piezoelectric Materials Physics
* Materials Chemistry
Data Mining/Data Science, Applied
Machine Learning, Remote Sensing,
Kumar, Prof Uttam Digital Image Processing,
FL3834 Engineering * Computer Science
IIIT, Bengaluru Management Information System
Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
(MIS), Geographic Information
System (GIS)
Structural biology, Epigenetic
Kumar, Dr Pankaj
FL3905 modifications, Immunotherapeutics, * Biotechnology
Jamia Hamdard Univ., New Delhi Life Sciences
Drug Discovery * Microbial Sciences
Kumar, Prof. Manoj Supramolecular Chemistry,
Guru Nanak Dev Univ., Amritsar Functional Materials Chemistry * Supramolecular Chemistry

Kumar, Dr Aloke Soft Matter, Fluid Mechanics,

FL3491 * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Biophysics Engineering
* Mechanical

Kumar, Prof. Amit

FL3950 Theoretical Computer Science Engineering * Computer Science
IIT, New Delhi
Mathematics * theoretical computer science

Structural Biology, Protein

Kumar, Prof. Mukesh * Biotechnology
FL1840 Crystallography, Structure based
BARC, Mumbai Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Drug Design, Molecular Biology
* Structural Biology

Kumar, Dr Vimlesh
FL1964 Neurobiology * Animal Sciences
IISER, Bhopal Life Sciences
* Health Sciences

* Analytical Chemistry
Kumar, Dr Ashwini Atmospheric Sciences, Geochemistry, * Atmospheric
FL3222 Chemistry
NIO, Dona Paula, Goa Analytical Chemistry * Earth Sciences
Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Oceanic
* Atmospheric aerosols
Cell Biology, Immunology,
Kumar, Dr Sachin
FL3680 Neutrophils, Redox Biology,
CDRI, Lucknow Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Kumar, Prof. Lalit Stem Cell Transplantation, Hemato-
AIIMS, New Delhi Oncology, Gynaecological Cancers Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Kumar, Dr Niti Molecular biology, Biochemistry,
CDRI, Lucknow Biophysics Life Sciences * Biotechnology

Kumar, Dr Praveen * Mechanical

FL1980 Mechanical Behavior of Materials Engineering
IISc, Bengaluru * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Condensed Matter Physics

Kumar, Dr Sanjay * Chemical

FL2749 Materials Science, Waste Utilization
NML, Jamshedpur Engineering * Civil
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Kumar, Dr Sudesh
FL1334 Biotechnology
CIAB, Mohali Life Sciences * Biotechnology

* Organic
Kumar, Dr Ashutosh Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy,
FL1919 Chemistry * Physical
IIT, Mumbai Structural Biology
Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Biochemistry
Kumara, Dr Honnavalli N.
FL2314 Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology & Natural Wildlife Biology
Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
History, Coimbatore

Kumaravelu, Dr Jagavelu * Animal Sciences

FL1730 Life Sciences [except Botany]
CDRI, Lucknow Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences

Kundu, Prof. Sudip

Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Life Sciences * Computational Systems Biology / Bioinfor

Molecular Endocrinology &

Kundu, Dr Sourav Reproductive Physiology, Matrix * Animal Sciences
West Bengal State Univ., Kolkata Biology, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Molecular Techniques * Health Sciences
Statistical Physics, Stochastic
Process, Extreme Value Statistics,
FL3967 Kundu, Dr Anupam * Condensed Matter Physics
Large Eviations, Active Particles, Physics
* Statistical Physics
Energy Transport
Tumor Biology, Regulation of Gene
Kundu, Dr Gopal
FL2129 Expression, Signal Transduction &
NCCS, Pune Life Sciences * Cancer Biology
Structure-Function Relationship in
Kundu, Prof. Suman Proteins, Protein Engineering, * Biotechnology
UOD(SC), New Delhi Rational Drug Design, Hemoglobins & Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Blood Substitutes * Protein Chemistry
Evolutionary Biology, Ecology,
Kunte, Dr Krushnamegh
FL2334 Evolutionary Genetics, Conservation * Animal Sciences
NCBS, Bengaluru Life Sciences
Biology * Evolutionary Biology

Kunwar, Dr Amit Radiation Biology, Cancer Biology, * Animal Sciences

BARC, Mumbai Redox Biochemistry & Biophysics Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
FL2463 Kuriakose, Dr Giby Reproductive Ecology of Plants,

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Sacred Heart College, Kochi Vegetation Characterization, Plant Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Taxonomy, Canopy Ecology,
Conservation Biology & Biodiversity
and Orchid Diversity

Kurian, Dr Siby Biogeochemistry, Sediment

FL3045 Chemistry * Organic
NIO, Dona Paula, Goa Geochemistry
Earth and Planetary Sci. * Oceanic

Kushawaha, Dr Pramod Kumar

FL3753 Clinical Microbiology&Immunology * Biotechnology
Central Univ. of Punjab, Bathinda Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Lahiri, Dr Mayurika Cell, Biochemical & Molecular
IISER, Pune Techniques Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Physics and Chemistry of accelerator
Lahiri, Prof. Susanta based radioisotope production, * Analytical Chemistry
FL2010 Chemistry
SINP, Kolkata Natural radioactivity, Trace Analysis, * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Green Chemistry * Nuclear Chemistry, Green Chemistry
Lahiri, Prof. G.K. Co-ordination Chemistry,
IIT, Mumbai Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis Chemistry * Inorganic
Number Theory, Diophantine
Laishram, Prof. Shanta Equations, Irreducibility of
ISI, New Delhi Polynomials, Prime Numbers, Mathematics * number theory, coding theory

Phytomatics-Genomics & Proteomics, * Biotechnology

Lakshmi, Prof. P.T.V.
FL3008 Computer aided Drug Design, * Health Sciences
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Life Sciences
Systems Biology * Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Lakshmi Kantam, Prof. Mannepalli Catalysis, Materials & Process
ICT, Mumbai Chemistry Chemistry * Organic
Solid State Chemistry, Materials
Science, Photofunctional Materials,
Phosphors, Photocatalysts,
Lakshminarasimhan, Dr N. * Inorganic
FL1831 Nanomaterials, Electrochemistry, Chemistry
CECRI, Karaikudi * Physical
Magnetic Materials, Dielectric Physics
* Condensed Matter Physics
Materials, Structure-Property

Immunology, Biomedical Science, * Animal Sciences

Lal, Dr Girdhari
FL2840 Biotechnology, Molecular Biology & * Biotechnology
NCCS, Pune Life Sciences
Cell Biology * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Free Radical Biology, embryo
implantation, Role of estrogen
receptor co-regulators in modulating * Animal Sciences
Laloraya, Dr Malini
FL3932 estrogen action during embryo * Biotechnology
RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram Life Sciences
implantation and in cancers, * Health Sciences
Pathogenesis of Polycystic ovary * Medical students interested in PCOS and
Geo-technical Engineering Ground
Latha, Prof. Madhavi Improvement, Geo-synthetics,
IISc, Bengaluru Earthquake Geo-technical Engineering * Civil
Engineering, Rock Mechanics

Latha, Dr N. Bioinformatics, Computational

FL2584 * Biotechnology
Sri Venkateswara College, New Delhi Biology Life Sciences
* Bioinformatics/Biotechnology

Latthe, Dr Sanjay S. Materials Science, Condensed Matter

FL3769 * Condensed Matter Physics
Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Physics Physics
* Materials Science

Lavania, Dr Umesh Chandra Plant Cytogenetics, Karyobiology &

FL2245 * Plant Sciences
Univ. of Lucknow, Lucknow Plant Improvement Life Sciences
* Plant Cytogenetics
Laxmi, Dr Ashverya Plant Physiology, Plant Molecular
NIPGR, New Delhi Biology, Plant Signal Transduction Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Lingaraj, Dr Sahu
FL2006 Operator Theory, Operator Algebras
IISER, Mohali Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana
Inorganic & Organo-metallic
Lobana, Dr Tarlok S.
FL397 Spectroscopy, Activation of C-S
Guru Nanak Dev Univ., Amritsar Chemistry * Inorganic
Bonds, Medicinal Chemistry
Lodha, Dr Mukesh
FL3669 Plant epigenetics
CCMB, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Plant Sciences

Lohiya, Prof. Nirmal K.

FL398 Reproductive Biology, Endocrinology * Animal Sciences
Univ. of Rajasthan, Jaipur Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Lourderaj, Dr U. Theoretical & Computational
NISER, Bhubaneswar Chemistry Chemistry * Physical

Luthra, Dr Pratibha Mehta

* Organic
FL3201 Dr BR Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Medicinal Chemistry Chemistry
* Health Sciences
Research, Delhi Life Sciences
* Natural Products

Madhavan, Dr Nandita Peptide Synthesis, Synthetic Ion

FL1359 * Organic
IIT, Mumbai Channels Chemistry
* Bioorganic
Madhu, Prof. P.K. Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic
TIFR-CIS, Hyderabad Resonance Chemistry * Physical

Madkaikar, Dr Manisha
* Biotechnology
FL2814 National Institute of Immunohaematology, Immunology, Hematology
Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Medicine
FL3447 Mahajan, Dr Ashutosh Mixed-Integer Nonlinear
IIT, Mumbai Optimization, Mixed-Integer Linear Engineering * Management Sciences
Mathematics * control theory, optimization, operations re

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Optimization, Algorithms, Software &
Applications of Optimization

Mahajan, Prof. Rakesh Kumar Chemical Sensors, Colloids &

FL3333 * Analytical Chemistry
DAV Univ., Jalandhar Interfaces, Material Chemistry Chemistry
* Physical
Protein Folding, Membrane Protein
Mahalakshmi, Dr R.
FL3071 Biophysics, Biomolecular Life Sciences * Biophysics
IISER, Bhopal
Spectroscopy Physics * Spectroscopy
Luminescent Nanomaterials,
Mahalingam, Dr Venkataramanan
FL862 Nanocomposites, Layer * Inorganic
IISER, Kolkata Chemistry
Nanomaterials for Energy Storage * materials
Mahalingam, Dr S.
FL1520 HIV Pathogenesis, Cancer Biology
IIT, Chennai Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Theoretical Chemistry, Molecular
Spectroscopy, Non-adiabatic
Mahapatra, Prof. S. Quantum Dynamics, Quantum * Physical
FL403 Chemistry
UOH, Hyderabad Chemistry & Dynamics of Molecules * Theoretical
of Interstellar Interest, Reactive * Molecular Physics
Chemical Dynamics

* Computer Science
* Electronics
Mahapatra, Prof. Santanu Compact Modelling, Nanoelectronics, Engineering
FL404 * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
IISc, Bengaluru VLSI Mathematics
* differential equations, dynamical systems
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Condensed Matter Physics
Microelectronics & VLSI,
Mahapatra, Prof. Souvik
FL3534 Semiconductor Devices, Device Engineering * Electrical
IIT, Mumbai
Circuit Reliability Physics * Solid State Physics
Nanotechnology, Nanoelectronics,
Biotechnology, Molecular Electronics,
Electronic Transport through
Mahapatro, Dr Ajit K.
FL2967 Micro/Nano-sructured Organic/bio- * Condensed Matter Physics
UOD, Delhi Physics
Functionalized Systems, Organic Thin * Nanotechnology
Film Electronics, Biophysics,
Nanopore Engineering,
Microelectromechanical System

Mahesh, Dr T.S. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance,

FL893 * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
IISER, Pune Quantum Information Physics
* Quantum Information
Maheswar, Dr Gopinathan
FL3856 Young Stellar Objects
IIA, Bengaluru Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics
Maiti, Dr Subhabrata Bio-organic Chemistry, Molecular
IISER, Mohali Self-assembly, Systems Chemistry Chemistry * Organic
Metabolic engineering of plants,
fungi and algae for improved
Maiti, Prof. Mrinal Kumar storage-lipids; Rice functional * Biotechnology
IIT, Kharagpur genomics for improved productivity Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
and grain quality; Bioprospecting of * Plant Sciences
endophytic microbes for healthcare
Microscopy, Optical Spectroscopy,
Maiti, Prof. Sudipta
FL3535 Single Molecule, Biophysics, Neuro- Chemistry * Physical
TIFR, Mumbai
transmission Life Sciences * Biophysics
Magnetism, Superconductivity,
Maiti, Prof. Kalobaran Topological Insulators, Correlated
TIFR, Mumbai Electron Systems, Electron Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Synthetic Chemistry, Catalysis,
Maiti, Dr Debabrata
FL1844 Organometallic Chemistry, * Inorganic
IIT, Mumbai Chemistry
Bioinorganic Chemistry * Organic
Human Disease Genomics, Next
Generation Sequencing, Exome
Maitra, Dr Arindam
FL3160 Sequencing, RNA-Seq, Methylation
NIBG, Kalyani Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Array, Cancer Genomics, Maternal &
Neonatal Health Genomics

Supramolecular Chemistry, Molecular

Maitra, Prof. Uday * Inorganic
FL408 Gels, Bile Acid Chemistry, Soft Hybrid
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Organic
* Physical
Maity, Dr Biswanath
FL3660 Cancer & Cardiovascular Biology
Centre of Biomedical Research, Lucknow Life Sciences * Health Sciences

Maity, Dr. Dilip K. Theoretical & Computational

FL3006 * Physical
HBNI, Mumbai Chemistry Chemistry
* Theoretical / Compuational Chemistry
Machine Learning, Pattern
Maji, Dr Pradipta Recognition, Medical Image * Computer Science
ISI, Kolkata Processing, Bioinformatics, Imaging Engineering * Electronics
Genomics * Bioinformatics
Majumdar, Dr Subeer S. Transgenic Animals, Cellular
NII, New Delhi Endocrinology Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Majumdar, Prof. Pinaki Condensed Matter, Statistical
HRI, Allahabad Physics, Many-Body Theory Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Majumdar, Dr Sharmistha Evolution of Mobile Genetic
IIT, Gandhinagar Elements/Transposons Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Majumdar, Prof. Subham
FL2353 Solid State Physics
IACS, Kolkata Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Classical and Quantum Gravitation
Majumdar, Prof Parthasarathi Theory, Black Hole Physics, * Astronomy and Astrophysics
RMV Univ., Howrah Gravitational Waves, Classical and Physics * Relativity and Cosmology
Quantum Gauge Field Theory * Theoretical Physics

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL947 Majumdar, Prof. Archan S. Quantum Information Theory,
SNBNCBS, Kolkata Cosmology Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Relativity and Cosmology
* Quantum Information

Majumdar, Prof. Subeer

FL897 Transgenesis, Genomics * Animal Sciences
NIAB, Hyderabad Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
Mal, Dr Prolay K. Experimental High Energy Physics
NISER, Bhubaneswar (Collider Experiments) Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics

* Analytical Chemistry
Biosensors, Molecular Electronics, * Organic
Malhotra, Prof. Bansi D. Conducting Polymers, Ordered Chemistry * Physical
Delhi Technological Univ., Delhi Molecular Assemblies, Engineering * Biomedical
Nanobiomaterials Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Electroluminescent Polymers,
Malik, Prof. Sudip Conducting Polymers, Small
FL2250 * Organic
IACS, Kolkata Molecular Gels, Sensors, Graphene Chemistry
* Polymer Chemistry
based Supercapacitors

Carbohydrate-Protein Interactions,
Mallajosyula, Dr Sairam Swaroop * Physical
FL3881 Novel DNA Constructs, Molecular Chemistry
IIT, Gandhinagar * Biotechnology
Mechanics Force Field Development Life Sciences
* Bioinformatics

* Biotechnology
Mallick, Dr Bibekanand Cancer Biology, Epigenomics,
FL2849 Engineering * Biotechnology
NIT, Rourkela ncRNAs, Molecular Biology
Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Life Sciences
Mallick, Dr Ritam
FL3643 Nuclear Astrophysics
IISER, Bhopal Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

Environmental Sciences, Global

* Atmospheric
Mandal, Prof. Biswapati Warming, Pollution, Plant Nutrition-
FL413 Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
BCK Viswavidyalaya, Kalyani Value Addition, Soil Health,
Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Distributed Algorithms, Swarm
Mandal, Dr Partha Sarathi
FL1193 Robots, Wireless Sensor Networks:
IIT, Guwahati Engineering * Computer Science
Theory to Implementations
Cluster-Assembled Materials, Metal-
Organic Frameworks, Atom-precise
Mandal, Dr Sukhendu * Inorganic
FL2642 Metal Nanocluster, Alkane Metathesis
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Chemistry * Physical
& Related Reactions, Bio-mass to
* Materials science
Liquid Transportation Fuels
Polymers, Organometallic Chemistry,
Mandal, Dr Debaprasad
FL2684 Ionic Liquids, Catalysis, Water * Inorganic
IIT, Ropar Chemistry
Oxidation * Organic

Mandal, Dr Animesh
FL3696 Exploration Geophysics * Earth Sciences
IIT, Kanpur Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Geophysics

Mandal, Dr Swadhin Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis,

FL874 * Inorganic
IISER, Kolkata Materials Chemistry Chemistry
* Organic
Mandal, Prof. Mahitosh Cancer Drug Discovery, Cell
IIT, Kharagpur Signalling, Drug Delivery Life Sciences * Health Sciences

Mandal, Prof. B.N. Water Waves, Integral Equations,

ISI, Kolkata Integral Transforms, Wavelets Mathematics * integral equations, water waves

Mandal, Prof. Nibir Structural Geology, Tectonics, Solid

Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata Earth Geophysics Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

* Biomedical
Mandal, Prof. Pravat
FL822 MRI Imaging, Signal Processing * Computer Science
NBRC, Manesar Engineering
* Electrical
* Electronics
Waste Management, Bio-Process
Mandal, Prof. Tamal
FL1883 Engineering, Catalysis & Value Added * Biotechnology
NIET, Durgapur Engineering
Product Recovery * Chemical

Mandal, Prof. Samit Kr. * Computer Science

FL1841 Nuclear Physics Engineering
UOD, Delhi * Electronics
* Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Theoretical Astrophysics: Black Hole
Mangalam, Prof. Arun Astrophysics, Magnetic Fields,
FL2601 * Astronomy and Astrophysics
IIA, Bengaluru Galactic Dynamics, Galaxy Formation Physics
* Relativity and Cosmology
& Cosmology, Active Galactic Nuclei

