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Dr. Leonard McGill
Indialantic Publishing, 2015
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ISBN 1-5151-2809-1
I was at my friend Julie’s house, having dinner with her and Jorda, her four year
old daughter. The night before I’d just gone out on my first date in decades, with a 5’
4” female bodybuilder that bench pressed more than me.

My personal life was a dumpster fire, women baffled me, and I had no idea how to
craft a life after losing my family.

Julie strode over to her bookshelf, grabbed a volume, and walked back to me. She
held it out. “You need to read this,” was all she said.

I took the book home, and David Deida’s “The Way of the Superior Man” was the
only book I ever read from cover to cover in one day.

Two weeks later I opened up my e-mails and there was an announcement from
the Omega Institute, the spiritual center in Upstate New York, announcing Deida was
giving a week-long intensive. I signed up, though taking a week from work at the time
seemed ridiculously extravagant.

The workshop changed my life, in part because it was there that I met D., to whom
this book is dedicated.

Thank you, Julie, David, and D. Also thanks to Master Mantak Chia, whose books
I first started reading when I was 23 years old, and who is now my “boss” at his Tao
Garden Health Spa and Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And thank you to all of my
other teachers and mentors, especially Henk Brandt, Keith Sudano, and Dr. Erich

Also thanks to the wonderfully creative people who have helped shape this book.
When I started out I wanted to write a cool sex book. Over time, however, the artists,
graphic designers, photographers and models who’ve contributed to “Mastering the
Art of Vaginal Massage” have elevated my vision to art. Thank you all.
About the Author
Dr. Leonard McGill is a former Contributing Editor to GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly)
and a noted health lecturer, consulting with such companies as ATT Universal Card,
Cole Vision Laboratories and American Express.

His books have been positively reviewed by People Magazine, The New York
Times and The Washington Post.
“Dr. Leonard” as his patients and clients call him, is a Chiropractic physician
and founder and director of www.Energysexuality.com and the “Energy Sex Insider”
YouTube channel.
He is a resident Orgasmic Activation practitioner at the world famous Tao Garden
Health Spa and Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Dr. Leonard is an avid surfer, yoga enthusiast and mindfulness student. A “digital
nomad,” he lives in New York City, Charleston, South Carolina and Doi Saket,
Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage
Table of contents

Chapter One: Investment Strategy 01

Why Do This?
Chapter Two: Staged Right 05
Setting the Scene for Love
Chapter Three: Recipe for Success 13
How to Massage Your Lover’s Vagina
Chapter Four: Looks Like Love 43
Dressing Your Lover for Vaginal Massage
Chapter Five: Doing It in the Dark 47
Using Blindfolds and Headphones
Chapter Six: Touching Me, Touching You 51
Encouraging Your Lover to Play With Herself
Chapter Seven: Animal Instincts 53
Doggie Style Vaginal Massage
Chapter Eight: Back Door Delivery 59
Vaginal Massage With Anal Play
Chapter Nine: All In 67
Progressive Finger Play
Chapter Ten: Water Works 69
Helping Your Lover to Squirt
Chapter Eleven: Underpinnings 77
Using a Pillow Under Her Pelvis
Chapter Twelve: Pulling Her Leg 83
Tugging Down on Her Vagina
Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage
Table of contents
Chapter Thirteen: Fit To Be Tied 85
Bondage and Vaginal Massage
Chapter Fourteen: Wave On 97
Creating Full Body Orgasms in Your Lover
Chapter Fifteen: Added Value 103
Sex Toys for Vaginal Massage
Chapter Sixteen: Detours Ahead 109
Taking Breaks During Your Vaginal Massages
Chapter Seventeen: You’ve Got the Touch 113
Becoming a More Sensitive Lover
Chapter Eighteen: Professional Grade 119
Jose Torian’s Orgasmic Pulse Massage
Chapter Nineteen: Conscious Decisions 127
OM…Orgasmic Meditation Massage
Chapter Twenty: From Here to Eternity 133
Energetic Vaginal Massage
Chapter Twenty One: Mouthing Off 149
Combining Vaginal Massage with Cunnilingus
Chapter Twenty Two: Help From a Friend 155
Using the Crystal Wand
For Women Only… 161
Opening Yourself to Love
Epilogue 170
Bonus! 181
Inviting Your Woman Onto Your Spiritual Path
Bonus II! 186
The Ninja Lover’s Training Manual
Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Imagine this: You sink your erection into your lover and immediately you feel
a rush of energy expanding your heart like fireworks shooting out into the night sky.
The boundaries around your heart disappear and you feel love rush out of it in all
directions, pulsating, streaming, glowing. It’s the most delicious feeling you’ve ever
If you’re a man that will likely never happen.
But when you use your open heart and your trained fingers to play in your woman’s
precious playground, you can give her just such an experience.
Vaginal massage is a chance for women to sink into and be enveloped by heart-
expanding sexual pleasure. Ask yourself: if you could do this for her, why would she
ever look at another guy? Wouldn’t she give you all the love you ever wanted? Most
importantly, wouldn’t your life become easier, deeper, richer?
“At first he gives me the most delicious feelings I’ve ever felt, with one orgasm
building on the one that came before it, becoming more and more powerful. And
then he takes me out of my body. I feel like I’m connected to everything,” is how one
woman described what receiving vaginal massage does for her. “It doesn’t take away
what he does with his penis. That’s become even better, because I’m able to enjoy it
more now. He’s way beyond anything I ever dreamed of in a lover.”
For you, mastering this skill gives you the ability to send your woman into states
of bliss and connection that will have her blushing when she tells her girlfriends about
the bedroom time she spends with you. Bestowing this gift on your woman, you
become a trusted lover. A man in charge in the bedroom. In charge of his erections, his
sexual energy, his vibrating, inflatable sex toys. Through you, your woman tastes the
sweetness of her radiance. Glowing. Radiating.
And sending all that love to you.
Most likely she’s forgotten she can even dream of sex like this. Personal and
culturally-embedded beliefs, not to mention rough-handling or incompetent sexual
partners, have blotted it out long ago. You can feel great about yourself as a man

and as a lover, because you’re giving your woman a precious gift. And because she
feels cherished in a way no other man has ever cherished her, your relationship grows
deeper. If you want to bravely go into that deep space with a woman where no man
has gone before, where you are connected with her as deeply as sun and sky, vaginal
massage will do it for you.
In this book you’ll find out how your life gets better when you offer this gift to a
lover. After that, I’m going to serve up on a silver platter an awesome nuts and bolts
“template” for how to deliver a great vaginal massage. With this training you’ll be one
of a handful of men on the planet that can go anywhere in the world, lay their hands
on a woman, and take her to sensuous, erotic, ecstatic places she’s never been before,
for as long as she wants.
This stuff is sexual dynamite, and for most women, will be unlike anything they’ve
ever experienced.
Next, I’ll give you awesome ideas for varying your massages, along with special
considerations and tips for becoming truly masterful at this sublime sexual skill. Then
we’ll look at vaginal massage techniques for tapping into the energy flowing through
your lover’s body. These methods can take a woman to places she’s never dreamed
possible. At this point you become a next-level lover, on the cutting edge of sexuality,
taking your partner on journeys that keep opening her wider and deeper.
Finally, I’ve included chapters on unique vaginal massage styles developed by
masters of this art, to give you even more expertise.
In the end, whether you want insanely powerful sexual skills, or a way to connect
with women on a far deeper level, the techniques detailed ahead are for you.
Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter One:
Investment Strategy
Why Do This?

1 www.energysexuality.com
Investment Strategy / Why Do This?

Total Package
I f you’re reading this you probably realize that learning how to massage your
woman’s vagina with world-class skill is going to make your life better in some
way. But, many men that I first speak to about vaginal massage ask, “Why would I
want to do that? What’s in it for me?”
Here’s what’s in it for you: Even if you’ve been with your lover for awhile, once
you start doing this for her she’s going to be more turned on than she’s ever been. And
that’s going to increase her sexual appetite and joy. You probably don’t get enough
sex. Now you will.
Also, do you want a lover who is smart and sexy? Who makes as much money
as you do (or would be if she wasn’t doing such a damn good job of raising your
kids)? Who can handle the “real” world of laundry, food shopping, etc…AND who is
absolutely irresistible and a total turn-on to you in bed? A woman who radiates love
and passion through every cell of her body as if she were born only to be the object
of your sexual desires, so that you can’t wait to take the briefcase or diaper bag out of
her hands and throw her in bed? Mastering vaginal massage will help you attract such
Or, wouldn’t you love to finally feel that your woman is happy? She’s not trying
to change you through nagging or manipulation. She’s not threatening you to change,
because she can feel that you cherish her. And because she’s happy, you’re happy. In
fact, you’re both happy to the point where you’re not just “getting along,” but you’re
supporting each other’s deepest desires. You’re both a “soft place to land” for each
other when times are tough.
Mastering vaginal massage will help you achieve this sort of relationship with
“Men come to me for tricks,” notes Jose Toiran, perhaps the world’s most renowned

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

vaginal masseuse (you’ll learn exactly what he does in the pages ahead). “But when
they start to do this work, it changes everything in their lives.”
Here’s why: Modern, successful women need a break from the ever-increasing
challenges of the world. A world in which they are called upon to act like men for
most of the day…organizing, planning, goal-setting, getting things done. Women can
do this well. Sometimes better than men. But there will always be a part of them that
longs for something more.
Performed properly vaginal massage allows women to experience something they
long for but hardly ever get: pleasure for pleasure’s sake. No performance anxiety. No
need to please. Just relax and enjoy. And women, perhaps for the first time in history,
are ready for men to give them this gift.

In Us We Want Them To Trust

W omen want men they can trust. Period. They want to trust their men so fully
that they can relax and let go completely during sex, feeling love flow through
their bodies and hearts. They want to trust enough to surrender. And often they want to
give up control in the bedroom. In a New York Times Magazine article, “Does a More
Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?” writer Lori Gottlieb reported that when a woman in
her late 30’s asked her husband to be “rougher” in bed “the result was comical.”
“He was trying to do what I wanted,” she explained, “but he was so…careful. I
don’t want him to ask, “Are you O.K?” I want him not to care if I’m O.K., to just, you
know, not be the good husband and take charge.”
Vaginal massage is a key technique you’ll use to become one of the new, trusted,
in-charge lovers that women are craving.
At the same time, this book provides a solution to the incredible burden modern
men feel. How can you be a “man’s man” in an increasingly feminine, right-brained

3 www.energysexuality.com
Investment Strategy / Why Do This?

world? Women’s emotional intelligence, their ability to multi-task and seeing “the big
picture”, have made them extremely valuable in the workplace. Twenty three percent
of men are in marriages where their wives out-earn them (this statistic is for couples
with children under 18; it may be higher in un-married couples).
What’s a guy to do?

Charge Ahead
V aginal massage is part of the answer. It’s one skill you can use to become an
in-charge, trusted lover.
Listen, you can either take charge in the bedroom, with a set of awesome lovemaking
skills and an open heart, or you can continue to be frustrated in relationships where
you are becoming less relevant and less respected. You can continue to bumble along
in and outside the bedroom, or acquire easy-to-learn skills like vaginal massage so you
become more sexually skillful, interesting, and emotionally intelligent.
As you’ll see, vaginal massage is a stepping stone on the way to becoming a new
type of man.

Easy Out
W omen are waiting for men to understand their preciousness, to promote
their radiance. And when you master the technique of vaginal massage, you
can use it to unlock your lover’s heart. Then you can enjoy being bathed in your
woman’s best love, and your life becomes so much easier. Vaginal massage opens a
door. Walk through it, and you might discover how to get all the love you ever wanted.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Two:
Staged Right
Setting the Scene for Love

Staged Right / Setting the Scene for Love

Better By Design
I ’m betting you’re not much of an interior designer. Even if you’re the kind of
guy that appreciates the artistry and scent of a beautifully-made candle, you don’t
spend many lunch hours at Bed, Bath and Beyond, or any other home décor store.
That’s OK. In this chapter I’m going to tell you how to create an environment in
your bedroom where your woman can experience pleasure for pleasure’s sake.
Now, the thought of tidying up before having sex may seem pointless to you. In
truth, sometimes it is (you may have a wonderful memory of making love in the back
seat of your car, up against a tree in the woods or in some nightclub bathroom). Fine.
But the point here is you’re taking charge by creating a great space for making love.
At the same time, you’re letting her relax. And she’s going to thank you by hopefully
giving you the best sex of your life.
So from a purely selfish standpoint, learn this material so your life becomes easier.
I’m about to tell you how to straighten up your bedroom so you can gift your
lover with a mindblowing vaginal massage. But at the same time, know that every
time you take charge of an aspect of your relationship like this, you’re making it
possible, perhaps inevitable, that you’ll get all the love you ever wanted.

Style Wise
H ow do you start taking charge of your sex life and set the stage for a more
passionate, less drama-filled relationship?
Change the sheets.
Because great vaginal massages begin with great settings. You’ll need to set the
stage. I’m assuming most of your massages will be done on a bed, but these same
ideas apply if you’re on a sleeping bag in the woods or a sheepskin rug in front of a

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

fireplace. It’s most helpful in creating a

magical space to imagine that you’re a
director of a movie or play. As a director,
you’re going to create a set or stage, and
you’ll be using props such as oils, gels,
flowers, candles, costumes, sex toys,
and sensual stimulants.
There is lighting.
There is music.
And since yours is a very intimate
theatre, you can also play with special
effects, like different scents. Using
everything you can, you’re going to create the ultimate space for your woman to
experience ultimate pleasure.
Let’s get started.
First, usher your
woman to another
room so you can be
alone to craft the space.
Remember that gestures
like this help her let
go. You are in charge.
So don’t ask her help
in changing the sheets
or vacuuming the rug.
Here’s a nice touch:
make up a sumptuous
bubble bath for her. If

7 www.energysexuality.com
Staged Right / Setting the Scene for Love

it’s her first vaginal massage, buy her a luxurious

terry cloth robe and matching slippers to wear
after she dries off from the bath. Have the robe and
slippers gift-wrapped and sitting in the bathroom
for her to open. Include a note that says something
heartfelt like, “I love you, Princess!”
Change the bedding. Invest in some polyester
satin sheets. As with all the items mentioned here,
find them on-line or at specialty home décor stores.
Most women love the feel of satin against their skin,
and these sheets add a real sense of luxury to their
massage experience. You’ll want them in red, the
color of passion, unless your woman has another
favorite color that makes her feel more comfortable
and sexy. If she doesn’t like satin, find out what she
does like (for example, high count cotton, flannel,
t-shirt material), and get a nice set of sheets in her

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

favorite color or pattern.

You’ll want the room nice and neat.
By bringing order to the space, you’re promoting your woman’s sense that she can
trust you to take care of her, consequently enhancing her ability to let go completely.
The look you’re after is neat, spare and beautiful. Imagine a Zen garden. No need to
hire an interior designer for this make-over, just get as close to that clean, elegant look
as possible.
If there are clothes or loose papers scattered about, put them away, out of sight
(maybe placing all the clutter in a laundry basket in the closet). If there is a television in
the room, cover it with a nice piece of fabric, a large scarf or, if nothing else is around,
a bath towel. Why? Televisions, even turned off, are a connection to the “real” world,
and you want to make any space in which you perform vaginal massage dedicated to
passion and ecstasy.

9 www.energysexuality.com
Staged Right / Setting the Scene for Love

If your budget and schedule allows, spring for a bouquet of flowers, and place
them in a vase by the bed. Or, if you have flowers in your yard or living space, cut the
stems from several of them and float the flowers in a nice bowl of water, an elegant,
Zen-like touch.
For lighting, get good quality candles, the kind they sell at Pier One or Bed Bath
and Beyond. Candlelight makes any lover’s skin look warmer and sexier. It’s also the
most forgiving when it comes to wrinkles and sags. Incorporating candles, you and
your lover will literally be looking at each other while basking in your best light.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Using scented candles further enriches your lover’s experience by engaging her
sense of smell. If you know your woman’s favorite scent, use it. If she doesn’t have
one, try either lavender or ylang ylang. Lavender is used in aromatherapy (the science
of influencing our emotions and health using fragrance) for relaxation. Lavender
candles create a wonderfully calming atmosphere. Ylang ylang is known as the “sex
scent”. It smells deep and earthy. As scents go, it’s mysterious.
Another way to work with scents is to use pillow sprays. Use these “spray scents
in a can” on your satin sheets before the massage, and when your woman lies down,
she’ll be enveloped by a cloud
of scent sensation. Popular
sprays are lavender, rose, ylang
ylang and jasmine. If it’s cool in
the room, spray your sheets with
pillow spray and run them in the
laundry dryer for ten minutes to
warm them.
Does your lover like
incense? Burn it. These small
touches are huge when it comes
to relaxing her to where she’ll
open for you like a desert bloom
after a rain. She longs for this.
She’s not getting it anywhere
else. If burning incense or
buying her a new robe lets her
heart radiate under your tender
touch, isn’t it worth it?
Do you want your life to be

11 www.energysexuality.com
Staged Right / Setting the Scene for Love

easier or don’t you?

Time your vaginal massages when you can be confident of privacy. If you have
children, lock the bedroom door.
Lastly, there’s the music. What to play? Like all the masterful touches you’ve
used when setting the stage for her ecstatic journey, the music you choose should
allow your lover to sink into pleasure as easily as chocolate syrup sinks through milk.
Here is a list of classic “sex music” tracks:
• “Music To Disappear In” by Raphael and Kutira
• “Waves” by Gabrielle Roth
• “Opening To Love” by Robert Frey
• “Healing Touch” by Nadamas
• “Music for Tantric Sexuality” by Llewellyn
• “Tantric Heart” by Shastro
• “Flying Om” by Frank Natale.
Most of the above tracks have few if any words and a hypnotic rhythm and beat.
They help your woman to escape into the world of pleasure you’re creating. While
these sex soundtracks are great, they aren’t for everyone. So if your woman grooves
on high-energy rock or trance music, put together an awesome playlist for her. Does
she get turned on easier when you two are out in nature? Try a soundtrack of ocean
waves rolling to the shore and witness her expand into a feeling of being at one with
One last “note” about music. If your woman has a particularly great time listening
to a certain soundtrack, play the same piece each time you pleasure her, at least for
awhile. Her nervous system will associate the music to orgasmic pleasure, and just
hearing it will usher her into a blissful groove.
So you’ve set the stage. You’ve created an awesomely ecstatic space. Time for
conscious sex play, time to go deep. Time for vaginal massage.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Three
Recipe for Success
How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

13 www.energysexuality.com
Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

Starting Lines
B egin playing the music. Have your lover enter the room by giving her an agreed-
upon signal. For example, when you knock three times on the bathroom door or
at the sound of the music starting. This is yet another example of you taking charge in
order for her to relax.
Do you see the mastery in building these small events into her experience, planning
everything to the last detail, versus having her help you change the sheets or shouting,
“O.K, I’m ready for you!”?
Can you see if you brought this same “take charge” energy to the non-sexual
aspects of your relationship that your woman would more easily trust and surrender to
you in the bedroom?
When she walks into the room, tell her how great she looks:
“Damn, babe, you look awesome.”
“Whew! Gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my hands on you.”

Rites of Passage
N ow, perform a ritual to start the energy between you moving in the right
What’s a ritual? Don’t get hung up on the word. This isn’t religious and it’s not
New Age. It’s a set of actions and/or words with symbolic value to get the two of you
more emotionally and sexually open and responsive.
Rituals are shortcuts that create an emotional, mental and/or physical response,
preparing you for the fun to come. Creating rituals (you can call them “personal plays”
if that feels more comfortable) and building them into your relationship keeps the
energy between you high and fresh. For some couples this might be a long, slow hug

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

or slow dance. For others they might exchange “Namaste” greetings, with their hands
in prayer position on their chests, with formal bows. (The word “Namaste,” which
you’ll often hear yoga instructors say at the end of a class, means “The light in me
recognizes the light in you.”)
Here is a classic “Heart-Opening” ritual that works perfectly before vaginal
Visualize this scene: Your woman walks into the room after bathing in the
sumptuous bubble bath you made up for her. Her skin is flushed; she’s wearing the big,
fluffy, terry cloth robe and slippers you bought her. She’s already feeling pampered
and cherished in a way few women ever experience at the hands of a lover, at least not
after the first blush of romance wears off. She sees the new red satin sheets on the bed.
“Wow, those look beautiful,” she says appreciatively.
You have four big, scented candles burning. The room is dark, but you both are
glowing in the soft candlelight. You’ve bought yourself a robe to wear as well, in navy
blue, giving you an elegant look she may not have seen for a while. The air is thick
with the scent of ylang ylang: exotic, deep, sultry. It fills the room with the promise of
an ecstatic journey.
You’re standing erect, with great posture,
your chin slightly tucked, your feet rooted to
the floor. You’re breathing deeply into your
abdomen, your eyes focused intently on her
“Come here,” you say, your voice coming
from your belly. You point to a spot two and a
half feet in front of where you’re standing. She
Stay conscious, present and open- “I want you. You’re mine,” you say in
hearted. Let her know you want her. a voice you’ve practiced a hundred times in

15 www.energysexuality.com
Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

front of the bathroom mirror, until Clint

Eastwood would have a hard time beating
your bravado.
You reach your right hand out and
place it underneath her robe, over her
heart. She in turn places her right hand
over your heart. You place your left
hands over each other’s right hands. You
start to breath in rhythm with her. As you
feel her chest expand you breathe in, all
the way down into your belly. As you
feel her chest sink back you breathe out.
You gaze into her left eye. (For men and
women, the left eye and hand are your
“receiving” eyes and hands. It’s easier to take in your partner’s energy through them.
Conversely, it’s easier to give energy to your partner through your right eye and hand.
These aren’t rules you can’t break, but they’ve worked for energetic lovers throughout
the centuries.)
Once you’re breathing in sync with her and feeling heart-connected, you imagine
looking through her left eye, down her throat, and into her heart. (I realize this may
seem far-fetched to some men reading this. My only suggestion is to try it out. This is
the sort of gesture that allows women to melt into the sex kittens many of them long
to become in the bedroom. If you never unlock the door that leads to her radiant heart,
you can’t expect to benefit from the fullness of her love.)
With your hand on her heart and as you look into her left eye, you imagine you
can get a sense of this woman’s soul. (In fact many men can, often from the first time
they do the exercise). What’s deep down inside? What is the quality of the beauty

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

lying in her heart? You pretend for the moment that you can feel her soul as you gaze
into her eyes. You imagine a warm, glowing, golden white light there, and feel it
radiate up into your hand.
You continue to gaze into each other’s eyes, gazing down into each other’s souls,
and breathing together, for two or three minutes. (You’ll have to experience how
powerful this technique is to believe it, but most people report feeling an intimate
connection and appreciation for the person with whom they perform this ritual. At a
class where I taught this technique, a young man came up afterwards and said he felt
more connected to his workshop partner, who he had never met before, than to any of
the women he’d ever dated.)
After three minutes you take your hands away. Now you slow dance with her
for awhile as you continue to breathe in sync with her, at the same time rubbing your
hands over her back, neck and backside through the robe, gently grinding her chest
and pelvis to you as you move together.
“Lay down.”
She does.
Can you feel/see how this ritual of heart opening and connection will get your
lover ready to receive your attentions? It’s not just about sexual technique. It’s about
keeping your heart open when you’re sharing yourself with her. It’s about doing
everything you can to open that beautiful heart of hers, so you can enjoy all the love
you deserve. It’s about making your life deeper, richer, easier.
The room should be comfortably warm. It’s a good idea before you start massaging
to ask, “How’s the temperature? Are you comfortable?” Also, while she’s settling
in, go to the kitchen and microwave for 10-15 seconds the water-based lubricant or
coconut oil you’ll be using for the massage.
She can go naked, or depending on the temperature or her temperament, stay
dressed in her robe. (Some women feel self-conscious, even with a long-time lover,
lying naked on a bed. Later I’ll go into more detail about dressing your woman for

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

vaginal massage).
The stage is set and your woman is lying on sumptuous satin sheets, relaxed
and ready to go. Or is she? Perhaps she needs some cuddling, a foot rub, or easy
conversation to settle in and get comfortable. Do whatever you need to help her relax.

Assume the Position

O nce she’s set, it’s time for you to settle in. Gracefully sit on the bed, cross-
legged, close to her right hip. If you have trouble sitting crossed legged, take
pillows and place them under your knees for support. If you are physically unable to get
comfortable you’ll need to get a massage table, allowing you to stand as your woman
lies on her back. (www.Craigslist.com is a great place to find used massage tables,

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

usually for under $100. For new models check on-line at www. massagewarehouse.
com.) If you’re left handed then you’ll sit on her left, and all of the following instructions
will be reversed.
Now, drape her right leg over your right knee so that her legs are spread. Whenever
you move/touch her, do it gently and with great intent (in other words, know exactly
what you want to do before you do it, and concentrate while you make your moves).
Don’t be sloppy.
Have your bottle of lubricant handy. Astroglide™ is inexpensive and can be bought
at most pharmacies, in the family planning section, as can Excite™ gel, a product that
when rubbed onto the clitoris will make it more sensitive. For the money these are
the best alternatives. Other more expensive and exotic formulas are worth exploring
as well (for example, organic coconut oil is an awesome, all natural lubricant). There
is no cookbook formula for what will work best
for your woman, but it’s fun finding out the perfect
combination for her.
I’m giving you a template here assuming
you’ve prepared your woman to receive this kind
of pleasure. The rituals described above may be
all the foreplay needed. But especially with a new
lover, you’ll want to spend time kissing, cuddling
and massaging other parts of her before stimulating
her vagina. When you’ve done your best to create
a relaxed, fun, adventurous, erotic mood, your
vaginal massage will flow in five parts: You’ll begin
by helping your lover open her heart, then you’ll
describe your woman’s vagina to her, massage her
vaginal lips, massage her clitoris with your left hand
and then use your right hand to massage her vagina.

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

Gentlemen, Start Her Engine

H ere’s how to start the
Put your left hand over your
woman‟s heart, and rest your right
hand in your lap. Center yourself by
taking deep breaths in and out. As
you breathe in, feel/imagine golden
white energy flowing from several
feet above your head and down into
and through the crown of your head.
This is a spot two thirds toward the
back of your skull, where your spine
would exit your head if it came up through your skull.
Imagine the energy flowing down through your crown and into your chest. Imagine
it’s infused with gold glitter that sparkles as it moves into and through you. As you
breathe out, feel/imagine the energy flowing from your chest, up into your shoulders,
down your arms and into your hands. As with other aspects of moving energy through
your body, when you first start this practice you will probably have to “fake it ‘till
you make it.” In other words, if you’ve never experienced the movement of energy in
your body, you may not feel anything right away, perhaps for months. That’s fine. Just
pretend you can feel energy moving. For thousands of years sexual artists have had
faith that if they use their intention to move energy within themselves, it will happen,
whether they can feel it at first or not. Say:
“Breath down into your heart. Feel your chest relax and expand.”
Let her breathe three inhalations/exhalations, or longer if it feels right.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Scouting Report
L eaving your left hand in place, look--really focus--at your woman’s
vagina, as if you were discovering it for the first time. (In reality you
may be seeing it for the first time. This most luscious part of her can look
radically different from day to day as the intricate folds that make up her labia
lips often arrange themselves in different patterns. Also, she may have changed
as a person, and this is a good time to remind yourself of her capacity for growth.)
Now describe what you see to her in a low, strong voice. For example, “I’m
looking at your beautiful womanhood, my love, and it looks awesome in the
candlelight. You’re so sexy! Your inner lips are a great shade of pink and they
are curled up like a flower waiting to open its petals. The light is reflecting off
your pubic hair, and your love muff has little sparkles in it. It looks so lush and
For women who shave themselves clean it might go more like: “I can see
every little fold of your lusciousness my love. The candlelight is playing over it.
Your pink lips are glistening. God, you look so sexy.”
Be honest about what you see. Some experts believe you should stay away
from complimenting her vagina altogether, sticking with “just the facts” of color,
shape and texture. For example, “Your outer lips are a lighter pink and I see
some moisture there. The entrance to your vagina is more of a rose color.” You
will give her more by being honest than by making up half-hearted compliments,
so feel perfectly free to just describe what her divine entrance looks like.
Should you describe your woman’s vagina to her before every vaginal
massage? It’s up to you. Just know that most women can’t hear enough of you
singing the praises of this most precious part of her.
This one practice may heal deep past wounds she’s carried for years.

