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Resume Writing Principles

1. Utilize spellchecker, but do not depend on it. Be sure to proofread, and to have others proofread for
spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Note: spell checker does not catch errors in all capital letters.
2. Do your homework in order to know your audience. Write your resume to match relevant skills, abilities
and accomplishments related to each position and employer.
3. Market yourself effectively by selling your features and benefits. Use customized headings to draw
greater attention to your experiences. For example: customer service experience, marketing experience,
leadership experience, research experience, etc.
4. Be unique! Present your experiences and skills in a professional and visually appealing manner that is
consistent with the industry and the company/organization to which you are applying.
5. Select the appropriate presentation format: chronological, combination, or functional.
a. Chronological: emphasizes employment in reverse chronological order beginning with your most
recent job experience working back, keying in on responsibilities and specific achievements.
Who should use this format? Those with a strong employment history.
b. Functional: hones in on specific accomplishments and qualifications at the beginning of the
resume, and correlates those to the job to which they are applying.
Who should use this format? Those who are changing careers, have employment gaps or have
little related experience in the field to which they are applying.
c. Combination: part functional and part chronological and is a powerful presentation format. At
the beginning of the resume you will address your values, credentials and qualifications
(functional aspect), followed by supporting documentation in your employment section
(chronological component).
Who should use this format? Those with a need to express specific skills and accomplishments
that may not be noticeably highlighted in their employment history.
6. Include relevant experiences such as education, employment, relevant experience, volunteer experience,
campus involvement, athletics, community service, honors and awards, and computer skills
7. Avoid using personal pronouns and using “I” statements.
8. Do not include salary history or compensation requirements. The cover letter is made for this purpose if
required by the potential employer, but if not required do not include.
9. Always send a corresponding cover letter with your resume.
10. Maintain honesty.
11. Eliminate wordiness and keep resume to one or two full pages.
12. Avoid ambiguities and generalities.
13. Stay away from templates and prepared formats; they make the resume difficult to reconstruct and edit.
14. Maintain consistency throughout your entire resume. Pay close attention to fonts, spacing and
15. Do not list or refer to your references on your resume, simply include a separate reference page with
3-5 contacts.
16. Use a variety of action verbs to begin each skill phrase. It is commonly recommended to write all action
verbs in past tense.
17. Use a heavy weight resume paper in a professional color like ivory or white.

Taken From: Block, Jay A., and Michael Betrus. 1st ed. United States: McGraw-Hill, 1997. 182.

24 East Hathorn Hall ~ (715) 425-3572 ~ www.uwrf.edu/ccs

Common Resume Elements
You want your name to clearly standout; to do so use a larger, bolded font. Your address should not contain
abbreviations (other than the state in which you live). Provide a phone number where you have a professional
sounding voice mail. Add an email address that you check frequently and that is professional (not
partygirl@hotmail.com). Include a website if it’s completed and current, do not state “under construction.”

Example: 111 East Avenue

River Falls, WI 54022
(715) 555-4527
Jack L. Johnson Web Portfolio: www.uwrf.edu/~w11234567

An employment objective should be stated only if you have a specific career goal in mind or if you know the
exact title of the position for which you are applying. It should be concise, not flowery and philosophical. The
objective is an optional part of your resume; however, it should be included and clearly stated in your cover

To obtain a Marketing Assistant position at General Mills

Summary of Qualifications/Accomplishments
This is an overview of the qualifications and accomplishments, highlighting skills which support your job
objective. It is an optional part of the resume, but can be very effective in focusing the attention of the
employer. Include key skills and related accomplishments.

General Example:
• 3 years of banking and customer service experience
• Fundamental knowledge in business including accounting, marketing, and finance
• Proficient in Quark Xpress, InDesign, iMovie, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Office Suite

You are only required to list the institution from which you will receive a degree or your certification. To
properly document your degree or certification, state the name of the institution, degree/certification earned,
field of study, and the date or anticipated date of graduation. If you are worried about age discrimination, do not
list your date of graduation. Upon entering college it is appropriate to omit your high school diploma. Only list
your high school degree if you are applying for a job at the same high school.

