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A Note on the “Employability Skills Enhancement Module” (ESEM)

1) The Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) is

conducting training programmes for the beneficiaries of Mukhyamantri
Yuvanestham (MYN) scheme to enhance their employability quotient.
2) In this connection, a specialized 40-hour (in 2 weeks) training programme –
“Employability Skills Enhancement Module” (ESEM) - has been designed
focusing on essential soft skills/ life skills with an aim to equip the
unemployed youth with the employable skills.
3) The beneficiaries can select the training centre (college) of their choice
through the MYN portal, developed by RTGS.
4) Keeping in view the huge number of beneficiaries to be covered, it is
planned to leverage the existing classroom infrastructure in identified
Colleges – Degree, Junior & Engineering Colleges – and Youth Training
Centres (YTCs) to conduct training programmes for the targeted
5) The service providers of APSSDC will deploy suitable trainers to impart the
trainings to the beneficiaries at these colleges.
6) The size of the batch is 60 candidates and it is planned to impart trainings for
two batches daily - from 8.00 am to 12.30 pm for the first batch and from 1.30
pm to 6.00 pm for the second batch.
7) The trainings days are from Monday to Friday in a week. In case of any
holiday(s) in between, the Saturday/ Sunday will be utilized to complete
the course in time as per specific local situation.
8) The various components of the ESEM are mentioned below :
Topic Learning Components
Communication Skills Pronunciation | Grammar | Vocabulary | Fluency |
Essentials Comprehension | Articulation | Listening Skills
Common Questions | How to answer differently |
Interview Essentials How to make an impression | Common mistakes to 6
avoid | Success tips |Mock Interviews
Etiquette - How to build Body Language | Dress Code | Social Manners |
your personal brand? Telephonic Etiquette
Standard format | Common mistakes to avoid |
Resume & Cover Letter
Structure and flow | Success Tips | Choice of words 4
| How to apply for jobs | Exposure to job portals
Common rules and etiquettes | Body Language |
Basic Presentation Skills How to articulate ideas | How to manage audience | 4
How to conquer nervousness
Topic Learning Components
Importance of Subject Line | Understanding To - Cc
e-Mail Writing Etiquette - Bcc | Common mistakes to avoid | Structure and 2
flow | Success Tips | Choice of words
Understanding Self | How to build Confidence |
Intrapersonal Skills Importance of Motivation | How to conquer FEAR | 4
Unleashing inner strength | SWOT analysis
Importance of Interpersonal Skills | Working with
Interpersonal Skills People | Importance of Feedback | Managing 4
Conflicts & Ego | Team building | Leadership skills
Social Responsibility: Citizen responsibility in
today’s society | Social consciousness | Cleanliness
Social Responsibility |Finding solutions collectively | Social ethics and 2
morals in practice| Responsibility towards
environment | Group exercises
Current trends in industry and Economy, especially
in AP | Progressive policies of AP Government –
Growth dynamics & Job
sustained double digit growth in AP | Present and 2
Opportunities in AP
futuristic skill sets required |Industrial clusters & job
opportunities in AP
Assessment, Certification
Evaluation of Trainee and feedback 1
and Feed back
Total 40

The beneficiaries of MYN scheme may reap the benefit of this skilling module
which will help them in enhancing their employability quotient. They may select the
training centre and the training period schedule/ batch of their choice from the MYN