Elementary Particle Physics Quantum

Mani, Prof. H.S. * Astronomy and Astrophysics
FL419 mechanics ( some recent
CMI, Chennai Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
* Quantum Thermodynamics

Manjappara, Dr Uma V.
FL2678 Peptide Chemistry, Chemical Biology
CFTRI, Mysuru Life Sciences * Health Sciences

Combinatorial Aspects of
FL3969 Manjunath, Dr Madhusudan Commutative Algebra and Algebraic
Mathematics * algebra, group theory, representation the

Manna, Dr Tapas Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Structural

FL1053 * Animal Sciences
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Biology Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
FL3970 Manna, Dr Uttam Polymeric Material, Liquid Wettability,

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Drug Delivery, Chemical Sensing, Chemistry * Physical
Oil/water Separation * Material Chemistry
Engineering Materials,
Manna, Prof. Indranil Nanostructured Materials, Surface
IIT, Kharagpur Engineering, Laser Material Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg

Manna, Dr Soumen Kanti Metabolomics, Mass Spectrometry, * Analytical Chemistry

FL3653 Chemistry
SINP, Kolkata Cancer * Biotechnology
Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Transportation Engineering,
Manoj, Dr M.
FL3475 Transportation Planning, Travel * Civil
IIT, New Delhi Engineering
Behaviour * Computer Science
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology,
Mariappan, Dr Indumathi Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells,
LVPEI, Hyderabad Ocular Disease, Modelling Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Regenerative Medicine

Mathew, Dr Sam Cell & Developmental Biology,

FL2627 * Animal Sciences
RCB, Faridabad Genetics, Stem Cells Life Sciences
* Biotechnology

Electrochemical (Bio)sensors,
* Analytical Chemistry
Bioelectrochemistry, Nanomaterials &
Mathiyarasu, Dr J. * Inorganic
FL2340 Nano Composites, Carbon Nano Chemistry
CECRI, Karaikudi * Organic
Composites, Nanomaterials for Physics
* Physical
Energy Applications
* Electrochemical Sensors
Growth of Technologically Important
Bulk Single Crystals & Synthesis of
Maurya, Dr K.K. Nanoparticles, Characterization of
NPL, New Delhi Nano Thin Films, Epitaxial Multilayer Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Quantum Structures using HRXRD
Coordination Chemistry & Catalysis,
Peroxo Complexes & their Reactivity,
Maurya, Dr M.R. Structural & Functional Models of
IIT, Roorkee Haloperoxidases, Characterisation of Chemistry * Inorganic
Heterogeneous Catalysts & their
Catalytic Properties
Bioinorganic Chemistry - Inorganic
Mayil Murugan, Dr R.
FL3238 Chemical Biology - MRI & Optical
MKU, Madurai Chemistry * Inorganic
Imaging Probes for Cancer Biology

Bioinorganic Chemistry, Protein

Mazumdar, Prof. Shyamalava * Inorganic
FL2670 Chemistry, Biotechnology, Bio-nano
TIFR, Mumbai Chemistry * Physical
* Peptides and Proteins Chemistry
Mazumdar, Dr Aninda
FL962 Sedimentary Geology, Geochemistry
NIO, Dona Paula, Goa Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Medhi, Dr Biman J. Polarization, ISM-Dust, Star Cluster,
Gawahati Univ., Guwahati Late Type Star Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

Medigeshi, Dr Guruprasad
FL2793 Cell Biology & Virology * Animal Sciences
THSTI, Faridabad Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Materials Science, Sustainable
Biomaterials, Packaging Materials, * Analytical Chemistry
Meena, Dr Ramavatar Process development, Functional & * Inorganic
CSMCRI, Bhavnagar Surface Modification, Nanomaterials, Chemistry * Organic
Natural Products Chemistry, Green * Physical
Processes * Materials Science, Natural Products Chem

Mehra, Prof. N.K. Immunology, Immunogenetics, HLA

FL428 * Health Sciences
SRL Laboratories, Gurgaon Disease Biomarkers Life Sciences
* Translational Immunology
Theoretical High Energy Physics,
Mehta, Dr Poonam
FL2771 Neutrino Physics, Geometric Aspects * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
JNU, New Delhi Physics
of Quantum Mechanics * Geometric aspects of Quantum Mechanics

Mehta, Prof. Neelesh Bhogilal

FL3998 Wireless Communications * Computer Science
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering
* Electronics

Cyber Security, Digital Forensics,

Mehtre, Prof. B.M. * Computer Science
FL2309 Security Analytics, Visualisation,
IDRBT, Hyderabad Engineering * Electronics
* Cyber Security

* Animal Sciences
Michael Aruldhas, Prof. Maria-Joseph Endocrinology, Reproductive Biology,
FL3120 * Environmental Sciences
ALMPG-IBMS, Chennai Cancer Biology Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Endocrinology
Mishra, Dr Rakesh K. Developmental Biology, Genomics,
CCMB, Hyderabad Drosophila, Zebrafish Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Power System Engineering,
Intelligent Techniques for Control of
Mishra, Prof. Sukumar Power System & Power Quality
FL2964 * Electrical
IIT, New Delhi Studies, Renewable Energy, Micro Engineering
* Electronics
Grid, Electric Vehicle Charging
Infrastructure, IoT based system

Mishra, Dr Sabyashachi QM/MM Modelling of Enzymatic

FL3261 * Physical
IIT, Kharagpur Reactions Chemistry
* Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
surface engineering, nano materials
for high temperatures,
Mishra, Dr Suman Kumari
FL3935 nanocomposite coatings, hard
NML, Jamshedpur Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
coatings, Thin films by PVD

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL1795 Mishra, Dr Krishnaveni Molecular Biology, Cell Biology,
UOH, Hyderabad Epigenetics Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Microbial Sciences

Mishra, Dr Padmaja P.
FL2318 Biophysics, Spectroscopy Chemistry * Physical
SINP, Kolkata
Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Bioinformatics, Computational
Mishra, Dr Seema
FL2364 Biology, In-silico Drug Design,
UOH, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Bioinformatics
Proteomics, Molecular Biology
Molecular Cell Biology, Biochemistry,
Mishra, Dr Shravan Kumar
FL2291 RNA Splicing, Ubiquitin-related * Biotechnology
IISER, Mohali Life Sciences
Proteins * Microbial Sciences

* Biomedical
* Biotechnology
Machine Learning, Computer Vision & * Computer Science
Mishra, Dr Deepak Engineering
FL2731 Graphics, Image Processing, Deep * Electrical
IIST, Thiruvananthapuram Mathematics
Learning, Signal Processing * Electronics
* control theory, optimization, operations re
* differential equations, dynamical systems
* optics signal processing applications
Mishra, Dr Om Prakash Applied Geophysics, Seismology,
Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi Disaster Risk Management Science Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Mishra, Dr Sandip K. Breast Cancer Biology, Epigenetics, * Biotechnology

ILS, Bhubaneswar Molecular Biology and Drug discovery Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Cancer Biology and Epigenetics

Mishra, Dr Ram Kumar Molecular & Cell Biology,

FL2365 * Biotechnology
IISER, Bhopal Developmental Biology Life Sciences
* Disease Biology
Mishra, Dr V.K. Agricultural Sciences, Molecular
BHU, Varanasi Biology Life Sciences * Plant Sciences

Nanomaterials, Biosensor Design,

* Organic
Diagnostic Development, Single
Mishra, Dr Aseem * Physical
FL1557 Molecule Spectroscopy, Technology Chemistry
KIIT Univ., Bhubaneswar * Biotechnology
Translation, Product Development & Life Sciences
* Nanomaterials
* Nanomaterials
Mishra, Prof. Biswajit Ore Geology, Sulfide Mineralogy,
IIT, Kharagpur Geochemical Themodynamics Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Mishra, Prof. Satyendra

FL2872 Polymer Science, Nano Materials * Chemical
NM Univ., Jalgaon Engineering
* Nano Materials
Nanomaterial based Targeted Drug
Delivery for Infectious Diseases &
Mishra, Dr Prabhat R. Osteoporosis, Solubilization of * Health Sciences
FL2631 Chemistry
CDRI, Lucknow Hydrophobic Drugs, Engineering * Nanomaterial based drug delivery
Life Sciences
Nanocrystals of Variety of * Nanoparticle based drug delivery for para
Hydrophobic Drugs
Structural Geology & Tectonics,
Misra, Dr Santanu Experimental Rock Deformation,
IIT, Kanpur Deformation Mechanism & Rheology Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
of Rocks

Molecular & Cellular Responses to * Biotechnology

Misra, Prof. Hari Sharan Xenotoxic Agents & DNA Damage, * Environmental Sciences
HBNI/BARC, Mumbai Antioxidant & Redox Biology, Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Molecular Biology * Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences

* Physical
Sensors, Photo-detector, Carbon
* Chemical
Nanotubes & Graphene, Quantum
Misra, Dr Abha Chemistry * Electrical
FL1747 Dots, Super-capacitor, Batteries,
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering * Electronics
Mechanical Behavior of Microscopic
Physics * Mechanical
Foam, 2D Materials & Electronics
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Condensed Matter Physics

Misra, Prof. Sudip Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor * Computer Science

IIT, Kharagpur Networks, Wireless Adhoc Networks Engineering * Electrical
* Electronics
Head & Neck Cancer, Cancer
Esophagus, Gynecological Cancer,
Cancer Gallbladder, Breast Cancer,
Misra, Dr Sanjeev
FL3375 Lymphomas, Gastrointestinal
AIIMS, Jodhpur Life Sciences * Medical Sciences
Cancers, Soft Tissue & Bone
Sarcomas, Solid Tumour
Gamma Ray Bursts & Supernovae,
Misra, Dr Kuntal Techniques: Observational
ARIES, Nainital Astronomy, Optical & X-ray Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics
Climate Change (Past & Present),
Misra, Dr Sambuddha Chemical Oceanography, Chemical
IISc, Bengaluru Weathering, Low-temperature Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Geochemistry, Environmental Tracers
Mittal, Prof. Anurag
FL3852 Computer Vision
IIT, Chennai Engineering * Computer Science
FL441 Mittal, Prof. Sanjay Unsteady Aerodynamics, Finite
IIT, Kanpur Element Analysis, High Performance Engineering * Aeronautical
Computing, Vortex Induced * Mechanical
Vibrations, Sports Aerodynamics,

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 35/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Bluff-body Flows, Traffic Flow,
Experimental Fluid Mechanics,
Transition and Turbulence, Stability
of Flows, CFD

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology &

Modak, Dr Rahul * Biotechnology
FL2880 Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Infection
KIIT Univ., Bhubaneswar Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
DFT based Calculations like Total
Energy, Electronic Structure,
Modak, Dr Paritosh
FL3606 Phonons, Optical Properties etc. & Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
BARC, Mumbai
Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Solids & Nano-Materials

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology

Modi, Dr Deepak * Animal Sciences
FL442 Human Genetics, Reproductive
NIRRH, Mumbai Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Mohammad, Prof. Sami Cosmology, Higher Dimensional
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Gravity, High Energy Physics Physics * Relativity and Cosmology
Mohan, Dr V. Diabetology, Epidemiology,
MDRF, Chennai Cardiovascular Diseases Life Sciences
Mohan Kumar, Prof. B. Agroforestry, Forest Ecology,
Nalanda Univ., Rajgir Silviculture Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
Biomolecular Spectroscopy,
Mohan Rao, Dr Ch. Molecular Chaperones, Protein
FL445 * Biotechnology
CCMB, Hyderabad Folding in Health & Diseases, Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Nanobiology, Microfluidics

Mohanakumar, Prof. K.P. * Animal Sciences
FL446 Neuropharmacology, Neurochemistry,
IUCBRSSH, Kottayam Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Neurodegenerative Disease
* Neuropharmacology

Mohanty, Prof. Jyotirmayee Photochemistry, Supramolecular

FL3121 * Physical
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry Chemistry
* Photochemistry and Supramolecular chem
Experimental High Energy Physics,
Quantum Chromodynamic (QCD)
Mohanty, Prof. Bedangadas Phase Diagram, Transport Properties
NISER, Bhubaneswar of QCD Matter & Various Signatures Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
of Quark Gluon Plasma, Director
Dark Matter Search
Hydrogeochemistry, Water Quality
Assessment, Environmental
Mohanty, Dr Atulya Kumar
FL3041 Geochemistry, Groundwater * Earth Sciences
NGRI, Hyderabad Earth and Planetary Sci.
Exploration, Hydrogeology, * Hydrogeochemistry
Groundwater Contaminant Modelling
Mohanty, Prof. S. Precambrian Geology, Structural
IIT - ISM Univ., Dhanbad Geology, Tectonics, Seismotectonics Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions,
Novel Correlations in Non-equilibrium
Mohanty, Prof. P.K.
FL2953 Steady State, Exactly Solvable
SINP, Kolkata Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Driven Diffusive Systems, Biological

Mohanty, Dr Sujata Stem Cell Biology, Tissue

FL1845 * Biotechnology
AIIMS, New Delhi Engineering Life Sciences
* cell and molecular biology
Mohapatra, Dr Prasanta Kumar Inorganic Chemistry, Separation
BARC, Mumbai Science, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry * Inorganic

* Animal Sciences
Mohapatra, Dr Bhagyalaxmi Congenital Heart Disease, * Biotechnology
BHU, Varanasi Cardiomyopathy Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* Molecular genetics of CHD and cardiomyo

Mohareer, Dr Krishnaveni
FL2214 Molecular Biology, Cell Biology * Biotechnology
DRILS, Hyderabad Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Molecular Parasitology, Functional
Genomics, Proteomics, Biochemistry
Mohmmed, Dr Asif
FL1061 & Functional Biology of Parasite * Biotechnology
ICGEB, New Delhi Life Sciences
Protease, Drug Targets & Drug * Health Sciences

* Animal Sciences
* Biotechnology
Mondal, Dr Bama Charan
FL3913 Drosophila Hematopoiesis * Health Sciences
CDFD, Hyderabad Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* Others1
* Biochemistry
Mondal, Dr Jagannath Computational Chemistry,
TIFR-CIS, Hyderabad Theoretical Chemistry Chemistry * Physical
Mondal, Dr Tapan Kumar
FL3466 Bioinformatics
NRCPB, New Delhi Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Organic Material Synthesis, Smart
More, Dr Sandeep P. Textile, Functional Dyes, Responsive
FL3767 * Organic
ICT, Mumbai Polymers/Oligomers, Organic Chemistry
* Materials Chemistry

Bioinorganic Chemistry, Chemical

Mugesh, Prof. G. * Inorganic
FL817 Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Chemistry
IISc, Bengaluru * Organic
Design Life Sciences
* Chemical Biology
FL1434 Mukerji, Dr Mitali Genomics, Genome Informatics,
IGIB, Delhi Ayurgenomics Life Sciences * Biotechnology
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 36/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Health Sciences
* genomics
Ultra-Fast & Single Molecule
Mukherjee, Prof. Saptarshi
FL1862 Spectroscopy of Biomolecules,
IISER, Bhopal Chemistry * Physical
Nanoclusters & Nanomaterials

Organic Materials, Nanomaterials for

Mukherjee, Prof. Partha Sarathi * Inorganic
FL453 Drug Delivery, Catalysis,
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Organic
supramolecular chemistry
* Physical
Mukherjee, Prof. R.N. Bio-inorganic Chemistry,
IIT, Kanpur Coordination Chemistry Chemistry * Inorganic

Mukherjee, Prof. Ashim Signal Transduction, Developmental * Animal Sciences

BHU, Varanasi Genetics, Molecular Genetics Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Genetics, Molecular Biology
Human Molecular Genomics,
Microbiome & its potential role in
Mukherjee, Dr Souvik Human Health, Genomics of * Biotechnology
NIBG, Kalyani Communicable & Non-communicable Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Diseases, Population Genetics & * Microbial Sciences
Molecular Evolution
Mukherjee, Dr Barun K. Mineralogy, Metamorphism & Fluid
WIHG, Dehradun Inclusion Study Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chemistry
of Natural Products, Drug
Mukherjee, Prof. Pulok Kumar Development from Natural
Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata Resources, Traditional Medicines Chemistry * Organic
Inspired Drug Development, Quality

Metal Organic Framework Synthesis,

Mukherjee, Dr Arindam * Inorganic
FL1437 Complex Syntheses, Bio-mimetic
IISER, Kolkata Chemistry * Organic
Catalysis, Anticancer Agents
* chemical biology
Mukherjee, Prof. Santanu
FL1346 Enantioselective Catalysis
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Organic

* Aeronautical
Computational Solid Mechanics, * Civil
Mukherjee, Dr Somenath Engineering
FL1295 Structural Vibrations & Dynamic * Mechanical
CMERI, Durgapur Mathematics
Stability/Aeroelasticity. * differential equations, dynamical systems
* Computational Solid Mechanics (FEM),
* Analytical Mechanics
Snake Venom Biochemistry, Microbial
Mukherjee, Prof. Ashis K.
FL2690 Biotechnology, Cardiovascular Drug * Biotechnology
Tezpur Univ., Tezpur Life Sciences
Discovery, Proteomics * Health Sciences
Biochemistry, Cell Biology,
Mukherjee, Dr Srabani
FL2856 Proteomics, Protein Chemistry,
NIRRH, Mumbai Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Genetics, epigenetics
Systems Biology, Biological Physics,
Mukherji, Dr Sutapa
FL3231 Non-equilibrium Statistical * Condensed Matter Physics
CFTRI, Mysuru Physics
Mechanics, Thermodynamics * Mathematical Biology

* Analytical Chemistry
Supra-molecular Chemistry, Organic
Mukhopadhyay, Dr Pritam * Inorganic
FL459 & Organo-metallic Synthesis,
JNU, New Delhi Chemistry * Organic
Material Chemistry
* Physical
* Material Chemistry

Mukhopadhyay, Dr Anirban Analytic Number Theory, Additive

FL1677 * combinatorics
IMSc, Chennai Combinatorics Mathematics
* number theory, coding theory

Neurosciences, Cell Biology,

Mukhopadhyay, Prof. Debashis * Animal Sciences
FL2022 Proteomics, Alzheimer's Disease,
SINP, Kolkata Life Sciences * Health Sciences
RTK signalling
* Biophysics