Undergraduate Education Example

Master of Science in Management
Bachelor of Social Work University of Wisconsin-River Falls, December 2008
University of Wisconsin-River Falls, May 2008
GPA 3.54/4.0, Dean’s List Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Emphasis in Marketing
Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication University of Wisconsin-River Falls, May 2010
Minor: English
University of Wisconsin-River Falls, May 2009 Associate in Applied Science
Program: Meeting and Event Management
2 Fox Valley Technical College, May 2006
Since employers will read your resume from top to bottom, it is best to highlight your most relevant
experience(s) first, followed by your other experiences. Make sure to arrange your experiences in order of
importance based on the specific positions for which you are applying. Do not feel limited to only paid
experiences, volunteer experiences count too.

The bulleted statements used to describe your work experiences are called skill phrases. Effective skill phrases
are the most important part of your resume and also take the most time to perfect. There are several different
formats for writing them, but in general we recommend that skill phrases: 1.) Begin with an action verb (similar
to those listed on the next page), 2.) Highlight a specific and unique skill or experience, and 3.) Somehow
quantify the result.

Human Resources Intern, Target, Minneapolis, MN Summer 2005

• Maintained confidential employee files and explained employee benefits to new staff
• Designed and facilitated new employee orientation to make new hires feel welcome and provide new
hires with position and company information
• Maintained payroll for 120 employees including related tax reporting and cash flow management

Floor Supervisor, Hilton Airport Hotel, St. Paul, MN 1999-Present

• Managed and delegated responsibilities among 50 staff members on a daily basis
• Provided customer hospitality by answering questions and requests in a pleasant and timely manner
• Increased efficiency of staff through bilingual skills and serving as a translator

Customer Service Representative, State Farm Insurance, Edina, MN 2004-2006

• Dealt with all aspects of marketing, sales, application, underwriting, and claims as part of two person
team in beginning insurance company
• Designed, advertised and marketed layouts to increase revenue
• Completed payroll and agent’s expense account reimbursements on a bi-weekly basis
• Developed computerized accounting system independently to improve the efficiency of the office

List organizational memberships related to your career goals and show professional standings. Be mindful that
employers may have different views on religion and certain political affiliations, so leaving strong political and
religious opinions off your resume may be something to consider. If you would like to include it, consider doing
it without mentioning the specific affiliation.

Member, Smiles 4 Kids, 2003-Present
Participant, Political Campaign, 2006
Member, Business Association, 2004-Present
Hospitality Chair, Phi Theta Kappa, 2005-Present
Member, UWRF Habitat for Humanity, 2004-Present

Awards/ Honors/Recognition
Let the employer know of any awards or recognition you may have received (such as “employee of the month,”
etc.), if it is timely and appropriate.

Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society Chancellor’s Award, 2006
Junior Merit for academic achievement Dean’s List
Suggested Resume Headings
Most individuals are surprised to learn that there are many different ways to organize the information you include on a
resume. Ideally, your resume should be organized to highlight relevant experiences and activities. Below is a sampling of
appropriate resume headings.

Objective: Relevant Experience:

• Objective • Any keyword to summarize like experiences
• Job Objective • Business Experience
• Career Objective • Accounting Experience
• Professional Objective • Customer Service Experience
• Marketing Experience
Qualifications & Accomplishments: • Research Experience
• Career Profile • Professional Background
• Areas of Effectiveness • Employment History
• Areas of Knowledge • Work History
• Areas of Expertise • Employment
• Background Highlights • Related Experience
• Career Highlights • Internships
• Professional Skills • Volunteer Experience
• Summary of Qualifications • Leadership Experience
• Experience Summary • Management Experience
• Experience Highlights • Military Experience
• Achievements
• Career Achievements Other Related Experience:
• International Study
Education: • Travel Abroad
• Education • Technology
• Educational Background • Language Competencies
• Educational Preparation • Presentations
• Academic Background • Publications
• Academic Training • Conferences Attended
• Special Training
• Certification Activities & Memberships:
• Credentials • Civic Activities
• Educational Highlights • Professional Activities
• Course Highlights • Community Activities
• International Study • College Activities
• Senior Research Project • Membership
• Professional Organizations
Awards & Honors: • Professional Memberships
• Activities • Professional Affiliations
• Honors and Distinctions • Campus Involvement
• Special Honors • Campus Leadership
• College Distinctions • Community Service
• Scholarships
• Honors and Awards

Action Verbs & Self-Descriptive Words
Teaching Skills: collaborated decreased classified advertised determined
adapted counseled delegated collected arbitrated diplomatic
advised demonstrated developed compiled arranged disciplined
clarified diagnosed directed dispatched authored discreet
coached educated evaluated documented composed economical
communicated expedited executed executed corresponded efficient
coordinated facilitated hired generated developed energetic
developed familiarized improved implemented directed enterprising
enabled guided increased inspected drafted enthusiastic
encouraged handled interviewed installed edited extroverted
evaluated raised led judged enlisted friendly
explained referred managed monitored formulated helpful
facilitated rehabilitated organized operated influenced honest
guided represented oversaw organized interpreted loyal
informed planned prepared lectured mature
initiated Research Skills: prioritized processed mediated industrious
instructed clarified produced purchased moderated inventive
persuaded collected recommended recorded motivated logical
stimulated critiqued recruited retrieved negotiated loyal
taught diagnosed reviewed screened persuaded mature
tutored discovered scheduled specified presented methodical
evaluated strengthened supplied promoted objective
Creative Skills: examined supervised synthesized proposed optimistic
acted experimented verified publicized opportunistic
built extracted Technical Skills: reconciled personable
conceptualized identified appealed Financial Skills: recruited pleasant
constructed inspected assembled allocated translated positive
created interpreted built analyzed wrote practical
designed investigated calculated appraised precise
developed organized computed audited Self-Descriptive productive
drew reviewed designed balanced Words: quick
established summarized devised budgeted active rational
fashioned surveyed engineered calculated adaptable realistic
founded systematized fabricated computed aggressive reflective
illustrated tested maintained controlled ambitious reliable
instituted operated developed analytical resourceful
integrated Management overhauled estimated assertive respective
introduced Skills: programmed forecasted attentive responsible
invented acquired remodeled funded broad-minded self-confident
marketed administered repaired managed capable self-reliant
originated analyzed solved marketed competent sensible
performed assigned trained planned competitive sense of humor
produced attained upgraded projected confident sincere
attended purchased conscientious sophisticated
Helping Skills: centralized consistent
Detail Skills: researched successful
assessed chaired constructive
approved supportive
assisted contracted creative
arranged Communication
clarified consolidated dependable
authorized Skills:
coached coordinated addressed descriptive
What Employers Seek
• Communication skills ● Organizational skills
• Honesty/integrity ● Leadership skills
• Interpersonal skills (relates well to others) ● Self-confidence
• Motivation/initiative ● Friendly/outgoing personality
• Strong work ethic ● Tactfulness
• Teamwork skills (works well with others) ● Well-mannered/polite
• Computer skills ● Creativity
• Analytical skills ● GPA (3.0 or better)
• Flexibility/adaptability ● Entrepreneurial skills/risk-taker
• Detail-oriented ● Sense of humor
• Bilingual skills

Taken from: NACE: Job Outlook 2007: Employers Name Communication, Honesty/Integrity as Key Candidate Skills/Qualities.