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

Catching the Wind

Y ou’re in position on the bed and you’ve described your woman’s vagina to
her. Before we go on, let’s talk about some skills, tips and tricks that are good to
develop if you’re going to make your lovers’ love box sing. We’ll start with the nature
of the creature lying before you:
Every woman is different, so much so that sometimes you feel you’re trying to
catch the wind when it comes to figuring them out. And they are creatures of the heart.
They are their best when they are letting love flow through them and when they’re
radiating love toward you. Not only are women different, but each can respond to
your hands and heart differently, too, depending on factors as varied as the time of
the month and the cycles of the moon. This ever-changing quality of women can be
endlessly fascinating, especially if you promote it and don’t box them into a pre-
conceived notion of who you think they should be.
Some sexual guides deal with this mercurial quality of women by shying away
from describing one particular technique, with the knowledge that any technique will
only work well for a certain percentage of women at any given time.
But men like roadmaps when it comes to this stuff. We’re baffled when what we
did last week doesn’t work this week. Or when the moves that sent an old lover over
joy’s edge leave our current lover yawning.
I’m giving you a cookbook formula for a wonderful vaginal massage, knowing full
well that you may be presented with a lover for which many of the specific techniques
won’t be optimal, and that even if this formula works well 8 times out of 10 you’ll
have to incorporate some mid-course corrections the other 20 percent of the time.
Sex manuals suggesting that because women are so different there is really no
way to approach them without asking endless questions and doing “body awareness”
exercises leave most men at the least uncomfortable and at the worst ready to slit their

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

throats. Spending hours getting to know her body is great. Structuring it as exercises
can take the fun out of your explorations. There’s nothing wrong with diving in with
an open heart and a playful attitude and learning as you go.
Having said that, I’ll be passing along some fun and extremely valuable exercises
that will help you become the lover your lover has always longed for. Approach them
with a smile; know that for every minute you spend on them you’re becoming one of a
handful of sexual geniuses on the planet. You might remember that it took some time
to learn how to catch a football, too. Now let’s learn how to catch the wind.

Attitude Adjustments
S o much of this art has to do with your attitude and how well you can transmit
your positive attitude through your eyes, voice, tongue and, most importantly,
your hands. Many men—perhaps most—will initially feel uncomfortable massaging
a woman’s vagina. After all, it’s delicate down there! And we’re just not used to this
sort of thing. But you’re almost assured of a great outcome if you’ll approach your
lover’s juice box with a playful, respectful attitude.
So put a smile on your face. Acknowledge your ineptness. When your woman
gives you feedback about something she’d like more than what you’re giving her,
thank her and mean it. If alcoholic beverages tend to make you and your lover looser
and more open to each other, then indulge a bit before the massage. A full-body erotic
massage is even better. It will relax your partner and let you build confidence.

Parts Party
A s everyone knows, women are usually much better at communicating their
emotional states than men. But they may not necessarily be comfortable telling

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

you how to give them more pleasure and, if this is new to them, they may not know
what you need to do!
One of the sexual challenges women continue to face is that if they give a voice
to their longing for pleasure some men will see them as “bad girls”. That’s changing,
but you may be with a woman who stifles herself in bed because she wants to appear
to be a good girl. The time to talk about this is outside the bedroom, perhaps over a
romantic dinner or walk together. Say something like:
“I love you. You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever encountered in my life.
I want to give you all the pleasure you can handle, and it would feel great to see
and hear you enjoying yourself when we’re having sex. Would you be up for letting
yourself really enjoy sexual pleasure and letting me see it?”
And see where that question leads.

Inside Information
H ere is one of those exercises I said I’d be passing along that will help
your woman get over her “bad girl” hang up: Have your lover lie down
and close her eyes. Start rubbing her feet with oil, giving her a relaxing foot
massage. Say:
“There’s a part of you, your sexual part, which knows exactly what it wants
to be totally and completely satisfied. As you lie here relaxing, I want you to ask
that part if it would be willing to talk about what it truly wants. Just ask it now, as
you lay there relaxing, if your sexual part is willing to talk, and let me know if it
is by nodding your head.”
For her part, she should get some sort of inner signal, either a “yes” in her
mind or a feeling in her body that the part is willing to talk. When she does, she
nods her head. Now say:

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

“Great. So let the part of you that is your sexual part tell me exactly what it
wants to be completely satisfied. I want you to say whatever comes to mind. Just
keep relaxing and talking until you feel the part has said everything it needs to say.
Go ahead and start now.”
As she lets her sexual part talk, show appreciation with an encouraging word
if that’s what seems right, or just keep massaging her feet, mentally taking notes.
When she’s done you can talk about what came up, or say something like, “That
was awesome. Let’s talk about that sometime,” and keep rubbing her feet, or see
if she’d like to try one of the activities her sex part described.
This little exercise is an ice breaker. You may need to do it several times for
your lover to feel comfortable with letting her sex part talk. If it is willing to tell
you what it truly wants, the exercise will help her begin to loosen up with you
(after all, it’s her sex part talking, not her!).
If nothing happens when she asks her sex part to talk, or the part says, “No,”
and won’t talk, that’s fine. Use the techniques in this book and hopefully you’ll
find out what really turns her on as she becomes more comfortable in your hands.

Shrieking Good Time

W omen and men alike can make sounds during sex that might, to an
outside observer, be a toss-up between pain and pleasure. You yourself
may have made sounds during sex that your neighbor, if he didn’t know better,
would indicate that your beloved was murdering you with a kitchen knife. Be
aware there’s a fine line between pain and pleasure, and be sure to stay on the right
side of it. Take in all her body language when you’re gauging if she’s in passion’s
grip. And let her know that if whatever you’re doing is ever painful to tell you,
“That hurts.”

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

Easy Does It
M en and women alike thrive on positive reinforcement. So for most men it’s
far better to hear phrases like, “that’s really good,” “oh, yes!!!,” “please keep
that up, lover,” or “I love that, thank you, thank you!” vs. “not so hard!” or “can’t you
slow down?” So encourage your lover to let you know at every opportunity when you
are doing something right, and FILE THESE TIPS AWAY! This one practice will turn
you into a better lover faster than any other. (Wisdom such as “You can’t succeed until
you fail,” “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and “You learn more from your failures than
your successes” come to mind.)

“F” as in Faster, “H” as in Harder

W hen a woman is giving you instructions to go “faster,” “slower,” “harder,”
or “softer” she might mix these words up. So when she moans, “faster”
she might really mean “harder” and when she says “softer” she might really mean
“slower”. Before you decide to hang yourself, just be aware of this possibility. If you
focus on keeping your heart and the communication between you two open, these
bumps in the road won’t spoil your adventure.

Storm Watch
T he sensitivity of women’s clitorises varies as much as the weather on Mars.
Some get little lightning bolts of sexual pleasure with the touch of a feather
on their pink nub.
Others need the kind of pressure you use when playing with your penis to reach
K2 pleasure heights.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

In general, the more aroused a woman is, the more pressure you can apply to her
clitoris. So at first go really light when you are touching her love button. Only after
she gives you signs that she’s enjoying herself should you apply more pressure. When
you’re first practicing this art, it’s very helpful for her to use phrases such as:
“Go a little faster, my lover.”
“Go a little slower, my studley master.”
“I can use a little more pressure, big boy.”
“Lighten up a little, my darling.”
Again, after awhile you probably won’t need these verbal cues, but at first they’re
very helpful.

Speed Demons
A natural thought process for most men is, “If a little pressure is good, more
is better.” Or, “if a little speed is good, a lot of speed is even better.” This
isn’t the case. In fact, when massaging a vagina, start light and slow and only increase
pressure and speed gradually. If you feel/see that your lover is in a good groove, stick
with what you’re doing. Stick with it until she has an orgasm or until she tells you
to change things up. After awhile, you may be able to “play” her velvet box like an
instrument, and you’ll be able to vary your tender touches in ways she could never
have imagined for herself, surprising and delighting her to new heights of ecstasy, but
it takes awhile to get there.

Steady As She Goes

A nother natural instinct for men is to vary what they’re doing during a
vaginal massage. They think it will get boring to keep up the same rhythm or

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

speed. However, most women like steady, unvaried strokes, at least for awhile. The
bottom line is: if she’s moaning and breathing hard and enjoying herself, keep doing
what you’re doing until something happens that makes you believe she’s not enjoying
herself as much anymore. One benefit of this strategy is that when she says, “faster,”
“slower,” “harder,” or “softer” you’ll have a baseline from which to make your next

Hand Gestures
I t probably goes without
saying, but you need to
take a good look at your
hands and be honest about
their ability to softly caress
parts of your lover that are
much more sensitive than
any area on your penis. Clip
your nails short, and wait
a day for them to naturally
smooth off before raiding
your baby’s treasure chest.
Be sure to clip off any hang
nails, and clean your nails so
there is only white underneath
their tips. If you work at a job
that makes your hands rough, Make sure your nails are trimmed short and your hands are
start to moisturize them every squeaky clean. If your hands are rough, moisturize them.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

day with hand lotion, especially before bed. If they are still rough and callused, get
some gloves from the pharmacy section to wear.

T here’s something you should know. When you first start doing vaginal
massages you might feel a sense of resentment toward the process and perhaps
your lover. When you start pleasing your woman’s juice box with your hands, and she
starts enjoying the hell out of herself, you consciously or subconsciously may think,
“Shouldn’t my penis be giving her this pleasure?” You may feel like less of a man
because she’s enjoying herself more than you’ve ever seen her enjoy herself, and you
are on the sidelines, so to speak.
The solution is to keep an open heart and a playful attitude and see where this
takes your love life. Chances are you’ll become a much more confident lover, and she
will start responding to your penis like never before.

Lip Service
N ow that you’re better equipped to handle the varying nature of your lover(s)
during your vaginal massages, let’s get back to our cookbook formula for
sending your honey to heaven…
You’ve just described your woman’s vagina to her. Your left hand is on her heart,
right hand on your lap, warmed lubricant by your side. You are breathing energy down
through the crown of your head, into your chest and out through your hands.
Taking your hand from her heart, open the lubricant, and squirt about two
tablespoons of it onto the fingers of your right hand, spreading the lube over them,
waiting for it to cool to the right temperature if need be. Set the lube aside. Rest your

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

left hand on your lap.

Begin by massaging her right outer labia lip with your right hand. Bring your
thumb and index finger to the bottom of the lip and gently pinch it between your
fingers. Now slide your fingers, the lip between them, up the lip to the top of her
pinkened preciousness, then back down. Do this slowly, with great concentration. Put
just enough pressure on the lip to grip it and give your fingers control. Go up and down
four times, and then repeat on the left outer labia lip.
Come back to the right side of her love box and massage the right inner labia lip
in the same way, sliding your thumb and index finger from the bottom of the lip to the
top and back down four times; move to the left inner lip and repeat.
Next, grip the center of her right and left outer labia lips with your right and
left thumbs and fingers, and pull the lips out to the sides, toward her inner thighs,

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

as if carefully stretching a rubber band. When you’ve stretched them to the point
where they stop giving easily, let your fingers slip off the edges. (As a man, you might
wonder why this feels good to a woman. Me too, but it does.) You can practice this
move with your lower lip: Grab your lip between your thumb and index finger and
pull. Once your lip is stretched to its full length let your fingers slide off.
After you’ve massaged her vaginal lips, take a moment to center yourself. Breath
in and out, again feeling /imagining the energy moving down from the crown of your
head into your chest, up into your shoulders and then down your arms and hands, and
out your fingertips. This does four things: Trains you to move energy in your body,
keeps you focused, builds anticipation within your lover, and gives her time to enjoy
the sensations you’ve already raised in her.

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

Butterfly Effect
N ext, open the bottle of
clitoral stimulating gel
and squeeze a pea-sized drop
on the tip of your left index
finger. Set the bottle aside
and gently, gently rub the gel
over your lover’s clitoris. After
coating her clitoris with gel, put
more lubricant on the fingertips
of your left hand. Now move
your left index finger to the
right side of her clitoral hood,
and your left middle finger onto
her clitoral head, so it rests on
her ”Butterfly Spot” (The left
upper quadrant of her clitoris).
On many women the
Butterfly Spot is the most
nerve-rich area of the clitoris,
the chocolate center of her
Tootsie Pop. Ground zero for
sex artists. Make friends with
it. Learn its every whim and
desire. Master it, and your life
will get easier. Products like Excite Gel™ make the clitoris more sensitive.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage


The only way to know if the upper
left corner of your lover’s clitoris is
super sensitive is to set aside some time
where you can gently do a re-con of this
until-now secret terrain. This is highly
recommended. (If possible, do this
before your first vaginal massage, as a
separate activity, or sometime after your
first massage, but don’t make it part of
the massage itself.)
Start with a playful, adventurous
attitude. Put her in the mood for sensual
pleasure. A massage, cuddling, slow
dancing or a foot rub would be good. Oh,
and lots of lubrication. Say something
“Sweetheart, I love every little bit
of you. And I want to know how to turn
you into a puddle of love. So I’m about
to concentrate all of my attention on
your love button, and I want you to let
In this illustration, the clitoral hood is
me know when I touch a part of it that’s
being pulled back to expose the clitoris. especially sensitive. Sound good?”

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

Start by coating your left index finger with lubrication and rub the tip of
your index finger along the right side of her clitoral shaft, starting at the mons
pubis and stroking down toward her love button, and then back up. Say:
“I’m rubbing the right side of your clitoral hood. On a scale of one to ten,
with one being pleasant and ten being the most sensitive spot on your body,
what would this be?” Let her take all the time she needs until she can give you
a number.
Now move to the left side of her clitoral hood, rubbing the shaft underneath,
and let her give you another number. Once you’ve rubbed her sex doorbell
through the hood covering it, move your finger to her clitoral head. If you’ve
never done this sort of thing before, you may not know where to find her clitoris.
Pat yourself on the back for going beyond your comfort zone, and ask her to
show you, and while you’re at it, have her pull her clitoral hood back so you can
actually see her clit. (Note: There are a few women that are so sensitive they
won’t be able to take direct stimulation of their clitorises, even when you touch it
as lightly as possible. In this case, use a large dollop of lubricant over the entire
clitoris, and stroke your finger over the lube, never touching the flesh. When
you go to massage such a woman’s vagina, only stroke her clitoris through the
clitoral hood covering it, using lots of lubrication.)
Deliberately, with extremely fine movements, stroke the bottom left, bottom
right, top right and top left areas of her clitoris, each time giving her all the
time she needs until she can give you a number for the new area you’re stroking.
If her clitoris is hidden underneath her clitoral hood, see the next paragraph
for instructions. (And if you’ve never done this sort of thing before because

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

you thought it would be about as

much fun as cleaning the bottom
of your sneakers, hang in there.
Your life is about to get easier.)
Assuming she likes it when
you stroke her clitoris, put
more lubrication on your right
fingertip, and use the fingers of
your left hand to pull the hood
The clitoral hood usually covers the clitoris
of her clitoris back, toward her fully or partially. Imagine the clit as a pea-sized
mons pubis. This should expose circle and do your best to isolate the top left,
bottom left, bottom right and top right sections.
more of her love button.
Stroke the four areas of her clitoris again, and see if the numbers go up,
or if pulling the hood back makes her clit too sensitive. Again, it’s crucial that
she tells you when you find any “jackpot” spots, and that you remember where
they are. If she’s like most women,
her Butterfly Spot will be at the
top of the list, with perhaps one
or two other areas that shout for
joy when your fingertip comes
After a ten to fifteen minute
exploration of your honey’s sexual
ground zero, you’ll know it better
Here the hood is pulled back, giving you easier
than any man who’s ever set a
access to the different areas of the clitoris. finger to this hallowed ground.

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

Fly Boys
I f you haven’t taken the time to see what part of her clitoris is most sensitive, or
if you have and it was the Butterfly Spot, start rubbing the upper left quadrant
of her clitoris with an up and down motion, using your left middle finger. Let
your left index finger slide up and down beside it, along the right side of her clitorial
hood. Use a steady pressure and rhythm. (If another part of her clitoris was even more
sensitive, rub that spot.)
If you’ve ever seen the pendulum of a grandfather clock swing back and
forth, that’s the kind of unvarying rhythm you want to maintain. Most women
find this steady approach puts them in the fast lane on the orgasm highway. Some
prefer a road with more twists and turns, but at first go with the percentages. You
can ask in a minute or two, “Would you like me to change the pressure or rhythm
I’m using?” Ask her to use sounds (“Oooohhhh…” “Ahhhhhh…”) and phrases
like, “That’s Great” or “Perfect” to give you clues that she’s liking what you’re
doing. If she wants you to do something different have her use polite phrases
such as, “Softer, please” or “A little slower.”

Entering The Wild

O nce you have your left fingers going, say:
“I’m going to gently insert my finger into your vagina now.” (If you have a
pet name for her love glove, by all means use it.)
By telling her what you’re going to do you are, again, building trust. She knows
what’s coming and she can relax into the sensation of you entering her moist love
channel. So now, as if you were a safecracker and you’ll go to jail if you make a

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

sloppy move, gently, intently, consciously insert the tip of your right index finger into
your woman’s vagina. Hold it there for three deep, focused breaths. You might say:
“Open yourself for me. Spread your legs a bit and offer yourself as a gift to me.”
As she opens her legs, slowly move your finger all the way in. Take all the time
you want. The more anticipation you build the better. Her vaginal canal will also
appreciate a slow entrance, as it will allow it to stay relaxed. A fast entry of either a
finger or penis makes some women subconsciously shut down to protect themselves
from rough handling. Save any rough stuff until she’s wet, juicy and opened.
Now turn your hand counterclockwise so the palm is facing down toward the
bed and move it all the way in, with your right index finger pressing down against the
bottom of your woman’s vagina. This will stretch her vagina and clitoris, making them
more sensitive.
Begin massaging the highly sensitive tissue at the bottom of her vagina by slowly
moving your finger back and forth in a sweeping motion, covering the bottom of her
vagina with your strokes. Do this 20 times, or for about 2 minutes. I’m giving you a
cookbook formula here, but if you feel she would enjoy less or more time, you can
adjust accordingly. You should also ask her, “How’s that pressure?” “Would you like
me to go slower or faster?” And, before you move on, “Would you like me to spend
some more time on this part of you?”
Again, the more comfortable you get the less coaching you’ll need. You’ll come to
know how your woman is likely to respond to different pressures, rhythms, strokes and
finger placements. Always encourage her to let you know what feels good or doesn’t
while you’re playing in her lush flesh fields, and ask her about how to improve your
technique at other times, such as over dinner, during a walk or driving to the grocery
store. These are good times to float different ideas (“What if when I was massaging
the bottom of your love box I vibrated my finger instead of using a sweeping kind of
Not to belabor the point, but you may feel that by asking such questions you will

37 www.energysexuality.com
Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

seem incompetent. Or you may feel you are already an expert at parting your lover’s
pink petals, and don’t need to ask. The truth is, when most men first start pleasuring
their lover like this, they are incompetent. As noted above, the quickest way to mastery
is to get as much feedback as possible, as soon as possible, from your partner.

Spot Removal
W hen you first start doing vaginal massages concentrate on perfecting this
sweeping back and forth stroke. It’s all you need to do for the bottom and
sides of a woman’s vagina. Eventually, develop a feel for variations in the walls and
base of her vagina. There will be small tight spots, little indentations and even “hot”
spots that are warmer than the surrounding tissue. Most typically you’ll notice small
raised areas that are relatively hard. What are these irregularities on the walls of your
woman’s vagina?
Our bodies “store” emotional traumas. Oftentimes these areas of special texture
are holding residual tension from physical, mental or emotional traumas, usually
having to do with sex or giving birth. One woman told me that when her lover first
massaged her vagina it brought up memories of a painful sexual encounter she’d had
with an extremely well-hung man. As her lover massaged her she felt a release.
“It felt like something gave way, and then I became more responsive. Way more
juicy,” she said, noting that as her lover got better at vaginal massage, her honey jar
kept getting more responsive. “I started being able to relax into orgasm after orgasm. I
even started ejaculating. Now it feels like my pussy vibrates after he’s been massaging
it for a while.”
You can help your lover by relaxing these stored areas of trauma. (See Chapter
After massaging the bottom of your lover’s enchanted room, move your finger to

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

its right side wall. The tissue here may be slicker. Again, slide your finger up to the
top of the wall and then back down in a sweeping motion. Do twenty strokes up and
down, and then repeat for the left wall.
At this time your left finger should be caressing your lover’s clitoris in a slow,
steady rhythm and your right index finger should have pampered the bottom, right
and left walls her love canal. Now turn your right hand clockwise so the tip of your
index finger rests up against your woman’s G-spot. As you probably know, this is a
quarter-sized spot about one to two inches in from the vaginal opening, on the “roof ”
of the vagina. It should feel different from other tissues you’ve been feeling, having a
rougher texture and a “spongy” feel. Although the G-spot varies in feel and location
from woman to woman, you should be able to notice a difference in the texture of the
tissues here.
If this is a new lover, explore this area in the same manner as described above for
exploring a clitoris: Gently insert your well-lubricated finger into her vagina and press
it up against its roof. Work your way methodically around the area and ask her to tell
you when you’re on the most sensitive spot, if there is one. If there is, remember it and
concentrate on it when papering your baby’s erotic cubby hole.

Stroke Of Genius
T he basic stroke for the G-spot is, as you probably know, a “come here”
motion, where you curl your index finger up into the roof of your lover’s
sweet spot, toward you. It is as if you were using your finger to let someone know
they should come to you.
Try this now: Hold your right hand in front of you and make the “come here”
gesture with your index finger. Imagine that you’re using the tip of your finger to
massage up into your woman’s G-spot.

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

Imagine now putting a slight upward lift to the tip of your finger as you stroke
toward you. This is the motion you’ll use.
During your pink slit voyages you can keep your right index finger fully inserted
the whole time, curling your finger up into the G-spot. Or you can stroke your finger
in and curl the tip up against the G-spot as you pull your finger part way out, and then
repeat. Experiment with the two strokes to see what works best for the object of your
desire. Most women prefer that you use two fingers to pleasure their g-spots, so after
awhile, once things are nice and wet and hot, slip your middle finger into her ecstatic
party place
Also, most sexual guides caution against using your fingers to mimic the stroking
action of your penis sliding in and out of the vagina, but some women love this in/out
stroking motion. The key is to stroke in and out while angling your finger(s) up into
her G-spot, versus “poking” straight in and out so that your fingers miss the nerve rich
area altogether.

Points, Set, Match

N ow you’re set: as your left
middle finger moves down
her clitoris, your right index and
middle fingers move up and back
into her vagina, so the tips of
your fingers are at the back of her
G-spot. As your left middle finger
moves up her clitoris toward her
mons pubis, your right index
finger moves forward, toward

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

you, across her G-spot, stroking along its length. (Your right index and middle fingers
remain in her slickened crevasse at all times.)
Relax into a nice, gentle, slow, steady massage, with your fingers slipping over your
lover’s hot button and into her wet sweetness. If you’ve pampered her mind and body
with great foreplay your woman will hopefully reach an orgasm in five to twenty minutes.
Once she does keep massaging until she has another, and another and another…If she
needs a change of pace or pressure as you continue along, use the tips given above about
her guiding your strokes. (Note: You may have to stop stroking her clitoris for awhile after
she orgasms, as it can become too sensitive. If that’s the case, keep stroking her g-spot, and
then come back to her clit.)
Keep doing what you’re doing until you sense it’s time to do something else. For
example, if your woman has had several orgasms in a row and then she stops having
orgasms for a few minutes, you might try slowing down to a snail’s pace and instruct her
to breath down into her love box, bringing her attention back to her ecstatic playground.
Stay present. Pretend you’re playing a fine instrument. You might bend down so that your
face is directly over her vagina and focus like a laser on what you’re doing.

Varied Lot

ere are some other options for changing up your technique:

Stroke very slowly for five minutes or more until your woman begs you to go faster.
• Stroke very slowly and gradually build to a faster rhythm.
• After your woman has had several orgasms, take your fingers from her clitoris and
go slow and deep with your G-spot strokes.
• Instead of just stroking the Butterfly Spot, use three fingers to stroke the left, bottom/
top and right sides of her clitoris.

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Recipe for Success / How to Massage your Lover’s Vagina

• Using three fingers,

vibrate your left hand
over her clitoris as you
keep a steady rhythm on
her G-spot
• By “vibrating” I
mean keep your fingers
in place while you move
your hand back and forth
as quickly as possible.
There should be very
little movement of your
fingertips. Practice by
placing your fingers on
a desk or tabletop. Keep
them in place as you move
your hand quickly back
and forth in extremely
small movements, as
quickly as you can.
• Stop stroking her
clitoris, vibrate your finger(s) into her G-spot (keep the finger(s) pressed into the
fireworks zone and move it/them in the vibrating motion described above). As she
starts to orgasm begin stroking her clitoris again.
As you can imagine, these variations are endless, and in the chapters ahead you’ll
learn more tips and tricks to make your massages more magical.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Four
Looks Like Love
Dressing Your Lover for Vaginal Massage

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Looks Like Love / Dressing Your Lover for Vaginal Massage

Bare Essentials
A s mentioned
some women do not feel
comfortable lying on a bed

completely naked. And very

few women don’t appreciate
a special piece of lingerie. So
why not buy her something
particularly beautiful for these
special sessions with you? The
best choice is a “teddy” (go on-
line to Adam and Eve and type
“teddies” into the search box to
see examples of this design). It’s
a top that usually accentuates the
breasts in some way, but only
comes to the waistline, allowing
you easy access to the treasure
trove lying beneath.
One style that works
particularly well is a simple, loose
design that ties around her neck,
with a plunging neckline. The
fabric covers her breasts, but can
easily be moved out of the way
(unlike the cups of a bra), when
you want to caress her chest.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

You’ll want to gift wrap the

lingerie and give it to her before
your first vaginal massage session.
(Note: e-bay has a huge selection
of new and used women’s lingerie,
and they have a policy that all
used lingerie must be thoroughly
laundered or dry cleaned. I’ve
purchased $80 Victoria’s Secret
Bridal pieces in brand new
condition for $8 on e-bay auctions.)
If you give her the teddy right
before massaging her, stand up
straight, breath into your belly,
look into her eyes like she is a prize
that you’re about to take, and say:
“Put this on,” in your deepest,
sexiest voice.
Why the drama? You’re
using your masculinity to create
an atmosphere where you’re
completely in charge. This allows
her to stop thinking, and sink into
a state where she can relax and
enjoy herself.
Your lover’s comfort is the
most important consideration
when helping her get ready for

45 www.energysexuality.com
Looks Like Love / Dressing Your Lover for Vaginal Massage

your erotic body work. So if the room

is cool or she would just feel more
comfortable, she can wear a sweater
or sweatshirt. If her feet tend to get
cold, buy her some soft, fluffy socks
(but nothing too tight). You want
her to feel as comfortable and sexy
as possible. So if she’d feel more
comfortable and sexy in your old
sweatshirt and gym socks, great.