Mukhopadhyay, Dr Arnab Molecular Biology, Genomics &

FL2095 * Animal Sciences
NII, New Delhi Molecular Genetics Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
Microbiology, Membrane Biology,
Mukhopadhyay, Prof. Kasturi
FL940 Biological Spectroscopy, * Environmental Sciences
JNU, New Delhi Life Sciences
Antimicrobial Agents, Bioaerosol * Microbial Sciences
Nuclear Structure Studies, Gamma
Mukhopadhyay, Dr S.
FL3807 ray spectroscopy, Nuclear Radiation
BARC, Mumbai Physics * Low and medium energy nuclear physics

Mukhopadhyay, Dr Sangita
FL853 Cell Signalling, Signal Transduction * Biotechnology
CDFD, Hyderabad Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins,
Protein Aggregation & Amyloid * Organic
Mukhopadhyay, Dr Samrat
FL752 Formation, Molecular Biophysics, Chemistry * Physical
IISER, Mohali
Chemical Biology, Single-Molecule & Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Nanoscale Biophysics * Biochemistry and Biophysics
Mukhopadhyay, Dr Mrinmay K. Experimental Soft Condensed Matter
SINP, Kolkata Physics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Mukul, Prof Malay Structural Geology, GPS Geodesy,

IIT, Mumbai Neotectonics Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

FL3197 Mulay, Dr Shantanu Elasticity, Continuum Mechanics,

IIT, Chennai Large Deformation of Materials, Engineering * Aeronautical
Fracture Mechanics, Plasticity, Multi- Life Sciences * Civil
physics & Multi-scale Modelling of Mathematics * Computer Science
Materials, Micro-macro Transition, Physics * Electrical
* Mechanical
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 37/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Finite Element Analysis, Meshless * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Methods * Environmental Sciences
* differential equations, dynamical systems
* geometry, topology
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Condensed Matter Physics
Cancer Genomics, Non-coding RNAs
(miRNA & lncRNA),
Munirajan, Prof. A.K. Pharmacogenomics, Bioinformatics, * Biotechnology
ALMPG-IBMS, Chennai Molecular Genetics of CAD & Neuro- Life Sciences * Health Sciences
developmental/Degenerative * Human Genetics
Organic (Ferroelectric,
Optoelectronic, NLO etc.) Materials,
Munshi, Dr Parthapratim
FL3558 Materials Chemistry, Chemical & * Physical
Shiv Nadar Univ., Tehsil Dadri Chemistry
Biological Crystallography, Physical * Materials, Crystallography, Computationa
Chemistry, Structural Chemistry
Nonlinear Dynamics, Electronics,
Murali, Dr K. Chaotic Dynamics, Chaotic Circuits,
FL2776 Engineering * Electronics
Anna Univ., Chennai Nanoelectronics, Stochastic
Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics

* Computer Science
Murali, Dr Kota Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Embedded * Electronics
FL2782 Engineering
Vijna Labs, Bengaluru Systems, Spectroscopy * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Condensed Matter Physics
Muralidharan, Prof. K.
FL3883 Nano Materials, Polymers
UOH, Hyderabad Chemistry * Inorganic

Computational Biophysics, Molecular * Physical

Murarka, Dr Rajesh K. Chemistry
FL1881 Dynamics Simulations, Machine * Chemical
IISER, Bhopal Engineering
Learning, Statistical Mechanics * Computer Science
* Condensed Matter Physics

Nanomanfuacturing, Surface
Murmu, Dr Naresh C. * Chemical
FL2222 Coating, Graphene Composites,
CMERI, Durgapur Engineering * Mechanical
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg

Murthy, Prof. Chandra Wireless Communications, Signal

FL1099 * Electrical
IISc, Bengaluru Processing, Information Theory Engineering
* Electronics

Murthy, Dr Appala Venkata Ramana Fiber Optics, Free Space Optics,

FL3700 * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
DIAT, Pune Biophysics Physics
* BioPhysics,
Murthy, Dr J Krishna Experimental Condensed Matter
NIT-Tadeaplligudem, AP. Physics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Murty, Prof. Dasaka S.

FL1924 Geotechnical Engineering * Civil
IIT, Mumbai Engineering
* Geotechnical Engineering

* Analytical Chemistry
* Organic
* Physical
Peptide Chemistry, Aggregation
* Biomedical
Chemical Biology, Chemical
* Biotechnology
Muruga Poopathi Raja, Dr K. Neuroscience, Alzheimer's Disease, Chemistry
FL3239 * Chemical
MKU, Madurai Spectroscopy, Foldamers, Structural Engineering
* Computer Science
Biology, Cheminformatics, Molecular Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
Modelling, Dynamics & Simulation
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* Chemical Biology, Computational Chemist
* Computational Biology, Bioinformatics

Wind Tunnel Testing, Shock Tube * Aeronautical

Flows, Flow Control, CFD, Vehicle * Civil
Murugan, Dr T. Aerodynamics, Blast Wave, * Electronics
FL1448 Engineering
CMERI, Durgapur Instrumentation, LABVIEW based * Mechanical
Life Sciences
Data Acquisition & Control, PIV, * Environmental Sciences
Solar-based Systems * Plant Sciences
* data communication and control

Computational Materials Science,

Murugan, Dr Palanichamy * Physical
FL1833 Energy Materials, Electronic Chemistry
CECRI, Karaikudi * Condensed Matter Physics
Structure Calculations Physics
* Quantum chemistry

Muruganandam, Prof. V.
FL3022 Harmonic Analysis
NISER, Bhubaneswar Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana

Nonlinear Dynamics (Chaos,

Synchronization & Complex
Networks), Condensed Matter * Astronomy and Astrophysics
Muruganandam, Dr Paulsamy
FL1267 Physics [Quantum Gases: Cold * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Bharathidasan Univ., Tiruchirappalli Physics
Atoms, Di-polar Bose-Einstein * Condensed Matter Physics
Condensates, Spin-orbit Coupled BEC * Nonlinear Dynamics

Murugavel, Prof. R. Inorganic & Organometallic

FL465 * Inorganic
IIT, Mumbai Chemistry Materials Chemistry Chemistry
* Organic

* Electrical
Murugesan, Prof. V. Optical / Condensed-Matter Physics; Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
IISc, Bengaluru computational mathematics Mathematics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
* Matrix Algebra and statistics

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 38/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL2778 Murugesh, Dr S. Theoretical Physics, Nonlinear
IIST, Thiruvananthapuram Dynamics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
* Nonlinear Dynamics
Plant Sciences: Combined Stress &
Stress Interaction in Plants, Crop
Muthappa, Dr Senthil-Kumar
FL2902 Simulation Models & Yield Prediction, * Biotechnology
NIPGR, New Delhi Life Sciences
Gene Silencing, Non-host disease * Plant Sciences
Synthetic Organic Chemistry,
Muthusamy, Prof. S. Rhodium Carbenoids, Stereoselective
Bharathidasan Univ., Tiruchirappalli Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Chemistry * Organic

Muthuswami, Dr Rohini
FL2843 Chromatin Remodelling * Animal Sciences
JNU, New Delhi Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Cell Division, Intercellular
Mylavarapu, Dr Sivaram V.S. Communication, Cell Biology, * Animal Sciences
RCB, Gurgaon Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Developmental Biology * Health Sciences

Nadicoori, Dr Vinay Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell

FL815 * Microbial Sciences
NII, New Delhi Biology, Cell Signalling Life Sciences
* Molecular Biology

* Animal Sciences
* Biotechnology
Nadkarni, Dr Suhita Life Sciences
FL2610 Computational Neurobiology * Health Sciences
IISER, Pune Mathematics
* differential equations, dynamical systems
* Neuroscience
* Biophysics
Cancer Therapy, Drug Target
Identification, Tumor Suppressor
Nag, Prof. Alo
FL2213 Genes, Drug Delivery, Cancer
UOD(SC), New Delhi Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Biology, Cell Cycle Regulations &
DNA Damage Response

Nag, Dr Vijaya Lakshmi

FL3907 Cancer Biology
AIIMS, Jodhpur Life Sciences * Biotechnology

Computational Fluid Dynamics, High

Fidelity Simulations, Transition to
Nagabhushana Rao, Prof. Vadlamani
FL3823 Turbulence, Solver Development, Fan
IIT, Chennai Engineering * Aeronautical
Tonal Noise Prediction, Liquid Sheet
Breakup, Multi-mode Heat Transfer

* Biomedical
Micro-Nano Scale Manufacturing,
Nagahanumaiah, Dr * Biotechnology
FL994 Microsystems Design, Micro
CMTI, Bengaluru Engineering * Electronics
Machines, Tool Design
* Mechanical
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Magnetotellurics, Electro Magnetic
Naganjaneyulu, Dr Kasturi
FL122 Methods, Electrical Resistivity,
NGRI, Hyderabad Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Peptide Synthesis, Peptide
Nagaraj, Dr R.
FL470 Conformation, Membrane * Biotechnology
CCMB, Hyderabad Life Sciences
Biochemistry * Microbial Sciences
Inorganic, Materials Synthesis for
Nagaraja, Dr C.M.
FL2663 Catalytic & Energy Storage * Inorganic
IIT, Ropar Chemistry
Applications * Materials chemistry
Theoretical Physics, Nonlinear
Nagaraja Kumar, Prof. C.
FL3420 Physics: Chaos, Solitons/Solitary
Panjab Univ., Chandigarh Physics * Thoeretical & Non Linear
Wave Solutions of NLEE's

* Animal Sciences
Nagarajan, Dr Perumal
FL2097 Genetics, Animal Models, Hepatology * Biotechnology
NII, New Delhi Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Genetics

Evolutionary & Ecological Genetics;

Nagarajan, Dr M. * Animal Sciences
FL2826 Genomics; Transcriptomics;
Central Univ. of Kerala, Kasaragod Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Molecular Phylogenetics
* Environmental Sciences
Computational Biology,
Nagarajaram, Prof. H.A.
FL1695 Bioinformatics, Computational * Biotechnology
UOH, Hyderabad Life Sciences
Systems Biology * compuational biology
DNA Repair, DNA Damage Signalling,
Nagaraju, Prof. Ganesh
FL1160 Cancer, Genome Instability, Genetic
IISc, Bengaluru Life Sciences
Diseases & Cell Biology
Nagendra Kumar, Dr Suryadevara Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet
UOH, Hyderabad of Things, Time Series Data Analysis Engineering * Computer Science
Organometallic Chemistry, Polymer
Nagendran, Prof. Selvarajan Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry,
FL746 * Inorganic
IIT, New Delhi Main-group Chemistry, Chemistry
* Organometallic, Main-group
Bioorganometallic Chemistry
Climate Hydrology & Modelling,
Climate Variables Downscaling,
Optimization in Water Resource
Nagesh Kumar, Prof. D.
FL2914 Systems, Multicriteria Decision Engineering * Civil
IISc, Bengaluru
Making (MCDM) in Water Resources, Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
Remote Sensing for Irrigation

Naik, Dr Sushant
FL1860 Palaeoclimate, Palaeoceanography * Earth Sciences
NIO, Dona Paula, Goa Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Oceanic
FL2399 Nair, Dr Rajesh V. Quantum Photonics, Nanophotonics

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 39/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
IIT, Ropar and meta-materials, Lasers, Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Nanotechnology, Condense Matter * Condensed Matter Physics
Nair, Dr Deepak T. Structural Biology, Molecular Biology,
RCB, Faridabad DNA Replication, DNA Repair Life Sciences * Structural Biology
Nair, Dr Radhika
FL3638 Metastasis, Breast Cancer
RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram Life Sciences * Cancer biology
Climate Change, Regional Climate
Nair, Dr Vijayakumar S. Modelling, Atmospheric Aerosols,
FL2255 * Atmospheric
VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram Radiactive Forcing, Cryosphere- Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Earth Sciences
Climate Interactions
Air Pollution, Trace Gases,
Greenhouse Warming, Satellite Data
Naja, Dr Manish
FL1263 Analysis, Tropospheric Chemistry -
ARIES, Nainital Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
Observations & Modelling, Climate
Gamma Ray Spectroscopy, Solid
Nambissan, Prof. P.M.G.
FL1482 State Detectors, Positron Annihilation
SINP, Kolkata Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Spectroscopy, Nanomaterials
Namboothiri, Prof. I.N.N. Synthetic & Mechanistic Organic
IIT, Mumbai Chemistry Chemistry * Organic
Namboothiry, Dr Manoj A.G. Organic Optoelectronics, perovskite
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram solar cells Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Namitharan, Dr Kayambu
FL3728 Organic Chemistry Catalysis
SRM Research Institute, Chennai Chemistry * Organic
Total Synthesis of Natural Products &
Nanda, Prof. Samik Designed Molecules, Biocatalysis,
IIT, Kharagpur Application of Enzymes in Organic Chemistry * Organic

Nanda, Dr Ranjan Proteomics, Metabolomics,

FL1058 * Health Sciences
ICGEB, New Delhi Biomarker Discovery, Tuberculosis Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Nandedkar, Prof. Tarala D. Reproductive Biology, Ovarian

FL475 * Animal Sciences
NIRRH/Haffkine Inst., Mumbai Endocrinology, Implantation Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
Polymer Crystallization & Gelation,
Nandi, Prof. Arun K. Polymer Nanocomposites, * Organic
IACS, Kolkata Supramolecular Polymers, Chemistry * Physical
Polymerization * polymers
Nandi, Dr Soumyadeep Computational Biology &
IASST, Guwahati Bioinformatics Life Sciences * Computational Biology

* Animal Sciences
Nandi, Prof. Dipankar Immunology, Cell Biology,
FL807 * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Bacteriology Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Nandicoori, Dr Vinay Kumar Molecular Biology, Cell Biology,
NII, New Delhi Biochemistry Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences

Nandy, Dr Bodhisatta Evolutionary Biology & Animal

FL3550 * Animal Sciences
IISER, Berhampur Behaviour Life Sciences
* Evolution and Behaviour
Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Low
Nandy, Prof. Maitreyee Energy Nuclear Astrophysics,
FL2023 * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
SINP, Kolkata Neutron Spectrometry, Dosimetry, Physics
* Radiation Physics
Induced Activity

Nanjappa, Dr Gnanesh Plant Breeding, Molecular Genetics &

FL3626 * Biotechnology
CFTRI, Mysuru Genomics, Plant Pathology Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
High Performance Concrete,
Nanthagopalan, Dr Prakash
FL1987 Sustainable Construction Materials,
IIT, Mumbai Engineering * Civil
Rheology of Cement-based Materials

Areas of Gene Expression & Gene

Naorem, Dr Aruna * Animal Sciences
FL2572 Regulation, PPIases, Regulators of
UOD(SC), New Delhi Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Cell Cycle
* Microbial Sciences
Narahari, Prof. Y. Game Theory, Auctions & Mechanism
IISc, Bengaluru Design, Network Science Engineering * Computer Science
Computational Chemistry,
Narahari Sastry, Dr G. Theoretical Chemistry, Computer * Organic
FL2546 Chemistry
NEIST, Jorhat Aided Drug Design, Chemo- * Physical
Life Sciences
informatics & Big Data * bioinformtics and computational biology

* Biomedical
* Chemical
* Computer Science
* Electronics
Organic/Polymer Electronics, Device
Narayan, Prof. K.S. Engineering * Mechanical
FL479 Physics, Soft Matter Physics
JNCASR, Bengaluru Life Sciences * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Bioelectronics, Microscopy
Physics * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Condensed Matter Physics
Condensed Matter Physics, Light
Narayana, Prof. Chandrabhas
FL3539 Scattering in Materials, High
JNCASR, Bengaluru Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Pressure Research
FL2762 Narayana Rao, Dr T. Radar Meteorology, Polarimetric
NARL, Tirupati weather radars, Wind profiling Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
radars, GNSS/IRNSS Meteorology,
Atmospheric Turbulence,

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 40/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Atmospheric Boundary Layer,
Monsoon, Clouds, Rain Microphysics
Narayanan, Dr Chatapuram Krishnan Data Mining, Machine Learning,
IIT, Ropar Pervasive Computing, ICT4D Engineering * Computer Science

Materials Science, Nanomaterials, * Physical

Narayanan, Dr Tharangattu Narayanan
FL3144 Electrochemistry, Low Dimensional Chemistry * Condensed Matter Physics
TIFR-CIS, Hyderabad
Carbon Structures, Self-assembly Physics * Materials Science
* Nanomaterials
Mitochondrial redox homeostasis in
neurological disorders, Oxidative
Naresh Babu, Prof. Sepuri
FL1599 Stress, Role of Mitochondria in * Animal Sciences
UOH, Hyderabad Life Sciences
Cancer Cells, Fe-S Proteins of * Health Sciences

Narlikar, Dr Leelavati Computational Biology, Machine

FL2871 Engineering * Computer Science
NCL, Pune Learning
Life Sciences * Genomics
Biological Control of Insect Pest of
Nasser, Dr M.
FL1779 Crops, Insect Pollination & Insect
Univ. of Calicut, Kerala Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Induced plant Galls
Scientific Visualization,
Natarajan, Prof. Vijay Computational Topology,
FL2063 Engineering * Computer Science
IISc, Bengaluru Computational Geometry, Computer
Mathematics * geometry, topology

* Biomedical
* Biotechnology
Cell & Molecular Biology: Genomics,
Natarajan, Prof. Krishnamurthy * Computer Science
FL3124 Microarray, NGS, Transcription, Engineering
JNU, New Delhi * Animal Sciences
Chromatin & Gene Regulation Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Natarajan, Prof. S.
FL484 Inorganic Chemistry
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Inorganic

Natarajaseenivasan, Prof. Kalimuthusamy Infectious Diseases, Mitochondrial * Biotechnology

Bharathidasan Univ., Tiruchirappalli Ca2+ Signalling, miRNA biomarkers Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Infectious Disease, Mycobacterium
tuberculosis, DNA Damage Repair,
Natesh, Dr Ramanathan Cell Cycle Proteins, Cancer,
FL1464 * Biotechnology
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Structural Molecular Biology, Protein Life Sciences
* Structural Molecular Biology
Crystallography, Single Particle
CryoEM & 3D Image Processing
Nath, Prof. Sukhendu Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Fluorescence
BARC, Mumbai Sensor, Photophysics Chemistry * Physical

Nath, Prof. Gopal Molecular Biology, Microbiology, * Animal Sciences

BHU, Varanasi Bacteriophage Therapy Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Developmental Biology, Plant Growth
Nath, Prof. Utpal & Development, Transcriptional
IISc, Bengaluru Network, Evolutionary Biology, Cell & Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Organ Morphogenesis
Naveen, Dr K P
FL3741 Wireless Networks
IIT, Tirupati Engineering * Communication Systems
Nayak, Dr Aruna Kumar Experimental High Energy Physics
IOP, Bhubaneswar (CMS Experiment at CERN LHC) Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Quark
Nayak, Dr Jajati K.
FL3234 Gluon Plasma, Numerical Methods, * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
VECC, Kolkata Physics
Hydrodynamics * Phase transition, hydrodynamics, phenom

Deep Learning, Optical Character

Negi, Prof. Atul * Computer Science
FL2172 Recognition, Internet of Things,
UOH, Hyderabad Engineering * Electronics
Cyber Physical Systems
* Communication Engineering
Netrakanti, Dr Pawan Kumar Experimental Heavy-Ion High Energy
BARC, Mumbai and Neutrino Physics Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics

* Inorganic
Ningthoujam, Dr Raghumani Singh Solid State Chemistry, Materials
FL3305 Chemistry * Organic
BARC, Mumbai Science
Physics * Physical
* Condensed Matter Physics

* Animal Sciences
FL3525 Nivsarkar, Dr Manish
Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Reproductive Physiology
Fluid Dynamics, Complex Fluids &
Nott, Prof. Prabhu R.
FL811 Soft Solids, Granular Mechanics, * Chemical
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering
Rheology * Mechanical

Deep Learning, Neural Networks,

* Computer Science
Ojha, Prof. Aparajita Object Detection, Activity Detection
FL2527 Engineering * probability, statistics, financial mathemat
IIITDM, Jabalpur Blockchain Technology
Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana
Steganography and watermarking
* Neural Networks, Deep Learning, blockch

Ojha, Dr Maheswar * Earth Sciences

FL2508 Exploration Geophysics Earth and Planetary Sci.
NGRI, Hyderabad * Geophysics
* Seismic wave propagation
FL3650 Olsson, Dr Shannon Chemical Ecology
NCBS, Bengaluru Chemistry * Analytical Chemistry
Engineering * Computer Science
Life Sciences * Electronics
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 41/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Animal Sciences
* Natural Products
* Neuroscience, Ecology, Behavior,

Omkar, Prof. S.N.