Writing Effective Skills Phrases

Effective skill phrases are the most important part of your resume. There are several different formats for writing
them, but in general we recommend that skill phrases: 1.) Begin with an action verb, 2.) Highlight a specific and
unique skill or experience, and 3.) Somehow quantify the result. It is important that you try to include “buzzwords”
related to the industry to which you are applying. Do not be afraid to allow your skill phrases to be more than one
line long. A good skill phrase is concise, but also complete.

• Trained employees
• Helped customers
• Managed farm

• Trained front line food service staff members
• Developed rapport with clients which increased customer relations and sales
• Managed 50 head of dairy cattle on farm

• Conducted new hire orientations to help acclimate new restaurant employees by touring facility, explaining
policies, completing necessary paperwork, and answering questions
• Assisted customers by answering questions, locating merchandise, and resolving conflicts in a professional
manner which increased floor sales by 14%
• Managed a herd of 50 high producing cows by following daily milking procedures to ensure high quality milk

Scannable Resumes
The resume you are working so hard to create is designed to appeal to, and be read quickly by, the human eye.
However, many employers use scanning technology to scan hard copy resumes into a database from which they can
be retrieved later. Resumes designed for scanning must be compatible with the “computer eye.”
In some methods of scanning, your resume is viewed as a graphic image and then re-converted into text. Things
that can interfere with your document being successfully read and converted include italics, underlining, and
shading. We use the term “scannable resume,” to refer to a document that avoids features that could cause
misreading of your text.
Do You Need a Scannable Resume?
This depends on the kinds of employers to whom you apply. Large organizations that receive a huge volume of
resumes need to store resumes electronically. They may scan resumes received on paper, or they may ask all
applicants to submit resumes on-line or via e-mail. It is critical to read employers’ web sites for instructions
about how they prefer to receive resumes. If you can’t find this information, ask the employer-by phone or e-
mail, as appropriate.
If you can’t find or get instructions from the employer, you have two options:
1. Send two versions of your resume. Send a purely scannable resume and your standard resume.
2. Send one resume that avoids features (shading, italics, etc.) that could interfere with scanning.
Scannable Resume Formatting
The following are tips which will help you to create a resume that appeals to the human eye, but which avoids some
of the formatting elements that could be misread by scanners:
• Do not use italics, underlining, shading, or other unusual enhancements.
• You may use bold or ALL CAPITAL letters, but make sure the individual characters don’t touch each
• On font style: use a sans serif font, like Arial or Tahoma. These are fonts that don’t have the small strokes
(serifs) on the edge of each letter.
• Use a font size of 10, 11, or 12.
• Do not use vertical or horizontal lines, graphics, or boxes.
• Avoid two-column format or resumes that look like newspapers or newsletters.
• For hard copy:
o Laser printed on white or very light paper; no flecks or heavy paper
o Do not fold or use staples
• For e-mailing: If the employer (web site or other instructions) hasn’t given you exact preferences, do both of
the following to be safe:
o Attach your scanner-friendly resume as an MS Word document or .PDF and
o Include the text (with no font or formatting enhancements) in the body of your email.

Emailing Resumes
Emailing resumes is common and appropriate. Before you do so, check the employer’s web site for instructions on
how to do so, or ask the employer for the preferred method. Do your research before sending your resume. If you
send a resume that an employer can’t retrieve or read, don’t expect to hear back from them; employers are simply
too busy. If you can’t find instructions, send your resume in two formats. Attach your resume as an MS Word
document or .PDF and include the text, minus font enhancements, in the body of your e-mail. Explain to the
employer that you have done so to provide options.