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Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Five
Doing It in the Dark
Using Blindfolds and Headphones

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Doing It in the Dark / Using Blindfolds and Headphones

Vision Quest
A simple sleep mask from the pharmacy placed over your lover’s eyes might
help her relax. Have one handy, and let her know that if she’d be more
comfortable blindfolded you’d be happy to slip it on. Ideally you wouldn’t use
it for your first vaginal massage, because you’ll want to know how she’s reacting

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

to what you’re doing, and eye contact

is a great way to communicate. (Note:
most women squeeze their eyes closed
when they climax. Encourage yours
to look into your eyes at that time
for a wonderfully intimate moment.)
However, again, if a mask would make
her more comfortable, slip one on.
After you’ve done several vaginal
massages together, definitely try the
mask. It should allow her to concentrate
on all the great feelings you’re giving
her, and increase her ability to let go
and enjoy pure pleasure. You won’t
know until you try.

Blindfold Confidential
Sex writer Michael Castleman gives some interesting thoughts on blindfolds. He
notes that while most men love to watch sexually charged visual images (for example,
pornography and women in lingerie), the sense most women find most arousing is
sensual touch.
“It’s the feel of intimacy that excites women: silk on the skin, a hot bath…warm
fuzzy robes, and extended kissing and cuddling with lots of gentle caresses all over…
blindfold most women, and they can often turn inward and find that it helps them
experience loving touch more intimately,” he notes. “As a result, sex with the woman
blindfolded is often a win-win. He gets to see her in all her glory, and deprived of
sight, she can focus more deeply on the joy of being touched.”

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Doing It in the Dark / Using Blindfolds and Headphones

Ear Candy
A s a rule communication is so important when you first start mastering
vaginal massage that you’ll want to look into your lover’s eyes and
talk with her. But once you two get in sync, introducing headphones, like
blindfolds, may let your woman escape to parts unknown easier. A blindfold
with headphones heightens this effect. For some women, this combination is
transformative, allowing them to blow past their normal sexual boundaries. A
nice set-up: Place some noise-cancelling headphones connected to your favorite
smart phone or MP3 player over your lover’s head and ears, then slip a blindfold
over them to anchor the headphones in place.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Six
Touching Me, Touching You
Encouraging Your Lover to Play
With Herself

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Touching Me, Touching You / Encouraging Your Lover To Play With Herself

Finger Food
Y our woman wants to let go. That might include letting go of the need for you to
push all her pleasure buttons. She’s probably good at playing with her clitoris, so
give her the chance. At some point, remove your left hand from her clitoris and use it
to bring the hand she’s most comfortable with to her mons pubis. Place her fingers on
her clitoris. Say:
“Play with yourself for me.”
Now concentrate on massaging her vagina as she takes care of her own clitoral
stimulation. Watch how she plays with herself. Outside of the bedroom, ask her about
her favorite self-strokes (“I noticed that you used your index and middle fingers to kind
of strum your clitoris from side to
side, like you were playing a guitar.
Is that something you’d like me to
try?”). Invaluable information.
Some women, especially
after you’ve given them several
orgasms, will have even bigger
orgasms by stroking their own
You play with it first, letting
her really relax and let go. Then you
put her hand where you want it, and
see if this brings her to a new level
of excitement. And if she’s having
too good a time in your hands to
bother stroking herself, relax: You
must be doing something right.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Seven
Animal Instincts
Doggie Style Vaginal Massage

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Animal Instincts / Doggie Style Vaginal Massage

Back In Action
A nd now for a completely different experience.
Imagine this: You’ve arranged two pillows lengthwise on the bed, end to
end. You’ve guided your sweetheart onto them, and now she’s relaxing there, her rear
end elevated, her legs spread to either side of the pillows. She’s feeling helpless to
resists your advances. She wants to feel helpless. She’s always yearned to offer her
backside to a man who knows what he’s doing and sink further and further into blissful
pleasure. Completely letting go, as the man pleasured her from the rear. You’re feeling
like you have the whole world at your feet. It’s a power you’ve longed for, and you
know exactly what to do.
Here’s how it’s done: Spend as much time as it takes to connect with your partner
on a heart-to-heart level. While the description that follows sounds like you just lay
her down and go to town, I’m assuming you’ve connected with your lover and she’s
ready to relax and let go.

Positioned For
A rrange your lover as described
above. Put a pillow under her
head so she can comfortably lie on her
stomach. If she has neck problems and
doesn’t like her head turned to the side
for extended periods, arrange the pillow
so that her forehead is supported by the
pillow and she’s looking straight down

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

toward the bed.

Spend time massaging your lover’s
inner and outer thighs and the backs of
her legs, using lots of warm massage oil
and running your hands from her knees
up to her buttocks. Use long, slow strokes.
Now gently massage her rear end.
Take a cheek in each hand. As you move
the left cheek up toward her head, move
the right cheek down toward her feet.
Then pull the left cheek down and push
the right cheek up.
Continue this up and down motion
for a minute. Then spread her ass mounds
to the sides, stretching them gently, before
squishing them softly together. Do this
for a minute, then use your fingertips to
gently press into the ccenter of her sweet cheeks. Use your fingers to make small circles,
massaging the flesh beneath them with gentle circular motions. Every so often let the
outer edge of your hand (the side you’d use to land a karate chop) slide into the crack
between her cheeks and slide your hand up and down, massaging her anus.

Slip’n Slide
S pend five to ten minutes massaging your lover’s legs and rear end. Then switch
from oil to lubricant. Warm it in the microwave for ten to fifteen seconds, testing it
on your wrists to make sure it’s the right temperature. Now turn the bottle facing down

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Animal Instincts / Doggie Style Vaginal Massage

and squeeze hard, sending a stream of lubricant cascading down into her rear ravine,
until the heated lube flows down over her vagina, soaking it.

Deep Cover
L iberally lubricate your right thumb.
Position yourself on your knees, so you’re
above your lover’s left pelvis. Drape your left
arm over her at the waistline, and pull her right
hip toward you. Let her know she’s supported.
She’s not going anywhere, so she can relax into
your powerful prodding.
Now poise your right thumb at the entrance
to your lover’s vagina. Tell her you’re about
to enter. After waiting a few seconds to build
anticipation, gently slip your thumb in, letting it
slide over the first third of her G-spot. Slowly
and deliberately, start stroking her G-spot with
the pad of your thumb. Every four or five strokes
let it sink in a little deeper. The shape of your
thumb will allow you to easily massage this area. Establish a nice steady rhythm, and
then let your index and third fingers begin to slide on either side of her clitoral hood, with
your middle finger rubbing her Butterfly Spot. Continue like this, keeping communication
open, making mid-course corrections as necessary, until your lover sinks into an orgasm.
Repeat, repeat, with variations in your strokes as necessary.
For women into hard and fast penetration (there are not as many of them as you might
think), this position is perfect for plunging your thumb in and out in a piston-like rhythm:

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Squeeze her pelvis into you with your left arm to stabilize it and stroke hard and fast, the
pad of your thumb pressing into her G-spot with every stroke.

Varied Menu
S ome variations to try with doggie
style vaginal massage:
• Slip a small butt plug (or a small
vibrating butt plug) into your woman’s
dainty pink hole before inserting your
thumb into her vagina. The plug will
increase the pressure of your thumb on
her G-spot.
• Ask your woman to come up onto all fours and push her rear backward. Gently push your
thumb all the way into her until you reach the back wall of her vagina. There you’ll find
a hard mound about three quarters the size of a golf ball. This is your lover’s cervix, the
entrance to her uterus. Use the pad of your thumb to stroke up and down.
CAUTION: Many women have extremely sensitive cervixes, and to rub them at
all will cause immediate pain. A few women will have highly sensitive cervixes, but will
experience exquisitely pleasurable orgasms from you gently massaging this deep seated
pleasure depot. And still others will, if you gently massage their cervixes several times
over a period of weeks or months, find that the initial pain or tenderness goes away, leading
to intense orgasms unlike any they’ve ever experienced.
Again, when you massage your lover’s cervix, go gently, and ask her repeatedly if
what you’re doing feels good. Once you are using your thumb to stroke this buried treasure
with soft up and down strokes, use the fingers of the same hand to massage her clitoris
in rhythm. So as your thumb strokes up from the top of her cervix toward the bottom of

57 www.energysexuality.com
Animal Instincts / Doggie Style Vaginal Massage

her vagina (from the front of her body to the back, toward you), your fingers slide up her
clitoris toward her mons pubis. As your thumb strokes up, your fingers slide down.
• While you’re massaging her vagina and clitoris, take safety precautions, then bend down
and tongue her rear entrance, licking its perimeter or perhaps plunging inside. (See Chapter
Eight for more thoughts on licking your lover’s caboose.)
• This is an excellent bondage position (more on this below). Once your lover is lying on
her stomach and her head is supported, tie her spread-eagle to the bed and let your thumb
swan dive into her helpless wetness.

Why some women don’t like doggie style

If your lover doesn’t like doggie style, it may be because of one of the
following reasons (time for a talk!)…
• She thinks it’s degrading, because a lot of animals mate in this position, and
she doesn’t want to feel like she’s being treated like an animal.
• She feels that she must be submissive in this position, and she’d rather have
sex in positions that make her feel more equal with you.
• She prefers positions allowing you both to easily kiss and make eye contact
for more emotional connection.
• She is self-conscious about the shape of her body, and doesn’t like her breasts
and stomach dangling toward the bed, which makes her feel unattractive.
• She doesn’t trust you enough to have so much power and control over her.
On the other hand, some women feel this way:
“It’s animalistic and can stir fierce passion. Nothing better than a guy
so lost in passion that he is ramming his... Sorry. What was I saying? It’s a
wonderful position to feel completely dominated in.”

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Eight
Back Door Delivery
Vaginal Massage With Anal Play

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Back Door Delivery / Vaginal Massage With Anal Play

Test Run
L iberally lubricate your index and middle fingers with your favorite water
based lubricant.
Now pull down your pants and underwear.
Stick your lubricated fingers into your bum hole.
Go ahead, I’ll wait.
Did you enjoy that?
Seriously, before you try to persuade your woman to let you finger her anus, you
should do the experiment above, or let her finger yours, just so you get a sense of how
this feels to her.
Some women like or even love anal penetration. They are in the minority. At the
time of this writing the latest statistics showed that only forty percent of women have
tried anal sex, and there are no good statistics on how many enjoyed it.
That being said, if your woman likes anal play, adding anal stimulation to your
vaginal massages--or adapting vaginal massage techniques to anal play--will weave
a new universe of sensations into her sensual times with you. And if your woman
doesn’t like anal play now, she might come to enjoy it, if you take your time and
gently work with her to open this new sexual frontier.

Private Showing
W ith the caveat that because anal stimulation/penetration is such a private,
individual experience that there are no cookbook formulas that work for
every woman, here’s a great way to use your vaginal massage skills if you know
she likes anal play:
Warm your water-based lubricant in the microwave for ten to fifteen seconds.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Arrange your partner as you would for a vaginal massage. Using your well-lubricated
index finger, begin massaging her anal sphincter, moving your finger around it in slow
circles. Apply just enough pressure so that the tissue beneath your finger stretches
inward a bit. After a minute or two, let your fingertip rest at her rear entrance. Say:
“I’m going to slip my finger in now.”
Slowly slide just the tip of your finger into her back chamber. Slip it in just to the
first knuckle and begin moving your finger tip in a circular motion, swirling it around.
Ask, “Is this good for you?” Show your woman’s anus respect, and she might let you
play there more often.
If everything is going well, tell her:
“Squeeze my finger tight.”

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Back Door Delivery / Vaginal Massage With Anal Play

As she squeezes her anus around your finger, tell her:

“That’s right…squeeze it tighter, tighter, really squeeze…and now relax.”
As with any other muscle, by squeezing it first, the sphincter will relax that much
Up to now, having moved one-knuckle’s length into her anus, you’ve encountered
the tight ring of muscles making up the outer anus. Now move your finger in up to the
second knuckle. This will bring the tip of your finger past this muscular ring into the
slick tissues of the colon. Again, take your time and swirl your finger, stirring it in her.
You can always ask, “Is this good for you, Sweetheart?” during these very intimate
moments, especially when first experimenting with anal massage.
If everything is going well, slowly move your finger all the way in, and ask if
that’s OK. If it is, bring your finger out, squirt more lube on it, and re-insert it. Now
start moving your finger in and out. As you do, start massaging her Butterfly Spot with
your left hand. Stroke the spot with the same motion as in a vaginal massage. (Some
women will prefer that you continue to swirl your finger rather than using an in and
out motion. Find out if this is true for your lover.)
Continue stroking until she orgasms or lets you know, either verbally or non-
verbally, she’d like to do something else. If she orgasms, you can continue to do what
you’ve been doing and see if she’ll come again. Or you can ask, “Do you want me to
do some more of that?” Whatever you need to do, make sure you don’t overstay your

Spa Treatment
W hen it’s time to close the back door, slowly remove your finger, counting
“one-thousand-one, one thousand-two” to a count of five as you gently
slide your finger out. Now go to the bathroom, wash your hands, and rinse a washcloth

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

in hot water. Come back to your baby’s rear, gently pressing the warm cloth between
her ass cheeks for several seconds, and then gently wipe it up toward her back. This
last gentle gesture will be much appreciated, especially if followed by a lot of kissing
and cuddling.

N ow here’s a recipe for servicing a woman who has never enjoyed anal
play, but wants to try it with you. She wants to try it because you’ve taken
her to sensual paradises she’s never been before, and she trusts you. She knows
you’ll treat her “other luscious mouth of nature” like it was a delicate flower and
you are the summer sun, ready to open it.
Start with a lighthearted, adventurous, playful attitude. This should be fun. If your
woman would like some wine or champagne beforehand, buy a bottle of her favorite and
spend time enjoying it with her.
Afterwards, give her a full-body massage. While you’re massaging her, spend some
time massaging her rear end as outlined above. Set the tone for what’s to come by being
extremely gentle and loving. Let her feel your adoration for her through your hands.
Bring your full consciousness to what you’re doing, breathing deeply, and feeling the
energy moving into your hands.
Complement her bottom’s lusciousness. Say something like:
“Wow, my hands are in heaven.”
Now is the time to decide if you’d like to tongue her rear opening. Completely
optional, of course. Use a dental dam or a condom cut down its length and spread over
her pink chocolate entrance ( put personal lubricant between her and the condom to
make for better sensations). Kneel between her spread legs, gently spread her cheeks,
lean down, and begin tonguing the entrance between them, drawing slow circles around

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Back Door Delivery / Vaginal Massage With Anal Play

the tight rim. After a minute or two, if you have a hankering for it, stick your tongue in,
circling the tip of your tongue around the inside. Spread her luscious buns wider and
begin moving your tongue slowly in and out of her. Like martinis, this is an acquired
taste. Don’t feel compelled to dip into these dark waters. And know that if you like
lapping here, your lover may not appreciate it. She may feel too self conscious to enjoy
the sensations your tongue gives her when pulling into this private parking space.

Deep Water Diving

A nd that might be all you do for her first anal play with you. If she’s had rough,
incompetent treatment in the past, this will establish a safe feeling around you
playing with her rear. The next time, do the same thing, but take it a step further. Insert
your finger one-knuckle’s deep into her sweet bum, circling the sphincter, loosening it up
for a few minutes, and then slowly withdraw your fingertip. Take her in your arms, cuddle
her, and tell how great she did. Ask her if she liked it. Ask her if she’d like to go further.
The next time, go two-knuckles in. You get the idea. Be patient. Play like this until
she’s really comfortable with her rear end being penetrated. Talk to her about it outside of
the bedroom and see where she’s at.
“So what do you think, are you enjoying the anal play?”
“Do you think I can go deeper next time?” “Is there anything that would make it
more enjoyable?”
If she’s into it, take your time in your explorations, because she’s a Princess and you
treasure her.
Show her that you realize this is a big deal, and you want to make it a great experience
for her, perhaps a healing experience. Over time she may get to love anal play. But if not,
please don’t make her feel bad about it. Just use your creativity to find other ways to play
and connect.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Risk And You Shall Receive

A nother idea for great anal play: After a half hour or so of vaginal massage,
having enjoyed several orgasms, your woman will most likely be relaxed,
comfortable, and yearning to do anything for you. This might be an excellent time to
experiment with anal massage. As with everything anal, talk with her.

Two Timing
A nal penetration
can also be
incorporated into your
vaginal massages.
Imagine this: You’ve
been giving her a great
vaginal massage for a
half hour. She’s coming
like crazy. You insert
your pinky finger into
her rear end as you
continue stroking her
G- and Butterfly Spots.
She comes harder. You
slip an inflatable vibrating butt plug into her. She starts squirming on the bed like she’s
possessed, moaning and screaming. You turn the vibration on high. More orgasms.
You give the bulb controlling the butt plug two big squeezes. More fireworks. You get
the idea. Be creative, be careful, and have fun.

65 www.energysexuality.com
Back Door Delivery / Vaginal Massage With Anal Play

The Long Way Home

O ne last anal maneuver: As described above, a wonderful position for vaginal
massage is to position your lover on her stomach, with several pillows beneath
her, so her luscious behind is sitting prettily up in the air, ripe for your ravishment.
In this variation, insert your well-lubricated index finger into her anus, and, using
the same “come here” motion as you would to stroke her G-spot in vaginal massage,
stroke it through the front wall of her anus.
If you’re wondering, “Can I really do that?,” you can, but be very careful, take
your time and ask your lover if she’s OK along the way. For example, once your finger
is all the way in, tell her:
“I’m going to massage your G-spot. Let me know if this feels good.”
Then gently prod your finger into the roof of her vagina, carefully stretching the
tissue between your finger and your target. Take your time, stretching the tissue a bit
more with each small stroke, until you’re massaging the fireworks zone.
At the same time, reach underneath her belly with your left hand and bring the
fingertips of your left hand to her clitoris. Start massaging it with your left fingertips
while stroking her G-spot with your right index finger through her anus. This technique
will produce earthquake-like orgasms for women who enjoy anal penetration.
A last word on anal sex from an article by Taffy Brodesser-Akner in Cosmopolitan
Magazine: “And here is where we get to my most profound discovery on the subject
of anal sex: That whereas there are emotional implications to any kind of sex we have,
anal sex is a true test of trust because it could go so badly wrong. The women I spoke
to who were in relationships and mutually decided with their partner to have anal sex
talked about it being a profound experience. The ones who just got a “can we?” and a
poke in the butt felt horrible pain. Maybe anal sex is more than I considered it could
be — a chance to come together in a new way, to feel new heights of trust, a zenith of
emotional bonding.”

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Nine
All In
Progressive Finger Play

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All In / Progressive Finger Play

One, And Counting

A t the start of a vaginal massage
it’s best to use just your index
finger to rub your lover’s G-spot.
Soon thereafter, however, most women
enjoy two fingers, providing things are
heating and ‘wetting’ up nicely. It’s a
way to easily intensify the sensations
bubbling up in her love box (just be
cautious, easing your fingers in and
moving them gently).
Eventually you’ll want to
experiment with three fingers, best
done after your woman has had several
orgasms (again, be cautious and fully
present). Lastly, when things are hot and
heavy and she’s coming like a freight
train loaded with uranium--and if she
likes anal sex—you can slip your pinky
finger into her anus while you are rubbing her G-spot with one, two or three fingers.
As the size of your fingers and the size of your partner’s love crevice will determine
the best number of fingers to use, and this might change from session to session, it’s
wise during your first few vaginal massages to ask, “Is this good for you, Babe?” as
you go from one to two, from two to three, and from three to incorporating pinky anal
penetration. After awhile you’ll know. And she always has the option of requesting what
she wants. Often this progressive type of fingering produces a crescendo of orgasms,
one more powerful than the next.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Ten
Water Works
Helping Your Lover to Squirt

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Water Works / Helping Your Lover to Squirt

Join The Party

A s we all know by now, some women ejaculate during an orgasm. I almost
wrote “have the ability to ejaculate”, but as time goes on it seems that this isn’t
so much a genetic predisposition as a learned skill. It’s an amazing testament to the
power of pop culture, including pornography, that so many women are discovering
this new kind of orgasm.
As in the famous example of the “unbreakable” four-minute mile, in which it
was thought impossible for anyone to run a mile in less than four minutes, as soon as
one athlete did it, many more did it in the following months. Squirting orgasms are
a similar phenomenon. Chances are, many women always could have experienced
them. We just didn’t know it.
One reason why more women are squirting: Women are extremely empathic when it
comes to sex. If they watch other women in the throes of ejaculatory orgasms--easily done
thanks to the porn industry--they can naturally develop the ability to do the same. (This
can’t be said for men, or lots of guys would be able to control their ejaculations for a half
hour of vigorous thrusting after watching porn.)

Nature Or Nurture?
W hen you talk to professionals who get paid for helping women experience
squirting orgasms (as opposed to scientists, who don’t know quite what
to make of this phenomenon), they say virtually all women can be helped to
squirt if they are comfortable (read “trusting of the man she’s with”) and the guy
knows what he’s doing. (Go here for more information on developing trust: www.
One caution: Even with all the talk and all the videos demonstrating that

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

squirting is in reach of
many women, in your
relationship you should
proceed as if this were a
touchy subject.
Why? Because
many women are
probably intimidated
by this topic (like they
don’t have enough
to worry about in
terms of their sexual
performance). If the
subject has never come
up, I’d approach it
She’s got to trust you to open for you.
If you have learned
a technique to help your
lover enjoy squirting orgasms, the information here will give you some ideas on how
to improve her experience. If your woman hasn’t yet squirted, it will give you all the
information you need to help her.
As stated above, two things are absolutely necessary for most women to experience
a squirting orgasm at your hands. One, they have to be relaxed, and two, you have
to know what you’re doing. Fortunately, if you’ve practiced vaginal massage, you’re
the perfect partner to help your lover squirt, as you know how to get her relaxed and
you’re intimately familiar with her G-spot. Once a woman has one squirting orgasm
her body usually “gets it”, and she finds it much easier to have them whenever you do
your technique.

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Water Works / Helping Your Lover to Squirt

Surprise Party
M arcus London, a porn star known
for his ability to help women
squirt, says he believes it’s best not to
tell your lover you’re going to “get her
to squirt”. He says that by telling her, you
create undue pressure, which might keep
her from letting go completely. Depending
on your lover and what sort of relationship
you have, this is good advice. If your lover
is totally comfortable with you, relaxed
and open, then surprising her love box with
your “squirting stroke” might bring her to
an orgasm very quickly, before she knows
what’s going on. It will be a sort of, “Oh…
OH!!!...Oh my God, what’s happening!!!!?”
sort of experience. Very cool.
On the other hand, some women may
hate that approach, and if it doesn’t work, might get angry at the aggressive nature
of your panty raid. If you’ve tried to “make her squirt” using a technique you’ve
seen or read about, and it hasn’t worked out, it may be that her vagina wasn’t ready.
A dozen or more vaginal massage sessions may be the key to unlocking her G-spot,
so she releases a flood of fluid. So first, before you use a technique to make her
squirt, transport her into pure pleasure using vaginal massage. It will allow her to
squirt easier. Once she’s really relaxed and juicy, here’s how to help your lover to a
squirting G-spot orgasm:
Kneel by your lover’s right hip, facing her. Bend down so your head is about

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

When helping your woman squirt, kneel by her side to give you the leverage needed to move
your shoulder forward and backward very quickly. This is the sexual equivalent of a 100 yard
dash, so keep stroking until the finish line, which often is less than 20 seconds away.
a foot above her love mound. Then, place your left hand on your lover’s heart, on
the bed next to the right side of her chest, or slip your forearm under her low back,
whichever feels most comfortable. Hold the two middle fingers of your right hand
together and the pinky and
index fingers out to the side.
The two middle fingers are
going into her vagina while
your pinky and index fingers
rest on her inner thighs.
Hopefully by now you
have realized that you can’t
just stick two fingers in a
vagina, expecting good things
to happen. As we’ve said, if

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Water Works / Helping Your Lover to Squirt

your woman has been with rough or incompetent lovers in the past, her vagina may
automatically clench up unless it’s properly prepared. You want to have the mindset
that you’re going to take such great care of her that her vagina invites you in.
You want to use lots of lubrication on your fingers, and you want to say, “I’m
going to put my fingers in you now,” to let her know what’s coming. If you’ve already
been massaging her vagina, you can probably slip both fingers in easily. If not, start
with one finger and after a minute or two slip the other in, again using lots of lubricant.
Once your fingers are in, say, “Take some deep breathes in and out for me”.
(Obviously, if you’re surprising her you won’t give her any specific instructions.
Instead you’ll start to stroke her G-spot as instructed below.)
Breathe with her. In other words, as she breathes in, you breathe in, and as she
breathes out, you breathe out. Do this for 5-10 breaths, really connecting with her.
At first use your fingers to make circles on her G-spot, gently pressing into it.
After ten to twenty seconds start pressing slightly harder, still using circular motions.
After about thirty seconds--maybe less if you’ve been doing vaginal massage as
foreplay--you’ll usually hear a squishing sound as fluid starts to build up around your
When you hear that sound (or if you don’t hear it, when she starts breathing
deeply, or making sounds of pleasure, or starts moving her body like she’s really
enjoying what you’re doing), switch from circular motions to small, quick thrusts
in and out of her vagina, using a strong, steady rhythm, with your fingertips moving
quickly into her G-spot, then off of it, then into it again and again and again. Don’t
let up. You might concentrate on the idea of “milking” her sweet spot. If you get the
sense that she needs more stimulation, speed up your strokes.
The motion to use is not poking her G-spot very quickly, which would require
you to use a lot of wrist action. Keep your wrist and elbow stiff. Your finger motion
will come from you moving your arm back and forth quickly from the shoulder
joint (your elbow will move quickly forward and back, but only as quickly as your

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

shoulder moves forward and backward). As you do, your curled fingers will naturally
pulse quickly into her G-spot. It’s actually best to relax your fingers a bit rather than
keeping them rigid.
(Here is a link to a video of Marcus London that shows the stroke; it’s probably
faster and harder than you would imagine. Note: Only click the link if you are 18 or
older: http://www.energysexuality.com/the-stroke-to-squirt/).
Again, every woman is different, so watch her reactions, and once you’ve found
a rhythm that’s moving her toward an orgasm, stick with it (although this will happen
a lot quicker than during a vaginal massage). When she ejaculates, you will most
likely feel like she just got a lot wetter, and you may find the liquid coming out of her
vagina has a more “oily” feel to it. If she is prone to strong ejaculations, you can take
your fingers out as she starts to ejaculate and see her liquid love squirt out her vagina
(although this is more likely to happen in porno movies with the small percentage of
women on the planet that squirt with this much force).
You may have to do a dozen or so of these “training” sessions before her body
starts to squirt. While some women will squirt more easily if you surprise them,
others will have an easier time ejaculating during a G-spot orgasm if they’re more
involved. So, if you tried surprising your lover with your new skill, and it didn’t
work, try this alternative approach:
• Suggest that she watch some movies showing women having squirting orgasms.
Some women will “get it” once they see other women who’ve “gotten it”.
• Once you’ve been massaging her vagina for awhile and she’s really relaxed and
juicy, switch your finger position to the one outlined above and tell her:
“OK, babe, I want you to breathe in and out of your mouth, and when you breathe
in, breathe all the way down into your vagina, and when you breathe out, make an
“Ahhh” sound.
And as she does, say:
“Good girl. Now, I want you to push as you breathe out. Push like you were

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Water Works / Helping Your Lover to Squirt

pushing a baby out, really bear down.” Even if most women haven’t had a baby, they
can push like this. If your lover can’t, have her cough. That will give her the feeling
of pushing out, and after feeling that she’ll be able to push down. The combination of
deep breathing through the mouth, making the “Ahhh” sound, and bearing down can
help bring on the squirting response.
Once she’s doing her part, continue as outlined above, starting with swirling
your two fingers around her G-spot. Continue until you hear the “squishing sound,”
and then speed up your strokes, your fingers rapidly pulsing into her.
If you happen to be the one to help her to squirt for the first time, celebrate! It’s
time for champagne, a special night out on the town, roses. Be proud of yourself.
After all, you’re the man giving her this sex gift. Congratulations.
But beware: You may find that her body isn’t built for ejaculation (kind of like
yours isn’t built with a nine inch penis). If that’s the case, don’t fret. Assure her she’s
the sexiest woman on earth, and move on to other passion playgrounds. You might
revisit squirt training in a few months, as your vaginal massage artistry may change
the inner workings of her vagina enough to allow her to squirt.

