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1) How to get started with e-Billing via OCS:

1.1 Existing OCS user:

Log-in to Online Customer Service (OCS) via www.digi.com.my and go to My Account >
View Bill to start using e-Billing service !

1.2 New OCS user (1st time log-in):

(i) Register your mobile number via OCS at www.digi.com.my.
A password will be sent to your mobile.

(ii) Next, log-in to OCS with your mobile number and the password received via SMS.

(iii) Go to My Account > View Bill to start using e-Billing service!

2) Bill summary

2.1 Bill Statement Search

The Bill Summary search page allows users to perform search operation by Accout No., Mobile
No. & Statement Month.

The search result page displays the bill summary information:

- Account No
- Current Charges (RM)
- Statement Date
- Payment Due Date
- Actions to email bill, payment, view detail charges etc..
3) View Bill

View Bill action performs a download of the selected account’s bill. User will be able to view or
download the bill, depending on the browser setting. The user is required to have Adobe
Acrobat 8 or above to use this feature.
4) Email Bill

Copy of the bill statement will be delivered to the e-mail address registered at Personalization.
5) Details of charges

5.1 View

The Details of Charges page displays the details of charges form the bill statement for the
month searched. The user can perform following operation in this page:

- Save View (Export to PDF).

- Go back previous page.
5.2 Search /Filter / Sort Detail Call Charges

5.2.1 Advanced Search

The Advanced Search for Itemized Details search page allows users to perform advanced
filtering operation by the following criteria (dependant on Call Categories):

- Call Date/Time
- Destination
- Number Called
- Duration (second)
- Charged Amount (RM)
- Period
- Access Point (APN ie. DiGi MMS/DiGi Net/DiGi Stream)
- Data Type
6) Bill Analysis

6.1 Search report

The Bill Analysis search page allows users to perform search operation by report name as
below and displays in PDF using bar or chart accordingly:
- Total Bill (3 months)
- Total Call Charges (3 months)
- Total Domestic Usage per month
- Total Domestic Data Usage (SMS/GPRS) per month
- Total International Usage (Call/SMS) by Destination per month
- International Roaming (Call/ Data) per month
- Top 10 Highest Spender
- Top 10 Most Frequent Called Mobile No. by Amount
7) Personalization

7.1 Update

Users have options to select notification via SMS when bill is available/uploaded for viewing via
OCS and bill is due for payment.

- All OCS users will receive bill delivery/payment due reminder via SMS.
- OCS Language and Theme (color, font etc..) can be personalized accordingly.