Critiquing Guidelines
• Is it neat, concise, and easy to read?
• Do topic headings (and your name!) stand out? Are the heading formats consistent?
• Is your resume free of typographical errors and misspelled words?
• Is the resume well-organized and professional looking?
• Is the most important information for the job to which you are applying at the top of your resume?
• If more than one phone number and address is included, is it clear when each is to be used?
• Have you presented schools, degrees, areas of concentration, relevant academic experiences, courses, honors?
• Have you included all experiences that project skills, accomplishments, and show results (noting facts
and figures when appropriate)?
• Do your statements start with action verbs?
• Does your resume match your best skills with the needs of the employer?
• Are experiences grouped according to topics that relate to your goals or objectives?
• Have you presented experiences in reverse chronological order? If not, is there logic behind the presentation?
• Have you presented your skills in the language of potential employers, industry, or profession?
• Have you listed appropriate activities, noting leadership positions?
• Did you leave out personal information that could be viewed negatively, or used to discriminate against you?
• Are you sure your resume is not exaggerated?

Reference List
Use the same header on your reference page that you used for your resume and cover letter. You should have 3 - 5
references, depending on how many are requested of you by an employer. Your references can be past employers,
coaches, volunteer coordinators, supervisors, and professors. Prospective employers are not interested in personal
references. Make sure you ask each reference for permission before you include them on your list, and tell them
what kind of jobs you will be applying for and what skills you want them to emphasize if contacted. References
appreciate receiving updates on your progress and may be able to provide leads on employment opportunities
throughout the process.
Step One
NAME • Make sure that your page heading is identical to
Address your resume and cover letter.
City, State, Zip
Phone Step Two
Email • Under your heading, after a couple of spaces, label
your document as “References” or “Professional
Name of Reference
Job Title of Reference Step Three
Name of Company • List your references, with spaces separating each
Address separate person, indicating name of person, their
Telephone Number title, relationship to you, and contact information.
Email You may also include one or two sentences
explaining their relationship to you.
Name of Reference
Job Title of Reference Step Four (Optional)
Name of Company • If you have short quotes from performance reviews
Address or letters of recommendation, you may include
Telephone Number those (see page 9 for an example).
Email 8
Reference Example with Quotes
Meredith Vieira
123 Rockefeller Plaza ● New York, NY 54755 ● (715) 425-1111 ● Meredith.Vieira@todayshow.com


Matt Lauer
Co-Instructor for Puentes/Bridge to Mexico
College of Business and Economics
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
410 South Third Street
River Falls, WI 54022
(715) 425-3941

“Students respect her, enjoy her, and trust her judgment. So do I. Because of her many talents, her insightful
thoughts related to improving future trips, her interest and assistance with the trip revenues and expenses, and
because of her ability to work with others, I asked Meredith to help me lead this trip again. She is a capable and
likable person, and I value her company and professional talents.”

Ann Curry
Former Supervisor
Pierce County Economic Development Corporation
410 South Third Street
River Falls, WI 54022
(715) 555-1263

“I recruited Meredith to work for my team for several reasons: she impressed me with her ability to learn new skills
quickly, her ability to effectively train and manage employees while maintaining her workload, and her strong work
ethics. While working for our company, Meredith has proven to be hardworking and dedicated, and she had a
positive attitude that was contagious. She has been a delight to work with and an excellent role model for others.”

Al Roker
Dean of Students
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
410 South Third Street
River Falls, WI 54022
(715) 425-3711

“Meredith works collaboratively, creatively, and harmoniously. She takes strong leadership roles and proves
herself to be most effective. Very importantly, there have been various on-campus endeavors these past five years
where Meredith has gone “above and beyond the call of duty” to serve the University. These are initiatives where
Meredith exceeded beyond our expectations and joined to serve the broader institutional community-especially in
her efforts to advance awareness heightening and education in the area of multicultural diversity.”

