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, GHAddict's Minute of Madness
331Erock , Game of Thrones Meets Metal (150% Speed)
Acai28 (feat. Olivia) , Ocean Man
Aeon Bridge , Speed of Light (Stratovarius cover)
A-Ha , Take On Me
A-ha Covered by RichaardEB feat. Caleb Hyles , Take On Me
Alec and Olivia (Darkly's chart) , Through the Fire and Flames (Cover)
Alestorm , Anal Fucked With An Anchor In The Ass (XXX Edit)
Alestorm , Fronked With An Anchor (Disney Edit)
Allegaeon , Proponent For Sentience III: The Extermination (Ft. Bj�rn Strid & Benjamin Ellis)
Alter Bridge , Cry of Achilles
Alter Bridge , Cry Of Achilles (6 Frets)
Alter Bridge , Metalingus
Alter Bridge , Metalingus
Alter Bridge , Show Me A leader
Alustrium , The Illusion of Choice
Alustrium , The Illusion of Choice III: Thanatos
Amon Amarth , Twilight of the Thunder God
Andromeda , Veil of Illumination
Andy James , Angel of Darkness
Andy Xiong , I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry cover)
AngelMaker , The Curse Of The Earth
Angel's Erotic Solutions , Grapefruit Technique
Animals as Leaders , New Eden
Animals as Leaders , Song of Solomon
Arch Enemy , Nemesis
Arch Enemy , No More Regrets
Arch Enemy , The Book of Heavy Metal
Arch Enemy , War Eternal
Archspire , Spontaneous Generation
Ascension , Somewhere back in Time
Atreyu , Ex's and Oh's
Avenged Sevenfold , Afterlife
Avenged Sevenfold , Bat Country
Avenged Sevenfold , Beast and the Harlot
Avenged Sevenfold , Buried Alive
Avenged Sevenfold , Critical Acclaim (6 Fret Chart)
Avenged Sevenfold , Malaguena Salerosa (La Malaguena)
Avenged Sevenfold , Nightmare
Avenged Sevenfold , Seize The Day
Avenged Sevenfold , Shepard of Fire
Avenged Sevenfold , The Stage
Avenged Sevenfold , Welcome to the Family
Avicii , Wake Me Up (6 Fret Chart)
Ayako Saso, Shinji Hosoe , Tetris: The Grandmaster 3 Terror-Instinct Level OST
Baby Metal , Death
Baby Metal , Road of Resistance
Bag Raiders , Shooting Star
Beartooth , The Lines (6 Fret Chart)
Bill Nye , Bill Nye the Science Guy
Black Tide , Shockwave
Black Tide , Shockwave (6 Frets)
Black Veil Brides , Heart of Fire
Black Veil Brides , In The End
Blitz Lunar , Mathsma Attack
Blue , Quadzor
Brad Paisley , Time Warp (Adohu)
Buckethead , Jordan (6 Fret)
Buckethead , Roller Coaster Track Repair
Buckethead , Roller Coaster Track Repair
Buckethead , Sourced Astronomy
Bullet for My Valentine , Scream Aim Fire (125% speed)
Bullet For My Valentine , Scream Aim Fire
Bumblefoot , Real (Adohu)
C418 , Wet Hands (500% speed)
Caleb Hyles , Bring Me To Life (Ft. RichaadEb & ToxicXEternity)
Caleb Hyles , Fireflies (Ft. RichaadEb)
Capcom , Resident Evil Basement Theme
Carly Rae Jepson , Call Me Maybe
Cartoons , Witch Doctor (125%)
Cassetteboy , Cameron's Conference Rap
Catfish and the Bottlemen , 7
cerystbh , chair creaks for half a minute
Chaotrope , Chiasm (6 Fret)
Chaotrope , Entropy/Extropy
Chon , Elliptical Illuminations
Chon , Sleepy Tea
Chon , Story
CHON , Perfect Pillow
CHON , Waterslide
Coheed And Cambria , Welcome Home
Crash Bandicoot , Woah
Crash Bandicoot , Woah (N'sane Trilogy)
Crash Bandicoot , Woah Pt. 2
Crash Bandicoot , Woah Pt. 3 (Ft. Uka-Uka)
Crush 40 , Live and Learn
Crush 40 , Live and Learn
Daft Punk , Fragments of Time (feat. Todd Edwards)
Daft Punk , Get Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
Daft Punk , One More Time (Ultimate Party Edition)
Dead Cowboy's Sluts , Oak Trail
Death Grips , Eh
Death Grips , Get Got