Get the fluffy, absorbent towels!

According to Paul Joannides in “The Guide To Getting It On”:
“…researchers asked a woman who ejaculates during orgasm to masturbate
in the lab. They found that upon orgasm she released two very distinct types
of fluid, and both of these came from her urethra as opposed to her vagina.
The first gush contained a half a cup of clear fluid that didn’t smell or look like
urine, but upon analysis it turned out to be a very dilute form of urine. The
second round of fluid was only a quarter of a teaspoon in volume. It was milky
white and somewhat like male semen in makeup, minus the sperm.”

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Eleven
Using a Pillow Under Her Pelvis

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Underpinnings / Using a Pillow Under Her Pelvis

Waisted Effort
A n easy way to vary your vaginal massages is to place a large, firm bed pillow
under your lover’s pelvis. Place it so the top of the pillow is right beneath her
waistline. This will tilt your lady’s pelvis up toward the ceiling, with the small of her
back flattened against the bed. The pillow will also change the angle of her vagina so
it has a more upward tilt, allowing you to angle your wrist down toward the mattress,
and your fingers up toward the ceiling, giving you a more acute angle into her G-spot.
The sensation is sensational for some women.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Sling Time
Y ou can combine an under-pelvis pillow with a homemade “sex sling”. Make the
sling form ropes, scarves, an old sheet you’ve cut into strips, or neckties. It turns
a pillow into a pedestal for your lover’s precious parts (and gives you as close to an “all
access pass” to them as possible). Here’s what to do:
• Position your lover so she’s sitting on the front part of a large pillow in the center of the
bed, her knees bent and her feet flat on the bed.
• Tie a rope, scarf or necktie around each of her thighs, right above the knees. Make them

If your lover trusts you enough to set her up in this quick and easy sling, congratulations. In
this position she’s vulnerable to your every advance. Repay her willingness to let you in by
treating her to as many wonderful sensations as possible. Relax. Take your time. Be creative.
She’s not going anywhere.

79 www.energysexuality.com
Underpinnings / Using a Pillow Under Her Pelvis

tight, but not so tight that they impair

circulation in her legs.
• Now have her wrap her arms around
her knees.
• Use a twenty foot length of rope or tie
four scarves or neckties together (we’ll
call this Rope Three). Tie one end of
Rope Three to the right thigh band
using a simple overhand knot. Run the
other end of Rope Three under your
lover’s right arm, over her back and
left shoulder, and then under the left
thigh band. Tie a knot so Rope Three
is secured to the left thigh band. Now
run Rope Three under your lover’s left
arm, over her right shoulder and back,
and under the right thigh band, securing
it there with another overhand knot.
• Rope Three will create an “X”
pattern on your lover’s back.
• Now gently lay your trussed-up
partner back on the bed. Her spread
legs will be held up by the rope/
scarves/ties, allowing you to use both
Fold a four foot strand of rope in half. When you hands when playing with her. This set-
wrap the rope around her leg, tie a simple over-
up is especially good for combining
hand knot, creating a loop. Then use the loop to
attach the longer piece of rope used to make the cunnilingus with vaginal massage (See
sling. Chapter Twenty One) or for using a

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

long vibrating dildo to give your lover cervical orgasms (See Chapter Fifteen).

Focus Group
A pillow prop is also good for increasing a woman’s experience of fully
receiving your penetration. As sex coach Michael Richardson notes in his
book, “Tantric Sex For Men” (Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, 2010):
“Usually a woman will push her genitals forward (using her pelvis) at the very
same moment the man thrusts or moves into her. Physically speaking, just from the
mechanics of the musculature, the vagina becomes narrower and tighter during a
forward push.”
He recommends placing a pillow under your lover’s pelvis and having the woman
remain still.
“In this nonmoving position a woman is able to put all her attention into her
vagina—into the receiving, absorbing, and welcoming of the penis into her body,” he
As you penetrate the rare beauty beneath you, stay present, focused on the
sensations of your penis sliding in and out of your lover’s private portal.

Rock Party
A nother way to use an under-pelvis pillow: With the pillow in place, have your
lover place her feet flat on the bed. Now she can rock her pelvis backward,
toward the bed, as she breaths in, and forward, toward the ceiling, as she breaths out.
Have her start rocking her pelvis in sync with her breathing as you push your finger(s)
into the back third of her G-spot on her in-breath, dragging your finger(s) forward
over this engorged area as she breathes out. Keep fingering her in sync with her pelvic

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Underpinnings / Using a Pillow Under Her Pelvis

movements and breathing, letting her set the pace.

Most women like to lay back and relax during a vaginal massage, but this variation
has its time and place. For example, in the middle of the day, when she has lots of
energy, perhaps after a yoga class or gym workout.

Floatation Device

A n under-pelvis pillow can change your view of doggie-style vaginal massages,

too. Instead of having your lover on her knees or laying over pillows placed
beneath her torso, prop up two or three pillows under her lower abdomen. Now,
with her rear end floating high off the bed, you can kneel next to her hip with both
hands free to please. One variation: Slip your left hand between the pillows and her
womanmound, so your left fingertips can play with her clitoris, while you use your
right thumb to massage her G-spot.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Twelve
Pulling Her Leg
Tugging Down On Her Vagina

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Pulling Her Legs / Tugging Down on Her Vagina

Pressure Sensitive
N erve fibers from the clitoris trail
down either side of the vagina, in
a horseshoe shape, with the two ends, or
“legs” of the horseshoe extending deep
into the pelvis.
Because of this set up, you will
increase the sensitivity of your lover’s
clitoris during your vaginal massages by
taking one or two fingers and pressing the
bottom of her vagina straight down toward
her anus. A good time to do this is after
she’s had several orgasms. Turn your hand
down, palm toward the bed, and press your
finger(s) straight down as you continue to
stroke her Butterfly Spot. This will stretch
the clitoris, making it more sensitive to your strokes.
Another move: As you’re pulling her vagina down, sweep your finger back and
forth, exciting her perennial tissue. This is sensitive erectile tissue inside the perineum,
that area lying between your lover’s anus and vagina. Author/sex therapist Ian Kenner
in “She Comes First” (HarperCollins, New York, 2004) gives another move for this
“When stimulating her perineal tissue from the inside with your index finger, use
your thumb to press her perineum from the outside. In this position, you’re literally
pinching her perineum from both sides,” he notes.
After another orgasm or two, turn your attention back to her G-spot, or move on
to another variation.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Thirteen
Fit to Be Tied
Bondage and Vaginal Massage

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Fit to Be Tied / Bondage and Vaginal Massage

I Surrender
T wo major themes in this book are:
In mastering the art of vaginal massage you become the trusted man your
lover has always dreamed of finding.
Women want to be able to relax and radiate love when in the bedroom. They want
you to take charge, so they don’t have to think. They can just feel, and relax into being
the radiant creatures they long to be.
One reason why bedroom
bondage is talked about so much is
that women long for a man to take
control during sex. What better way
to take control than to physically
restrain her? For some women,
allowing themselves to be tied down,
so they have no choice about what
happens, is the easiest way to really
let go and feel into their sexuality.
Think about it. If your woman is
tied spread-eagle on a bed, she can’t
be judged on her performance. Tied
down, she can be sexually set free.
And then there is THIS: Almost
every straight woman has a deep
longing to be ravished. To be taken
(against her will no less!) by a man
who so strongly lusts for her that he

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

will take her prisoner and have his way with her (of course, he needs to be well
groomed, have chiseled abs, and be madly in love with her). This is the most common
sexual fantasy among women, played out thousands of times in new romance novels
published every year.
So indulge your woman! Be her Ravisher!

Why Do Women Want Ravishment?

The following is an excerpt from my “Ravisher” hypnosex program
(available from “energysexuality.com”), designed to help you become the most
powerful lover you can be in under 24 minutes…
“In a few moments when I awaken you by saying ‘1 2, 3 wide awake,’ you’ll
be convinced in every way with one hundred percent conviction that you are a
totally masculine Ravisher… who will be totally masculine and will ravish your
lover with all of your masculine power, skill, lust and love…and you will easily
and effortlessly slip into your role as Ravisher….you will access that part of you
that has always wanted to have your way with your lover…and when you are
done ravishing your lover, when you have finished ravishing your lover, or when
your lover tells you she would like to stop making love, you will automatically
return to full waking consciousness within thirty seconds, returning to your
normal state in every way in thirty seconds, without any adverse effects and
feeling great about yourself and your ability as a lover….even now, as I speak,
you feel every bit of feminine energy leaving your body…you feel every bit of
feminine energy leaving your body now…it’s sinking down into the bed your
resting on, leaving your body, draining down into the bed and down through the
floor…you can feel this feminine energy now exiting your body…fading away,

87 www.energysexuality.com
Fit to Be Tied / Bondage and Vaginal Massage

draining down… Now that all traces of feminine energy have left your body, you
begin to feel your strong, powerful, extremely virile masculine sexual energy
rising up in every cell of your body…you now feel your virile masculine sexual
energy rising up in your body, causing an extremely pleasurable and powerful
sensation in your toes…. your feet…. your calves and shins…. your knees…
rising up through your legs…powerful, virile masculine sensations as your
Herculean masculine sexual energy enlivens every cell of your body…up your
thighs, your pelvis, your penis, your belly, the small of your back…rising up…
powerful, virile, nearly super-human masculine sexual energy… your torso,
your chest, your heart...flowing into your shoulders, and spreading down your
arms to your fingers….powerful, strong masculine sexual energy…...a golden
white light enlivening every cell of your body as it intensifies,…spreading up
through your throat and into your face and scalp and hair and ears…and with
every breath you take in you feel your robust, powerful, virile masculine sexual
energy increase in every cell in your body, glowing brighter and brighter and
brighter still…from the inside out…and from now on as you ravish your lover
you will be able to feel this deep sense of masculine sexual energy enlivening
every cell of your body, and it will be an awesome feeling… making you more
capable of fulfilling your deepest sexual desires...”
As relationship counselor Dr. Adam Sheck notes in an article, “Do Women
Want To Be Ravished?”: “The fantasy of being ravished, being lovingly, yet
forcefully taken by her man, is consistently in the top five female fantasies, often
the number one fantasy…as revealed in the always popular romance novels, the
fantasy of a strong, powerful man initiating sex with a woman, not accepting her
initial reluctance, and then loving her passionately, is a popular fantasy. This is
not about abuse and power; in most of these novels (and fantasies), the couple

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

ends up married and living

‘happily ever after’”.
He goes on: “For the
heterosexual female ‘ravish
me’ fantasy though, we’re
talking about the man
embodying the masculine
and taking charge with
those masculine qualities
to be focused, direct,
relentless in pursuing his
goal, in this case, loving his
woman into “submission”.
This can range from simply
initiating sex, to being
a little more assertive
than usual, to being more
aggressive, to being a little
‘rough’, all the way to role
play and using restraints
and sex toys.”
Your lover is your
equal. But in the bedroom
she longs to relax, surrender and open up. So she can feel like a woman, and let
sexual excitement flow through her body and love flow through her heart. Help
her! With the utmost love and care, ravish your lover.

89 www.energysexuality.com
Fit to Be Tied / Bondage and Vaginal Massage

Hardware Man
I t’s easy and can make you feel extremely powerful to incorporate bondage
into your vaginal massages. Here’s how: First, you’ll need ropes. Buy a fifty foot
length of large, soft nylon rope in the hardware department, and cut it into twelve
foot lengths. Tie these to the four posters of your bed. No posters? No problem! Make
large knots at the ends of the ropes, and place these knotted ends under the mattress,
trapping them between the mattress and box spring. This will anchor them enough to
give your lover the feeling of being securely bound, you scoundrel. (An added touch:
Have the ropes already in place before she enters the room. Conceal them so she can’t
see them when she lays down. Adding this element of surprise may enrich her fantasy

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

of being taken.) So your ropes are in place. What happens next?

Imagine this: Your lover is lying on her back. You say:
“Close your eyes.”
She does.
You gently slip a sleep mask over her eyes. Then, without saying a word, you sit
on her stomach, supporting your weight with your knees, pinning her to the bed, and
say, “Give me your left arm, now!” in your most authoritative voice. When she lifts
her arm off the bed, you grip it with strong pressure, letting her know that she’s not
going anywhere. Or doing anything you don’t want her to do.
You take the rope you’ve secured to the upper left hand corner of the bed, wrap it
three times around her wrist, and tie a knot in it. You make sure you leave enough slack
in the rope so you don’t cut off her circulation. You leave a sixty five degree angle in
her elbow so she’ll be comfortable. You secure her other arm in similar fashion.
You slide off her abdomen, stand on the right side of the bed, and grasp her right
ankle, holding it firmly, pulling it toward you, spreading her leg to the side. You wrap
the rope three times around her ankle and knot it, again leaving her knee some wiggle
room, then secure her left leg. Now you have her where you want her.

Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me

D epending on how much time you have, now is the time to show how much
you cherish her by bringing her body alive with beautiful sensations. For
example, take a polyester or silk scarf, lay it by her cheek, and slowly trail it down her
body. Let it cascade over her breasts and stomach, and then between her legs, pulling
it slowly to the tips of her feet. Spend two or three minutes teasing the fabric up and
down over her helpless figure.
Now do the same thing with feathers. A half dozen peacock feathers cost less

91 www.energysexuality.com
Fit to Be Tied / Bondage and Vaginal Massage

than a tank of gas, and will give her

wonderful sensations when you run them
lightly over her skin, starting at her neck
and brushing them down her arms, her
breasts and nipples, belly and vagina,
down her inner thighs to her feet.
Other sensations to try: A vibrator,
your fingernails, a make-up brush or the
lightest touch of your fingertips. Between
giving her these different sensations,
kiss her passionately on her lips, neck,
chin or wherever else you desire.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Treasured Chest
O nce you’ve finished bringing her body alive in a way no other man has ever
taken the time to do, it’s time to massage her breasts. Take your bottle of warm
lubricant and again sit lightly on her belly, kneeling on either side of her torso. Check the
lube’s temperature. If it’s right, aim the bottle down and, taking your time, slowly decorate
your lover’s breasts with flowing lines of lube. Lazily dribble the warm lubricant in swirls
over her flesh contours, allowing her to feel every line form. Once you’re done with your
abstract breast art, lube your hands.
Now, place your hands on your woman’s chest, just below her breasts, so the webs of
your hands are under her soft mellons. Let your hands slide up around the outsides of her
chest mounds and up toward her nipples, encircling them without touching them. Gently
play with her breast flesh, adoring the way it feels beneath your slick hands. Every ten
seconds or so, allow your hands to move closer to her nipples, letting the sides of your

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Fit to Be Tied / Bondage and Vaginal Massage

fingers eventually brush up against them.

Take your time. Tease her. Close your eyes and feel the texture of her crinkled nipple
flesh against the sides of your fingers. See how slowly you can move your fingers along
the rigid borders of her nipples. When you’ve had enough of teasing/delighting her breast
tips, stretch your fingers wide and let them slide, one after the other, over her nipples in a
back and forth motion.
After four or five slow strokes like this, spread your fingers out on each breast. Her
nipples should be in the center of the palms of your hands. Now slowly bring your fingers
in toward her nipples, making a tent with your fingers and thumbs (see photo below). Let
your hands rise up toward the ceiling, your fingertips sliding up onto the erect nipples, and
trailing off their tips as your fingertips meet an inch above them. Use light pressure at first.
But as you continue this stroke, increase your grip on her nipples each time, eventually
tugging her nipples up toward the ceiling before letting go. If your lover doesn’t appreciate

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

this treatment, experiment until you find strokes that delight her. If you’ve never massaged
a woman’s chest with lubricant and intention, you may be surprised at how enjoyable it is
for both of you.
After five or ten minutes (or more!) of massaging her breasts, lean down and slowly
encircle one of her nipples with your lips. Let your lips touch the skin around the nipple,
without touching the crinkled flesh filling the inside of your mouth. Just let your lips stay
there, as you breathe your hot breath onto her. If you drool, so much the better. Finally,
after twenty or thirty seconds, close your lips around her erect nipple and begin sucking. At
the same time, use one of your hands to massage the opposite breast. For example, if you
are sucking on her left nipple, massage her right breast. After awhile, switch.

Vibe Tribe
Y ou have your woman
tied down, helpless to
stop your ravishment of her
chest flesh. You’ve treated her
breasts like liquidy jewels. If
your woman appreciates lots of
nipple stimulation, at times like
these you’ll want to bring out your
vibrating nipple clamps. Here’s
how to use them:
After finishing her breast massage, leave her tied to the bed, go to the kitchen,
and microwave a wet hand towel for fifteen to twenty seconds. Return to her. Use the
warm towel (check that it’s warm, not hot) to gently wipe the lube from her chest. Use
a dry hand towel to softly pat her dry. Now, taking a nipple between your thumb and

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Fit to Be Tied / Bondage and Vaginal Massage

forefinger, pull it up toward the ceiling, stretching it, and gently place a clamp over it;
do the same with the other. Turn on the vibrator.
Leaning down so that you can whisper in her ear (and using your best Ravisher
voice), tell her something like:
“I’ve lusted after you for sooooo long. Watching you. Watching the way your
breasts move when you walk. Watching the way you wiggle your luscious rear end.
Just waiting until I could get you alone here, where I can do anything I want with you.
You can’t move. You can’t do a thing to stop me. You’re mine! You’re my own little
sex toy and I can play with you in any way I desire.”
Lightly draw the tip of your tongue across the ends of her nipples…kiss her
neck…her lips…enjoy her helplessness and your power. Drink it in. She wants you to.
When you’ve had enough fun with your lover’s breasts, set up for a vaginal
massage. Chances are you’ll want to take the nipple clamps off before beginning. At
some point the clamps will most likely be too much of a good thing and become more
distracting than pleasurable. Usually two to five minutes is plenty of nipple vibe time.
As you carefully remove each clamp, be sure to worship your lover’s nipples with
long licks, and soft sucks, and kisses.


In this chapter I’ve given you a “cookbook” formula for massaging your lover’s
breasts. But realize that all these techniques—vaginal massage, dressing your lover,
doggie-style vaginal massage, etc.— are skills you should mix like a great lead
guitarist mixes notes and cords into great rifts. For example, right in the middle of a
great breast massage, shift gears and give your lover two or three orgasms through
vaginal massage, or use your right hand to massage her g-spot while your left hand
worships her left nipple, or….or do whatever strikes you as the thing to do. Learn the
techniques. Then weave them into wonderful sexual experiences for your lover.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Fourteen
Wave On
Creating Full Body Orgasms in Your Lover

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Wave On / Creating Full Body Orgasms in Your Lover

Breath Work
T ry the following after your lover has orgasmed several times: Place your left
hand under her tailbone, so that it’s sandwiched between her and the bed. As you
massage her vagina with the fingers of your right hand, say:
“Breath down into your vagina.”
As she does, cup the palm of your right hand over her mons pubis while fingering
her G-spot. Push her mons down toward the bed with your right hand. At the same
time, use your left hand to pull the top of her tailbone (the end closest to her low back)
up toward the small of her back. This will push the tip of her tailbone down toward the
bed. As your right hand pushes down, and your left hand pulls up, you will elongate
her abdomen. This will allow her to breathe deeper. Once she’s inhaled fully, wait for a
count of two and then say:

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

“Breath all the way out.”

As she begins to exhale, use your right hand to gently pull her vagina up toward the
ceiling while you use your left hand to rock the tip of her tailbone up as well. This will
let her exhale fully. Repeat this motion nine times (the Chinese, masters at directing the
flow of internal energy, believe multiples of nine breaths are best for this practice) .
When a woman experiences full body orgasms, she naturally undulates in a wave-
like motion. Her pelvis rocks back on the in-breath, and forward on the out-breath.
When you help your lover practice this wave-like motion during your vaginal massages,
it helps to increase her sexual responsiveness.
Because there’s a lot going on and she has to concentrate, most women won’t want
to keep doing this for the entire massage. Use it for helping your woman become more
orgasmic. And keep it in your back pocket for a quick variation to keep things interesting.

Why give your lover orgasms?

Throughout this book you’ve been learning how to gift your lover with massive orgasms.
Why does she like them so much?
Life exists on two levels (this is a gross oversimplification). On one level is the world
you can see, hear, touch, taste and feel. On the other (we’ll call it the “subtle level”), there is
a vast field of energy from where all the stuff you can see, hear, etc. comes from.
In other words, everything is made of energy. The stuff you can be aware of using your
senses is just denser energy than what you find in the underlying energy field.
When you make love to your partner and it’s good, that part of her that’s usually so
concerned with the solid world fades. She becomes spacious. When orgasms happen, the
boundaries between the solid and subtle worlds can disappear altogether. She feels at one
with everything, including you.
So when you give your lover massive orgasms for as long as she wants, you’re helping
her escape her “normal” world, which is often filled with concern and tension, into a world
in which she is free to feel love flow through her.
That’s why you give your lover orgasms.

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Wave On / Creating Full Body Orgasms in Your Lover

Rock On
Two simple pelvic rocking exercises can help your lover (and you)
experience full-body orgasms. During such orgasms your bodies naturally
move with wave-like motion. These exercises train your bodies to more easily
slip into this pattern. Here’s how to do them:


• Lay on your back, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
• Take a deep, slow breath in through your mouth to the count of five, and as
you do, rock your pelvis forward, increasing the space between the small of
your back and the floor.
• Once you’ve inhaled fully, immediately start to exhale, feeling the breath
flowing out of your belly as you push the small of your back against the floor
and rock the tops of your hips up toward your head.
• Do nine repetitions, creating a wave-like motion, concentrating on taking
deep breaths in and out and exaggerating the motions of your pelvis (it can
help to imagine a rod running through your hip joints, and imagine your hips
swiveling around this rod as you rock your pelvis forward and back).

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage


• Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Your arms should be at your sides,
at waist level, with your elbows bent at a ninety degree angle, and your hands
in loose fists.
• Begin by rocking your hips backward as you take a deep breath in through
your nose. Relax your lower abdomen as you let your breath sink all the way
down into your lower belly. As you do, bring your arms back so your elbows
move behind you and your hands move back toward your waist. Imagine a rod
running through your hip joints, and that your pelvis is swiveling on the rod.
• Hold for a count of two, and then thrust your hips forward as you exhale
forcefully through your mouth, making a “haaaaa!” sound.
• Repeat nine times (Note: this is an excellent exercise to do with your partner
before making love).
• Note: You can cultivate the movement of sexual energy by breathing in golden
white light down the front of your body into your penis and balls; when you
exhale, imagine shooting this energy out of your penis.

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Wave On / Creating Full Body Orgasms in Your Lover

What Is Energy Sexuality?

Vaginal massage is part of a new form of sexuality sweeping the world. This new
kind of sex, “Energy Sexuality”, is about:
• Mastering the vast energy underlying all existence in order to experience incredible
• Instead of sex as sport, it’s sex as spiritual practice.
• Energy sexuality is often transcendental in nature and forms a spiritual connection
between lovers.
• Energy sexuality is about teaching men how to relate to women in simple, powerful,
masculine ways, clearing the confusion around male/female roles, leading to ecstatic,
drama-free relationships.
• It’s also about teaching women how to open their hearts and genitals so love can
flow through them, and they can experience all of the pleasure they can handle.
• For men and women, energy sexuality is about mastering their sexuality, consciousness
and understanding of the energetic level of reality, so they can bestow these gifts on
their lovers.
• Energy sexuality is about specific sexual techniques, some of which are described
in this book.
• Energy sexuality is also about how to achieve transcendental states during sex.
• Lastly, energy sexuality is about exploring how to use open-hearted sex and ecstatic
relationships to advance yourself along your spiritual path.

Join us! There is a new sexual revolution taking place all over the planet. Join it
and experience the best sex and relationships of your life.

Questions? Please write me at drmcgill@energysexuality.com.


Dr. Leonard

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Fifteen
Added Value
Sex Toys for Vaginal Massage

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Added Value / Sex Toys for Vaginal Massage

THE NEW Sensations

M ost couples crave sensation during sex.
The more the better.
Sex toys can give you the extra boost in sensation you’re looking for. They’re
called “novelty items” for a reason: Sex toys add more paints to your palette, adding
to the never ending and always evolving artistry of your lovemaking.
Here are some ideas to, pardon the pun, toy with:

Bigger than a marble, smaller than a
golf ball, vibrating ben wa balls usually
consist of two electrified, smooth balls
connected to a variable speed controller.
Slip one or two of the balls into your
lover’s rear end before or in the middle
of massaging her vagina.
This will ramp up her back end
sensations while at the same time
creating more friction on her G-spot (your fingers will press into the spot with more
pressure because the ben wa balls will be pressing up against them).
Similarly, if you put a ben wa ball into your lover’s vagina, you can hook the sides
of it with your two fingers, and then press it up into the G-spot, using the vibrating ball
rather than your fingertips to massage your baby’s hot spot. Or insert two balls into the
vagina so the first ball pushes against your lover’s cervix, then sandwich your index
finger on top of the other ball, which will be near her vagina’s entrance, and use the tip
of your index finger to massage her G-spot. Or…use the ben wa balls on the outside

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

of her vagina. Take them in your left hand and sandwich her clitoris between the balls.
Move them up and down either side of her clitoral hood while your right index and
middle fingers play inside her honey hole.