Cameron Diaz
Standard Reference Example

Current: 123 Holiday Road ♦ Apartment Number 65 ♦ Hollywood, CA 12345 ♦ (715) 555-1234
Permanent: 198 Ogre Drive ♦ Fairytale, AL 50046 ♦ (604) 123-4567 ♦ fiona@princess.edu

Professional References
Mr. Justin Timberlake
Musician and Songwriter
Virgin Records
1900 Nsync Avenue
New York, NY 10056
(506) 555-4654

Columbia Studios
200 Ogre Boulevard
Fairytale, AL 50046
(604) 555-4785

Mr. Jack Black

Comedian and Actor
Comedy Central
1430 Nacho Libre Way
Hollywood, CA 90045
(304) 555-4563

Mr. Matt Dillon

Warner Brothers
1743 Something About Mary Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 50012
(690) 555-8965

Mr. Jim Carrey

Paramount Pictures
1111 The Mask Way
Los Angeles, CA 90078
(302) 555-2115

Chronological Resume
Cameron Diaz
Current: 123 Holiday Road ♦ Apartment Number 65 ♦ Hollywood, CA 12345 ♦ (715) 555-1234
Permanent: 198 Ogre Drive ♦ Fairytale, AL 50046 ♦ (604) 123-4567 ♦ fiona@princess.edu

Bachelor of Social Work
University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF), May 2007
Major GPA 3.5/4.0


Advocate, Turningpoint for Domestic Abuse, River Falls, WI 2003-Present
♦ Provided advocacy for in-house clients including regulation of medication, and searching for
financial, emotional, and social resources
♦ Counseled clients in individual and group settings to effectively address concerns and questions
♦ Answered 24-hour hotline to provide counseling referral information and advocacy
♦ Interacted with children to ensure comfort and adjustment to new surroundings
♦ Assured that clients immediate and long term needs were met throughout their stay at the shelter
♦ Reviewed the house rules with clients on a weekly basis to ensure safety and understanding
♦ Documented every phone call to maintain state and national funding
♦ Conversed with co-workers to ensure conformity with information regarding clients
♦ Learned to set boundaries and handle conflict in a positive and professional manner

Career Peer Advisor, Career Services, River Falls, WI 2005-Present
♦ Assisted a wide range of students and alumni with various career advice such as cover letter and
resume writing and creating a professional portfolio
♦ Conducted and assisted in career workshops on resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and
interviewing skills given to students on the University campus
♦ Collaborated with a team of six other peer advisors on projects such as bulletin boards, career
handouts and various activities on campus
Desk Worker, Buck Hill Ski School, Burnsville, MN 1999-Present
♦ Facilitated answers to questions for a diverse population of customers as well as helped them
register for their appropriate ski school classes
♦ Answered phone calls and an array of questions regarding company information and policies
♦ Collaborated and prioritized with co-workers to determine tasks for the day, such as display case
arrangements and ski equipment clean up
♦ Assigned lessons to ski and snowboard instructors to ensure customer satisfaction
Information Specialist, UWRF Career, Counseling and Student Health, River Falls, WI 2003-2005
♦ Maintained control of the office which included supervising a staff of three when the supervisor
was out of the office
♦ Trained three staff members on the operations of the office, from phone etiquette to data entry


Member, University of Wisconsin-River Falls Student Social Work Association, 2006-Present
Volunteer, Kids’ Care Center, River Falls, WI, 2005-Present
Volunteer, Kinnickinnic Domestic Abuse Shelter, River Falls, WI, 2005-Present

Chronological Resume
Current Address:
1009 16th Street
BILL COSBY Permanent Address:
20401 Huxtable Drive
River Falls, WI 54022 Prescott, WI 55460
(715) 425-2222 (715) 444-4444

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, May 2006
Minor in Business Administration
University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF)