FL3824 Satellite Image Processing
IISc, Bengaluru Engineering * Aeronautical

Biopolymers Modelling.
Padmesh, Dr A. Theoretical/Computational Chemistry
IIT, Palakkad Molecular Simulations. Advanced Chemistry * Physical
Sampling Techniques.
Condensed Matter Theory, Many-
Pai, Prof. Ramesh V. Body Physics with Ultracold Gases,
Goa Univ., Goa Density Matrix Renormalization Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Group Technique
Mixed Oxide Catalysis, Photo-
catalytic Hydrogen Generation,
Pai, Dr Mrinal R.
FL1856 Catalyst Development for Sulfuric * Inorganic
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry
Acid, Decomposition a Step in S-I * Physical
Thermochemical Cycles (Cu-Cl Cycle)

Pai, Dr Rajesh V.
FL3195 Sol-Gel Expert, Material Synthesis * Inorganic
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry
* Physical
Ultra-fast Laser Spectroscopy,
Pal, Prof. Bipul
FL490 Nonlinear Optics, Carrier Dynamics in * Condensed Matter Physics
IISER, Kolkata Physics
Semiconductors * Semiconductor Physics

Bioinformatics, Computational
Pal, Prof. Debnath * Biotechnology
FL491 Biology, Genomics, Proteomics,
IISc, Bengaluru Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Tissue Engineering & Regenerative
Medicine Focused on - Lipid induced
Pal, Dr Durba
FL3811 insulin resistance and type 2
IIT, Ropar Life Sciences * Health Sciences
diabetes and its complications
(vasculopathy) - Tumor angiogenesis
Machine Learning, Artificial
Pal, Prof. Nikhil R. Intelligence, Neural Networks,
FL1005 * Biomedical
ISI, Kolkata Bioinformatics, Pattern Recognition, Engineering
* Computer Science
Brain Computer Interface

Pal, Dr Sukhomay Manufacturing Engineering,

FL2301 * Mechanical
IIT, Guwahati Machining learning Engineering
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Pattern Recognition & Machine
Learning, Image/Video Processing,
Pal, Prof. Sankar K. Computing with Words, Soft * Computer Science
ISI, Kolkata Computing, Granular Data Mining, Engineering * Electrical
Web Intelligence, Social Network * Electronics
Analysis, Bioinformatics
Bioinorganic Chemistry, Modeling the
Palaniandavar, Prof. M. Dioxygen-activating Enzymes,
Bharathidasan Univ., Tiruchirappalli Interaction of Metal Complexes with Chemistry * Inorganic
DNA, Metal-based Anti-Cancer Drugs

Nanomaterials, Functional Materials,

Palaniappan, Dr A. * Inorganic
FL2147 Bio Sensors, Nanomaterials Based
CECRI, Karaikudi Chemistry * Organic
Catalysis & Sensors Fabrication
* Nanomaterials, catalysis
Ultrafast Spectroscopy,
Palit, Dr Dipak K. Nanomaterials, Photo & Radiation
UM-DAE CBS, Mumbai Chemistry, Chemical Reaction Chemistry * Physical
Pan, Dr Subhas Chandra
FL2354 Synthetic Organic Chemistry
IIT, Guwahati Chemistry * Organic
Quantum information theory,
Pan, Dr Alok Kumar Quantum foundations, Quantum
NIT, Patna Cryptography, Quantum Metrology, Physics * Quantum Theory
Quantum Computation
Supramolecular Chemistry,
Panda, Prof. P.K.
FL1354 Bioinorganic & Bioorganic Chemistry * Organic
UOH, Hyderabad Chemistry
based on Porphyrin Derivatives * Supramolecular Chemistry, Bioinorganic C

* Analytical Chemistry
* Inorganic
* Organic
Nanoscience, Fluorescence
Panda, Dr Debashis Chemistry * Physical
FL2387 Spectroscopy, Single Molecule
RGIPT, Rae Bareli Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Spectroscopy, Nanoenergy
Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Nanoscience
* Molecular Biology
* Biophysics
Panda, Prof. Aditya Narayan Dynamics of Bimolecular Scattering
IIT, Guwahati Processes Chemistry * Physical

Panda, Prof. Dulal Biochemistry, Cell Biology,

FL499 * Biotechnology
IIT, Mumbai Biophysics, Cancer Biology Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Satellite Oceanography, Atmospheric
Pandey, Prof. Prem Chand
FL503 Sciences, Climate Change, Polar
IIT, Bhubaneswar Earth and Planetary Sci.
Co-ordination Chemistry,
Pandey, Prof. Daya Shankar
FL3256 Organometallic Chemistry, Bio-
BHU, Varanasi Chemistry * Inorganic
inorganic Chemistry
Flow boiling in miniature channels,
Pandey, Prof. Manmohan
FL3186 Miniature loop heat pipes, Flow * Chemical
IIT, Guwahati Engineering
visualization with micro-PIV * Mechanical

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 42/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL3712 Pandey, Dr Chandra Mouli Biosensors, Nanomaterials,
Delhi Technological Univ., Delhi Electrochemistry Chemistry * Analytical Chemistry
Engineering * Biomedical
* Material Sciences
Ecogenomics, Biodiversity
Pandit, Prof. Maharaj Krishan Conservation, River Ecology, Water
UOD, Delhi Resources & Environment Impact Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
Assessment, Aquatic Ecology
Design of Multiphase Reactors,
Pandit, Prof. A.B.
FL504 Cavitation Phenomena, * Biotechnology
ICT, Mumbai Engineering
Environmental Engineering * Chemical
Pandithurai, Dr G. Aerosol-Cloud Interactions, Aerosol
IITM, Pune Radiative Effects, Weather Radars Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric

Numerical Analysis & Scientific

Pani, Prof. Amiya Kumar * control theory, optimization, operations re
FL2280 Computing, Partial Differential
IIT, Mumbai Mathematics * differential equations, dynamical systems
Equations, Industrial Mathematics
* Numerical Analysis and Scientific Comput
Digital Signal Processing,
Reconfigurable Computing, Low
* Biomedical
Panicker, Dr Mahesh Raveendranatha Power/ Area Efficient Circuits &
FL3843 * Biotechnology
IIT, Palakkad Systems, Machine/Deep Learning Engineering
* Electrical
(for Imaging/Reconstruction),
* Electronics
Ultrasound Imaging
Quantum Computation, Quantum
Panigrahi, Prof. Prasanta K.
FL880 Information, Field Theory, Wavelet * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
IISER, Kolkata Physics
Transform * QFT, NLD, BEC, QC & QI
Power System Protection, Smart
Grid, Cyber Security in Smart Grid,
Electric Vehicle, AI Application to * Biomedical
Panigrahi, Prof. B.K.
FL1665 Power System, Evolutionary * Computer Science
IIT, New Delhi Engineering
Computing, Soft Computing, * Electrical
Biomedical Signal & Image * Cognitive science
Panjabi-Massand, Dr Priya
FL2426 Plant Biotechnology, Genetics
UOD, Delhi Life Sciences * Plant Sciences

Pant, Dr L.M. High Energy Nuclear Physics,

FL3896 * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
BARC, Mumbai Neutrino Physics Physics
* Neutrino Physics

Parag, Dr Parimal Design & Analysis of Large-Scale * Computer Science

IISc, Bengaluru Networked Systems Engineering * Electronics
* Communication systems

Paranjape, Prof. Kapil Hari Algebraic Geometry, Topology,

FL1056 * algebra, group theory, representation the
IISER, Mohali Differential Geometry Mathematics
* geometry, topology

Paranjape, Dr Aseem Cosmology, Large Scale Structure,

FL3145 * Astronomy and Astrophysics
IUCAA, Pune Gravitation Physics
* Relativity and Cosmology

Paravannoor, Dr Anjali Nanomaterials for Energy Storage * Inorganic

Kannur Univ., Payyanur Applications Chemistry * Physical
* Materials chemistry

Crop Biotechnology, Stress

Pareek, Prof. Ashwani * Biotechnology
FL923 Physiology, Plant Molecular Biology,
JNU, New Delhi Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
Genomics and Metabolomics.
* Plant Sciences

Pareek, Dr Nidhi * Biotechnology

FL3746 Biocatalysis
Central Univ. of Rajasthan, Ajmer Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Molecular Genetics Molecular
FL3939 Breeding Plant Genomics Agricultural * Biotechnology
NIPGR, New Delhi Life Sciences
Biotechnology * Plant Sciences

Parte, Dr P. Reproductive Biology, Proteomics, * Animal Sciences

NIRRH, Mumbai Cell Motility Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Parvez, Dr Imtiyaz Ahmed Seismic Hazard Assessment,
Fourth Paradigm Institute, Bengaluru Computational Seismology Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Passi, Prof. I.B.S.
FL1597 Algebra
IISER, Mohali Mathematics * Algebra, Theory of Groups.
Algebraic Number Theory, Elliptic
Curves, Iwasawa Theory, Modular
Patankar, Prof. Vijay Forms, Galois Representations, * algebra, group theory, representation the
JNU, New Delhi Algorithmic Number Theory, Origami Mathematics * number theory, coding theory
and Mathematics, Cryptography * Cryptography having number theoretic fla
having number theoretic flavour

Patel, Prof. Bhisma Kumar Organic Synthesis, Catalysis,

IIT, Guwahati Reaction Mechanism Chemistry * Organic

Pathak, Prof. K.N. Theoretical Condensed Matter

FL508 * Condensed Matter Physics
Panjab Univ., Chandigarh Physics Physics
* theoretical condensed matter
Synthetic Organic Chemistry,
Pathak, Prof. Tanmaya
FL3064 Nucleoside & Carbohydrate * Organic
IIT, Kharagpur Chemistry
Modification, Enzyme Inhibition * Bioorganic

Pathak, Dr Himanshu
FL3102 Agriculture, Climate Change * Environmental Sciences
NRRI, Cuttack Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
FL1411 Patil, Dr Nitin T. Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Metal
IISER, Bhopal Catalysis, Organo-catalysis, Merged Chemistry * Organic

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 43/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Organo-metal Cooperative Catalysis,
Asymmetric Catalysis

Patil, Prof. Satish Conjugated Polymer, Solar Cells,

FL753 * Organic
IISc, Bengaluru Organic Light-emitting Diodes Chemistry
* Physical
Combinatorial Optimization, High
Patkar, Prof. Sachin
FL2533 Performance Computing, Algorithms * Computer Science
IIT, Mumbai Engineering
Design & Analysis, Graph Theory * Electronics

Patra, Prof. Amitava Nanoscience, Spectroscopy

FL3257 * Inorganic
IACS, Kolkata Photophysics Chemistry
* Physical

Theoretical Chemistry, MC & MD * Physical

Simulation, Density Functional * Chemical
Patra, Dr C.N. Chemistry
FL1256 Theory, Interfacial Electrochemistry, * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
BARC, Mumbai Engineering
Polymers & Polyelectrolytes, Ionic * Condensed Matter Physics
Liquids * Theoretical Chemistry
* Computational Physics

Patra, Dr Sanjib K. Synthetic Inorganic, Organometallic

FL2696 * Inorganic
IIT, Kharagpur & Polymer Chemistry Chemistry
* Polymer Chemistry
Cancer Nanotechnology,
Angiogenesis, Nano Biotechnology, * Organic
Patra, Dr Chittaranjan
FL3392 Material Sciences, Nanomedicines, Chemistry * Biotechnology
IICT, Hyderabad
Nanoformulations, Drug Delivery, Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Wound Healing, Ischemic Diseases * Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Inorganic Chemistry, Bio-inorganic
Patra, Dr Ranjan
FL3763 Chemistry, Supramolecular * Inorganic
Panjab Univ., Chandigarh Chemistry
Chemistry * Computational Chemistry

Patra, Dr Puneet Kumar Computational Mechanics, Molecular * Civil

FL3988 Engineering
IIT, Kharagpur Simulations, Nonlinear Dynamics * Mechanical
* Condensed Matter Physics
Patra, Dr D.D. Soil Chemistry, Medicinal & Aromatic
BCK Viswavidyalaya, Kalyani Plants Life Sciences
Ionospheric Electrodynamics &
Plasma Instabilities, Neutral &
Patra, Dr Amit Kumar
FL1428 plasma Turbulence, Space Weather,
NARL, Tirupati Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
Radar Probing Techniques, Signal &
Data Processing

Patra, Dr Kamal Lochan

FL2851 Algebra, Combinatorics * algebra, group theory, representation the
NISER, Bhubaneswar Mathematics
* combinatorics
Patro, Dr P.K.
FL2204 Magnetotellurics, Electromagnetics
NGRI, Hyderabad Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Transport Phenomena, Membrane
Patwardhan, Dr Ashwin
FL2392 Separations, Computational Fluid
ICT, Mumbai Engineering * Chemical
Dynamics, Extraction

Paul, Dr Sandip Microbial Genomics, Microbial

FL3645 * Health Sciences
IICB, Kolkata Adaptive Evolution Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
1. Ionospheric electrodynamics and
plasma irregularities 2. Radar
FL3971 Pavan Chaitanya, Dr Peddapati probing of the ionosphere 3. High * Atmospheric
Earth and Planetary Sci.
power radar and signal processing * Ionospheric and Space Physics

Pawar, Dr Nisha Soft Condensed Matter Physics

FL3749 * Condensed Matter Physics
IIT, Kharagpur Biophysics Physics
* Soft Matter Physics/ Biophysics
Parallel Programming, Concurrent
Data Structures, Distributed
Peri, Dr Sathya Systems, Efficient Algorithms for
IIT, Hyderabad Block Chain Algorithms, Smart Engineering * Computer Science
Contract Execution, Software
Transactional Memory

Peter, Prof. Kuruppacharil V. Horticulture, Genetics & Plant

FL514 * Biotechnology
KAU, Thrissur Breeding Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences

Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow, * Mechanical

OpenFoam, Solidification * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Phanikumar, Prof. Gandham Engineering
FL1151 Microstructure Simulation, HPC using * differential equations, dynamical systems
IIT, Chennai Mathematics
MPI/OpenCL Programming, 3D * geometry, topology
Visualization, SageMath * real and complex analysis, functional ana
* Condensed Matter Physics
Quaternary Geology & Tectonics,
Phartiyal, Dr Binita
FL1887 Geomorphology, Palaeoclimate,
BSIP, Lucknow Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Mineral Magnetism
Philip , Prof. Reji Nonlinear Optics, Laser produced
null plasmas Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Physical Chemistry, Nanomaterials,
Pillai, Dr Pramod P.
FL2721 Photochemistry, Photophysics, Light * Inorganic
IISER, Pune Chemistry
Harvesting Materials * Physical
Pillai, Prof. M. Radhakrishna
FL515 Cancer & Viral Disease Biology
RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram Life Sciences * Health Sciences

Pillai, Dr Beena Molecular & Cell Biology, microRNA,

FL1495 * Animal Sciences
IGIB, Delhi Gene Expression, Regeneration Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
FL3878 Pinjari, Dr Abdul Rawoof Transportation Planning, Travel
IISc, Bengaluru Demand Modelling & Forecasting, Engineering * Civil
Travel Behavior Analysis, Mathematics * probability, statistics, financial mathemat

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 44/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Transportation Surveys & Data
Collection, Transportation Safety

Sustainable Development, Cavitation

* Chemical
Engineering & Technology, Synthesis
Pinjari, Dr Dipak Vitthal Chemistry * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
FL2716 of Nanomaterials, Polymers,
Univ. of Mumbai, Mumbai Engineering * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Sonochemistry, Paints Technology,
Physics * Sonochemistry
Nano & Microemulsions
* Polymer Engineering

Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions,

Podile, Prof. Appa Rao * Biotechnology
FL516 Microbial Biotechnology in
UOH, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
* Plant Sciences