The we-joy™ is the connoisseur’s
choice for an outrageously effective
playtool that will enhance his vaginal
massages. The sleek, ingeniously-
designed device has rounded, studded,
bulbous ends that massage the clitoris
and G-spot at the same time.
Slip the we-joy™’s large bulb into
your lover’s vagina, and then slide your
index finger along its bottom, so that
you can use your finger to press the
vibrating bulb into her G-spot. At the same time, use your thumb to press the other
bulb into your lover’s clitoris. Concentrate on moving your index finger in and out,
so that the we-joy™ slides in and out of your lover’s love box, while at the same time
sliding up and down on her clitoris.
Another use: Position the we-joy™ as in the above example, but use your right
index finger to pull your lover’s vagina down toward the bed, stretching her clitoris
and making her love button and her G-spot more sensitive to the vibrations penetrating
Yet again, if your lover likes anal play, slip the small end of the we-joy™ in her
anus, with the large end sliding into the bottom of her vagina. Now use the basic
vaginal massage stroke, with your left index and middle fingers on her clitoris, and
your right index and middle fingers on her G-spot. The we-joy™ will naturally press

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Added Value / Sex Toys for Vaginal Massage

your fingers into her g-spot with more muscle, while the bottom of her vagina and
her bottom are vibrated like crazy. Using this same set-up, you can use the we-joy™
for a doggie-style vaginal massage, if the dimensions of your thumb and your lover’s
vagina permit. As with all sex toys that take up space in your lover’s body, use lots of

Use a dildo to give your lover
cervical orgasms. Here’s how: Your
fingers may not be long enough to reach
your lover’s cervix, which is located at
the very back of her vagina (it’s where
babies come out from the uterus). The
best way to feel it with your fingers is
to have your lover on her back, with her
knees bent and pulled up toward her
chest. This upwardly-tilts her vagina toward the ceiling and decreases the distance
between the front and back of her vagina, so you can more easily feel her cervix and
its surrounding tissue. The cervix itself will feel like a hard, walnut-sized protrusion at
the very back of her vagina, with a ridge running up and down it, from top to bottom.
To massage the cervix you’ll want to slide your index or middle finger lightly up and
down that ridge, checking to make sure it isn’t painful.
When you use a dildo to stimulate the cervix, get a long, soft, vibrating dildo with
a straight shaft. If possible, get one that vibrates along its entire length. Have your
lover bend her knees, with her feet flat on the bed. Slowly guide the well-lubricated
dildo all the way into your lover’s glove compartment until its head bumps into her
cervix. Go slow and soft, and ask her to tell you when the dildo finds its mark.
Make sure the dildo is giving her pleasurable feelings; you may have to back

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

off somewhat, but you want continuous, low-pressure vibrations lapping up onto the
cervix, like ocean waves against a sea wall. Once the dildo is there and you’ve checked
with your partner that she likes what it’s doing, lubricate your left fingers and use them
to massage her Butterfly Spot as you hold the dildo against her cervix.
Cervical orgasms tend to be much deeper in nature than clitorial orgasms. As
many women have never experienced them, you might have to “train” your woman’s
vagina, just as when you’re learning how to give her squirting G-spot orgasms. Also
like G-spot orgasms, once she experiences her first cervical orgasm, it will be easier
for her to have more in the future. Once she gets comfortable with them, you can vary
your technique. For example, if her cervix likes your massage treatments, you might
try pulling the dildo in and out, bumping against the cervix with a nice steady rhythm.

Use a vaginal pump, which has a
plastic cup on one end, and a rubber
bulb on the other. You place the cup
over your lover’s vagina. Then, as you
squeeze, the pump sucks the vaginal
lips into the cup, engorging them with
blood, making them more sensitive for
your vaginal massage session.
Proceed with caution and go
slowly, trying one pump squeeze first, checking that your partner likes what she’s
feeling. Let the suction work for a minute and then press the pressure release valve.
Your lover’s vagina should be somewhat puffy and more sensitive. Now spend time
massaging her labia lips and pulling them apart, letting your fingers slide off of them,
and add cunnilingus to the pampering of your baby’s princess slit before proceeding to
your massage.

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Added Value / Sex Toys for Vaginal Massage

Similarly, smaller suction devices can
be used to sensitize your lover’s nipples and
clitoris. A great time to use these is during a
bondage vaginal massage session.
Once your lover is tied down, gently trap
her nipples and clitoris in the suction devices.
(As you turn the screw top, her nipples and
clitoris get sucked into the tubes quickly and
dramatically, so be extremely careful when
using any suction device on any part of your lover’s body!) The nipples and clitoris will
swell as more blood is sucked into them. This may produce a tingling sensation or dull
ache. When you take off the suction tube (which you should do sooner than later; don’t
leave them on for long, as any part of the body needs fresh blood within a minute or so)
they will be more sensitive, sometimes much more sensitive, and ready for your masterful

You can turn the tip of your finger
into a powerful vibrator by inserting
a “bullet vibe,” some of which are
surprisingly powerful, into the tip of
a non-latex glove. Buy gloves at the
pharmacy and use the vibe on any part
of your baby where you want a “whole
‘lotta shakin” going on.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Sixteen
Detours Ahead
Taking Breaks During Your
Vaginal Massages

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Detours Ahead / Taking Breaks During Your Vaginal Massage

Rest Stop
M ost vaginal massage
sessions will last
from a half hour to an
hour or more. You and your
lover are putting out a lot
of energy. In conventional
sex you keep up whatever
you’re doing until you
have an orgasm, and then
you’re done. In this more
nondirectional sex, a well-
timed break let’s you rest
and re-charge and lets you
enjoy the journey rather than
focusing on a destination.
Here are some ideas:
• Slow, stop, and go to
the kitchen, bringing back
ice cream, fresh fruit, your
lover’s favorite drink--
whatever seems decadent and/or reinvigorating. Have her sit up on the bed in the
candlelight and enjoy these treats together. Spoon the ice cream into her mouth. Dab
chocolate sauce on her nipples and lick it off. (You can’t go wrong with chocolate.
Studies show it’s by far the number one food women crave. According to a Cambridge
University study, “Both smelling and eating chocolate activate areas of the brain that

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

are known to be involved

in creating feelings of
pleasure…chocolate has
a unique blend of sensory
qualities which make us feel
good, activating pleasure
centres in the brain.”
It might be doubly
decadent to have your lover
sit with pillows behind her,
sampling a plate of treats,
while you massage her feet.
• Arrange a bottle of chilled
champagne or wine beside
the bed, and every once in
a while slow what you’re
doing and stop. Take a
large gulp of wine into your
mouth. Gently press your
lips to your lover’s, and let
the wine slowly trickle into
her mouth.
• In his book, “She Comes
First” (HarperCollins, New York, 2004), a great guide to cunnilingus, author Ian
Kerner gives this advice for mixing wine with your lovemaking time-outs:
“…the pH level of her vulva is remarkably similar to that of wine, so cunnilingus
and the fruit of the vine are the perfect pairing. Try a dry white, or a red Zinfandel...
wines that are a little more on the acidic side will add some zing to your tongue.” He

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Detours Ahead / Taking Breaks During Your Vaginal Massage

even recommends “a good bottle of Viognier from the Condrieu region in France; it
possesses a rich perfume that’s redolent of apricot, peaches, and honey, and, when
combined with the sweet nectar of her vulva, is the closest you’ll ever come to tasting
ambrosia, the food of the gods.”
(See Chapter Twenty One to find out how to combine advanced cunnilingus skills
with your vaginal massages.)
• If you’ve bound her to the bed, simply leave the room for a few minutes. The
anticipation will build as she wonders, “What’s he up to now?” When you come back,
bring a sex toy.
• When your lover has had several powerful orgasms in a row, slow, stop, and lay
down beside her and practice “conscious cuddling”. Take her in your arms. Say:
“I’ve got you. You’re doing great. I’ve got you. Relax.”
You might also think of a part of her body or personality that you love and
appreciate, and tell her how much you love it. If she was doing something you really
liked before the break, tell her something like:
“God you have an insanely sexy jaw. I love to watch it when you have me in
your mouth.”
“You are the sweetest thing. I love being like this with you.”
“I loved the sounds you were making when I was fingering you. That is so sexy.
In a few minutes I’m going to finger you again, and I want you to really relax and
let me hear how much you’re enjoying it.”
As you’re holding her, imagine she’s radiating hot energy from every cell of her
body, and let it soak into you. Imagine you can feel a warm, bright, golden white light
radiating from her chest, and let that soak into you, too. Some ancient sexual texts
say one of the biggest mistakes a man can make is to ignore the power of his lover’s
radiance between or after sex: You’ve enlivened her energy; now let it flow into you.
After awhile, position her for more fun and begin again.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Seventeen
You’ve Got the Touch
Becoming a More Sensitive Lover

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You’ve Got the Touch / Becoming a More Sensitive Lover

Pick Up Artist
Y ou can enhance all of the techniques and tips in this book by dedicating
some time to making your hands more sensitive. When you do you’ll be able
to savor your lover’s body even more while channeling all your energy, personality
and love into her.

Book It
H ere’s a classic exercise taught in massage schools to increase the sensitivity
of students’ fingers: Take a phone book and open it, placing a hair from your
head on the page, then cover the hair by flipping over a single page. Once the hair
is hidden, close your eyes and rub your index finger over the paper, finding the hair
with your fingertip. As your finger slides across the paper, put your total awareness
at the tip of your finger. Imagine you are sliding it across one of your lover’s nipples.
Once you find the hair, add another page on top of it and try again (you might imagine
running your finger over another part of your lover’s body). Keep adding pages until
you can’t feel the hair under your index finger. Then repeat the exercise with your
middle finger, third finger and pinky. Do this exercise once a day for a week. You’ll be
surprised at your fingertips’ increased sensitivity.

Pressing Issue
A nother exercise from massage school is to blow up a balloon and tie off its
nozzle. Close your eyes. Using your index and middle fingers, slowly start to
push into the balloon. What you’ll find is that, at first, the balloon gives easily. But
you’ll reach a point at which that easy give stops. At this point, if you keep pushing,

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

you’ll feel like you’re stretching the rubber rather than just denting it. Do this a dozen
times or so, again putting all your awareness on the tips of your fingers, feeling for the
range of “easy give,” stopping right before you begin feeling much greater resistance
from the rubber. This exercise pays off: When you’re massaging your lover’s vagina
or anus, you don’t want to push past the easy give of the tissues you’re caressing. Do
this balloon exercise with your eyes closed, your full attention on the tips of your
fingers, for five minutes to increase your fingers’ sensitivity to pressure.


W e all like sexual sensations.
But when you become more sensitive, you can appreciate these sensations
even more (and you won’t need to chase after more sensation to get more sexual
satisfaction). One way to increase your sexual sensitivity is to get your mind out of the
way and just feel into your body. This works well for your fingers and penis. Try this:
When you’re massaging your lover’s breasts, close your eyes and focus your
attention on your fingertips. Imagine you can feel how the tiny ridges that make up
your fingerprints interact with the crinkled nipples beneath them. Feel every little
ridge. As your fingers move across the fountainheads of your baby’s love mountains,
sense energy streaming into you as you tease and caress the excited nerve endings just
beneath your touch.
Now, shift from just focusing on what’s going on at your fingertips to moving your
awareness there. In other words, you usually have a sense that your awareness is in
your head. Try moving that seat of perception to your fingers. It’s a subtle distinction,
but it’s the difference between feeling a part of your body from afar, as if checking in
along a wi-fi connection, and moving the modem of perception to that area.
Once you try it with breast flesh, try it as you touch the internal folds of your

115 www.energysexuality.com
You’ve Got the Touch / Becoming a More Sensitive Lover

woman’s vagina. It helps to do this after you’ve taken some deep, relaxing breaths in
and out, to center yourself, and rooted the “sits” bones of your pelvis (the ones you
feel in your rear end when you sit in a chair) into the mattress. If you wait until the heat
of passion is flaming all around you, the distractions may prevent this subtle shifting
of awareness. How does your baby’s holy hole feel when your awareness is in your
The same movement of
awareness can be accomplished
with your penis.Your penis knows
what to do. So every once in awhile,
let it do its thing:
Imagine this: Your woman is
lying on the bed, on her back. She
looks soft and lovely, and she’s
got a grin on her face. She wants
you. You want to be close to her,
but you’re not horny, and your
soft penis is proof. You’ve heard
that your brain is your biggest sex
organ. Signals from your brain
release chemicals in your genitals,
and it’s game on. But you also
know that your penis has a mind
of its own. You decide to trust your
penis and see what it wants to do.
You reach for a bottle of
personal lubricant and coat your

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

semi soft penis with gel, smiling at her. You start to harden a bit. You hand the bottle to
her. She grins shyly, then coats her essential womanpart from top to bottom, slipping
fingers into the inner entrance, readying it for you.
She puts the bottle aside, and you crawl on top of her, settling into her body like
a heavy sigh. She reaches down and slides the slick index and middle fingers of her
right hand right behind
the head of your penis.
She pinches
it, and then
pulls it toward her
opening, so the
head of your penis
slips into
her love
space. Likewise,
she pinches
the base of
your penis
with fingers from
her left hand,
pulling your soft
shaft into her as well.
You’re still soft, but now you’re inside of her. You’re
still more comfortable than horny, but you love being in her, mound-
to-mound, belly-to-belly, feeling her soft breasts against you, looking at the pleasure
spreading across her face.
You close your eyes, focusing your attention on the head of your penis. You will

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You’ve Got the Touch / Becoming a More Sensitive Lover

your awareness to drift down from your head, down your torso, down your abdomen,
and let it settle in the head of your penis. It’s taken awhile for you to be able to put
your awareness in different parts of your body. You never lose the sense that your
brain is the seat of you, but you can also be aware that a separate consciousness can
reside in other parts of you as well.
You release the need to penetrate her in any particular way. You let the intelligence
of your penis take over. She lets her vagina envelop you just the way it wants.
Now, instead of thrusting in and out, you let the sensations all around your penis
guide its movements. You’re just relaxed, watching your penis do its thing. Magically,
like the little pointer on a Ouija board, it starts to move in ways you never would. Your
pelvis follows suit, its movements small and gentle, as if to move more would break
the spell.
Her vagina is squeezing your penis with a touch as soft as cheek kisses. Her pelvis
undulates with gentle rhythms, organically grown from impulses outside thought. And
because your awareness is there, you feel every lovewave that laps at your hardening
shore. You both lie there, your sexual organs dancing, and all of a sudden the space
around your penis expands out for what feels like miles. How can she be squeezing
you with her tenderness, while it feels like a whole solar system has formed around
your shaft? It’s like when yogis push their consciousness out through their third eyes,
and feel at one with the sky above. Now that same expansiveness is happening to you
“down there”.
You’re getting harder. And you want to start thrusting. As more blood fills your
penis, your brain, with all its lust and pre-programmed agendas, wants to highjack the
You resist at first, but it feels too good. You make the first push into her, and
she rocks her pelvis up to meet you. You make sweet love, sensitivity giving way to
sensation, spiced by a deeper awareness of the cosmic nature of your lover’s ecstatic

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Eighteen
Professional Grade
Jose Torian’s Orgasmic Pulse Massage

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Professional Grade / Jose Torian’s Orgasmic Pulse Massage

The Squirt Ninja

I ’m not making this up…
Jose Toiran, from Barcelona, Spain, was 21-years-old and he’d just sold his
business of importing video games.
“The video game
industry was changing
fast, and I needed to do
something else,” he notes.
He met Nacho Vidal,
Spain’s most famous porno
star, and became friends.
One day Nacho called,
“Our camera man is out
sick and I need you to fill
in.” Toiran did, and did
so well he was hired as a
cameraman for Spanish
pornography producers.
“Then a few months
later he called again,” says
Toiran with an easy, full
smile. “One of our actors
is out sick, I need you to
fill in.”
That began his career
as a porno star in Spain. As
Jose Torian
the years went by Toiran

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

and his directors made a discovery: He had a natural ability to make women squirt.
“The first time I made a woman squirt was with my first girlfriend. We were
sixteen and making love in an elevator and all of a sudden there was all this water
running down her legs,” he recalls, noting that at the time it was his penis, not his
hands, that made the young damsel flood her pumps.
Soon he became known in the Spanish adult film industry as the go-to actor for
squirt scenes, which at the time were a novelty.
“I became so well known that when an international pornography convention
came to Spain, they wanted me to perform live in front of over a thousand people,” he
said. But he was uncomfortable at the thought of a live performance. “In a room with
your friends and a cameraman it was fine, but I didn’t want to be seen like that at a
big party,” he said. “I was watching television a few weeks before I was supposed to
perform, and saw this martial arts movie with Ninjas in it. I thought, ‘I can dress up
like a Ninja for the sex show,’ which is what he did.
“So we’re there and there are over a thousand people around this big stage, and the
actress was there and she was ready, and the announcer says, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen,
Jose is about to make this woman squirt!’ I put my fingers in her and she started
squirting in three seconds. The announcer went crazy. “Look at that! Three seconds!”
“After that I became known as the Ninja Squirter, and I played that role in some
porno films. I became so well known that a national television show booked me to
come on and demonstrate how I could make a woman squirt. So it’s a week before the
show and I’m getting nervous. Who am I to go on TV and do this? I’ve got to have
some credentials. At the time I was reading a sexual guide book by Mantak Chia, the
Taoist master.
“I said to myself, ‘This is similar to what I’m doing!,’ So when I went on the show
in my Ninja costume I said I was a Taoist Master teaching sexual Kung Fu. They had
a model there, lying down, and I go to show the technique and the cameraman puts
the camera right over my shoulder so you could see the woman’s vagina. It was right

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Professional Grade / Jose Torian’s Orgasmic Pulse Massage

there, wide open, as I made her squirt. That was the first time they ever had shown a
woman’s vagina on national television in Spain.”
Someone watching the show contacted Mantak Chia in Thailand, reporting
that there was a Taoist Master teaching sexual Kung Fu on Spanish television. Chia
immediately contacted Toiran, asking for a meeting in Thailand.
“I was on the next plane,” notes
Toiran. “I had no idea what was going
to happen, I just knew I had to go to
Thailand.” After the two met, Torian
was invited by Chia to stay at his Tao
Garden health resort so the Master
could properly train him in Taoism,
and an apprenticeship of sorts began.
“I think he saw that I had been in
the darkness for a long time and was
ready to come into the light,” notes
He took what he learned from
Mantak Chia and developed his
unique form of vaginal massage,
which he calls “Orgasmic Pulse
Here’s Toiran’s unique vaginal
Taoist Master Mantak Chia
“First, it’s all about the woman,” he notes. “Everything is about her pleasure. I
have her lie down on my massage table, on her back, with a towel over her breasts and
her vaginal area. I start off using warm coconut oil to massage her neck, her shoulders,
her arms and her legs, never going near her breasts or vagina. I’ll make slow strokes

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

on her upper chest and her stomach, but I don’t go near those parts. If she starts to
talk, I ask her to concentrate on her breathing. I want her to breathe down into her
abdomen. Deep, relaxing breathes. I breathe in rhythm with her the whole time, right
from the start. As she breathes in, I breathe in. As she breathes out, so do I, the whole
“After almost an hour I’ll ask her if I can touch her breasts. I always want
permission first. It’s all about trust. When I have permission I’ll take the towel away
and start massaging her breasts, very gently, everything gently, and I’ll keep reminding
her to breathe.
“When it comes to taking the towel away from her vagina, I again ask for
“I’ll slip the towel off, and then place my left hand on her heart and my right hand

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Professional Grade / Jose Torian’s Orgasmic Pulse Massage

on top of her mons. I’ll bring energy down into me, from above my head into me and
then down my arms. I’ll feel the energy moving through my arms and many times
I’ll use my right hand to sweep the energy up toward her heart, like you would push
water in a pond, the ripples moving away from your hand as you pushed the water. I’m
filling her heart with energy.
“If she’s breathing deeply and is
relaxed I’ll slip a latex glove on my right
hand and use a lot of warm coconut oil
to lubricate it, and then I’ll spend some
time lubricating her vagina, very gently,
moving my fingers up and down.
“Depending on how she’s doing
I’ll massage her clitoris, but I wait until
she’s really relaxed. If I feel any tension
at all when I’m running my fingers up
and down her vaginal opening I’ll stop
and remind her to breathe, and always
my left hand is on her heart. When I feel
she’s ready I’ll let my middle finger just rest on the opening of her vagina and I’ll
say, “Take a deep breath in, and now breathe out”, and as she does, just like that, my
finger will slip into her. I want her to feel as if she’s sucking my finger in. I’ll do the
same with my third finger, so that now my middle and third fingers are inside of her
entrance, with my index finger and pinky out to the sides, on the insides of her thighs.
“I might take several minutes to gently push my fingers further in. At this point
I’m really concentrating on feeling the energy moving through my right hand into her
vagina, and I’m sending the energy up into my left hand, over her heart.”
I asked Jose what he does if he feels the woman tense as his fingers go in.
“That happens, especially if a woman has been sexually abused in the past. My

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

fingers will go in and, bam, just like that her vagina will close down around them. I’ll
ask her if anything conscious comes to mind as to why her vagina is tightening up, and
sometimes a memory surfaces, but sometimes not. I’ll just let my fingers be still and
tell her to start breathing again, and I’ll just breathe with her and send energy into her
until she relaxes. As I start to move my fingers again I’ll ask if she’s OK and usually
just letting her relax into her breath lets her get back into the pleasure of it.
“When she’s breathing in a nice, deep rhythm and my fingers are all the way
in, I’ll instruct her to breathe up from her vagina into her uterus and raise the uterus
up toward her chest. When she breathes out I tell her to push her uterus against my
fingers. I’ll coach her on the breath until she’s doing it correctly. In Taoist practice, the
woman is bringing sexual energy from her genitals up into her body, where it can be
circulated. This is how this massage produces a full body orgasm.
“I want her to feel the tips of my
fingers deep inside of her, so if she
can’t feel them while she’s exhaling I’ll
do one of two things. One, I’ll make her
laugh, and when she does the internal
pressure will rise and her uterus will
press into my fingers and I’ll ask her,
‘Feel that? That’s what you want.’ If it
doesn’t seem like laughing would be
the best thing I’ll have her cough so
she can feel the movement of her uterus
“Once she’s breathing correctly her
in-breath is usually a long, deep breath,
and when she breathes out it’s usually
like a ‘Ha…ha…ha…ha’; shorter,

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Professional Grade / Jose Torian’s Orgasmic Pulse Massage

harder exhales, like waves, as she pushes down. Again, I’m breathing with her the
whole time, so if she is pushing down and making ‘ha..ha…ha’ sounds, I’m making
them, too.
“Then I’ll start to massage her g-spot with my two fingers. I have five rhythms
that I use. The first is a slow, steady beat…one, two…one, two, three…like a dance.
The second one speeds up, and each one gets faster. Most women will come the first
time with one of the three slower beats, but if not the speed and pressure of the fourth
and fifth beats will do it.
“Sometimes as she’s getting close to an orgasm she’ll arch her back or straighten
her legs. These are signs she’s holding back. Again I’ll ask her if anything comes into
her consciousness as to why she would want to close down, and if something does
I’ll just let her tell me what it is, resting my fingers in her. If she starts to cry I’ll just
be right there with her until the tears stop. Usually though she won’t be aware of why
she’s tightening up and holding back, so I’ll ask her to flatten her back and relax again,
or I’ll un-straighten her legs by bending her knees a bit. I’ll ask her, “Do you notice
the difference in how relaxed you feel?” and then I’ll start again.
“When I was in porno films I’d use a very fast, powerful, macho stroke, ‘making’
the woman come. But now I use the breath and slower strokes, and when she comes
I help her move the energy up from her vagina into her whole body. It’s a totally
different, whole-body experience for the woman. I could just put my fingers in her and
make her come, but there would be no healing in that, no deeper experience.”
“I always give her at least five squirting G-spot orgasms, because on the first one
she’s usually like, ‘Wow, that was kind of weird.’ And then the second one is like,
‘Wow, I really like that,’ and by the time she gets to the fifth she’s totally into it, really
breathing, really feeling it throughout her body.”
When I asked Jose if he had any advice for men wanting to try vaginal massage,
he said, “When men come to me they’re looking for tricks. But once they start doing
this for their woman, their whole life changes.”

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Nineteen
Conscious Decisions
OM…Orgasmic Meditation Massage

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Conscious Decisions / OM... Orgasmic Meditation Massage

Wireless Connection
N icole Daedone, developer of Orgasmic Meditation, a unique form of
vaginal massage producing an intense connection between partners, tells a
wonderful story about how she discovered and then developed the technique. She
begins from when she met a man at a party who offered to massage her clitoris. He
started the massage by shining a light between her legs:
“He began to describe what he saw. He said, ‘Your outer labia are coral. I’m
noticing your inner labia have this red tone to them, and they’re swelling as I look at
“I couldn’t hear anything after that because the tears just started flowing. Something
began to thaw in me. I had never been looked at or felt that kind of compassion in that
area before. So then he sat next to me and put his right thumb at the base of my introits,
which is the area where you’d enter (when) you had intercourse, and he took his (left)
finger and he stuck it in lubrication and he pulled his finger up and put it on the upper
left hand quadrant of my clitoris…and he stroked up down, up down, up down, up
down no firmer than you would stroke your eyelid, that tender tissue there.
“So it was great because nothing happened, absolutely nothing…I was where
I always am, or was, when I was in any kind of sexual act. I was in my head. I was
thinking about whether or not I looked good. I was thinking about whether I was
doing this thing right. I was thinking about whether or not this guy was kind of creepy.
I was thinking about whether or not I was going to marry him. I was thinking about
whether my stomach looked a little poochy…and then all of a sudden the traffic jam
that was my mind broke open. And it was like I was on the open road and there was
not a thought in sight.
“And there was only pure feeling. And for the first time in my life I felt like I
had access to that hunger that was underneath all of my other hungers. Which is a
fundamental hunger to connect with another human being. And that was enough. And

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

in that moment I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is what it’s supposed to be like.’
“Now the amazing thing isn’t just that you can hit that place. It’s that you can hit it
with another human being…Both people are putting their attention on the same point.
It’s a fairly intense point, mind you…and then, just like a master chess player would
get absorbed in a chess game or perhaps an Olympic athlete would get absorbed in
their practice or a breathing mediator would get absorbed, you get absorbed into that
place. The only difference is that you get to be absorbed there with your partner. You
get to have this most profound and deep experience with another human being.
Daedone goes on to explain that the orgasm she’s talking about differs from the
kind most people think of when they hear that word.
“I think we have a pleasure deficit disorder in this country…I (think) there is a
cure, and that cure is orgasm. But it’s going to be a very different definition of orgasm
than we know.”
Is OM right for you? As Daedone points out, it only takes fifteen minutes, what
do you have to lose? OM devotees claim a lot of benefits, from allowing many women
who’ve never experienced a traditional orgasm before to experience them with ease, to
feeling less stress and a greater sense of well-being (as in other forms of meditation),
to a deep, soulful connection between lovers that carries their “normal” lovemaking to
exquisite places never dreamed of before they began “OMing.”
Here’s how it’s done:
• Ask your partner for an OM session. Most
people don’t ask for what they want in sex.
This helps train you to ask for what you want.
• Set up a space for the session. You’ll need
a timer set for 13 minutes, lubrication, a hand
Here’s how to set up a space for your OM towel, a blanket to lay on the floor, or a yoga
massage. A soft hand towel should also be mat, a pillow for under the woman’s head,
positioned under your lover’s vagina.
another pillow or two to support her left leg,

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Conscious Decisions / OM... Orgasmic Meditation Massage

and a firm cushion for the man to sit on when he’s stroking his partner’s clitoris.
Arrange the blanket or mat on the floor, with a pillow at one end for the woman to lay
her head. Arrange the other pillows as well, with the lube close to the man’s cushion,
and the hand towel on the mat or blanket, positioned under the woman’s rear end, to
catch any fluids produced during the session.
• The woman takes off her pants, leaving her top on, and lays on her back. The man
remains fully clothed, and straddles the woman so his left leg is over her belly and his
right knee is under her right knee, supporting it. The couple can rest with the man’s
right foot and the woman’s left foot against each other.
• The man sets himself up so his right arm is resting on the inside of the woman’s
right knee/inner thigh. His left elbow rests on his left knee, perpendicular to his leg.