Sales Manager Assistant/Production Manager Assistant, The Plant Agency, Encinitas, CA Summer 2005
• Supervised 30 employees and created additional training opportunities to ensure quality work
• Commended on providing a positive work atmosphere which increased employee motivation and output
• Coordinated schedules for 30 employees, and disciplined tardiness or absenteeism when appropriate
• Communicated with co-workers of very diverse backgrounds
Nursery Assistant Intern, Krueger Nursery, Hixton, WI Summer 2004
• Recommended specific plants based on customer’s needs/wants, which increased customer satisfaction and sales
• Assisted in lot organization and sales, therefore making the plants easier to find and sell
• Strengthened my identification skills of ornamental plants
• Upgraded the nursery’s planting beds to increase the aesthetics of the area
• Maintained the ornamental plants therefore allowing them to grow to their full ability
Landscaping Maintenance Technician, Frei Built Homes, Whitehall, WI Summer 2003
• Designed landscape plans for lots, which resulted in a more natural and comfortable setting
• Discussed maintenance requirements of certain plants, increasing their chances of survival
• Communicated with renters about their landscaping needs to ensure a desirable atmosphere
• Installed landscaping hardscapes, such as edging and concrete paths
Turf and Plant Care Provider, Staff Residence, Whitehall, WI Lifetime
• Developed a love for the outdoors and nature
• Developed an interest in plants and horticulture practices
• Designed a large perennial planting bed
• Successfully maintained the lawn and landscape by utilizing a lawnmower, rototiller, and tractor
• Assisted in general farm labor: planting, weeding, spraying, watering, etc.


Horticulture Tutor, Academic Success Center, River Falls, WI Feb. 2003-Present
Sales Floor Team Member, Target, Hudson, WI Sept. 2002-Present
Sales Associate, Kohl’s, Eau Claire, WI & Woodbury, MN Sept. 2000-Aug. 2002


UWRF Horticulture Society
Minnesota State Horticulture Society
Perennial Plant Association
Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association
Functional Resume
David Beckham
1345 Grand Avenue St. Paul, MN 55105 (651) 555-1212 DBeckham@yahoo.com

Bachelor of Science in Broad Area Agriculture
Minor in Speech Communications
University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF), May 2006

Admissions/University Life Experience
ƒ Visited high schools and college fairs as an Admissions Office Representative to recruit prospective students
and inform them about what UWRF had to offer them
ƒ Coordinated Campus Visit Day and UWRF facility reservations
ƒ Interviewed, selected, trained and scheduled University tour guides
ƒ Trained, managed, and directed a staff of six Summer Orientations Assistants
ƒ Developed and taught two credit, “Orientation to College,” course with faculty advisor. This course was
designed to increase 23 probationary freshmen and sophomore students chances of academic success
ƒ Served on the UWRF Involvement Committee to help develop links between students ad mentors
ƒ Selected the new University Vice Chancellor as one of two student Search & Screen Committee members
ƒ Responsible for booking various campus concerts and lectures while serving on the UWRF Concerts and
Lectures Committee
ƒ Organized the UWRF Unity in the Community celebration, which was designed to help educate and expose the
community to the diversity of the campus, and to assist in eliminating racial tensions
Communications/Public Relations Experience
ƒ Selected from over 75 applicants to serve as the Minnesota Pork Producers Association Ambassador and
attended the Pork Leadership Institute held in Des Moines and Washington D.C.
ƒ Represented the Minnesota Pork Producer’s Association and spoke about the pork industry for different age
groups and on various agricultural radio and television programs
ƒ Developed various pork industry related articles which appeared in periodicals such as Pork News
ƒ Supervised the Minnesota State Fair Oink Booth and educated consumers about the pork industry
ƒ Developed an employee handbook for the South Central Veterinary Association
ƒ Performed all aspects of weekly newspaper advertising including selling, laying out, and designing ads while
working for The Student Voice

MPPA Pork Ambassador, Minnesota Pork Producers Association, Mankato, MN Jan. 2005-Feb. 2006
Admissions Intern, Admissions Office, UWRF Sept. 2004-May 2006
Summer Orientation Student Assistant, Admissions Office, UWRF Summer 2004
Ad Executive/Ad Layout Specialist, and Designer, The Student Voice, UWRF Sept. 2003-Nov. 2004
Veterinary Technician Assistant, South Central Veterinary Associates, Wells, MN Summer 2002-2003

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher

New Student Orientation Advisor, UWRF Admissions Office
Mentor, River Falls Area Youth Center
Manager, UWRF Baseball Team
Functional Resume