Prabakar, Dr K.
FL2381 Microfabrication, MEMS * Condensed Matter Physics
IGCAR, Kalpakkam Physics
* Microfabrication

Energy Harvesting, Wireless Sensor

* Biomedical
Prabhakar, Dr T.V. Networks, Networked Embedded
FL2084 * Computer Science
IISc, Bengaluru Systems, IoTs, Communication Engineering
* Electrical
Networks, Self Driving Cars
* Electronics
Artificial Transcription Factors
Chemical Biology, Amyloidogenesis,
Prabhakaran, Prof. E.N. * Analytical Chemistry
FL942 Peptidomimetics, Physical Organic
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Organic
Chemistry, Supramolecular
* Biological Sciences also
Prabhu, Dr R.
FL3148 Quantum Information Theory
IIT, Dharwad Physics * Quantum Information
Reagents & Methodologies,
Prabhu, Prof. K.R.
FL2703 Organophosphorus Chemistry,
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Organic
Organic Synthesis, Green Chemistry

Pradeep Singh, Prof N.D. Photo-responsive Nano-carriers for

FL518 Chemistry * Organic
IIT, Kharagpur Drug Delivery
Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Power System, Microgrid, Renewable
Pradhan, Prof. Ashok Kumar Energy Integration, Smart Grid
FL3318 * Computer Science
IIT, Kharagpur Technology, Deep Learning, Cloud Engineering
* Electrical
Computing applications
Pradhan, Dr Punyabrata
FL1873 Statistical Physics
SNBNCBS, Kolkata Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Experimental Atomic Physics: Laser
Spectroscopy, Ultra Cold Atom &
Pradhan, Dr Swarupananda
FL2471 Quantum Degenerate Gas, Quantum
BARC, Mumbai Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Optics, Atomic Magnetometer and
Pradhan, Prof. Akshay Kumar
FL1351 Molecular Plant Breeding
UOD(SC), New Delhi Life Sciences * Plant Sciences

Prahalathan, Dr Chidambaram * Biotechnology

FL2825 Diabetes & Reproductive Biology
Bharathidasan Univ., Tiruchirappalli Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Biochemistry

Structural Biology, Bioinformatics,

Prakash, Prof. Balaji * Biotechnology
FL3214 Biochemistry - their Applications to
CFTRI, Mysuru Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
Food Science
* Structural Biology; Bioinformatics
Physico-Chemical Behaviour of Soils,
Prakash, Prof. K. Environmental Geotechnology,
SJCE, Mysuru Classical Soil Mechanics, Coal Ash Engineering * Civil

Pramanik, Dr Smritimoy
FL3779 Biophysical Chemistry Chemistry * Physical
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata
Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Pramanik, Dr P.
FL1254 Nanoscience, Nanomaterials
Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata Physics

Prasad, Dr B.L.V. Materials Chemistry, Nanomaterials,

FL1089 * Physical
NCL, Pune Self-assembly Chemistry
* Materials
Plant Molecular Biology, Biotic &
Prasad, Dr Manoj Abiotic Stress Responses, Molecular
FL3291 * Plant Sciences
NIPGR, New Delhi Breedings, Crop Genetics & Life Sciences
* Agriculture
Theory of Wave Propagation, Partial
Prasad, Prof. Phoolan
FL521 Differential Equations, Fluid * differential equations, dynamical systems
IISc, Bengaluru Mathematics
Mechanics * Theory of Wave Propagation
Prasad, Prof. Rajendra Membrane Biology, Yeast Genetics,
Amity Univ., Haryana Molecular Biology Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Evolutionary Genetics, Organismal
Prasad, Dr N.G.
FL1593 Biology, Intersexual Conflict, Life- * Animal Sciences
IISER, Mohali Life Sciences
history Evolution * Evolutionary Genetics
Prasad, Dr M.V.N.K. Biometrics, Payment System
IDRBT, Hyderabad Technologies, Image Forensics Engineering * Computer Science

Prasad, Dr Mohit * Animal Sciences

FL877 cell & developmental biology
IISER, Kolkata Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Constitutive Modelling for Granular
Materials, Numerical Modelling of
Prashant, Prof. Amit
FL3034 Geotechnical Structures, Earthquake Engineering * Civil
IIT, Gandhinagar
Geotechnical Engineering, Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Applications of Geosynthetics
FL3545 Pratihar, Dr Sanjay Inorganic, Mechanistic
CSMCRI, Bhavanagar Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis Chemistry * Inorganic

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 45/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Organic
* Organometallic

Pravabati, Prof. Chingangbam

FL3494 Cosmology * Astronomy and Astrophysics
IIA, Bengaluru Physics
* Relativity and Cosmology

Praveen, Prof. Shelly Nutritional Enhancement in Crops,

FL523 * Biotechnology
IARI, New Delhi Stress Signalling, Genome Editing Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences

Praveen Kumar, Dr Balal Pillai Marine Meteorology, Air-Sea Fluxes,

FL3431 * Atmospheric
INCOIS, Hyderabad Upper Ocean Variability Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Oceanic

Prem Kiran, Dr P. Laser produced plasmas,

FL3877 * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
UOH, Hyderabad Filamentation Nonlinear optics Physics
* Filamentation Nonlinear Optics, Laser Pro
Endocrine Biochemistry,
Premendu Prakash, Dr. Mathur
FL3934 Reproductive toxicology * Animal Sciences
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Life Sciences
Bioinformatics * Biotechnology
Priolkar, Dr K.R.S.
FL2641 Condensed Matter Physics
Goa Univ., Goa Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Priya, Dr Mahadevan Electronic, Magnetic & Structural
SNBNCBS, Kolkata Properties of Materials Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Priyanka Hannah, Dr P. Aging, Neuroimmunology,
FL3756 Tamil Nadu Government Multi Super Speciality Neuroendocrinology, * Biotechnology
Life Sciences
Hospital, Chennai Psychoneuroimmunology of Cancer * Health Sciences
Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Supra-
Pulla Rao, Prof. C. molecular Chemistry, Artificial
FL2024 * Inorganic
IIT, Tirupati Metallo-enzymes, Chemo-sensors, Chemistry
* Bioinorganic & Materials
Protein-drug Interactions
Organometallic Chemistry,
Homogeneous Catalysis, C-H Bond
Punji, Dr Benudhar
FL2956 Activation, Methodology * Inorganic
NCL, Pune Chemistry
Development, C-H Bond * Organic

Punnakkal, Dr Pradeep
FL3673 Neurobiology * Animal Sciences
PGIMER, Chandigarh Life Sciences
* Biotechnology

Punniyamurthy, Dr Tharmalingam
FL3007 Organic Chemistry
IIT, Guwahati Chemistry * Organic

Purkayastha, Prof Pradipta Electronic Spectroscopy, Guest-Host

FL870 * Analytical Chemistry
IISER, Kolkata Chemistry, Nanoscience Chemistry
* Physical

Purohit, Dr Hemant J.
FL3816 Molecular Biology
NEERI, Nagpur Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences

* Biomedical
Purushotham, Dr Archana Neuroimaging, Clinical Neuroscience, * Computer Science
FL2652 Engineering
INSTEM, Bangalore Vascular Neurology * Electrical
Life Sciences
* Electronics
* Clinical and Alternative Medicine, Behavio
Ecology, Animal Behaviour, Wildlife
Quader, Dr Suhel
FL1688 Biology, Data Science, Citizen
NCF, Bengaluru Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Qureshi, Prof. Tabish Foundations of Quantum Mechanics,
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Quantum entanglement Physics * Quantum mechanics, Quantum informatio

Qureshi, Prof. Mohammad

FL3579 Semiconductor, Photocatalytic
IIT, Guwahati Chemistry * Inorganic

Radhakrishnan, Prof. T.P.

FL898 Materials Chemistry * Physical
UOH, Hyderabad Chemistry
* materials chemistry
Synthetic Organic Chemistry,
Radhakrishnan, Dr K.V. Synthetic Carbohydrate Chemistry,
FL1347 * Organic
NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram Paladium Catalyzed Organic Chemistry
* Phytochemistry
Cell cycle signalling in bacteria, cell
Radhakrishnan, Dr Sunish
FL1466 biology of prokaryotes, bacterial * Biotechnology
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Life Sciences
genetics. * Microbial Sciences
Raghavan, Prof Vasudevan Droplet Combustion, Laminar Flame
IIT, Chennai Stability, Reacting Flow Modelling Engineering * Mechanical
Raghavan, Prof. K.N. Algebra, Representation Theory of
IMSc, Chennai Groups & Algebras Mathematics * algebra, group theory, representation the
Raghavendra, Prof. A.S. Plant Biochemistry, Molecular Plant
UOH, Hyderabad Physiology, Plant Metabolomics Life Sciences * Plant Sciences

Raghubanshi, Prof. Akhilesh Singh Integrative Ecology, Forest Ecology,

BHU, Varanasi Restoration Ecology Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences

Raghuram, Prof. Anantharam Number Theory, Representation

IISER, Pune Theory, Automorphic Forms Mathematics * algebra, group theory, representation the

Rahaman, Dr Abdur
FL1870 Biochemistry, Cell Biology
NISER, Bhubaneswar Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences

Abiotic Stress, Proteomics &

Rai, Prof. Lal Chand
FL529 Genomics of Cyanobacteria,
BHU, Varanasi Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Molecular Microbiology
FL1666 Rai, Dr Santosh K. Isotope Geochemistry, Mass
WIHG, Dehradun Spectroscopy, Himalayan River Chemistry * Analytical Chemistry
Earth and Planetary Sci. * Inorganic

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 46/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
System, River Erosion & Weathering, * Earth Sciences
Glaciology, Thermal Springs * Geochemistry
* Ganga River System, Hydrochemistry
Electrocatalysis, Inorganic
Multifunctional Materials, Energy
Raj, Prof. C.R. * Analytical Chemistry
FL2358 Conversion & Storage Devices -
IIT, Kharagpur Chemistry * Inorganic
Supercapacitor, Metal-air Battery,
* Physical
Water Splitting
Energy, Boiling, Condensation,
Raj, Prof. Rishi Micro-/Nano-Scale Thermal & Fluidic
IIT, Patna Transport, Colloids & Interface Engineering * Mechanical
Science, Microgravity Science

Raja, Prof. N. Logic, Automated Deduction,

FL1162 Engineering * Computer Science
TIFR, Mumbai Foundations of Mathematics
Mathematics * Logic, Foundations of Mathematics and A
Plant Biochemistry, Proteomics &
Rajagopal, Prof. Subramanyam
FL2951 Metabolomics, Dynamics of Proteins * Biotechnology
UOH, Hyderabad Life Sciences
& Protein-phytochemical Interactions * Plant Sciences
Synthesis & Characterization of
Nanomaterials (Semiconductor,
Rajakumar, Prof. Ananthakrishnan Mixed Metal Oxides, Coordination
FL3206 * Analytical Chemistry
IIT, Kharagpur Polymer & Hybrid) for Photocatalysis, Chemistry
* Inorganic
Treatment of Organic Pollutants &
Environmental Applications
Wireless Communication: Wireless
Rajalakshmi, Prof P. Sensor Networks, Embedded * Biomedical
IIT, Hyderabad Systems, IoT, CPS, Drone based Engineering * Computer Science
Sensing * Electronics

Rajam, Prof. Manchikatla Venkat Plant Genetic Engineering, RNA &

FL2494 * Biotechnology
UOD(SC), New Delhi microRNA Interference Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Rajamani, Dr Sudha
FL2327 Origins & Early Evolution of Life,
IISER, Pune Life Sciences * Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Rajan, Prof. K. Emmanuvel Behavioural Neuroscience/

FL206 * Animal Sciences
Bharathidasan Univ., Tiruchirappalli Neuroscience Life Sciences
* Biotechnology

Rajan, Dr Raghav Neuroscience, Animal Behaviour, * Animal Sciences

IISER, Pune Songbirds, Vocal Learning Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Neuroscience

Microelectronics, Device Physics,

Rajaram, Prof. Guruswamy * Electronics
FL3393 Electronic Engineering, Materials Engineering
UOH, Hyderabad * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Science Physics
* Condensed Matter Physics
Molecular Magnetism, Computational
Rajaraman, Prof. Gopalan
FL1528 Chemistry, Mechanism of Catalytic
IIT, Mumbai Chemistry * Inorganic

Rajendran, Dr Dhanya
FL3714 Partial Differential Equations * differential equations, dynamical systems
IIT, Goa Mathematics
* real and complex analysis, functional ana
Cardiopulmonary Diseases, Air
Rajesh Kumar, Dr T. Pollutants & Lung Injury, Stress * Animal Sciences
FL3678 JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Responses Pathways, Antioxidants, * Biotechnology
Life Sciences
Mysuru Drug Discovery Targeting Nrf2 * Environmental Sciences
Pathway * Health Sciences

Rajmohana, Dr K. * Animal Sciences

FL2862 Entomology: Insect Taxonomy
ZSI, Kolkata Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
* Biodiversity studies

Raju Bagadi, Dr Sarangadhara A. Cell & Molecular Oncology, * Animal Sciences

NIP, New Delhi Genomics, Epigenetics Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences

* Analytical Chemistry
Electrochemical Energy Storage
Rakhi, Dr R.B. * Inorganic
FL3641 Devices, Supercapacitors, Chemistry
NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram * Condensed Matter Physics
Electrochemical Sensors Physics
* Electrochemistry
* nanotechnology

Plant Biotechnology, Cellular &

Rama Rao, Prof. Satyawada * Biotechnology
FL2841 Molecular Cytogenetics, Conservation
NEHU, Shillong Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
* DNA Markers and Phylogeny
Synthetic Organic Chemistry,
Rama Sastry, Dr Sripada S.V.
FL1989 Organocatalysis, Lewis/Bronsted Acid
IISER, Mohali Chemistry * Organic
Catalysis, Natural Products Synthesis

Ramachandra, Prof. N.B. Drosophila Genetics & Evolution, * Animal Sciences

Univ. of Mysore, Mysuru Human Genetics & Genomics Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Genomics

Ramachandran, Dr Charanya Developmental Biology, Cell Biology,

FL2798 * Biotechnology
LVPEI, Hyderabad Tissue Engineering Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Particle Methods for Computational
Fluid Dynamics, Smoothed Particle
Ramachandran, Dr Prabhu * Aeronautical
FL3829 Hydrodynamics, Vortex Methods,
IIT, Mumbai Engineering * Computer Science
Scientific Computing & Applied
* Mechanical
Scientific Data Visualization

Ramachandran, Dr Ramesh NMR Spectroscopy, Quantum * Physical

FL928 Chemistry
IISER, Mohali Mechanics & Quantum Computing * Spectroscopy
* Quantum Mechanics

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 47/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL2660 Ramadevi, Prof. P. High Energy Physics Theory
IIT, Mumbai Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Ramakrishna, Dr Gayatri
FL855 Cell Biology
ILBS, New Delhi Life Sciences * Animal Sciences

Coastal/Ocean Engineering, Coastal

Ramakrishnan, Dr Balaji * Civil
FL2027 Processes, Marine Structures & Tidal Engineering
IIT, Mumbai * Oceanic
Hydrodynamics Earth and Planetary Sci.
* ocean engg
Ramakrishnan, Prof. S.
FL538 Polymer Science
IISc, Bengaluru Chemistry * Polymer Chemistry
Machine Learning & Deep learning
applications in Speech, Handwriting
* Biomedical
Ramakrishnan, Prof. A.G. & Images, Speech Processing,
FL1045 * Computer Science
IISc, Bengaluru Document Image Proc, NLP, Biomed Engineering
* Electronics
Sig Proc, Physiological mechanisms
* Machine Learning, Deep learning applicat
of pranayama, meditation, yogasana

Ramamohan, Dr T.R. Suspension Rheology, Nonlinear * Chemical

FL1400 Engineering
CMMACS, Bengaluru Dynamics, Hydrodynamics * Mechanical
* differential equations, dynamical systems
Sustainable Building Technology,
Foam Concrete & Aerated Concrete,
Ramamurthy, Dr K.
FL2912 Lightweight Aggregates using
IIT, Chennai Engineering * Civil
Industrial Wastes, High Performance
Computer Vision, Machine Learning,
Raman, Dr Shanmuganathan Deep Learning, Image Processing,
FL3031 * Computer Science
IIT, Gandhinagar Computational Photography, Engineering
* Electronics
Computer Graphics
Ramana, Dr Chepuri Venkata Total Synthesis & Methodology
NCL, Pune Development Chemistry * Organic
Biogeochemistry of Mangroves,
Ramanathan, Prof. AL. Glacier-climate Interaction for Water
FL1698 * Earth Sciences
JNU, New Delhi Resource Management, Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Glaicology , Coastal Environment
Hydrogeochemistry of Ground Water
Clean Energy Systems, Materials
Ramanujam, Dr Kothandaraman
FL3397 Electrochemistry, Solar Cells, * Physical
IIT, Chennai Chemistry
Batteries * electrochemistry

Ramapanicker, Dr Ramesh
FL2363 Organic Chemistry * Organic
IIT, Kanpur Chemistry
* Bioorganic

Ramasamy, Dr Radha Perumal

FL2456 Soft Matter, Nanoscience * Condensed Matter Physics
Anna Univ., Chennai Physics
* soft matter, polymers

Ramasesha, Prof. S. Many-Body Quantum Chemistry,

FL545 Chemistry * Physical
IISc, Bengaluru Organic Solids, Nonlinear Optics
Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

* Civil
* Computer Science
* Management Sciences
System Dynamics Modelling in
* Atmospheric
Hydrology, Agriculture, ecosystem Engineering
* Oceanic
Ramesh, Dr K.V. and livelihood, Climate Impact Earth and Planetary Sci.
FL761 * Environmental Sciences
Fourth Paradigm Institute, Bengaluru Assessment in Renewable Energy, Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Agriculture, Health & Disaster Mathematics
* Plant Sciences
Sectors Physics
* Environmental Engg, Agriculture
* hydrology
* Applied
* any
Radio Emission from Sun,
Ramesh, Prof. R.
FL2772 Antennas/Receiver Systems, Engineering * Electronics
IIA, Gauribidanur
Synthesis Imaging Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