The OM massage fingering position.

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Conscious Decisions / OM... Orgasmic Meditation Massage

• The man starts the timer, then lubricates his right thumb and left index finger. He
places his right thumb at the bottom opening of the woman’s vagina, resting it there.
He takes his left finger and wipes lubricant from the top of his partner’s vagina up over
her clitoris, covering it. Next he begins to stroke the upper left quadrant of her clitoris
(the Butterfly Spot) using light strokes up and down, up and down, up and down.
• He continues stroking, starting off with very light pressure, and feeling into the spot
where his finger is stroking. Both partners concentrate on the spot. He may increase
or decrease pressure. If the woman likes what he does, fine. But she always has the
option to let him know exactly what she wants. (Again, many if not most women have
a diffucult time asking for pleasure. This practice allows them to experience how good
that feels.)
• When the timer goes off, the man uses both hands, palms down, to cover the
woman’s vagina, pressing in on it, providing her with a feeling of security, letting her
relax completely. He waits two minutes, giving both of them a chance to “come back”
from the session.
• Afterwards, each partner shares a moment from the OMing session. This is usually
a “snapshot” of a feeling they experienced at some time during the thirteen minutes.
• Lastly, the man uses the towel to clean off any excess lubricant from the woman,
stroking the towel up once from the opening of the vagina up toward the clitoris.
When they’re done, they put the mat and cushions away. Even if they decide to have
“normal” sex, the props get put away to help keep the OMing sessions a separate
What is Daedone’s new definition of orgasm? “It’s not going to be that fleeting
moment of climax that seems to take the rest of the act hostage. It’s going to be a
definition of orgasm that actually works with a woman’s body, so that rather than
trying to stuff a woman’s body into an ill-fitting definition, we have the definition
work with what the woman’s body does,” she says.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Twenty
From Here to Eternity
Energetic Vaginal Massage

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From Here to Eternity / Energetic Vaginal Massage

L ife and sex happen on two levels (this is a helpful simplification; there are
many levels to experience). There is the surface level of things, what you can
hear, touch, taste, smell and see. Below that there is the energetic level…the vast,
unseen energy underlying existence. This is where true sexual masters hang out,
where cultivating and moving energy in your body and your lover’s body become just
as much a skill as making an omelet.

Next Up
T here are all kinds of lovers. For many men, just learning how to give a non-
sexual, relaxing massage would be a quantum leap in their sexual skills. In fact,
for some couples, if a man started to massage his partner on a regular basis without
expecting sex in return, their whole relationship would improve so much their friends
would wonder what had happened.
There are other men with a basic set of lovemaking skills who are excellent when
it comes to pleasing women in bed. Very rarely is this tied to the size of their penis or
how long they last. Usually it’s much more their ability to connect on an emotional
level, their skill at foreplay, and their sense of humor.
Lastly, there are “next level lovers.” These men have open hearts, allowing them
to deeply connect with a lover on an emotional and energetic level, where she can feel
his energy pouring into her. And they know their way around a woman’s body so well
that when they touch or enter a woman with their hands, mouth or penis, the woman
experiences a force of nature.
Sex guru David Deida says he likes to think of it this way: There are musicians
that are technically proficient. Let’s say they’ve been learning how to play the violin

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

for fifteen years. They have excellent finger work and rarely miss a note. Then there
is the violinist with soul, or more exactly, a violinist that allows their soul to shine
through the music, so that when you listen to them you’re moved to tears. The best
lovers are like that. Their soul shines through their sex.

Practice Fields
I f you want to be one of these lovers then, like a master musician, you’ll need to
practice. One skill you’ll want to practice is energetic vaginal massage.
Energetic vaginal massage lets you play with the energy that enlivens your lover.
It’s like you’re dipping your hand in a pool of water and creating a dance of ripples,
swirls and eddies, conscious that your every touch creates a new pattern of flow. Of
course, any time you have sex with another person you are knee-deep (or in our case,
finger-deep) in their energetic field. Energetic vaginal massage offers you a way to
consciously work with this unseen level of reality.

Tornado Watch
T he first step in learning this technique is to familiarize--or re-familiarize--
yourself with “chakras.” Simply put, chakras are energy centers in the body.
I’ll review them here because you’ll need a working knowledge of them in order
to help orchestrate the energy inside your lover for incredible pleasure, health and
There are seven chakras, portals along the midline of the body where energy
flows in and out of our physical bodies. Most people who work with chakras visualize
them as whirling vortexes, little tornadoes extending up from specific locations and
extending away from the body. (The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit and means

135 www.energysexuality.com
From Here to Eternity / Energetic Vaginal Massage

“Wheel of spinning energy”.)

A simplified illustration: Imagine your lover lying naked on her back. Now imagine
a foot high tornado of bright orange energy, swirling clockwise, that has “touched
down” on a spot located half way between your lover’s belly button and the top of her
mons pubis. The little orange tornado is swirling there, bright and glowing, looking
clean and healthy. That would be your love’s second chakra, which is associated with
her sexuality, it being right over her uterus and other sexual organs.

The body’s seven chakras.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

But chakras are more than little tornadoes of energy. As sex coaches Pala Copeland
and Al Link describe them:
“Energy flows into the chakras from the world around you and out to the world
from within, as well as up and down between them. The chakras can become blocked,
making you feel physically or mentally sick and out of balance. Fully open, clockwise-
spinning chakras help energy to flow freely through your body and assist you in
becoming a whole, healthy human being. The more balanced and open these centers
are, the easier it will be for you to move your energy.”
With energetic vaginal massage you’ll open and energize your lover’s chakras.
She’ll not only becomes sexually healthier, but healthier in every aspect of her body,
mind and spirit. By helping her generate and move energy in her body, you’re assisting
her in opening her heart and consciousness in ways she may never have experienced.
You may even be able to gift her with the experience of feeling connected to all of
existence. So let’s get to know her chakras better so we can learn this subtle sexual
• First chakra: The small end of the swirling tornado of energy that is the first chakra
has touched down at your lover’s perineum and is glowing bright red. The chakra
is associated with being safe, secure and grounded to the earth. When this chakra is
healthy your lover feels calm and secure.
As noted above, chakras can develop problems. Instead of swirling powerfully
and brightly, they may slow down or dim. No longer bright and clear, the person
experiences issues relating to this energy blockage. In the case of the first chakra, the
person may experience trouble on the physical level with safety and security.
• Second Chakra: As described above, this little energy tornado is bright orange and
swirls at the midpoint between the naval and pubic bone. When open and swirling
strongly, your lover feels balanced and confident, and comfortable with her sexuality.
She’ll also be more readily orgasmic. (Open second chakras in men are associated with
getting and maintaining strong erections.) When the second chakra is experiencing

137 www.energysexuality.com
From Here to Eternity / Energetic Vaginal Massage

problems, your lover may experience more fear, and may not be able to fully surrender
during sex, preventing her from orgasming easily.
• Third Chakra: Glowing a beautiful yellow, the vortex swirls above your lover’s solar
plexus, right beneath her breastbone. An open third chakra is associated with feeling at
ease in your body and enjoying emotional balance. When in trouble, the third chakra
is associated with being uncomfortable in your body, and emotional mood swings.
• Fourth Chakra: The “heart chakra,” swirls with a beautiful emerald green color. When
open your lover will more easily experience and give from her heart. She’ll be in touch
with her feelings, and relationships will be a high priority. The expansiveness she feels
during lovemaking will be wide and deep; she’ll open for you during lovemaking like
a flower opening to the sun.
When the heart chakra is troubled, relationships tend to be more difficult. If she
was hurt in previous romantic relationships, she will be more emotionally closed. She
may think too much about your relationship, rather than trusting in it and letting go.
It will be hard for her to be “all in,” and you’ll feel her closure. (One of the greatest
gifts you can give a woman is to open her heart chakra and let the radiance within her
shine forth into the world.)
• Fifth Chakra: A beautiful turquoise blue swirls from the “throat chakra” located at
the center of the throat. When open your lover will be able to express herself clearly
and easily. She may like making sounds during sex that mirror her emotions. She may
also greatly appreciate music, allowing it to transport her to more openness during
sex. If your lover is having trouble with her fifth chakra, however, she may find it
difficult to express herself and what she desires from you during sex, and she may be
quiet during lovemaking (Obviously, other factors such as social conditioning play
into this as well.)
• Sixth Chakra: The sixth, or “third eye” chakra is located an inch or so above the
eyebrows, in the center of your lover’s forehead. A beautiful indigo blue vortex swirls
there. When open and swirling powerfully, your lover will be blessed with insight.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

She’ll be able to see the reality of a situation. She’ll also be able to imagine the future.
An open sixth chakra also allows you to have faith that you’re being supported in life
by something bigger than yourself.
When the sixth chakra is troubled, your lover will have difficulty “letting go and
trusting” in the natural order of things, relying on her actions to shape her world.
• Seventh Chakra: Located at the top of the head, the “crown” chakra’s color is a
bright, diamond-white light. When blocked, your lover will be stuck in her ego, like
most everyone else. When open, your lover will feel that her ego, with all its fears, has
dissolved. She may feel connected to the oneness of all. In this transcendental state,
the world of touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell fades. She experiences her true
nature as unbounded consciousness. In the vaginal massage you’ll learn here, you’ll
work with the crown chakra differently, as it’s more of a spiritual phenomenon, lying
slightly above the body, rather than a physical energy center.

Good Vibrations
S o, how do you work with your lover’s chakras? You’ll enliven them by helping
your lover generate energy in her genitals and move it through her body.
To start, position your lover and yourself for a vaginal massage. Apply a large
pea-sized drop of clitoral stimulating gel to her clitoris. Now “soak” her vagina in
lubricant: Pour about four tablespoons of warm lube into your right hand and then use
it to completely coat her vagina, rubbing the palm of your hand gently over the whole
To start the massage, rest your left hand palm down, over your lover’s heart. Cup
your right hand over her vagina, as if you were sealing it. The base of your hand’s palm
should be covering her perineum, your fingers resting on her mons pubis. Tell her:
“Breathe down here (as you move your right hand gently from side to side). Breathe

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For energetic massage try vibrating the palm of your hand on your lover’s vagina while your
fingers vibrate her clitoris.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

down into your first chakra. Imagine that your first chakra is glowing bright red and
swirling powerfully in a clockwise direction. Imagine the vortex swirling between your
legs, and feel the energy brushing up against your thighs. With every breath, you’re
energizing your first chakra. Feel yourself as strong and safe. Feel yourself grounded,
really safe and grounded, completely taken care of. Breathe all the way down, and with
every breath feel yourself getting more and more powerful down here.”
As your woman continues to take deep breaths into her first chakra, press the palm
of your hand into her vagina/perineum. Begin vibrating your hand back and forth.
Imagine you are adding energy to her perineum. Breathe golden white energy down
into the crown of your head, into your chest, out your right shoulder, and down your
right arm into your hand. Imagine your hand glowing with golden white energy.
Position your hand so your index and middle fingers are on either side of her
clitoris. Start to vibrate your hand back and forth (this takes some practice). Lightly
squeeze her clitoris between your fingers. Your fingers should slide up and down over
her clitoral hood very quickly, in a blur of small side-to-side motions. Don’t try to
slide your fingers back and forth over her clitoris, or press into it. Rather, sandwich the
love button between your fingers, and they’ll naturally slide over her pink nub as you
vibrate your fingers back and forth.
Why not just use the vaginal massage techniques you’ve already learned, rather
than vibrating your hand over her vagina and clitoris? One reason: In energetic vaginal
massage you’ll use your left hand to help your lover direct energy into and between
chakras, rather than tending to the Butterfly Spot. You could use the thumb of your
right hand to stimulate your partner’s clitoris, while your index and/or middle fingers
pampered her G-spot. But vibrating your hand as described above usually produces a
more diffuse energy most women find easier to move. Try the vibration technique first
for your energetic vaginal massages. If it doesn’t give you the results you want, use
G-spot stimulation (see below).
As you vibrate your hand, ask your partner for advice about pressure and speed.

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From Here to Eternity / Energetic Vaginal Massage

For example, “Is that good pressure for you?” “Would you like me to move my fingers
slower or faster?” Again, this sort of questioning at first seems tiresome, but after a
half dozen times you’ll have learned enough so that simple mid-course corrections by
her (“Wow, that’s great, but slow down a little so I can really focus on the sensations”.)
will be all you two need. Keep vibrating your hand and squeezing her clitoris until she

Healthy Options
Important note: If your lover doesn’t orgasm during energetic vaginal
massage, don’t fret. If she doesn’t have a single orgasm while you tend to her
energy centers she’ll still benefit tremendously from your attentions. Like most
men, most women aren’t adept at moving energy in their bodies, but you can
help her learn through this practice. Chances are this is new territory for the
both of you. Keep a playful, curious attitude and your heart open.
Having said that, if it doesn’t seem like she’s going to orgasm as you’re
vibrating her vagina and clitoris (or she says something like, “That’s great,
but I don’t think I’m going to come right now.”), tell her you’re going to slip a
finger or two into her vagina and then start massaging her G-spot. This may
allow her to orgasm. If it does, follow the directions on how to move to the
second chakra, and use the same technique there. If it doesn’t, simply ask her:
“Would you like me to move to your second chakra now?” If so, again follow
the directions for moving to the next chakra and continue.

Now move on to the second chakra. To make the transition to the second chakra,
slow your right hand motion gradually, eventually stopping. Take a deep breath, and
as you exhale move your left hand from her heart, palm facing down, to her second

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

chakra, imagining a bright orange vortex swirling up from it into the room. Gently rub
your left hand in a clockwise direction to help your lover focus on the energy center
under your hand. Start vibrating your right hand again, building up slowly to a fast,
steady motion. Say:
“Breathe energy from your first chakra up here now. Breathe it here.”
For her part, she should imagine pulling the energy up from her first chakra into
her second, while visualizing the second chakra getting bigger and glowing brighter: A
beautiful, brilliant, orange vortex flowing in a clockwise direction up out of the chakra
and up into the room above her, filling the room with orange light.
This sort of breath/energy work comes naturally to some women, but not most.
With your help your lover can train herself to open her chakras and move energy in
her body. You are facilitating a wonderfully healthy practice for her. She may orgasm
easier and become more adventuresome in bed as old patterns fall away and her body
opens to more energy, sexual and otherwise.
Keep massaging her belly in a clockwise direction as she breathes into her second
chakra (if you can’t vibrate your right hand and move your left hand at the same time,
just let your left hand rest on the second chakra). Again, imagine delivering energy
down into the spot through your left hand. Tell her:
“Imagine a beautiful orange vortex swirling up from your second chakra. Its
glowing a bright beautiful orange and it’s strong and powerful. Feel how sexy you
feel. Feel how sexy you are, how hot you are. Feel how attractive you are. You are a
sex kitten. A sex Goddess. Feel it as you breathe down here.”
As she breathes into the second chakra continue to vibrate your hand while your
fingers move on her clitoris. If she comes, or if she doesn’t, follow the guidelines above
for moving to the next chakra: Slow the movement of your right hand, eventually
coming to a stop. Move your left hand up to her third chakra and tell her to breathe
energy from the second chakra up to the third.
With your left hand on her solar plexus, tell her:

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Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

“Breathe here, Baby. Move some of that energy from your second chakra up here.
Imagine a beautiful yellow swirling vortex coming up from here and filling the room
with gorgeous yellow light.”
Start vibrating your hand faster, building speed, until your fingers are slipping
over her clitoris in a blur of activity. Say:
“Feel how powerful you are, Sweetheart. You can see a bright yellow vortex of
energy swirling up toward the ceiling. It’s strong and bright. Keep breathing into it and
filling it with energy. You feel so confident, so strong and powerful in the world. Feel
your power to get things done in this world as you breathe into your third chakra.”
Again, if she comes, or doesn’t, follow the directions above for moving your left
hand to her heart chakra. Tell her:
“God you have a beautiful heart. Breathe into your heart and imagine a beautiful
green light swirling up toward the ceiling as you breathe into it. Feel your ribs expand.
Feel your heart shoot light up into the sky and out to the sides for miles and down
into the earth for miles, too. With every breath you take, your heart chakra is glowing
brighter and brighter.”
At this point, she should concentrate on breathing energy up from her third chakra
into her heart, and as she does, see and feel the energy radiate out for miles up into the
sky, and out to her left and right and down for miles into the earth.
Many women will find their heart chakra the easiest to work with. As your lover
breathes deeply into her chest she’ll feel it expand, and, since she is a creature of the
heart, this lets her melt into feelings of radiating love through her and out into the
Start to vibrate your right hand/fingers again, building up to as quick a vibration as
you can over a period of two minutes. With practice you’ll know what pace works best.
After she orgasms, or when the time is right, move your left hand to her fifth, or
“throat” chakra. At this point, depending on your dimensions, you may not be able to
comfortably put your hand on her throat while you continue to vibrate your right hand.

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From Here to Eternity / Energetic Vaginal Massage

Don’t be concerned if you can’t touch her throat. Just focus your attention on the area
as you continue to vibrate her to another orgasm. Tell her:
“Breathe into your throat. See a bright, turquoise light shooting up toward the
sky, my Love. All the way up past the ceiling and into the sky. A bright, beautiful
blue turquoise vortex of energy shooting up toward the sky. Feel how well you can be
heard. How easily you can speak your truth. How you can speak from your heart and
your gut. How people listen to you when you speak. Feel how good it feels to give
a voice to your feelings of excitement and pleasure. Really let yourself go. Let the
sounds come. Give a voice to your pleasure, Sweetheart.”
Be her champion. Help her dissolve any conditioning she’s had that she shouldn’t
give a voice to her emotions during sex. By encouraging her to moan, shout, scream
and whimper during sex, you give her permission to open even more. Create an
environment where she can experiment with giving voice to her sexual passion. It’s all
about her trusting you enough to let those delicious feelings she’s been keeping inside
come out with you.
Again, after she orgasms or when it’s time, slow your right hand and move your
left hand up toward her sixth chakra, located between and slightly above your lovers’
eyebrows. If you can touch it, fine. And it’s fine if you can’t. For those adept at working
with the sixth chakra, they see it as a portal opening to the sky above. When they have
moved their attention there, they report feeling that the forehead becomes like a thin,
transparent, pane of glass replacing the skin and bone of the forehead. Tell her:
“Now, My Love, imagine there’s a beautiful indigo light streaming up from your
third eye. It’s a beautiful shade of indigo, and its swirling in a powerful vortex up into
the sky. Feel it shooting up into the air, filling the room with a gorgeous indigo light.
Feel connected to the beautiful, vast blue sky above. (Note: if it’s nighttime, say “the
vast night sky above”.) Feel your intuition, your power to see the future, your insight.
And feel how good that feels to be so open, so connected to everything.”
At this point, tell her: “As you’re breathing into and opening your third eye, I

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

want you to press the tip of your tongue into where your teeth meet the roof of your
mouth. Do that now.” This practice creates an energetic circuit between the first and
sixth chakras. Your lover may feel a direct “current” of energy running from her first
chakra to her third eye. Tell her:
“Now feel the connection between your first chakra and your third eye. Feel how
at one you are with the sky above and the earth below. Your first chakra is glowing
bright red and swirling between your legs, connecting you to the earth. And your sixth
chakra is wide open, as if it were a portal and you’re looking up into the infinite sky
above, at one with that energy as well. And the two energies meet in your heart, and
your heart is wide open and beautiful and glowing. Feel how open you are.”
Imagine this: Your partner is feeling connected to heaven above and earth below,
and she’s feeling energy running from her vagina to her third eye. She’s wide-open,
with no boundaries, her heart glowing with love in all directions. You’ve given her a
gift no other guy could possibly have given. You are a next level lover. Congratulations.

Return Trip
A t some point it will be time to bring your lover back from her transcendental
trip, and ground her back into her body on the bed. Slow your right hand, to a
stop, and then cup her vagina with it, pressing in. Imagine sealing the energy that’s built
up there beneath your hand. Just hold this position for a while, and let the feelings you’ve
helped create spread through her from under your hand, down her legs and up her torso.
After a minute or so, tell her:
“Now feel the top of your head open up. Feel it dissolve. And feel your consciousness
expand out and up. Imagine a bright, diamond-white light radiating up out of the top of
your head, up to the sky and beyond. And feel how connected you have become with
everything. Let your body disappear, and feel yourself as pure white light, connected with

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From Here to Eternity / Energetic Vaginal Massage

everything, your consciousness expanded all the way up to the sky and all the way out for
miles to each side and for miles in back…and feel how good that feels.”
After a minute or so, say:
“Now I want you to imagine
bright, diamond white light
flowing from the crown of your
head and flowing down and
covering your entire body, bathing
it in bright diamond-white energy,
from the top of your head to the
tips of your toes. And feel that
energy flowing into every cell
of your body, enlivening it. Just
breathe and relax and let this
beautiful diamond-white energy
flow through you, and feel how
good that feels...”
After a minute or so, take
your hand from her vagina, lay
down beside her, and hold her in
your arms. Tell her:
“I’ve got you. You did great.
Just relax.”
Where you go from here is up
to the two of you. If you have sex,
you’ll probably find your woman
open, responsive, and longing to

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Twenty One

Mouthing Off
Combining Vaginal Massage
with Cunnilingus

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Mouthing Off / Combining Vaginal Massage with Cunnilingus

Double Play
I f you’ve ever fingered your lover’s vagina while performing cunnilingus on her
at the same time, you know it can be sexual TNT. One reason the combination is
so explosive is that the clitoris and G-spot are as intimately connected as the head of
your penis and its shaft (some men don’t excel at coordinating mouth and finger play
well because they don’t realize this).
Men need to stop thinking of the clitoris, G-spot, perineum, anus and cervix as
being separate spots on the treasure map of their lover’s genital area. They’re more
like power stations connected by underground cables, and what happens with one is
immediately felt throughout the whole system.
To a lesser extent this connectivity is present throughout your partner’s entire body:
If you’re rubbing her big toe with gentle, loving strokes, her clitoris and G-spot (and
everything else in her body, too) feels the pleasure. Around her vagina the connections
are just closer and more direct.
Using this insight allows you to give your lover intense pleasure.
Imagine this: You’re massaging your lover’s vagina and she’s rolling from one
orgasm to the next. To give her a different sensation, you squirt some lube in your
mouth, warming it, then bend down so that your mouth is just over her clitoris. You
drizzle the lube onto your fingers as they continue to pleasure her pink nub. The lube
works its way down over her clitoris, down onto the fingers in her vagina.
You bend down even more (you’ve been going to those yoga classes, right?) and,
taking your left hand away, take her clitoral shaft into your mouth. You gently suck it
while you continue to finger her. After awhile, you use your tongue to first swipe down
over her clitoris, and then lick up, hitting the Butterfly Spot as you go. A nice change
of pace for both of you.
A more common variation is to change your position so you’re laying between her
legs, your fingers in her vagina and your mouth over her love button. Treat yourself

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

right by slipping a pillow beneath her pelvis to relieve any strain from your neck.
Press your shoulders into the backs of her legs, supporting them, so she can drape her

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Mouthing Off / Combining Vaginal Massage with Cunnilingus

legs over your shoulders or let her feet rest on the bed.
To take full advantage of the interconnectedness of the G-spot and clitoris here’s
what to do (this move adapted from Ian Kenner’s excellent book, “She Comes First,”
a great book on the art of cunnilingus): Insert two fingers into her vagina and make the
“come here” motion on her g-spot. Spread your tongue flat, and run your tongue from
just above where your fingers have entered her vagina, up over her clitoris, and then
press your flat tongue against her clit, holding your tongue still. This grounds your
tongue on her, and gives her a chance to push against it for more stimulation.
After ten to fifteen seconds, back off a bit and stimulate her more directly with
your tongue. An excellent move is to mimic what your fingers do in a vaginal massage:
Lap at her Butterfly Spot with a steady rhythm. No need for fancy tongue work, just
use the tip of your tongue on the upper left quadrant of her clitoris, keeping a steady
rhythm, until she orgasms. Once she does, you might have to stop licking if her clitoris
gets too sensitive. Let her guide you as to when to stop and start again.
Another move: Once you pleasure her Butterfly Spot, use the tip of your tongue
to push the clitoral hood up, so the slick underside of the tip of your tongue is sliding
back and forth over her clitoral head, all the while continuing to stroke her g-spot.
Note that many men make the mistake of performing cunnilingus like the actors
in porno movies. Don’t fall for this. In porno, the camera needs a good view of the
vagina. So the actors performing cunnilingus keep themselves at a distance, swiping at
the clit as if trying to lick the top of an ice cream cone with just the tip of their tongues.
What feels much better to your lover is to smother the clitoris and surrounding area
with your warm, wet mouth, and then use your tongue in a much broader gentler,
sensual way. (Pretending to “make out” with her vagina and clitoris can give the
softness that feels right to her.)
You can really take advantage of the connection between the G-spot and clitoris
by literally pressing them together: As your fingering her G-spot, apply more pressure
straight up, toward your tongue, which is on your lover’s pleasure button. Experiment

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

with pressure. Press your tongue down and your fingers up and use very small
movements to lick and stroke. This allows your lover to focus on all the sensations
coming into her. Keep this up until she orgasms or gives you an indication that she
might like you to do.
Another way to play while your mouth and fingers are dancing a duet: Turn the
fingers of your right hand down toward the bed and press, stretching the clitoris and
the nerves traveling down toward the perineum. At the same time use the index and
middle fingers of your left hand to stretch the clitoral hood up, baring the pink pleasure
ball beneath, and gently lick her Butterfly Spot.
You want to give your lover plenty of sensations when you’re tonguing and
fingering her, but you can also play with sensitivity. Here’s what I mean. If you press
and hold your flat tongue onto your woman’s clitoris, while you press and hold your
fingers on her G-spot, you are giving her a single sensation. As she focuses on that
one sensation, she may become more sensitive. Then, when you move your tongue or
fingers, it’s like a flood gate opens and sensations pour into her. (If you are vigorously
moving your fingers and tongue at the same time she’s getting a lot more sensation,
but she may not be as sensitive. Think of it this way: It’s as if you were doing a biceps
curl with a forty pound dumbbell, and a fly landed on your hand. You might not feel
the fly. Your nervous system would be focused on the weight in your hand. Once
you put the weight down, you would easily feel a fly land on you, because with less
distraction your nervous system becomes more sensitive.
So you can go back and forth, playing between sensitivity and sensation, using
your tongue and fingers to orchestrate a wonderful symphony of pleasure between your
lover’s legs. The wild man on a lick fest has his place, but it’s a style of cunnilingus
that’s probably overused.
All the soaring sensations of anal play, and all of the cautions that go with them,
are options when you’re combining tongue and finger play. At some point you might
slip the tip of your pinky finger into her anus to see what kind of reception it gets.