112 Jenny’s Block
10 Selena Circle
The Bronx, NY 54016 River Falls, WI 54022
(715) 425-4254 j.lopez@gmail.com (715) 715-7157

• Five years successful experience in sales
• Solid communication skills in English and Spanish
• Creative and resourceful in generating new ideas and solving problems
• Special talent for quickly developing rapport and relating with people
• Highly experienced with Microsoft Office: Access, Power Point, Publisher, and Word
• Hardworking and highly motivated
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Emphasis in Marketing
University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF), December 2007
McNair Scholar


• Helped 3M build customer relations by conducting 200+ phone interviews to assess customer needs
• Created a loyalty program for 3M customers, which consisted of gathering data, meeting with clients, and
working on a team of 3 to complete the program
• Successfully encouraged repeat business by providing outstanding customer service on a daily basis
• Completed self-study course “Selling Skills” that enhanced my persuasive selling skills
• Assisted customers with information about quality and prices, and helped them locate items
• Ensured customer satisfaction by assisting customers with questions and concerns, which increased floor
sales by 14%

• Created an Access database for 3M to communicate effectively with customers
• Experienced in developing rapport with a diverse population of customers to meet their individual needs
• Designed flyers and signs used to promote campus events to various student groups and organizations
• Raised more than $500 through fund raising for a nonprofit organization that provided assistance to children
with disabilities


Marketing Intern, 3M Puerto Rico Inc, Carolina, Puerto Rico, 2007
Sales Associate, Fashion Bazaar, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2006
Sales Associate, Infinito, Humacao, Puerto Rico, 2004-2005
Sales Associate, Aloha, Puerto Rico, 2005

Member, Business Association, UWRF
Member, Alpha Sigma Alpha, UWRF
Member, International Club, UWRF
Participated in the National Student Exchange Program, UWRF
Combination Resume
Meredith Vieira
123 Rockefeller Plaza ● New York, NY 54755 ● (715) 425-1111 ● Meredith.Vieira@todayshow.com

OBJECTIVE: To obtain the Internal Communications Assistant position at General Mills

Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communications and Journalism - News/Editorial Emphasis
Minor: Professional Writing
University of Wisconsin - River Falls (UWRF), May 2006
GPA: 3.06/4.0

Associate of Applied Science

Program: Meeting and Event Management
Fox Valley Technical College, December 2006

Publicity and Marketing Intern, UWRF Public Affairs Office, River Falls, WI, 2004 - Present
• Wrote, edited, and designed informational brochures, forms, newsletters, and press releases
• Initiated development of web site to educate faculty, staff, students, and the community on upcoming
campus events

Program Assistant - Tourism Intern, Pierce County Economic Development Corporation, Prescott, WI, 2004
• Assisted with the writing, organization, and design of the 2000 Picturesque Pierce County Tourism
assessment report as a member of the Pierce County Visitor Committee
• Created inventory of businesses and tourist attractions in Pierce County

Design Coordinator, UWRF Continuing Education Extension Office, River Falls, WI, 2002 - 2004
• Designed more than 20 brochures and posters for Extension classes and workshops
• Directed the production and design of the 2004 Summer Session Catalog
• Assisted with the production of the 2003 Summer Session Catalog
• Developed project ideas for brochures and catalogs, and successfully implemented ideas into creative
and helpful handouts

Proficient with the following computer software:
Macintosh: Aldus PageMaker 5.0 Claris Works
Microsoft Word Deneba ArtWorks
Studio 8
PC: WordPerfect for Windows 6.1 WordPerfect 5.1 and 6.0
Adobe PageMaker 6.0 Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint Adobe Illustrator 4.0
Adobe PhotoShop 3.0

Member of Society of Professional Journalists 1999 – Present
Fundraising Committee Chair Fall 2000
Publicity Manager for River Falls Community Theater Fall 2001