* Computer Science
Algebra, Number theory, Linear
* algebra, group theory, representation the
Ramesh, Dr Venkadachalam Algebra, Algorithms, Data Mining,
FL3153 Engineering * combinatorics
Central Univ. of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur Big Data, Computability &
Mathematics * differential equations, dynamical systems
* number theory, coding theory
* probability, statistics, financial mathemat
Microbial Ecology, Microbial
Ramesh Kumar, Dr N. Taxonomy, Rhizosphere Microbiology
NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram of Abiotic Stress Soils, Marine Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences

Remote Sensing & GIS Applications,

* Civil
Ramsankaran, Prof. RAAJ Surface Water Hydrology, High
FL2306 Engineering * Computer Science
IIT, Mumbai Definition Surveying using Terrestrial
Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
* Geoinformatics

Solid Mechanics, Structural * Computer Science

mechanics, Flexible robotics, * Mechanical
Ramsharan, Dr Rangarajan Engineering
FL3281 Computational Mechanics, Finite * control theory, optimization, operations re
IISc, Bengaluru Mathematics
element methods, Experimental * differential equations, dynamical systems
Mechanics, Computer Vision, * Condensed Matter Physics
* Applied math
Rana, Dr Nirmal Kumar Asymmetric Synthesis and
IIT, Jodhpur Continuous Flow Chemistry Chemistry * Organic
FL1095 Rana, Dr Rohit Kumar Nanomaterials - Bio-inspired
IICT, Hyderabad Synthesis - Applications in Catalysis, Chemistry * Physical
Photocatalysis, Functional Coatings & * Materials chemistry

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Biology (Drug Encapsulation,
Imaging, Antibacterial)

Surface Chemistry, Spectroscopy,

* Analytical Chemistry
Ranga Rao, Prof. G. Materials Chemistry, Solid State
FL1050 * Inorganic
IIT, Chennai Electrochemistry, Heterogeneous Chemistry
* Physical
Catalysis, Photocatalysis
* materials chemistry

Rangan, Prof. Latha Plant Biotechnology, Medicinal

FL3509 * Biotechnology
IIT, Guwahati Chemistry, Genome Mining Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences

Ranganathan, Dr Prathibha
FL3674 Cancer, Epigenetics, Signaling * Biotechnology
CHG, Bengaluru Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Plant Development, Functional
Ranjan, Dr Aashish
FL3229 Genomics, Light & Temperature
NIPGR, New Delhi Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Signalling in Plants, Photosynthesis
Genome Analysis, Functional
Genomics, Systems Biology,
Ranjan, Dr Akash Proteomics, Drug Design, Gene
FL850 Engineering * Computer Science
CDFD, Hyderabad Regulation in Microbial Pathogens
Life Sciences * Bioinformatics/Computational Biology
(malaria and TB), Proteostasis,
Human Neuro-degenerative Disorder

* Computer Science
* Electrical
Game Theory and Networks,
Rao, Prof. K.S. Mallikarjuna * Management Sciences
FL2954 Probability, Optimization, Optimal Engineering
IIT, Mumbai * control theory, optimization, operations re
Control, Mathematical Finance Mathematics
* differential equations, dynamical systems
* probability, statistics, financial mathemat
* Game Theory

* Aeronautical
Rao, Prof. Srisha M.V. * Computer Science
FL3899 Experimental Gasdynamics Engineering
IISc, Bengaluru * Electrical
* Electronics
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics

Rao, Prof. D.N.

FL556 Protein-DNA Interactions * Microbial Sciences
IISc, Bengaluru Life Sciences
* Biochemistry

Genome Repair, Recombination, Cell * Animal Sciences

Rao, Prof. B. Jagadeeshwar
FL555 Biology of Stress Adaptations, DNA * Biotechnology
IISER, Tirupati Life Sciences
Repair & Tissue Homeostasis * Plant Sciences
* Prefers Chemistry/Physics/Maths backgro
Lasers, Bose-Einstein Condensation,
Rapol, Dr Umakant D.
FL955 Atomic Physics, Quantum
IISER, Pune Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Information Processing
Proteomics, Cancer Bio-markers,
Rapole, Dr Srikanth
FL2323 Metabolomics, Lipidomics, Mass Chemistry * Analytical Chemistry
NCCS, Pune
Spectrometry Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Green Synthesis of Nanomaterials,
Rashid, Dr Md. Harunar Layered Double Hydroxides, Mixed
FL3450 * Physical
Rajiv Gandhi Univ., Doimukh Metal Oxides, Heterogeneous Chemistry
* Materials Chemistry
Catalysis, Waste Water Treatment

* Analytical Chemistry
* Inorganic
Rastogi, Dr Neeraj
FL1810 Aerosol Chemistry & Characterization Chemistry * Organic
PRL, Ahmedabad
Earth and Planetary Sci. * Physical
* Atmospheric
* Earth Sciences

* Atmospheric
Rastogi, Prof. Shantanu Astrophysics, Atmospheric Studies,
FL2608 Earth and Planetary Sci. * Solar System
DDU Gorakhpur Univ., Gorakhpur Spectroscopy
Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Coordination Chemistry,
Rath, Prof. S.P.
FL1563 Metalloporphyrins in Biology, Bio-
IIT, Kanpur Chemistry * Inorganic
Inorganic Chemistry

Rath, Prof. Purusottam

FL2745 Number Theory * algebra, group theory, representation the
CMI, Chennai Mathematics
* number theory, coding theory
Electrical Power [Grid Integration of
Renewable (Solar PV and Wind)
Rather, Prof. Zakir Hussain Energy, Power Systems, Microgrid,
IIT, Mumbai Smartgrid, Electric Vehicle Engineering * Electrical
Integration & Demand Response,

* Aeronautical
* Biomedical
* Chemical
Numerical Methods for PDEs,
* Computer Science
Rathish Kumar, Prof. B.V. Computational Bio-Mechanic, Parallel Engineering
FL3403 * Environmental Sciences
IIT, Kanpur Computing, Finite Element Analysis, Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Industrial Mathematics Mathematics
* control theory, optimization, operations re
* differential equations, dynamical systems
* probability, statistics, financial mathemat
* real and complex analysis, functional ana
FL2292 Rathod, Prof. Virendra K. Separation Processes, Enzyme
ICT, Mumbai Catalyzed Reactions, Biodiesel Engineering * Biotechnology
Production, Waste-Water Treatment, * Chemical
Multi-phase Reactors, Extraction of

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 49/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Natural Ingredients using Novel
Techniques, Nano-particle Synthesis
Ratnaparkhi, Dr Anuradha
FL2385 Drosophila Neurobiology
Agharkar Research Institute, Pune Life Sciences * Animal Sciences

Membrane Processes, Reverse

* Organic
Raval, Dr Hiren D. Osmosis, Ultrafiltration,
FL1455 Chemistry * Physical
CSMCRI, Bhavnagar Nanocomposite membranes, Forward
Engineering * Chemical
Osmosis, Applications Development
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Applications of Plasma for Gaseous
Waste Remediation and Sterilization
Ravi, Dr G.
FL1890 of Medical Devices, Computer Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
IPR, Gandhinagar
Simulation of Plasma Systems and Physics * Plasma Physics
Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid
Ravi, Prof. M.R.
FL3000 Dynamics, Combustion, Biomass
IIT, New Delhi Engineering * Mechanical
Energy, Rural Energy Systems

* Inorganic
Ravi Kumar, Prof. N.V. Structural and functional ceramics Chemistry * Organic
IIT, Chennai for security, energy and environment Engineering * Mechanical
Physics * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Condensed Matter Physics
Physical Metallurgy, Mechanical
Metallurgy, High Temperature
Ravi Sankar, Prof. Kottada Deformation of Materials, High
IIT, Chennai Entropy Alloys, Creep & Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Superplasticity, Magnesium Alloys,
Nanocrystalline Materials
Ravi Shankar, Dr L.
FL2493 Organic Chemistry
NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram Chemistry * Organic

Experimental - Phase Transformation

Ravindran, Dr T.R. * Inorganic
FL1900 Studies in Solids using Raman Chemistry
IGCAR, Kalpakkam * Physical
Spectroscopy & Related Techniques Physics
* Condensed Matter Physics

* Animal Sciences
Ravindranath, Prof. Vijayalakshmi Neuroscience, Toxicology,
FL561 * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Pharmacology Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Neuroscience

Ravisankar, Dr B. * Animal Sciences

FL3386 Endocrinology, Reproduction
ALMPG-IBMS, Chennai Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Endocrinology
DNA repair, Molecular & Structural
Ravishankar, Prof. Ramachandran Biology, Protein Crystallography, * Biotechnology
CDRI, Lucknow Small Angle X-ray Scattering, Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Computational Biology * Structural biology and allied

Ravishankar, Prof. N.
FL1033 Nanostructures, Electron Microscopy Chemistry * Physical
IISc, Bengaluru
Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg

* Biomedical
* Biotechnology
Ray, Dr Supratim System & Cognitive Neuroscience,
FL2374 Engineering * Computer Science
IISc, Bengaluru Signal Processing
Life Sciences * Electrical
* Electronics
* Biotechnology
Ray, Dr Samit Kumar Device Physics, Semiconductor
SNBNCBS, Kolkata Nanostructures, Thin Films Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Structural Engineering, Fracture &
Fatigue Analysis in Concrete
Ray, Dr Sonalisa
FL3338 Structures, Fracture Mechanics, Size * Civil
IIT, Roorkee Engineering
Effect in Concrete, Residual life * Structural Engineering
Assessment, Concrete Mechanics

Ray, Dr Nirat Quantum dots, Charge transport, * Electronics

FL3747 Engineering
IIT, Gandhinagar Magnetic materials * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Condensed Matter Physics
Theoretical & Systems Ecology,
Ray, Prof. Santanu Ecological Modelling (Static, Dynamic * differential equations, dynamical systems
FL2569 Life Sciences
Visva Bharati Univ., Santiniketan and Structural Dynamic Modelling) * ecology
Integrated Ecosystem Theories * Matrix
Raychaudhuri, Dr Swasti Protein Structure & Function, Cell
CCMB, Hyderabad Biology, Proteomics Life Sciences * Biotechnology

Reddy, Dr Jaganmohan
FL3404 Stem Cells, Biomaterials, Cancer * Health Sciences
LVPEI, Hyderabad Life Sciences
* Tissue engineering and cancer targeting

Life Science, Malaria Biology,

* Animal Sciences
Reddy, Dr K. Sony Chaperones, Protein Purification &
FL3782 * Biotechnology
KIIT Univ., Bhubaneswar Characterization, Protein Trafficking, Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Reddy, Dr Sandeep Kumar
FL3879 Computational Chemistry
IIT, Kharagpur Chemistry * Physical
Reddy, Dr Mallireddy K.
FL573 Plant Biotechnology
ICGEB, New Delhi Life Sciences * Plant Sciences

Reddy, Mr G. Anurag * Computer Science

FL3978 Robotics, Automation, IoT, EMI/EMC
NPL, New Delhi Engineering * Electronics
* Management Sciences
FL3553 Rengan, Dr Aravind Kumar Bio-Nanotechnology, Translational
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 50/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
IIT, Hyderabad Nanomedicine, Cancer Theranostics, Chemistry * Organic
Photothermal Therapy, Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Nanotoxicology * Health Sciences

* Animal Sciences
Rengan, Dr Aravind
FL3701 Nanomedicine * Biotechnology
IIT, Hyderabad Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Nanomedicine
Rengaswamy, Dr Sridharan Adaptive Optics, Astronomical
IIA, Bengaluru Interferometry Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

* Biomedical
* Biotechnology
* Computer Science
Biophysics, Non Linear Mechanics,
* Electrical
Optical Instrumentation Design, Engineering
Richhariya, Prof. Ashutosh * Electronics
FL133 Mechano-biology, Light Matter Life Sciences
LVPEI, Hyderabad * Mechanical
Interactions, Finite Element Mathematics
* Biotechnology
Modelling Physics
* Health Sciences
* differential equations, dynamical systems
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Optical Engineering

Rikhy, Dr Richa
FL1123 Developmental Biology
IISER, Pune Life Sciences * Animal Sciences

Rodrigues, Prof. Bernad

FL2638 Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
Goa Univ., Goa Life Sciences
Seismology, Earthquake Hazards,
Solid Earth Research Problems * Earth Sciences
Rohella, Dr Sushil Kumar Earth and Planetary Sci.
FL3154 related to Local & Regional * algebra, group theory, representation the
WIHG, Dehradun Mathematics
Subsurface Structure, Strong Motion * Astronomy and Astrophysics
Seismology * seismology, Earthquake related research

Rout, Prof. Gyana R. Plant Biotechnology, Stress

FL576 * Biotechnology
OUAT, Bhubaneswar Physiology, Crop improvement Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Nanophotonics, Silicon Photonics,
Biophotonics, Neuro-photonics, Bio- * Biomedical
Roy, Prof. Sukhdev
FL2345 Molecular Electronics, Quantum & Engineering * Computer Science
Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra
Nano Computing, Ultrafast Physics * Electronics
Pheomena, Fiber-optic Sensors * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics


FL3942 Computational Fluid Dynamics * differential equations, dynamical systems
IIT, Chennai Mathematics
* Fluid Dynamics/Numerical Analysis

* Organic
Roy, Dr Rajendra P. Synthetic Protein Chemistry,
FL578 Chemistry * Biotechnology
NII, New Delhi Chemical Biology
Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Roy, Dr Debdas
FL2252 Materials, Composite Materials, * Biomedical
NIFFT, Ranchi Engineering
Biomaterials * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Theoretical High Energy Physics,
Roy, Prof. Sourov Collider Physics, Neutrino Physics,
IACS, Kolkata Supersymmetry, Astro-Particle Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
1. Synthesis, Characterization and
Property Evaluation of Oxide Nano-
Roy, Prof. Mainak particles. 2. Carbon Materials & * Inorganic
BARC, Mumbai Composites. 3. Structural Analysis of Chemistry * Physical
Materials using XRD and Raman * Material Chemistry (Nanomaterials)

Electronic Design Automation, CAD

* Biomedical
Roy, Dr Sudip for VLSI, Cyber-Physical Systems,
FL3324 * Computer Science
IIT, Roorkee Algorithms, Application of Machine Engineering
* Electrical
* Electronics

Roy, Dr Sanhita Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & * Biotechnology

LVPEI, Hyderabad Immunology Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Roy, Dr Rajat K. Material Science, Metallurgy,

NML, Jamshedpur Magnetic NDE, Alloy Development Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg

Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics,

Roy, Prof. Parth Sarathi
FL577 Landscape Ecology, Natural Resource * Earth Sciences
ICRISAT, Patancheru Earth and Planetary Sci.
Management * Earth Observation Science
Roy, Prof. J.K. Molecular Genetics, Developmental
BHU, Varanasi Biology, Cell Biology Life Sciences * Animal Sciences

Nutritional Biochemistry,
Roy, Prof. Ramaballav * Animal Sciences
FL2636 Adaptational Biochemistry, Lipid
Goa Univ., Goa Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* membrane adaptation
Roy, Prof. Rahul
FL2273 Probability & Stochastic Processes
ISI, New Delhi Mathematics

Roychoudhury, Prof. Susanta Cancer Genetics, Cancer Cell Biology,

FL2577 * Biotechnology
SGCCRI, Kolkata Clinical Cancer Research Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
FL1592 Roychoudhury, Dr Angshuman X-ray Crystallography, Solid State
IISER, Mohali Chemistry, Polymorphism, Crystal Chemistry * Analytical Chemistry
Engineering, Metal-Organic- * Inorganic
Framework Materials * Organic

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9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Physical
* Crystallography
Roychowdhury, Prof. Dipanwita Cryptography, Cellular Automata,
IIT, Kharagpur Error Correcting Code Engineering * Computer Science

Sabat, Prof. Samrat L. Signal Processing, Embedded System * Biomedical

UOH, Hyderabad Design, FPGA-VLSI, Sensor Engineering * Electronics
* Sensor
Sabhapandit, Dr Sanjib Statistical Physics, Stochastic
RRI, Bengaluru Processes Physics * Statistical Physics
Sachdeva, Dr Geetanjali Cell Biology, Reproductive Biology,
NIRRH, Mumbai Cancer Biology Life Sciences * Health Sciences

* Analytical Chemistry
Saha, Dr Binoy K. * Inorganic
FL583 Crystal Engineering
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Chemistry * Organic
* Physical
* supramolecular chemistry

* Analytical Chemistry
* Biomedical
Saha, Dr Prosenjit Chemistry * Biotechnology
FL3757 Polymer, Composites, Biomateriasl
IIEST, Shibpur Engineering * Chemical
Life Sciences * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Biotechnology
* Environmental Sciences

* Aeronautical
Saha, Dr Arun K. * Chemical
FL2884 Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer
IIT, Kanpur Engineering * Civil
* Mechanical
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Nuclear Structure, Gamma
Saha Sarkar, Prof. Maitreyee
FL1489 Spectroscopy, Gamma Detectors,
SINP, Kolkata Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Shell Model
Computational Condensed Matter,
Materials Science: Oxide
Saha-Dasgupta, Prof. Tanusri Heterostructures, Graphene, 2D
SNBNCBS, Kolkata Materials, Organic-inorganic Hybrid Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Materials, Multiferroics,
Nanoclusters, Magnetism
Dynamical Systems, Integrable
Sahadevan, Prof. R. Systems, Nonlinear Differential
FL1273 * differential equations, dynamical systems
Univ. of Madras, Chennai Equations, Fractional Differential Mathematics
* Fractional Differential Equations
Equations, Chaos & Fractals

Sahal, Dr Dinkar Discovery of Novel Drugs against

FL1199 * Biotechnology
ICGEB, New Delhi Malaria Life Sciences
* Drug Discovery
Sahay, Dr Chandra Shekhar Agricultural Engineering, Farm
IGFRI, Jhansi Machinery & Power Engineering * Agricultural Engineering

* Analytical Chemistry
Nanomaterials, Self-Assembled * Inorganic
Sahoo, Dr Rashmi Ranjan
FL1296 Monolayer, Waste management, Chemistry * Physical
CMERI, Durgapur
Water Technology Engineering * Chemical
* Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Materials
Experimental High Energy Heavy Ion
Sahoo, Dr Raghunath Physics (ALICE-LHC, CERN, Geneva;
IIT, Indore CBM-FAIR, Germany), Quark Gluon Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Plasma Phenomenology