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Like what you’re

For more information on how to get the best sex of your
life and enjoy nearly drama-free relationships, visit us

Energy Sex Insider…the YouTube channel.

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Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Chapter Twenty Two

Help From a Friend
Using the Crystal Wand

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Help From a Friend / Using the Crystal Wand

Power Tool
A woman told me this story:
“My marriage had been nearly sexless for over ten years. It was like I was
a flower starving for water; I just kept shrinking. When the marriage finally ended
I decided it was time to explore my sexuality. I made an appointment with a sexual
practitioner, a man who worked with women whose sexuality had been damaged in
some way, either through trauma or neglect.
“He was a very kind, loving man with a lovely wife. He worked with me for
several days, opening me back up into my sensual body, which I’d lost touch with.
On the last day of our work together he laid me down on a mat in his studio, and
put a pillow underneath my pelvis. He gently massaged me, relaxing me, and then
lubricated my vagina.
“Then he took out a
special tool. It was made
out of clear acrylic plastic
and had an s-shape, and
on one end a bulb that
had ridges in it. He asked
me if he could insert this
into my vagina, and I said
yes. Once he had it inside
of me he started pulling it
back and forth so the bulb
stimulated the roof of my
vagina and my G-spot.
He was really intent on
working that spot with

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

the tool, and I immediately became really wet down there. He kept stroking it in and
out with a steady rhythm and the sensations kept getting stronger and stronger. He
moved it faster and faster, and all of a sudden something let go down there. I couldn’t
help it, I had this big orgasm that spread all over my body and I could feel all this
liquid, like someone had poured a glass of water between my legs. It was my first
squirting orgasm.”
The sex guru had used the Crystal
Wand, a sexual aid that’s been used for
years to help open women’s vagina to
more pleasure. Cynthia Lamborne, the
Wand’s creator, tells how it came about:
“In 1990 I was in India, sitting in
meditation. I’d been thinking about how
many women needed an inner flowering.
They didn’t have a lot of energy in their
vaginas, and I was wondering how I
could help with that. A picture of the
Crystal Wand came to me in my mind’s
eye, and I immediately drew a picture
of it,” she told me. “After I’d had this
vision I went to Bali, to a village known
Cynthia Lamborne, inventor of the Crystal for its woodworking, and I had them
carve several different variations of
what I’d seen, in the shapes of dolphins, cobras, and Gods and Goddesses. When I
got back home we made the original Crystal Wand in acrylic.”
The Wand is a godsend to men that feel uncomfortable using their fingers to
massage their woman’s vagina, and for men with extremely callused hands. It’s also
a great way to “break the ice,” and get comfortable with the skill. To pleasure your

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Help From a Friend / Using the Crystal Wand

woman with the Wand, simply follow the directions given throughout this book, but
substitute the wand for your right hand. Instead of inserting your index finger into
the vagina, liberally lubricate the bulb end of the Wand and slip it inside. The natural
curve of this sexy helpmate makes it easy to use.
You’ll simply move the wand in and out of the vagina. No need to try to find
the G-spot or press into it. For the basic vaginal massage, you’ll stroke your lover’s
clitoris with your left hand while pulling the Wand’s ridged, bulb end back and forth
over her G-spot. Start slow, and gradually increase the speed of your thrusts and
pulls. Ask for feedback. If your lover seems to have hit a plateau in her excitement
level, ask if she’d like more speed. If she seems pleased with what you’re doing,
establish a steady rhythm and keep it up, letting yyour lover’s orgasm blossom under
your guidance. After using the Wand several times it will become an extension of
your hand.
The instructions that come with this sublime sex toy note that the orgasms
women experience when their partners use it to stimulate their G-spots are, “a deeper
and more overwhelming feeling, a more pervasive flowing sensation throughout the
body, of wider waves of feeling.”
The Wand is also wonderful for “opening,” your woman’s vagina to more
pleasure. In Chapter Two we talked about how tensions from past mental, physical
and emotional traumas can be “stored” in the vaginal’s tissues. Lamborne talks about
these areas as “emotions not fully felt”. She says, “They are embedded in the tissues
of the vagina and can make it less than soft and welcoming; these areas of tension can
be hard and lumpy.” The areas can also be numb, painful or tight, and decrease your
lover’s ability to feel pleasure. Oftentimes a woman is unaware of how her vagina
has shut down.
“In this day and age women are being more masculinized in their sexuality. They
want quantities of orgasms rather than a depth of experience. That’s the propaganda
out there, and it’s a very masculine way of looking at sex. It’s about an end product,

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

sensation and orgasms. But healing only takes place when a woman can be fully
present in the moment.”
If you’d like to help your lover to more pleasure, use the Crystal Wand to release
the tension she’s holding in her vagina. Here are Lamborne’s guidelines:
• “First you need to create an environment that is absolutely safe,” she says,
emphasizing that you have to reassure your lover that you’re not going to judge her.
“Let her know that anything that comes up and comes out is OK. Fear, anger…all
these emotions can come up as you work with her.”
Physically create a space that’s comfortable for your lover. Place a pillow under
each of her knees as she lays on her back. “As her second chakra opens up, she’ll feel
her legs want to naturally open, and she may notice tension there, in her inner thighs,
from habitually tightening the muscles there,” says Lamborne. “When she notices
that, without blaming herself, she should put her attention there and just breathe into
the tension. If she relaxes and breathes into it, she can release the blockages stored
there, which are usually in layers.”
• Have the intension that you’re there to help and heal, and direct that intention
through theWand, into your lover’s vagina, imagining the vagina becoming more
open and welcoming.
• “Her breath is very important,” explains Lamborne. “She needs to connect with her
breath, tuning into it, tuning into a more relaxed inner state and noticing what’s going
on internally. For example, a man can place his hand on his lover’s lower abdomen
or touch the top of her pubic bone, and then have her breathe deeply while bringing
her attention inside her body, right below where he’s touching.”
• “The curve of the Wand is designed to find the G-spot and stimulate it, but the
first time you’re using it you’ll want to explore the whole vaginal area. Imagine the
vaginal opening is a clock, and gently go around the clock with the Wand, pressing
into each “hour” on the clock face, while the woman breathes into each point, relaxes
and opens through it,” says Lamborne.

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Help From a Friend / Using the Crystal Wand

“Once you circle the entrance to the vagina you should explore deeper, moving
the wand in, and continue to move it around in a circle, and if the woman continues
to relax and breathe into the areas being stimulated, she’ll naturally release traumas,”
points out the Wand’s creator.
• “The amount of tension that’s released depends on how many layers of tension
there are, the woman’s consciousness, her ability to focus and dive into her breath
and relax into it” says Lamborne. “She shouldn’t try to get someplace, but should
relax into the moment, and be there with the tissue, with her body, and feel what’s
there. The body will talk to you. See what it’s saying.”
• Lamborne cautions that sometimes the process can be painful. “Something unwinds
in the moment and the woman feels a lot of pain,” she notes. At that point, you should
back off the point you’re working on. “Back up a bit, but still hold the Wand on the
spot so she can still feel it. Let her be with the sensation and breathe into it, knowing
that it will unwind itself.”
Lamborne says that when you help your woman to release tensions held in her
vagina she may:
• Become much more orgasmic.
• Develop a new sense of openness in many areas of her life.
• Experience herself as more sexual, and connected with “the natural flavors and
qualities her feminine nature”.
• Experience much more confidence.
• Notice that her hips and pelvis loosen up, so she moves “with more flow”.
• Have her second and third chakras open up, and become harmonized, so she
experiences more creativity, sexuality and has an easier time being effective in the
And all these benefits may come to her because you took the time to massage her
vagina. Cool.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage


Opening Yourself
to Love

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Opening Yourself to Love / For Women Only

Dear Women,
This book teaches men an awesome sexual skill that can be a stepping stone
toward the best sex of your life, and a deeper level of intimacy than you’ve ever
experienced before.
But we men can’t do this alone.
Many women are waiting for the right man to come into their life who knows how
to “push all the right buttons” during sex. They think it’s all up to the man to excite
them. The problem with this thinking is that:
One, most men have pitiful sexual skills.
Two, women are so different when it comes to what turns them on, that unless you
tell a man what you need in order to experience pleasure, the chances of him providing
that for you through his fortune-telling skills are slim.
And there are other reasons women aren’t getting the pleasure they deserve in
bed. Here are just a few:
• The Bad Girl Syndrome.
Women think that if they ask for what they want in bed, and then express how
they’re feeling through screaming, scratching, moaning, whimpering and orgasming
all over the place in the heat of passion, that their men will think they are “bad”.
Talk to your man about this, because women take their cues about how sexually
expressive they can be from their lovers. You need to know that when you completely
open up, he’s going to encourage you.
I started this book by talking with men about the benefits of giving you all the
pleasure you can handle. Now it’s up to you to drive this point home. Tell him you
want and need lots of positive feedback when you let yourself go.
You may never feel completely comfortable letting massive amounts of pleasure
flow through your body, and unlimited love flow through your heart, unless you have
this conversation.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

You also need to be ready if he is intimidated by your newfound passion. You

need to let him know that without him you wouldn’t be enjoying yourself so much,
and reassure him that you absolutely adore that he is promoting your pleasure. Your
man wants to be your “knight in shining armor”. So if he’s helping you enjoy yourself
more, you’ve found a winner! Tell and show him how much you appreciate him.
Promote his masculinity by letting him direct you more and more in the bedroom and
out, just like he’s promoting your radiance.
• Being Too Much In Their Masculine Energy.
Women are acting more like men these days, as they take on traditionally masculine
roles at work and home. Often they act like men better than most men do. But then,
naturally, they have a difficult time feeling into their femininity. Women have to make
a conscious choice in the bedroom to leave their masculine roles behind, in order to
feel like women again. Otherwise you end up with two guys (one encased in a female
body) having sex with each other.
• Rough Handling, Including The Loss Of Your Virginity In Less-Than-Perfect
Rough-handling and incompetent male sexual partners are everywhere. And since
there’s no training for young men on how to deflower a virgin with grace and love,
many women’s first taste of sex is at best laughable, and more often than not dreadful.
It’s no wonder so many women’s vaginas are closed to pleasure. The remedy: Start
healing the mind/body residues left by physically and emotionally painful sexual
experiences. And create wonderful new ones to take their place. Start having your
partner work with you to release tensions stored in your vagina, and to work on opening
your heart through self-help practices such as chakra clearing and ecstatic dance, as
well as professional help in the form of sex and relationship coaching.
• A Shut Down Sexual Body/Mind.
If you’ve found a partner who is working on mastering the art of vaginal massage
and other sexual and conscious-raising skills, be grateful. You’re lucky, because only

163 www.energysexuality.com
Opening Yourself to Love / For Women Only

a handful of men on the planet are committed to that path. But you have to play your
part as well. You need to take responsibility for the pleasure you experience in the
bedroom into your own hands (no pun intended). Learn to turn yourself on, so when
an enlightened lover comes to you, you’ll be able to fully enjoy his skills. Below is a
program to help.
If you want to relax, let go, and open yourself to pleasure and love at the hands
of a trusted lover, then you should set that intension.
Affirmations work, so use them. Write “I am fully open to pleasure and love!” on
a 3” by 5” card, and keep it in your purse or pocket. Look at it three times a day. When
you do, imagine what it would feel like to have a vagina fully opened to pleasure, and
a heart wide open to love. Get a clear picture in your mind about how you would look.
How would you be standing? Breathing? What clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up
and jewelry would you be wearing? How would you move? What would be your tone
of voice? Would you have a different hair color? You might get ideas by visualizing
actresses that seem to have the qualities you want. Imagine being in their minds and
bodies. How does it feel?
Write the same affirmation on another 3” by 5” card. Tape it to your bathroom
mirror so you can look at it often.
Lay quietly for two or three minutes in the morning, after you wake up but before
you get out of bed, and practice producing the feeling in your body of already having
a wide open vagina and heart. Breathe how you would breathe. Under the covers,
move your hips and pelvis the way you would move. Part your legs and feel yourself
completely opened to pleasure.
Breathe golden white energy up from between your legs into your vagina,
imagining your vagina becoming more open and juicy. Pull that energy up into your
heart. Imagine a beautiful, vibrant, healthy emerald green vortex of light swirling up
from your heart, like a bedroom-sized tornado. Imagine the light from your heart filling

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

the room, and then expanding

out in all directions for miles,
down the street, down into the
earth, and up into the sky.
Practice the following
activities throughout the day,
taking time each day to become
more open:

Ecstatic Dance
Set aside ten minutes each
morning to dance ecstatically.
Find music that makes you
want to move your hips. As
you’re dancing, go inside.
Watch your breath move in
your body. Let the music move
through you in the same way.
Let the music move you. Sing
and shout if you want. Work up
a sweat.
As you dance, bring your
attention to your pelvis, hips
and vagina. Feel the energy
there. Let the music shake out
any blocks that are keeping you
closed and stiff. As you dance,

165 www.energysexuality.com
Opening Yourself to Love / For Women Only

feel into your heart. Imagine the people in your life you care about, and pour love out
to them. Imagine your lover, and flow beautiful energy through your heart and out to
him, enveloping him in it.
If you do nothing else, dance to open yourself. As Rumi said, “Dance until you
shatter your Self.”

Using the Crystal Wand To Open Your Vagina
Open your vagina using the Crystal Wand, as outlined in Chapter Twenty Two.
Place your left hand over your heart as you use the tool to release tension from your

Energizing Your Vagina, Heart and Third Eye Chakra
After using the Crystal Wand several times, start energizing your vagina. Here’s
how: Lay on your back with your legs spread and your knees supported by pillows.
With your eyes closed, look down at your vagina, bringing your attention there. Inhale
through your mouth, and imagine bringing golden white energy up from the space
between your legs into your vagina. Contract your pubococcygeal muscles (as if you
were stopping the flow of urine), imagining that you’re holding the energy in your
Now breathe out through your mouth while making an “Ahhhh” sound, and
relaxing your PC muscles. Keep the image of a golden white ball of energy
inside your vagina.
Continue breathing in this way, imagining that you are bringing more energy into
your vagina with every breath. Notice any pleasurable sensations in your body, and
amplify them. Many women unfortunately clench their bodies when they begin to feel

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

pleasure. Train yourself instead to relish these sensations, and practice intensifying
After awhile, when you’re feeling full of energy in your vagina, focus on your
heart. With your eyes still closed, look at your heart. Breathe energy from the golden
white ball you’ve been building in your vagina up into your heart. Feel the connection
between your mind (which you’ve been developing as you use your eyes to look
at where you want energy to flow), heart and vagina. Practice this energy work for
twenty minutes each day, or as time allows.

Self Pleasuring Without Orgasm
Note: This program was given to me by Devi Ward, a wonderful sex coach in
Seattle, Washington (www.deviwardtantra.com). The twenty-minute program is
designed to increase your awareness of
how much pleasure is available to you
from simply focusing on your clitoris while
pleasuring yourself with your fingers.
Ward advises not to use a vibrator,
so you can feel into your pleasure and
modulate your excitement.
Here’s Devi Ward’s twenty-minute
orgasm practice:
1. Ward encourages you to set a timer for
twenty minutes. Creating a time frame
helps women who might feel overwhelmed
at the idea of being pleasured for an
undetermined length of time. She chose
twenty minutes because it takes that much Sex coach Devi Ward

167 www.energysexuality.com
Opening Yourself to Love / For Women Only

time in a meditation practice for the brain to receive full benefits. Also, she notes it
often takes twenty minutes or more for women to reach their full state of arousal.
2. Lay flat on your back with your head comfortably elevated. You’ll want to be naked
from the waist down. Your legs will be open, so use pillows to support your knees.
Ward notes, “You want to be SUPER comfortable the WHOLE time.” You must be
totally relaxed in order to receive the full healing benefit of this practice.
3. Begin by placing one hand on your heart, and one hand over your vulva (the outside
of your vagina). Close your eyes, and take twenty one deep breaths in and out through
your nose to prepare your mind for pleasure.
4. Keeping your hands comfortably placed, begin to take deep breathes in and out
through your mouth. As you exhale, make a soft “ahhhh” sound, as if sighing into a
deep state of bliss. Continue until you feel very relaxed.
5. Begin firmly massaging your vulva, starting with your Mons Pubis (the fleshy pad
that sits on top of your pubic bone). Continue breathing through an open mouth and
sounding “Ahhh”. Massage your vulva from the top down, focusing only on the outer
labia and the vaginal opening (save the clitoris for later). Continue this massage for
approximately two to three minutes. Ward likes to say until “you feel full”.
6. Put some natural organic lube on your finger tips (coconut oil is great), and begin
slowly massaging your clitoris in circles. Continue making your “ahhh” sound and
breathing with an open mouth. Observe which areas of your clitoris give the most
pleasure when rubbed. The right side, left side, top, bottom…where is your “sweet
7. When you find your “pleasure spot” change your circular massage to an up and
down stroke. Short, fast strokes build excitement and pleasure, while long, slow
strokes slow down the buildup of excitement, or maintain a steady level of pleasure.
8. Continue stroking your clitoris in this way for the remainder of your time, never
allowing yourself to go past a nine on your pleasure scale (one being numb, ten “going
over the edge” into orgasm). Remember that short, fast strokes build excitement, and

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

when you reach an

eight or nine, long,
slow strokes will
let you hang out in
9. Ding! When your
twenty minutes is up,
you’re done. Then
you can make the
choice “to continue
awakening your full
orgasmic potential,”
says Ward, or simply
stop and go about
your day.


1. This practice can be done as often as you like.
2. Devi notes, “Use ONLY your finger for this practice. No Vibrators! What I’ve
found is that I have a lovely twenty minute adventure, and experience all sorts of new
sensations in my body and my clitoris. Also, I notice how much longer my arousal
process takes with just my fingers, as opposed to my trusty vibe, so I get to really
observe going through all of the various stages of female sexual arousal.”
Many women devote hours to an exercise or yoga program each week, but have
never taken the time to develop an ability to feel pleasure. As I said at the start, we
men want to help, but we can’t do it alone.
Take the time to open. It’s what you were made to do.

169 www.energysexuality.com
Opening Yourself to Love / For Women Only

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Do you really want to give your woman
all the pleasure she can handle?

Eye Opener

I remember when it hit me that maybe men were intimidated by women capable
of enjoying unbounded pleasure.
I’d downloaded a free e-book on hypnotism. It turned out to be a whopping three
hundred and forty six pages. In one section the author talked about using hypnosis to
let women experience making love to their favorite movies stars.
Wow. That was an idea I hadn’t heard of before. I thought, what else could you
hypnotize a lover to believe? Maybe you could make some of your own fantasies
come true, too.
I immediately wrote a hypnosex script for my girlfriend. It included a fifteen
minute “induction,” where I would help her relax into a deep hypnotic trance. After
she was in the trance I would command her to carry out whatever fantasy I wanted.
Then I would “wake” her by saying, “One, two, three, wide awake!”
The other key element of the script was to say, “And when I say, ‘Sleep!’ you will
fall back into this deep trance state that you are in now.”
Once I’d finished my script I couldn’t wait for my girlfriend to fly in from out of
town on Thanksgiving Day. I was picking her up at the airport and we were driving
eleven hours to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to attend a couples’ relationship workshop the
next day.
My thinking was that we’d try the hynposex script at a rest stop, in the back of
my Honda Element, which had fold-down rear seats allowing my lover to lay down
and relax.

171 www.energysexuality.com

We’d just crossed into Georgia and had our Thanksgiving dinner at a rest stop on
I-95. As my girlfriend tidied up, I arranged a big sleeping bag and fluffy pillow in the
back seat. She lay down, and in a rest stop parking lot on I-95 I hypnotized her for the
first time.
My first fantasy was for her to believe with one hundred percent conviction that
she was fifteen years old, in the back of my car at the drive-in movies.
“One, two, three, wide awake!”
She slowly opened her eyes, which were dewy and relaxed. She wiggled her body
around a bit as if waking it up. There was something about how she moved her hips.
She looked looser. I was lying beside her, so I rolled her toward me, looked in those
dreamy eyes, and began kissing her.
She was different. Way different. She was tonguing my mouth, pressing her lips
against mine with an eagerness I’d never experienced with her. She pressed her chest

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

against me, and breathed heavily, panting, never coming up for air. I was in heaven.
Getting into my role as a teenager, I reached back and undid her bra. We were steaming
up the car windows as I slipped my hand under her bra, and felt her nipples, which
were stiffer than I ever remembered.
She moaned and arched her back, as if it were the first time those tender treasures
had ever been squeezed by a boy’s hand. After about twenty minutes of the hottest
make-out session I’d had in decades, I decided to see if the other part of the hypnosis
script would work.
“And sleep!,” I commanded, snapping my fingers.
She fell back on the pillow, dead weight, deep in a hypnotic trance once more.
In literally five seconds she’d gone from a steaming hot back seat teen vixen to fast
As I crawled into the driver’s seat and headed out onto the highway I realized I
had arrived at one of those places in your life where you knew the future would be
much different than the past. Could this stuff really work? I adjusted the rear view
mirror to look at my girlfriend. She seemed to be fast asleep.
It was eighty miles until the next rest stop, which gave me plenty of time to think
about the next scenario I wanted to play out. This time, after parking and getting in
the back seat, I told her she was an older woman, seducing me, a high school football
player. When I said the magic words, “One, two, three, wide awake!,” she became that
woman. She was sultry and experienced as she unzipped my jeans and took me in her
mouth, telling me to relax and enjoy myself.
“And Sleep!”….And so it went; each rest stop brought a new fantasy to life.
When I finally brought her out of the trance she was happy and refreshed. She
remembered almost everything. She said she knew what she was doing the whole
time, but the hypnosex had freed her to behave as I commanded without questioning.
She had loved it.
It was the coolest sexual discovery I’d ever made.

173 www.energysexuality.com

Group Project

I couldn’t wait to tell my Wednesday night men’s group about my discovery, and
how they could have a hypnosex experience with their wives and girlfriends.
As I told my story there were a lot of laughs and dropped jaws.
But when it came time to learn how they could enjoy the same experience, no one
was interested. One guy said, “That’s cool, but I’m more a meat and potatoes kind of
guy. The most far out we get is doing it doggie style.”
I couldn’t believe it. I’d found buried sexual treasure and was willing to share the
booty, but nobody wanted it.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

T hat wasn’t the last time I told men friends about the wonderful sex that
was right around the corner, waiting for them, if they took the time to
help their women enjoy pleasure. Not just with hypnosex, but by learning how
to craft bedroom experiences allowing their lovers to feel sexual excitement and
love flow like rushing rivers through their bodies and hearts.
Over the past three years I’ve been researching energetic sexuality, a new
kind of sex, where energy is cultivated and directed, so lovers experience states
of mind and body usually reserved for those taking illegal drugs. With this sex,
women routinely have orgasm after orgasm. They’re often able to generate orgasms
within themselves, just by breathing in a certain way. During love play they get
completely lost in deep valleys and tall peaks of pleasure and ecstasy. Sometimes
they feel connected to their partner and everything else, as if they were one with
them. They report their hearts “flying open,” their orgasms, “shaking me to the
core,” their love for their partners “unbounded”.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

And many men have a problem with that.

For the answer, let’s ask another question: As a man, what does it mean to
have a woman in your life that can experience ultimate pleasure?
It can feel like she doesn’t need you.
I remember the first time I had an “Oh, damn, maybe she doesn’t even need
me for sex” moment. My girlfriend and I were in bed, and we’d been making love.
She wanted to make love again, but I was in that awkward phase for a man called
the “refractory period.” Now if you’re twenty years old you may not even know
what I’m talking about, but it refers to that time after ejaculation when it takes
awhile for a man to get another erection, sometimes more than awhile.
So, my girlfriend asked me if I would “massage her vagina”. I’ll tell you
the truth, I’d touched women’s vaginas before during foreplay, of course, and I
really loved exciting them using my fingers, but I never thought of it as massaging
(which, it turns out, it wasn’t). For me, using my fingers “down there” usually
focused on stimulating the clitoris. When I put my fingers in the vagina I would
use a thrusting, in and out motion that was like the movement of my penis during
But that’s not at all what my girlfriend had in mind.
It only took her about five minutes to show me exactly how she wanted me
to stroke her clitoris while I massaged the inside of her vagina. Once I had the
technique down and was doing it, wow, did she start to have fun! Within minutes
she was having a great orgasm, and she had four or five more orgasms, each
getting bigger than the last, by the time we finished a half hour later.
Great, right? But the first time I massaged her vagina and she experienced all
these deep, powerful orgasms, I was more than a little deflated. I felt like I was
sitting on the sidelines, so to speak, while she was lying there, totally relaxed and
enjoying herself. I thought, shouldn’t my penis be giving her all that pleasure?

175 www.energysexuality.com

I almost felt used. So after the massage was over I was in this sad mood, and
she asked what was wrong, and I told her, “Well, that seemed like it was a lot of
fun for you, but I felt left out.”
Then something happened that blew me away. She looked at me like she was
really concerned, and then this big smile came over her face. She said, “Come
here!” and pulled me down on the bed. She instantly became steaming hot, hotter
than I’d ever felt her, and it wasn’t long before that refractory period disappeared
and we had this amazing sex.
She was more open, more juicy, more passionate than she’d ever been before.
More passionate than any woman I’d ever been with, where she was totally open
and giving. So eager to please me and enjoy herself in the process.
The massage opened her up, and now she was giving all the passion and love
flowing through her body and heart right back to me.

Technical Issues

I f you’re like I was, you’ve trained yourself to make sex into a kind of athletic
performance centered around your penis. Do a good job, hopefully better
than the next guy. If you perform well—if you push all the right buttons for your
lover and she has orgasms and breaks a sweat, the sex is good.
But if she doesn’t it means you failed.
That’s a fearful way to make love.
There is nothing wrong with great sexual technique. You should develop a
mad set of skills. That’s what this book is about. But what if it wasn’t up to you
to push the buttons? What if your lover was really good at letting herself feel and
express pleasure, and didn’t need much help from you? What if instead of being in
charge of turning on your partner, she turned herself on. Then, like the conductor

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

of an orchestra, you guided and directed your lover’s sexual energy?