* Physical
Sahoo, Prof Bijaya Kumar Chemistry
FL2504 Atomic & Nuclear Physics * Computer Science
PRL, Ahmedabad Engineering
* Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Sahoo, Dr K.L. Metallurgy & Materials Science,
NML, Jamshedpur Composites Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg

Systems Biology, Mathematical

* Biotechnology
Modelling, Constraint-based
Sahoo, Dr Swagatika * Chemical
FL3789 Metabolic Modelling, Gut Microbe Engineering
IIT, Chennai * Biotechnology
Modelling, Disease Modelling, Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Analysis of Omics Data
* Systems biology

* Biomedical
* Biotechnology
* Chemical
* Computer Science
Bioinformatics, Virology, * Electrical
Sahoo, Dr Ganesh Chandra Microbiology, Nanotechnology, * Electronics
FL1945 Engineering
RMRIMS, Patna Instrumentation Engineering, * Mechanical
Life Sciences
Database, Mobile App. * Biotechnology
* Environmental Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
* bioinformatics, bio-medical engineering
* Bioinformatics

Sahu, Dr Brundaban
FL2401 Number Theory * algebra, group theory, representation the
NISER, Bhubaneswar Mathematics
* number theory, coding theory
FL2140 Sahu, Dr Arvind Kesarilalji Virology, Immunology
NCCS, Pune Life Sciences * Biotechnology
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 52/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Sahu, Dr D.K.
FL2980 Star Burst Galaxies, Supernova
IIA [CREST], Hosakote Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

Saini, Dr Ajay
FL1931 Plant Molecular Biology * Biotechnology
BARC, Mumbai Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences

Saini, Dr Supreet Speciation, Evolutionary

FL2848 * Microbial Sciences
IIT, Mumbai microbiology Life Sciences
* Evolutionary biology

* Animal Sciences
Saini, Prof. Deepak Cellular Signalling, Live Cell Imaging,
FL1110 * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Bacterial Signal Transduction, Aging Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Saluja, Prof. Daman

Gene Expression Analysis in Cancer * Biotechnology
FL924 Dr BR Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical
Cells, Novel Diagnostic Methods Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Research, Delhi
* Microbial Sciences

Salunke, Dr Deepak B. Organic Chemistry, Medicinal * Organic

FL3662 Chemistry
Panjab Univ., Chandigarh Chemistry * Medicinal Chemistry
Life Sciences
* Vaccine adjuvant development
Crystallographic Texture,
Samajdar, Prof. Indradev
FL1167 Microstructural Engineering,
IIT, Mumbai Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Thermomechanical Processing

* Analytical Chemistry
* Inorganic
* Organic
Nano-biomaterials, Cell Therapy,
* Biomedical
Biofim Eradication, Vapor
Samal, Dr Sangram Keshari Chemistry * Biotechnology
FL3369 Nanobubbles & Bio-imaging,
RMRC, Bhubaneswar Engineering * Chemical
Functionalization of Polymers for
Life Sciences * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
Drug Delivery Applications.
* Biotechnology
* Environmental Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Samal, Dr Areejit Computational Biology, Systems * Biotechnology

FL3617 Engineering
IMSc, Chennai Biology, Network Biology * Chemical
Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
Steady state and time-resolved
Samanta, Prof. Anunay fluorescence and ultrafast pump-
UOH, Hyderabad probe spectroscopy of molecular Chemistry * Physical
systems and materials
Samanta, Dr Goutam K. Lasers, Nonlinear Optics, Parametric
PRL, Ahmedabad Processes, Parametric Sources, SPDC Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Samanta, Dr Pranab
FL2297 Tribology
CMERI, Durgapur Engineering * Mechanical
Samanta, Prof. Rajarshi
FL3911 Synthetic Organic Chemistry
IIT, Kharagpur Chemistry * Organic
Powder Injection Moulding, Process
Samanta, Dr Sudip Kumar
FL1435 Modelling, Semi Solid Aluminium * Mechanical
CMERI, Durgapur Engineering
Alloy Casting, Rheocasting * Metallurgy/Materials Engg

Samim, Dr M.
FL981 Nanomedicine Chemistry * Physical
Hamdard Univ., New Delhi
Life Sciences * nanomedicine

Sanal, Dr M.G. * Animal Sciences

FL1975 Genetics, iPSC, Gene Editing
ILBS, New Delhi Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Sanan-Mishra, Dr Neeti RNAi, miRNA, Plant Stress
ICGEB, New Delhi Responses, Viral Suppressors Life Sciences * Plant Sciences

Sane, Dr Vidhu A. Plant Molecular Biology, Ethylene

FL1091 * Biotechnology
NBRI, Lucknow Biology, Root Biology, Abiotic stress Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences

Sane, Dr Aniruddha P. Plant Molecular Biology,

FL592 * Biotechnology
NBRI, Lucknow Biochemistry, Hormone Signalling Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Sane, Prof. Sharad S.
FL787 Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics
Baskaracharya Pratishthan/IISER, Pune Mathematics * combinatorics

Plant Biotechnology, Genomics, * Biotechnology

Sangwan, Prof. Neelam S.
FL656 Secondary Metabolites, Medicinal & * Health Sciences
CIMAP, Lucknow Life Sciences
Aromatic Plants * Plant Sciences
* Plant secondary metabolism
Synthesis & Studies on
Porphyrinoids, Coordination
Sankar, Dr M.
FL3602 Chemistry, Supramolecular * Inorganic
IIT, Roorkee Chemistry
Assemblies, Catalysis, Photophysical * Porphyrinoid Synthesis and Studies
& Photovoltaics Studies
Structural Biology, Translation of
Sankaranarayanan, Dr Rajan Genetic Code, Enzyme Mechanism,
CCMB, Hyderabad Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Drug Life Sciences * Structural Biology
Special Concrete & Admixtures,
Santhanam, Prof. Manu
FL3339 Durability, Non-destructive
IIT, Chennai Engineering * Civil
Evaluation, Cement Chemistry
FL1765 Santhosh, Prof. Chidagil Raman Spectroscopy of Tissues,
Manipal Univ., Manipal Single Cell Raman Spectroscopy Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 53/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
using Optical Tweezers, Fluorescence * Biophotonics
Spectroscopy of Tissues, Body Fluid
Analysis, Photonics & Bio-photonics,

Santosh, Dr Kumar Cancer metastasis, Cancer drug

FL3647 * Animal Sciences
AIIMS Patna resistance and EMT Life Sciences
* Biotechnology
Cancer Biology, Epigenetics, Cell
Cycle progression, Cellular
Santra, Dr Manas Kumar * Animal Sciences
FL2829 Signalling, Proteasomal Regulation,
NCCS, Pune Life Sciences * Biotechnology
chemotherapeutic drug, molecular
* Health Sciences
Sanyal, Prof Prasanta
FL3177 Paleo-ecology, River Response to
IISER, Kolkata Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Sanyal, Prof. Milan K. Condensed Matter Physics, Surface
SINP, Kolkata Physics, Nanomaterials Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Nanomaterials, Light Emitting
Sapra, Dr Sameer Materials, Photovoltaics, Charge * Inorganic
FL1301 Chemistry
IIT, New Delhi Separation, 2D transition metal * Physical
dichalcogenides, perovskites * Condensed Matter Physics

Saraswat, Dr Rajeev * Earth Sciences
FL965 Palaeoceanography, Environmental
NIO, Dona Paula, Goa Earth and Planetary Sci. * Oceanic
Sciences, Micropalaeontology
* Solar System

Sarathlal, Dr K.V. Experimental Condensed matter

IISc, Bengaluru Physics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Saravanan, Prof. S. Mathematical Modelling, Fluid

FL1324 Engineering * Mechanical
Bharathiar Univ., Coimbatore Dynamics, Heat Transfer
Mathematics * differential equations, dynamical systems
Sardesai, Dr Abhijit Microbial Genetics, Physiology,
CDFD, Hyderabad Solute Transport Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
Sarin, Prof. Shiv Kumar
FL599 Gastroenterology, Hepatology
ILBS, New Delhi Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Photophysics, Proton Transfer in
Organized Assemblies, Fluorescene
Sarkar, Prof. Nilmoni Correlation Spectroscopy, Picosecond
IIT, Kharagpur Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Chemistry * Physical
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging
Microscopy, Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Sarkar, Prof Jaydeb Operator Theory, Functional Analysis,

ISI, Bengaluru Linear Algebra, Analysis Mathematics * real and complex analysis, functional ana

Sarkar, Prof Srimonti

FL1570 Cell Biology * Health Sciences
Bose Institute, Kolkata Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

* Biomedical
* Biotechnology
Mathematical & Stochastic Modelling
Sarkar, Dr Ram Rup Engineering * Computer Science
FL602 of Biological Systems, Nonlinear
NCL, Pune Life Sciences * Biotechnology
Dynamics, Computational Biology
Mathematics * differential equations, dynamical systems
* Computational and Theoretical Biology
* Mathematical and Stochastic Modelling

Sarkar, Dr Surajit Developmental Genetics,

FL2816 * Animal Sciences
UOD(SC), New Delhi Neurobiology Life Sciences
* Developmental genetics; Neurobiology
Natural Language Processing,
Sarkar, Prof. Sudeshna
FL3182 Machine Learning, Recommendation
IIT, Kharagpur Engineering * Computer Science
Sarkar, Dr Sujit Quantum Many Body Physics,
PISR, Bengaluru Condensed Matter System Physics
Sarkar, Prof. Sagartirtha
FL3512 Molecular Cardiology, Cell Biology
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Life Sciences * Health Sciences

Strongly Interacting Electron

Sarma, Prof. Dipankar D. * Physical
FL605 Systems, Disordered Systems, Chemistry
IISc, Bengaluru * Condensed Matter Physics
Nanomaterials Physics
* Nanomaterials
Atmospheric Instrumentation,
Sarma, Dr T.V.C.
FL2509 Atmospheric Radar Signal & Data Engineering * Electronics
NARL, Tirupati
Processing Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
Modelling & Simulation in Free
Surface Flow, Heuristic Method in
Sarma, Prof. Arup K. Reservoir Optimization, Watershed
IIT, Guwahati Modelling & EMP (Ecological Engineering * Civil
Management Practices) Planning,
Impact of Climate Change on Water
Biogeochemistry, Trace Gases Fluxes,
Sarma, Dr V.V.S.S. Stable Isotopes, Ecosystem
FL1535 * Atmospheric
NIO, R.C.: Visakhapatnam Functionality, Atmospheric Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Oceanic

Sarma, Prof. Birinchi K. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions,

FL2821 * Plant Sciences
BHU, Varanasi Genomics Life Sciences
* Genomics
Bacterial Diversity & Taxonomy,
Sasikala, Prof. Ch. Prospecting for Antimicrobials, * Biotechnology
JNTU, Hyderabad Biocolorants, Biofuel Production, Life Sciences * Environmental Sciences
Bioremediation, bioconcrete * Microbial Sciences
FL3310 Sastry, Prof. Pidaparthy Subbayya Machine Learning, Neural Networks,
IISc, Bengaluru Stochastic Learning Automata, Engineering * Computer Science

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 54/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Statistical Learning Theory, Temporal
Data Mining

* Biomedical
* Electrical
Sateesh, Mr Chandrapuri Digital Techniques & Instrumentation * Electronics
FL2477 Engineering
NGRI, Hyderabad (Automation & Embedded System) * Others
Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Earth Sciences
* Instrumetation, Automation
* Greophysical Instrumetation

Satgunam, Dr Prem Nandhini Vision Rehabilitation, Optometry, Eye

FL2792 * Health Sciences
LVPEI, Hyderabad tracking Life Sciences
* Vision Science, Optometry
Aerosols, Clouds, Atmospheric
Satheesh, Prof. S.K.
FL607 Radiation, Climate, Satellite Remote * Atmospheric
IISc, Bengaluru Earth and Planetary Sci.
Sensing * Solar System
Supercapacitors, 2D Layered
Sathish, Dr M. Materials Sythesis (Graphene, MoS2,
FL2320 * Inorganic
CECRI, Karaikudi BN), Photocatalysis & Hydrogen Chemistry
* Physical
Mesenchymal stem cell
Satija, Dr Neeraj Kumar
FL3893 differentiation Acute Myeloid * Biotechnology
IITR, Lucknow Life Sciences
Leukemia In vitro toxicology * Health Sciences
Satija, Dr Yatendra Kumar Science Communication, R&D
FL3796 Dr BR Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Planning, Intellectual Property Right
Life Sciences * Science Communication, R&D Planning, I
Research, Delhi Management, Business Development
Statistical Mechanics, Quantum
Satyanarayana, Dr S.V.M.
FL3227 Mechanics & Pedagogy, Simulations
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Physics * Quantum Information Science and Statist
in Physics
Seismic Data Processing, 2D Travel-
Satyavani, Dr N.
FL2451 Time Modelling, Pre-Stack Depth
NGRI, Hyderabad Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Migration & Resource Estimation
Antibacterial & Antimicrobial Target
Sau, Dr Apurba Kumar
FL2094 Enzymes, Drug-Design, Protein
NII, New Delhi Life Sciences * Biotechnology

Sawant, Dr Samir V.
FL610 Plant Molecular Biology * Biotechnology
NBRI, Lucknow Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences

* Analytical Chemistry
Biosensors, Conducting Polymers,
* Physical
Sawant, Dr Shilpa Cancer Detection, Electrochemical
FL1322 Chemistry * Biomedical
BARC, Mumbai Sensors, SPR Biosensors, Langmuir-
Engineering * Biotechnology
Blodgett Films, Microbial Fuel Cells
* Chemical
* Biotechnology, nanotechnology
Electronics, Microelectronic Device
Modelling & Simulation,
Saxena, Dr Manoj Nanoelectronics, MOSFET, Tunnel
FL611 * Electrical
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, New Delhi FET, Junctionless MOSFET, Optical Engineering
* Electronics
FET, High Electron Mobility Transistor
Optoelectronics, Waveguide, EDFA,
Fibre Amplifier, Modelling and
Saxena, Dr Geetika Jain
FL1813 Simulation of Devices and circuits, * Computer Science
UOD, Delhi Engineering
Digital Image & Video Processing, * Electronics
Machine Learning

Saxena, Dr A.K. Medicinal Chemistry & Computer

FL1702 Chemistry * Organic
CDRI, Lucknow/GIPER, Kashipur Aided Drug Design
Life Sciences * Medicinal Chemistry & CADD

Air pollution, Environmental

Saxena, Dr Pallavi * Atmospheric
FL2414 Chemistry, Impact of Air Pollutants Chemistry
UOD, Delhi * Earth Sciences
on Plant Health Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Environmental Chemistry

Seal, Dr Anindita
FL2294 Plant Molecular Biology * Biotechnology
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
Organic Materials, Supramolecular
Seelam, Dr Prasanthkumar
FL3754 Chemistry, Energy Device * Organic
IICT, Hyderabad Chemistry
Applications * Physical
Seetha, Dr N.
FL3478 Flow & Transport in Porous Media
IIT, Hyderabad Engineering * Civil

* Biotechnology
Seghal Kiran, Dr George Molecular Microbiology,
FL2789 * Environmental Sciences
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Nanotechnology, Biopolymers Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Molecular Immunology, Molecular
Biology of B cells, Microbial Interface
Sehgal, Dr Devinder
FL2096 Biology and Associated Host Immune * Health Sciences
NII, New Delhi Life Sciences
Response, Streptococcus * Microbial Sciences
Structural Biology, Internet
Sekar, Prof. K.
FL2654 Computing, Databases Development, * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru Life Sciences
Data Mining, Algorithm Development * Health Sciences
Experimental Nonlinear Dynamics,
Sekar Iyengar, Prof. A.N.
FL1485 Chaos, Plasma Physics, Nonlinear * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
SINP, Kolkata Physics
Time Series Analysis * plasma, electronics

Sekhar, Prof. M. Hydrology, Groundwater Hydrology,

FL2921 Engineering * Civil
IISc, Bengaluru Water Resources
Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
FL1781 Selvaraju, Dr C. Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Fluorescence
Univ. of Madras, Chennai Spectroscopy Chemistry * Physical
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 55/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25

Selvin, Dr Joseph
FL613 Microbial Technology, Metagenomics * Biotechnology
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences
Quantum Information & Quantum
Sen, Prof Ujjwal Computation, Interface with
HRI, Allahabad Quantum Optics, Condensed Matter, Physics * Quantum information
Cold Gas
Robot Design, Mechanics (Kinematis
& Dynamics), Manipulation &
Sen, Dr Soumen Control, Bio-mimetics for Robotics, * Electronics
CMERI, Durgapur Mechanics/Biomechanics, Design of Engineering * Mechanical
Exoskeletons, Rehabilitation Devices, * Mechatronics, Robotics, Biomimetics, Biom
Compliant Actuators
Sen, Dr Rituparna
FL3461 Statistics, Finance
ISI, Chennai Mathematics * probability, statistics, financial mathemat
Sen, Dr Ranjan
FL849 Bacterial Transcription
CDFD, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences

Sen, Prof. Anjan Ananda * Astronomy and Astrophysics

FL2438 Cosmology, Gravitation, Astorphysics
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Physics * Relativity and Cosmology
* Statistical Techniques in Sciences
Sen, Dr Arnab Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical
IACS, Kolkata Physics Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Sen, Dr Sakya Singha Main-Group Chemistry, Organo-
NCL, Pune metallic Chemistry, Catalysis Chemistry * Inorganic

Sen, Prof. Parongama

FL2483 Statistical Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Physics
* Statistical Physics
Density Functional Theory, Confined
Sen, Prof. Kali Das
FL616 Systems, Information Theory, * Physical
UOH, Hyderabad Chemistry
Statistical Complexity * Interdisciplinary Science

* Analytical Chemistry
* Inorganic
* Physical
Nano-Science & Nano-Technology, * Environmental Sciences
Senapati, Prof. Dulal Physical Chemistry & Chemical Chemistry * Health Sciences
SINP, Kolkata Dynamics, Material Physics, Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
Theoretical Modelling, Nano-medicine Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
* Condensed Matter Physics
* Nuclear and High Energy Physics
* Electrochemistry
* superconductivity and superparamagnetis

Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Signal * Animal Sciences

Sengupta, Dr Sagar
FL1583 Transduction, Mitochondria Function, * Biotechnology
NII, New Delhi Life Sciences
DNA Damage Response * Health Sciences
* Cancer Cell Biology
Genetic Basis of Cardiovascular
Disease, Toxic Effects of Thiol
Sengupta, Dr Shantanu
FL2974 Compounds like Homocysteine, Role
IGIB, Delhi Life Sciences * Biotechnology
of Homocysteine in Epigenetic
Modifications, Proteomics

Sengupta, Prof. Surajit Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical * Physical

FL621 Chemistry
TIFR-CIS, Hyderabad Mechanics, Materials Science * Condensed Matter Physics
* Soft Matter, Materials
Sengupta, Dr Kundan Chromosome Biology, Molecular
IISER, Pune Biology, Genome Biology Life Sciences * Biotechnology

Sengupta, Dr Saikat Geochemistry, Isotope Hydrology,

FL3178 * Atmospheric
IITM, Pune Ground Water, Dendro-climatology Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Earth Sciences

Sengupta, Dr Sanchita
FL3901 Functional Organic Materials * Organic
IISER, Mohali Chemistry
* Materials

Sengupta, Prof. Sharmila Cancer Genetics, Genomics,

FL2425 * Biotechnology
NIBG, Kalyani Infectious Disease Life Sciences
* Genomics
Evolutionary Dynamics, Pattern
Sengupta, Dr Supratim
FL4013 Formation in Biological Systems,
IISER, Kolkata Mathematics
Riboswitches, Complex Systems

Sengupta, Dr Sanghamitra Cancer Genetics & Biology, Infectious

FL2336 * Health Sciences
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Disease Biology, Microbial Ecology Life Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Electrochemistry, Electrocatalysis,
* Analytical Chemistry
Senthil Kumar, Dr S.M. Fuel Cells, Water Splitting, Hydrogen
FL2366 * Inorganic
CECRI, Karaikudi Production, Oxygen Reduction, CO2 Chemistry
* Physical
Reduction, Electrochemical Sensors
* Electrochemistry

* Animal Sciences
Biochemistry, Neuroscience, GPCR
Senthilkumar, Dr R. * Biotechnology
FL3677 Signalling Pathway, Calcium
Rayalaseema Univ., Kurnool Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Channels Regulation
* Others1
* Neuroscience
Molecular Biology & Cell Biology,
Seshadri, Dr Vasudevan
FL2133 Malaria, Translation Regulation, RNA
NCCS, Pune Life Sciences * Biotechnology
FL1850 Seshasayee, Dr Aswin S. Bacterial Genomics, Computational
NCBS, Bengaluru Biology Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
* bioinformatics
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 56/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
Big-data analysis for socio-economic
Development, Voice-based
Seth, Dr Aaditeshwar
FL3588 technologies for less-literate users,
IIT, New Delhi Engineering * Computer Science
Information Sharing on Participatory
Media Social Networks
Seth, Prof. Pankaj Neuroinfection, Neural Stem Cells,
NBRC, Manesar Neuro-Glia Interactions Life Sciences * Neuroscience

Seth, Prof. Rakesh Applied Entomology, Radiation

FL2932 * Animal Sciences
UOD, Delhi Biology Life Sciences
* Radiation Entomology
Image Processing, Signal Processing,
Sethu Selvi, Dr S.
FL2189 Non-linear Filtering, Video Analytics, * Electronics
MS Ramaiah Inst. of Tech., Bengaluru Engineering
Non-Destructive Testing * Image Processing
Palaeoclimatology using Tree-rings,
Shah, Dr Santosh K.
FL2764 Climate Change, Climate Data
BSIP, Lucknow Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Analysis using R Environment
Shaha, Dr Chandrima
FL623 Cell Biology, Biochemistry
NII, New Delhi Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
Machinery Health Monitoring, NVH,
Shahab, Dr Fatima
FL3717 Machinery & Industrial Noise Control,
IIT, New Delhi Engineering * Mechanical
Reliability & Maintenance

* Physical
Shaijumon, Dr M.M. Nanostructured Materials-Graphene,
FL1478 Chemistry * Condensed Matter Physics
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Energy Storage and conversion
Physics * Materials Science
* Materials Science
Evolutionary Genetics, Population
Shakarad, Prof. Mallikarjun Genetics, Behavioural Genetics,
FL2924 * Animal Sciences
UOD, Delhi Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology, Life Sciences
* Use of fly in evaluation of natural phytoch
Atmospheric Science: Atmospheric
Dynamics which includes Tropical
Shankar Das, Dr Siddarth
FL2445 Cyclones, Convection, Gravity
VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram Earth and Planetary Sci. * Atmospheric
Waves, Stratosphere-troposphere
Shankar Ram, Prof. C.S.
FL3394 Vehicle Dynamics & Control
IIT, Chennai Engineering * Mechanical

Shanmugam, Dr P.
FL1896 Synthetic Organic Chemistry
CLRI, Chennai Chemistry * Organic

Single-Molecule Magnet, Molecular

Magnetism, Small Molecule
Shanmugam, Prof. Maheswaran
FL1773 Activation, Molecular Refrigerants,
IIT, Mumbai Chemistry * Inorganic
Biomedical Application of Organic &
Inorganic Complexes
Sharan, Dr Alok
FL3417 Nonlinear Optics, Optics
Pondicherry Univ., Puducherry Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Sharanya, Dr Sur Astrophysical Turbulence & Magnetic
Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru. Fields Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

Sharma, Dr Tilak Raj Plant Genomics, Plant Biotechnology,

NABI, Mohali Plant Disease Resistance Life Sciences * Plant Sciences

Sharma, Dr Mahak
FL2002 Cell Biology, Endocytic Trafficking
IISER, Mohali Life Sciences * Cell Biology (Membrane trafficking)

Sharma, Prof. Mukund

FL3176 Archaean Palaeobiology
BSIP, Lucknow Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences

Sharma, Dr Parag
FL3610 Radiometry, Photometry, Photonics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
NPL, New Delhi Physics
* Photonics
Geochemistry, Quaternary
Sharma, Dr Anupam
FL1888 Palaeoclimate, Surface Geological
BSIP, Lucknow Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Sharma, Dr Saurabh Star-formation & Stellar Evolution,
ARIES, Nainital Star Clusters, Galactic Structure Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

Sharma, Dr Shiv K. Learning & Memory, Alzheimer's

FL2230 * Biotechnology
NBRC, Manesar Disease Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Bio-organic Chemistry, Synthesis &
Sharma, Dr Nagendra
FL2687 Biophysical Studies, Development of * Organic
NISER, Bhubaneswar Chemistry
Bio-compatible Material * Biorganic Synthetic Chemistry

Sharma, Dr Paresh Animal Biotechnology, Molecular & * Animal Sciences

NIAB, Hyderabad Cellular Biology Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Microbial Sciences

Communication, Signal Processing,

Sharma, Dr G.V.V. * Computer Science
FL2982 Embedded Systems, Power Engineering
IIT, Hyderabad * Electronics
Electronics, Analog Circuits Mathematics
* number theory, coding theory
Sharma, Dr Natasha Experimental High Energy Physics,
Panjab Univ., Chandigarh Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics

Sharma, Dr Tarun Kumar Diagnostics, Health Science, Aptamer * Biotechnology

THSTI, Faridabad Technology and Biosensors Life Sciences * Health Sciences
* Diagnostics, Aptamer Technology and Bio

* Animal Sciences
Sharma, Dr Amit Prakash Structural & Computational Biology,
FL1063 * Biotechnology
ICGEB, New Delhi Malaria, Protein Function Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 57/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
FL3943 Shasany, Dr Ajit Kumar Aroma Genomics, Plant Functional
CIMAP, Lucknow Genomics, Secondary metabolism, Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Shashank, Prof. Deep Structural Biology, Biophysical

FL1304 Chemistry * Physical
IIT, New Delhi Protein Folding, Protein Aggregation
Life Sciences * Biochemistry

Algae biofuel, Synthetic Biology of

* Biotechnology
Shashi Kumar, Dr S.K. plant for drug biosynthesis,
FL1553 * Microbial Sciences
ICGEB, New Delhi Chloroplast and Nuclear genome Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences
transformation of algae and plants
* Algal Biofuels
Shashidhara, Prof. L.S. Developmental Biology, Evolution,
Ashoka Univ., Sonepat / IISER, Pune Genetics, Mathematical Biology Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
Physics of Accreting, Super-massive
Shastri, Prof. Prajval
FL2604 Black Holes using Multi Wavelength
IIA, Bengaluru Physics * Astronomy and Astrophysics

Deep Learning, Medical Image * Biomedical

Sheet, Dr Debdoot
FL3854 Analysis, Explainable Machine * Computer Science
IIT, Kharagpur Engineering
Learning * Electrical
* Electronics

Sheetal, Dr Dharmatti
FL2102 Differential Equations * control theory, optimization, operations re
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Mathematics
* differential equations, dynamical systems

* Inorganic
Nano Materials, Nanocomposites, * Physical
Shelke, Dr Manjusha Chemistry
FL1685 Super-capacitor, Li-ion Battery, * Chemical
NCL, Pune Engineering
Electrochemistry * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
* Condensed Matter Physics
* Materials chemistry
Shenoy, Prof. V.B. Quantum Consensed Matter Physics:
IISc, Bengaluru Topological Phases Physics * Condensed Matter Physics

Seed Biology, Seed Pathology &

Shetty, Prof. H. Shekar * Biotechnology
FL637 Technology, Molecular Plant
Univ. of Mysore, Mysuru Life Sciences * Plant Sciences
* Plant-microbe interaction, Molecular track
Fluid Mechanics, Biofluid Dynamics,
Shinde, Dr Sachin Y. Swimming, Flying, Hovering,
FL3360 * Aeronautical
IIT, Kanpur Unsteady and Turbulent flows, Fluid - Engineering
* Mechanical
structure interaction

Temperature & Humidity Metrology, * Biomedical

New Kelvin, Radiation Pyrometry, * Mechanical
Shivagan, Dr Dilip Dhondiram
FL3611 thermo-physical properties of new Engineering * Metallurgy/Materials Engg
NPL, New Delhi
materials, dew/frost and moisture Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
measurements. * Condensed Matter Physics
* Materials Science, Instrumentation, Metro
Synthetic Solid State Chemistry,
Materials Chemistry of Oxides,
Shivakumara, Dr C. Luminescent Materials, Nano-
FL1023 Chemistry * Inorganic
IISc, Bengaluru materials, Photocatalysis, Graphene
Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Chemistry & Graphene Polymer

* Earth Sciences
Shukla, Dr Anil D.
FL2836 Geochemistry & Cosmo-chemistry * Oceanic
PRL, Ahmedabad Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Solar System
* Geochemistry, Quaternary Geology,Miner
IIT, Kanpur Engineering * Computer Science

Shukla, Dr Shubha
FL1731 Neurobiology * Animal Sciences
CDRI, Lucknow Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
Remote Sensing & GIS, Natural
Shukla, Dr Dericks Hazard Assessment & Mapping, * Civil
FL3599 Engineering
IIT, Mandi Climatic-Tectono Geomorphology, * Computer Science
Earth and Planetary Sci.
Hydro-Geo-Chemistry * Earth Sciences
High Energy Nuclear Collisions,
Shukla, Dr Prashant
FL4011 Quark Gluon Plasma, Cosmic Ray
BARC, Mumbai Physics * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Synthetic Macromolecules, Drug
FL871 Carriers, Self-Assembling * Organic
IISER, Kolkata Chemistry
Nanomaterials, Sensors * Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
Network & Information Security,
Blockchains, Privacy, Programming
Shyamasundar, Prof. R.K.
FL642 Languages for High Performance,
IIT, Mumbai Engineering * Computer Science
Formal Methods, Real-Time

Siddapureddy, Dr Sudheer Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Fire

IIT, Dharwad Dynamics Engineering * Mechanical

Siddhanta, Prof. Anirban

FL2810 Cell Biology, Biochemistry * Health Sciences
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Life Sciences
* Plant Sciences

Sikdar, Dr Nilabja
FL3671 Cancer Genetics, Molecular Biology * Biotechnology
ISI, Kolkata Life Sciences
* Health Sciences

Sil, Dr Alok Kumar Eco-Biodiversity, Eco-

FL2583 * Environmental Sciences
Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata Bioremediation,cell biology Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
FL3821 Simmhan, Dr Yogesh Big Data Platforms and Analytics
https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 58/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
IISc, Bengaluru Software and Middleware for Internet Engineering * Computer Science
of Things Distributed Systems and
Cloud Computing Graph Algorithms

Oceanography, Bio-geo-chemistry,
Singh, Dr Arvind * Oceanic
FL3224 Ecology, Stable Isotopes, Extreme Earth and Planetary Sci.
PRL, Ahmedabad * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Events Physics
* Extreme events (complex systems)
Fluorescence Spectroscopy,
Fluorescence based Chemo-sensors
Singh, Dr Prabhat Kumar & Bio-sensors, Supramolecular
FL3443 * Analytical Chemistry
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry, Stimulus-responsive Chemistry
* Physical
Materials, Time-resolved

Singh, Dr Vikas Kumar Genomics-Assisted Breeding

FL3557 * Plant Sciences
ICRISAT, Patancheru (Agriculture Sciences) Life Sciences
* Genetics and Plant Breeding

Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis,

Singh, Dr Sanjay * Inorganic
FL652 Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic
IISER, Mohali Chemistry * Organic
Macrocycles & Cryptands
* Organometallic catalysis

* Analytical Chemistry
Soft Condensed Matter, Conducting
Singh, Dr Rajiv Kumar * Inorganic
FL1147 Polymers, Polymer Electrochemistry, Chemistry
NPL, New Delhi * Organic
Organic Energy Materials Physics
* Physical
* Condensed Matter Physics
Himalayan Tectonics, Isotope
Singh, Prof. Sandeep
FL1213 Geology, Geo-chronology, Isotopes in
IIT, Roorkee Earth and Planetary Sci. * Earth Sciences
Water System
Membranes, Porous Materials,
Singh, Dr Puyam Sobhindro
FL1453 Membrane/Catalytic Reactor, Liquid- * Inorganic
CSMCRI, Bhavnagar Chemistry
liquid/Gas-gas Separations * Physical

Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology

Singh, Dr Shailza * Biotechnology
FL1564 Interface, Computational Biology,
NCCS, Pune Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Pathogenesis and Cellular Response
* Microbial Sciences

Singh, Dr Agam P. * Animal Sciences

FL1580 Molecular Parasitology
NII, New Delhi Life Sciences * Biotechnology
* Health Sciences
Environmental Geotechnology, MSW
& Nuclear Waste Disposal, Bio-
Singh, Prof. D.N. * Civil
FL1750 reactor Landfill, Porous Media Engineering
IIT, Mumbai * Electronics
Characterization, Biotechnology, Earth and Planetary Sci.
* Earth Sciences
Electronics & Instrumentation
Organo-selenium Compounds,
Antioxidants, Free Radical Chemistry,
Singh, Dr B.G. * Inorganic
FL1791 Radiosensitizers, Rheology of
BARC, Mumbai Chemistry * Physical
Colloidal System, Drug Delivery,
* Biochemistry

* Animal Sciences
Singh, Dr Amit Tuberculosis, Molecular Mechanisms,
FL2105 * Biotechnology
IISc, Bengaluru HIV-TB Coinfection Life Sciences
* Health Sciences
* Microbial Sciences

Paleoclimatology, Paleoceanography,
Singh, Dr Raj Kumar * Earth Sciences
FL2390 Marine Micropaleontology, Coastal
IIT, Bhubaneswar Earth and Planetary Sci. * Oceanic
Processes, Sedimentology,
* Solar System

Stem Cell, Stem Cells in Vision * Animal Sciences

Singh, Dr Vivek
FL3205 Restoration, Corneal Wound Healing, * Biotechnology
LVPEI, Hyderabad Life Sciences
Animal Models * Health Sciences
* Stem Cell/ Transnational Research
Singh, Dr Jaswinder
FL3726 Proteomics, Metabolomics
ILBS, New Delhi Life Sciences * Health Sciences
Laser Physics, Light Scattering,
Singh, Prof. Ravindra
FL891 Structured Beams, Optical Tweezing,
PRL, Ahmedabad Physics * Atomic Physics, Lasers and Optics
Quantum Information
High Energy Physics,
Singh, Dr Ritesh K.
FL1704 Phenomenology, Mathematical * Nuclear and High Energy Physics
IISER, Kolkata Physics
Physics * Mathematical Physics
Singh, Dr Vidya Nand Electron Microscopy, Thin Film Solar
NPL, New Delhi Cells, Gas Sensors, Nanotechnology Physics * Condensed Matter Physics
Tumor Heterogeneity, Stem-like
Singh, Dr Sandeep
FL3016 Cancer Cells, Tumor * Biotechnology
NIBG, Kalyani Life Sciences
Microenvironment * Cancer Biology

Structural Biology, Protein * Organic

Singh, Prof. T.P.
FL654 Structures, Peptide Design, Drug Chemistry * Biotechnology
AIIMS, New Delhi
Discovery Life Sciences * Microbial Sciences
* Structural Biology
Singh, Dr Pradeep Kumar Explosive Science & Blasting
CIMFR, Dhanbad Technologies Engineering * Chemical
water resources engineering, rainfall
Singh, Dr Riddhi runoff modeling, hydrology, multi- * Civil
FL3476 Engineering
IIT, Mumbai objective optimization, decision * Earth Sciences
Earth and Planetary Sci.
making under uncertainty * hydrology
FL2662 Singh, Dr Shashi Stem Cell Biology
CCMB, Hyderabad Life Sciences * Animal Sciences
* Biotechnology

https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25 59/69
9/22/2019 https://web-japps.ias.ac.in:8443/fellowship2020/selectfellows.jsp?atype=B&area=%25
* Health Sciences
* stem cells and tissue engineering

Environmental Biotechnology, * Biotechnology

Singh, Prof. R.S. Bioremediation, Biosorption, Bio- * Chemical
FL2754 Engineering
IIT - BHU, Varanasi kinetics, Biofuel, Process Dynamics & * Biotechnology
Life Science