That’s a less fearful, more artful way to make love. And that’s what this book
is about, too.
If you’re like many men, you’re drawn to women who can effortlessly enjoy
pleasure. At the same time, you’re horrified women like this exist. On one hand
you want a woman who enjoys the hell out of herself in bed. On the other you want
a sweet angel who isn’t so carefree.
Ironically, women deal with the same problem. On the one hand they want
pleasure. On the other, if they ask for it or find out how to get it for themselves,
they’re told they’re “bad girls”.
They aren’t supposed to like sex that much.
Men and women could both turn a new page and discover that when women
are able to enjoy sex completely, it actually takes pressure off a man. It gives
men a much better role in the bedroom: That of a director of pleasure, rather than
someone solely responsible for it.
Unfortunately, something else has happened. Instead of women seeking the
kind of pleasure that would truly satisfy them, they’ve begun looking at sex as
a performance, too. They want orgasms, lots of them. But they don’t try to go
deeper, into the kind of ecstatic pleasure that would really satisfy them.
Just having a lot of sex doesn’t make for a great sex life.


M en fear women who can completely enjoy pleasure because women like
that are free. It’s a fear men should overcome.
Today men are facing a whole lot of women, across all generations, that think
they deserve to feel all the pleasure they can handle. We’re at the cutting edge of

177 www.energysexuality.com
Bonus / Energy Sexuality

evolution. Embrace it, because it’s time women were allowed to fully experience
all the pleasure that’s possible.
At first it may feel like your lover doesn’t need you. But she does. Sometimes
desperately. When she can feel so much, she wants to feel it when you are there.
More than that, she wants to flow the love she feels into you. It’s one of her
deepest longings.
Most men aren’t developed enough to accompany such women. But if you
decide to give your woman all the pleasure she can handle, she probably will
worship you. You’ll be one of a handful of men on the planet who could do this
for her. Yes, she can hop into bed with anyone who is well groomed and has fresh
breath, and enjoy the hell out of herself, just like you. But unlike you, she has a
heart that longs to be filled with overflowing love, by a man who knows her inside
and out.
She may not even know this about herself, because she’s been told that having
orgasms is enough. But once you take her to the deep depths of pleasure, where
she was made to go, she will use that energy to lift you to heights that you couldn’t
reach by yourself.

Fantastic Voyage

Y ou’re in a unique position. You’re reading this book of simple teachings,

that if practiced for six months, will put you in a select group of men capable
of giving their women all the pleasure they can handle.
In contrast, some of your friends are getting sexual satisfaction through
pornography. Not necessarily a bad thing. But just the act of watching pornography
makes them more feminine, because when they watch porno they’re activating
the right side of their brains, which is the more feminine side, having to do with,

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

among other functions, fantasy and imagination.

Instead, try fantasizing about this: Imagine touching the inside of your
lover’s vagina with such sensitivity that you can feel where it’s storing tension.
Feel yourself dissolving these kinks with your fingertips, so your lover’s love
tunnel grows juicier and juicer. See her rolling from one orgasm to the next as she
wreathes on the bed beneath your touch, lost in the vastness of her open heart.
You may feel uncomfortable with this sort of fantasy. Men’s hearts tend to
be armored against such intimacy. But you know the orgasms of your favorite
porn actress are as fake as the special effects in your favorite action movie. You
could go around protecting yourself, holding back, trying to keep your lover from
making you uncomfortable with her moans and shrieks of ecstasy. Or you can join
the new sexual revolution.
You have an opportunity to become the Knight in shining armor your lover
dreamed about as a little girl. Your Princess awaits. She’s been locked in a tower
of half-hearted sex her whole life.
You can free her with a kiss and a touch.

179 www.energysexuality.com

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Excerpt from Dr. Leonard’s upcoming book...

A Nuts and Bolts Guide to Awesome, Ecstatic Sex
From the Chapter...
“Inviting Your Woman Onto Your Spiritual Path”

Like It? Go to “www.energysexuality.com“ to help contribute ideas to this

essential guide for getting the best sex of your life.

Sunday morning

Y ou wake up and your woman is in your arms, snuggled against your chest.
Years ago you never could sleep with a woman like this. You’d sleep on “your”
side of the bed. But you always wanted to be able to fall asleep in a woman’s arms and
wake up like this. So over a year ago you committed yourself to mastering this skill.
It took self-hypnosis, affirmations, visualization work and putting little post-it notes
on your bathroom mirror that said, “I am falling asleep in my lover’s arms tonight!,”
but you finally, on many nights and especially after sex, are able to drift off to sleep
entangled in the swirling mass of energy that is your woman, and wake up this way.
Today you lye still, having decided to tap into your woman’s energy, as if taking
a sip from a fountain on a hot day. To benefit from her radiance as she lays sleeping
quietly. So you close your eyes again and begin to breathe in rhythm with your woman.
As she breathes in, so do you; as she breathes out you match her exhalation. Soon
you can feel your belly meeting hers on the in-breath, and feel the little collapse of
her chest on yours on the out-breath. Such a peaceful way to wake up on a Sunday

181 www.energysexuality.com
Bonus / Energy Sexuality

After a few minutes you’re feeling transparent, like the skin covering your chest
is thinning, and you’re becoming closer and closer to your woman’s lungs and heart.
Now you imagine that right underneath her skin, beneath your breastbone, there’s a
golden-white pulsating light glowing from her heart. It streams out of her heart, filling
yours, and once filling yours keeps overflowing into the rest of your body, so that
within a few minutes every cell in you is filled with your woman’s radiance. You fall
back asleep.
When you awake a short time later your woman is still lying nestled against you.
You smell her. You let her scents soak into your nostrils, appreciating their earthiness.
You take in a hint of perspiration odor under her arms, smell sweat on her chest, taking
these into your system as if drinking a good glass of beer.
Slowly, deliberately, you disentangle yourself, and as you do she sleepily opens
her eyes. You lean over and whisper in her ear, “Welcome to this beautiful day together,
my love. Namaste.”
The word Namaste is often spoken by yoga teachers at the end of class while
holding their hands in prayer position at the level of their hearts. It’s an Indian word
meaning, “The light in me recognizes the light in you.” One of the most spiritual
greetings one can bestow on another, it cuts to the heart of spiritual relationship. I see
you. Not my ego sees your ego. My spirit sees yours.
The way you say this one word to your lover each day, solemnly, often bringing
your hands to prayer position over your heart and bowing as you say it, has become a
sacred ritual for you. One recognizing that your ego might get in the way of relating
to your woman’s spirit many times today, but in the brief moment you say this to her
you are recognizing that your woman isn’t just flesh and blood, but also light and love.
Spirit and soul. Deep beyond comprehension. You acknowledge once more the part of
her that is at one with the subtle level of things.
She’s drowsy, sleepy, adorable. You hike yourself on an elbow and push her onto
her belly. She acquiesces in a lazy way and then, being the little tramp that she is,

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

wiggles her naked behind under the sheets.

That’s all you need.
Time for a Sunday meet-up of spirituality and sexuality.
You submerge yourself under the sheets, having morphed into a sex shark
prowling deep waters for his next meal. You work yourself between her legs, and then
move your legs and feet under the sheets so they can hang off the mattress in the cool
morning air. You begin your stealthy swim into her nether regions.
Just minutes before your heart was being filled to overflowing with the radiance
of your lover’s essential womanhood. Now you’re beating a path to the womanhood
nestled between her soft thighs.
The juxtaposition of these two experiences isn’t lost on you. The conscious
approximation of spirit and flesh worship is one way you’ve chosen to bring your
woman onto your spiritual path. It’s one thing to meditate by yourself in the woods or
in your living room. It’s another to blur the lines between sacred and profane so that
this world of the senses is enlivened by the world of unseen energy and spirit.
You start by licking inside her knees while massaging the backs of her thighs,
gently, slowly, deliberately running your hands from her knees up to her behind and
back down again. And then you inch yourself up a bit more, licking her inner thighs.
The first smell of morning womanhood hits your nostrils. Under the covers it’s
warm and getting warmer fast. Your hot breath and her hot thighs are steaming things
up, and as the scent of her womanly love juice fills the space between her thighs it’s
trapped there. It’s denser than usual. You pull yourself up again, and now your nose is
an inch away from the opening of her Sunday-go-to-worship-temple.
What is the difference between this experience and a sweat lodge, where men heat
themselves to the point of hallucinating while beating drums? Ceremonies. Rituals.
Intension. The radiance you felt filling your heart minutes ago is still there, lighting
up every cell of your body. You feel her spirit, and it connects you to something
bigger than yourself. Something bigger than your small self. This Sunday vision quest

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Bonus / Energy Sexuality

your on, taking place between your woman’s legs, is no less a spiritual journey than
heartfelt prayer.
You’re smelling the thickness of sweat and her love juice and an erection takes
shape between your legs. A relentless force of nature now, you press your body up
again, your nose entering her velvety slickness. As you nuzzle into it, you spread her
thighs a bit more. You hear muffled moans of pleasure from somewhere in the fresh
air above you.
It’s hot, and hard to breathe, and when you do its carbon dioxide and woman
juice. You work your nose into her dripping holy hole as far as it will fit, the bridge of
your nose being stopped only by the bottom of her love ravine, your lips a quarter of
an inch away from her clitoris.
You bring your attention to your third eye. You imagine it opening wide, opening
into your woman’s bottom, opening through her and through the walls of your bedroom
and down the street. And you feel it going wide, way wide out to the sides for miles,
and way in back of you, too, shooting out for miles.
Her vagina is a portal into the vastness of it all.
Gripping her rear end and pressing it down into the mattress, you let her know
she’s not going anywhere. Like you were savoring icing on a piece of cake, your
tongue makes a pass over her clitoris. Going hard and heavy this morning would be
too jarring. She’s still dreamy, and probably drifting off under your tender mercies to
a place you could never imagine. So you take your time, measuring the force of each
flick of your tongue over her love button, all the while the smells intensifying and the
heat increasing. All the while your wide-open consciousness is penetrating her bottom
up into her heart, joining her spirit on the bed and beyond.
After a few minutes you settle into a rhythm of stroking her with your nose as
your tongue laps her like a dog licking into a bowl of water on a hot day. Your hands
have gripped the tops of her hips for leverage, and now you’re pulling her whole pelvis
onto your face as you root into her, relentless, drunk on her smell, oxygen deprived.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

She orgasms, thank goodness.

No time for aftermath/afterglow. You need air. You pull yourself up from under
the sheets onto her back. Your rodshaft is between her legs, knocking on her sex door.
With no effort your erection slides in, its head a plow digging into the early morning
fields. Your weight is on her. She’s pinned to the mattress by your mass and your
There’s a lot going on. You feel the hotness of your sexual energy in your erection.
It wants to soak your woman’s fertile love field with morning jism. If you aren’t
careful you’ll lose control. You take a moment to collect your senses. Taking three
deep breaths, you imagine the energy down there moving up your spine to your third
eye, where it shoots up into the wide open sky.
You connect to the sky. There is no longer a wall of bone and skin on your forehead.
There’s a portal there, and through it your energy streams up. At the same time the
wide open, beautiful blue sky streams into you. With each exhalation you bring more
energy up from your penis by squeezing your PC muscles. The woman beneath you
has become a vehicle for pleasure and spiritual progress.
Opened up and connected to sky while rooted in her loveliness, you decide to
plough deeper. You spread your toes and slide the webs formed between your big toes
and their neighboring digits down her calves, over her Achilles tendons. When your
feet reach the backs of her ankles you spread your legs, dragging hers wider on the
sheets. You rear your pelvis back, cocking it, and then whip it forward, your plunger
going deep, hard, spreading her wet flesh before it, a hot knife through Crisco.
“Oh, God,” she moans.
So connected to her. So connected to the all of it. There’s a bow of energy streaming
from your erection to your third eye. You can feel it bending as you plunge in and out.
You’re withdrawing slowly, cocking your pelvis, and then thrusting hard. An observer
might think you’re trying to...

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Bonus II / The Ninja Lover’s Training Manual

Excerpt from Dr. Leonard’s Book,


Like It? Go to “www.energysexuality.com“ for more information on this
essential guide for getting the best sex of your life.

A Ninja Lover’s Training Story

Y ou used to make love in a logical

order. You realize now it’s
because that’s how you were trained to
do just about everything in your life.
As a boy growing up, you were taught
to be competitive, goal-oriented and
to think about things rather than feel
So when it came to making love
you thought about it a lot. If you knew a
lovemaking session was on the horizon
(let’s be honest, anytime you thought
you had a chance at getting laid) you
thought about how you would start out
kissing your partner, how her breasts
would feel and look and how you would
fondle them and suck them. How her

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

vagina would feel. How her mouth would feel on your mouth. And on your penis.
And as you thought, you planned your moves, perhaps not consciously, because
often when you thought about sex it was a hazy dream, but going in you had a plan,
and it usually resulted in lovemaking that, with variations, went something like this:
First came foreplay.
Kissing. Stroking her skin. The delicious moment when you unhooked her bra.
The other delicious moment when you slipped your hand between her soft belly skin
and her panties, your fingertips finding the moist, silk-soft pink folds between her
inner thighs.
Oftentimes you started out kissing her lips, then her neck. When she was breathing
heavy and you both started to feel that “urge to merge,” when your bodies started
helping your minds direct what was coming, you fondled her breasts, then took her
nipples in your mouth and sucked at them.
Now came her vagina. Being a guy that knew his way around it, you took your
time in approaching this soft tenderbox. You took the time to stroke her inner thighs,
letting her heat up. She played her part, too. She might fondle your hard penis. Or
mouth it. All the time you kept getting more and more excited. All the while a part of
you was planning your next move, calculating how to get her to come.
And always the sex pressure kept building down below, the brain in your balls,
fueled by tens of thousands of years of DNA replication, wanting to take over.
When you used your fingers on her velvet box you did it in a way that seemed to
work before. You had moves, and they turned up her love burner. When you used your
fingers to penetrate her, it was often to finger fuck her: in and out, slowly, then rapidly.
When you touched her clitoris, you started slowly, too, then picked up the pace. It
made her juicy. Made her hot.
And when she was hot enough, you often positioned your head between her thighs
and tasted her.
You had moves for that, too. You licked and sucked until she came, and you were

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Bonus II / The Ninja Lover’s Training Manual

relieved. She’d had an orgasm. You’d done a good job.

Foreplay was over. Time to get down to business.
You had been ready to enter her from the first kiss, but you were eager now. You
crawled up onto her chest, your erection riding up between all that softness, your
penis a guided missile targeted at heaven. You’d thought about how you were going
to mount her, and you were still thinking about it. There was so much going on: your
penis was trying to highjack your mind, you were trying to shape the moments so they
looked like your plan. She was so sexy. All that nakedness and wetness and magnetism
right there beneath you.
As you entered her it was glorious. Really. That velvety feel, the slickness.
The heat. You were on her chest, kissing her lips, your thighs pressing against hers,
spreading them. You started slow, enjoying her little gasps of pleasure as your penis
slid up into her, only stopping when your pubic bones met. You continued like that,
slowly, but gradually your thrusts picked up speed.
Soon you were moving in and out fast. Your skin slapped at hers. She’d make
sounds with every thrust in and out. You hoped she was close. Her moans were spurs
in your side as you galloped ahead, faster, harder.
You would feel a rumbling down deep in your balls. It built quickly, soon joined by
spasms that made your ass clench. Awesome spasms as the spurting started. Release.
After, you lay panting in each other’s arms. It was good. The sweat let you know.
You didn’t think for awhile, just drifted, until the world came back in to have its way
with you.
That was sex before Ninja training.
Sex is different now:
You started looking into sexual energy because you wanted to be a better lover.
Sex was good, but you’d been at it for awhile and you felt like it wasn’t getting much
better. You’d read about and try a new sex position, and it was worthwhile, but your
experience of sex wasn’t going any deeper.

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

Sex seemed to be getting more encapsulated as time went on. When you first got
with your lover the sex had fueled other parts of your relationship. The sex made food
taste better. It made rides to the grocery store better. Now it seemed to be more like a
movie or a yoga class, with a start and end. The quickies in the morning that used to
make your whole day better now only made the morning commute better. Even when
you got the chance to make love for hours, the longer times were just extended replays
of the shorter times. It was still foreplay, intercourse, orgasms and rest.
You started your new way by learning about breathing. Interestingly, you didn’t
have to think about breathing at all. It just happened for you. But you could control
your breathing as well. It was the only process in your body like that: automatic, until
you took control of it with your mind.
This unique aspect of breathing was the reason masters in any physical activity
worked on breath. It was especially important during sex. For thousands of years
sexual masters used breathing to increase sexual energy in their bodies.
You learned the three part breath, where you first breathed all the way down into
your abdomen, and then as you continued to breathe you filled and expanded your
chest, and then as you breathed more you filled the top of your lungs, under your collar
It was somewhat amazing, because the lungs take up a small space in the middle
of your chest, but by focusing your attention in your lower abdomen the breath seemed
to flow way down there, far afield from the lungs themselves. Masters had a phrase for
this phenomenon: “Energy flows where attention goes.”
So you started practicing breathing. In line at the grocery store. Waiting at a red
light. Walking from your car into work. You found when you breathed deep for only a
few minutes it both energized and calmed you.
The next step in your practice was mediation . You sat alone, in a comfortable
chair, and just watched your breath going in and out of your body. You didn’t try to
breathe any deeper or shallower, you just watched. The breath would come through

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Bonus II / The Ninja Lover’s Training Manual

your nose, down into your lungs and there would be a pause, and then it would flow
out of your lungs and through your nose again, and there would be another pause.
You would sit and watch, and within seconds thoughts would come into your head.
Thoughts about your hair, about your lover. About work and lunch and the weather.
The thoughts would come, and your mind would latch onto them, and you would
start to use your mind to think about them. And then you’d think that you weren’t
supposed to be doing that. You were supposed to be sitting watching your breath, so
you’d go back to that until the next thought came along and caught your mind.
You meditated for five minutes a day for the first week, ten the second, fifteen
the third and on the fourth week settled into meditating for twenty minutes each day.
Twenty was what was recommended, so that became your routine. You started sleeping
better, and your worry thoughts didn’t seem so worrisome. It was a small difference,
but life’s edginess was softening. You started making time to meditate for two minutes
here and there, during your lunch hours, or late at night, before bed, sometimes going
outside and sitting quietly for five minutes, just to feel that sense of calmness, which
was growing in your life.
You’d read about the importance of the pubococcgeal muscles, at the floor of your
pelvis, for controlling your ejaculations. You wanted more control in bed. Ever since
first starting sex your ejaculations often surprised you. You’d be making hot love and
all of a sudden you were on the edge of a cliff, and one more thrust pushed you off
and then you fell into an uninvited squirt. It was more pleasurable when the freedom
of release came after a long build up, when you steamrolled toward the end with ever-
increasing fervor, until the rumbling came, fireworks at the end of an awesome sports
You figured if you could experience more orgasms like that you and your lover
would enjoy sex more.
So you started to clench your muscles “down there,” stopping your urine stream,
whenever you went to the bathroom. You’d clench seven times every time you urinated,

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

even if you’d run out of urine. You liked controlling your urine. And it was amazing
how quickly you felt the muscles down there become stronger. Within a month you
were shooting your urine out with much greater force. You were experiencing your
body responding to your mind’s direction; your attention was focused on your pelvic
floor, so your energy was flowing there.You were gaining control of your thoughts
through mediation, and gaining control of the way your body released fluid from your
penis. And it was starting to reshape the way you moved through the world.
Your first attempts at using your newfound pubococcgeal strength to control your
ejaculations failed. By the time you’d realized you needed to do something to stop
yourself from coming, the sex energy was so hot you could have tied your penis with
barbed wire and it still would have shot like a wild cannon.
On the positive side, your ejaculations were more pleasurable. Stronger pc muscles
made for stronger orgasms.
Then you’d read that most successful people woke up early. They used the
morning hours to craft their reality, using their imaginations to vividly see what they
wanted to happen in their lives. They knew that thoughts were things. They had energy.
Using thoughts, they harnessed the unseen forces underlying all of existence to shape
existence. And then they would go out into the world and make it happen.
Most people had a casual relationship with the unseen forces underlying existence,
the “field of potentiality” from whence the material world manifested. You’d been that
way, too. But the meditation had deepened your awareness of the two worlds, the
one you could feel, hear, touch, taste and smell, and the one where everything in that
world came from. So you started to visualize what you wanted to happen: a new car,
a promotion at work, checks in the mail, and a more beautiful relationship with your
lover. The results weren’t immediate, but you were into energy work now. You’d seen
it working in your sex life, and you had faith it would work to bring you what you
wanted in other areas, too.
You liked what the pc workouts were doing for you, so you decided to try some

191 www.energysexuality.com
Bonus II / The Ninja Lover’s Training Manual

other energy exercises. To make time you got up a half hour earlier, before meditating.
You chose energy cultivation exercises created thousands of years ago in China.
Before, at the gym, you strained and sweated against weights and your body got bigger
and harder. Now you were bringing energy into yourself using breath and movement.
It was an internal experience. Your body felt more spacious. You felt lighter and looser.
And you were aware of the amount of tension you carried in your penis, your pelvic
floor, your abdomen. The spaciousness allowed you to feel the energy in your body.
When you breathed energy into your belly, for example, your belly felt warmer. Your
body had become a river of energy where your mind directed the ebbing and flowing,
the rushing of rapids and the pooling behind dams.
Now when you made love the pc squeezes had an impact. If you stopped stroking
and pressed your pubic bone into your lover’s clitoris, rotating your pelvis, grinding
yourself against her, while at the same time squeezing and releasing your pc muscles,
your erection softened a bit. Some of the energy left it, interrupting the inevitable rush
toward spurting. At first this only prolonged your intercourse for a minute or two, but
this was exciting, representing a twenty percent increase in how long you lasted.
Your lover was pleased.
You took a shower every day before work. Spurred on by your successes (not only
were you lasting longer in bed, but that promotion had come through, just like you had
imagined), you decided to spend an extra ten minutes in the shower exercising your
penis. You’d worked on your biceps, triceps, delts, quads and pecs in the past, and now
you were wondering why you’d never exercised your mansword.
The first time you lathered your neither regions, massaged your testicles, and
pulled on your shaft while sticking out your tongue, you didn’t notice much difference.
But like other forms of energy work, you trusted the results would come. After all, you
were putting a lot of attention on your privates three times a week. The energy had to
flow there.
The results came surprisingly fast. Within a month you noticed that when you

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

walked you could feel your penis slapping against your inner thigh for the first time in
your life. When you checked in the mirror you hung lower. You looked thicker. And
you could feel a tingling in your balls when you toweled off after a shower.
Two months into your cock exercises you were making love when your lover
moaned, “God, you’re so big…” The next morning you pulled harder.
Three months into your shaft tugging your lover was performing fellatio on you.
You looked down, and like a proud father saw a penis that was longer, thicker and
harder than you’d ever remembered.
Your lover said she sensed a new calmness and sense of purpose in you. She said
she felt like you were more focused on what you wanted out of life, and that turned
her on. And she said you weren’t so automatic in bed. She loved your new move
where you pressed yourself against her clitoris and swirled your penis in her instead
of thrusting from start to finish.
You decided to add massage to your foreplay repertoire. When you surprised your
lover with a gift-wrapped bottle of massage oil on a dinner date her eyes sparkled.
“You mean you’re going to massage me?” she asked in disbelief. You knew you
were on the right track. Your first half hour massage was far from professional, but
she loved it. She loved that you would do that for her. When you made love afterwards
she had a orgasm within three minutes of you entering her. You were both surprised.
You got better at massaging her, and she started to massage you, too. This completely
changed foreplay. Instead of a predictable trajectory, the time before intercourse
became a relaxed, creative enjoyment of each other’s bodies. There was time for
conversation and laughter, so that by the time intercourse came you were much more
relaxed, even with your harder, longer penis. And this let you use your pc squeezes
and pelvic grinding moves to prolong how long you could be in her sweet wetness
before you came. Sex got better and better.
Every once in a while you massaged her feet, and didn’t expect sex in return. This
was big. Your lover became sweeter and noticeably easier to get along with.

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Bonus II / The Ninja Lover’s Training Manual

You read a book on how to massage your lover’s vagina. Your foreplay massages
went from playing with a small box of Crayons to painting lush canvases with a
36-color oil paint set. Foreplay became a time when your lover could slip into states
of pleasure and bliss she’d never experienced before. She would come and come and
come again, sometimes for more than an hour. By the time you penetrated her with
your flesh cannon she came for you as easily as letting go of a deep breath. You
weren’t concerned about if she was getting enough pleasure. She was getting pleasure
she never knew existed.
You started visualizing circulating energy in your body and your lover’s body.
After your morning exercises you added this visualization to the visions of what you
wanted to bring from the world of unseen energy to the world of the senses: Your lover
was beneath you. Your body pressed hers into the bed. You had spread her arms to the
side, so that the palms of your hands pinned hers against the bed. Your thighs were
deep within her spread legs, your pelvis pressing hers inches into the mattress below.
You could tell she could feel your mass pressing against her as you pinned her, forcing
her to feel every inch of your implement penetrate her to your short hairs.
She was coming, but instead of her rapture spurring you to an ejaculation, you
were concentrated on breathing energy from above your head, down the front of your
body, to the penis buried in the love glove underneath you. As you exhaled you brought
the energy up the back of your body to the top of your head, then again back down.
As you meditated, visualizing the scene, you practiced the breath: down the front,
up the back. After your ninth breath you’d breathe the energy down the front of you,
but this time as you breathed out you clenched your pc muscles and imagined shooting
the energy up your lover’s spine. In your mind she responded by crying out as the
energy exploded in her brain, sending her off, out of her body. When you breathed in
again you imagined sucking the energy down the front of her, into her wet sweetness,
and this time she groaned in deep pleasure. You meditated/visualized like this for five
minutes, imagining she was pinned beneath you, exploded in ecstasy, as you circulated

Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage

energy through her.

It took some time, but now when you made love it was an energetic event. You
often started by kissing her lips, but from then on anything might happen. She was so
open for you, so relaxed under your hands and mouth. She orgasmed so easily, let the
pleasure she was feeling come out of her in moans and whimpers and screams. There
wasn’t any hurry.
She told you she never felt so safe with anyone. She was telling you how great
you were, showing you appreciation in ways she never had before. She complained
a lot less; the attempts to change you nearly evaporated. Your life had become easier.
Your old sexual patterns faded away. Now when you were close to coming you
slowed your stroke, or clenched your pc muscles, or rotated your hips instead of
thrusting, or pulled out and used your fingers or your mouth for awhile. If you did
get pushed off the cliff into an ejaculation you would pull out, and squeeze mightly,
bringing the energy up your spine, and instead of spurting a handful of jism on the
sheets, only a bit would dribble out the end of your penis. Even when this happened
your refractory period, that time when you couldn’t get an erection even though you
were turned on, shortened dramatically. Soon you were back in the saddle.
It had taken time, like any skill, to come to this point. You were far from a master.
But your sexual skills were far beyond any of your buddies. And every once in awhile,
because you were open to it all, you’d kiss her lips, then her neck, and then your hands
and mouth would find her breasts, and then her vagina, until she was hot and wet and
panting…and then you’d enter her, thrusting slowly at first, but building to a hard and
fast banging of her love drum, until you felt the rumble and the release, and then the
Until the world came back in and you had your way with it.

Blessings On Your Journey

Dr. Leonard
195 www.energysexuality.com