Death Grips , Guillotine
Deep Purple , Child In Time
Def Leppard , Photograph (Live) (6 Fret)
Def Leppard , Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
DerganForks , Defenders
Disturbed , 3
Disturbed , Down With The Sickness
Disturbed , Inside the Fire
Disturbed , Stricken
Disturbed , Stricken (6 Fret)
Disturbed , The Vengeful One
DJ Khalied , I'm the One
Dokken , Mr. Scary
Don't play this song , A Blue Note at 1bpm
Doom , BFG Division
Dragonforce , Fury of The Storm
Dragonforce , Through The Fire And Flames (2%)
Dragonforce , Through the Fire and Flames (6 Fret Chart)
Dragonforce , Through the Fire and Flames (RB4 Chart)
DragonForce , Astral Empire
DragonForce , Astral Empire
DragonForce , Curse of Darkness
DragonForce , Curse of Darkness
DragonForce , Curse of Darkness
DragonForce , Fury of the Storm
DragonForce , Gloria
DragonForce , Heroes of our Time
DragonForce , Judgement Day
DragonForce , Judgement Day
DragonForce , Land of Shattered Dreams
DragonForce , Land of Shattered Dreams
DragonForce , Midnight Madness
DragonForce , Midnight Madness
DragonForce , Our Final Stand
DragonForce , Our Final Stand
DragonForce , Reaching Into Infinity - Ashes of the Dawn
DragonForce , Reaching Into Infinity - Ashes of the Dawn
DragonForce , Revolution Deathsquad
DragonForce , Silence
DragonForce , Silence
DragonForce , The Edge of the World
DragonForce , The Edge of the World
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (0 Fret)
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (3 Fret)
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (4 Fret)
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (Downstep)
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (Fliped note Properties)
DragonForce , Through the Fire and Flames (GHL Version)
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (GHL)
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (Green fliped with Yellow)
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (Mirror)
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (Orange fliped with Yellow)
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (Rek3dge Chart)
DragonForce , Through The Fire and Flames (Super Overchart)
DragonForce , WAR!
DragonForce , WAR!
DragonForce, 2006 , Revolution Deathsquad (125% Speed)
Dream Theater , Constant Motion
Dream Theater , Dance of Eternity
Dream Theater , Dance of the Rek3dge
Dream Theater , Dark Eternal Night
Dream Theater , Hollow Years (Live)
Dream Theater , In the Presence of Enemies
Dream Theater , Moment of Betrayal
Dream Theater , Panic Attack
Dream Theater , Panic Attack but LaBrie has mad asthma
Dream Theater , Pull Me Under
Dream Theater , The Glass Prison
Ed Sheeran , The A Team (Acoustic Version) (THIS IS ACTUALLY HARD TRUST ME)
Élan Vital , Unravel (TK from Ling tosite sigure cover)
Electrocution 250 , Fletcher The Mouse
Erwin Beekveld , They're Taking The Hobbits To Isengard
Escape the Fate , The Aftermath
Exile Lord, Covered by Halfduck , Soulless 4 (Guitar Cover)
ExileLord , Amalgamation
ExileLord , Arm Breaker
ExileLord , Broken Circus
ExileLord , Dream Sequence
ExileLord , Entropy
ExileLord , Epidox
ExileLord , Epidox
ExileLord , Exile's Hell
ExileLord , Exiles Minute Of Madness
ExileLord , Hellensoerensen
ExileLord , Hollow
ExileLord , Minds of the Mad
ExileLord , Misadventure
ExileLord , Nameless Song
ExileLord , Nightlight
ExileLord , Nightlight II
ExileLord , Obsidian
ExileLord , Quartz River (240bpm)
ExileLord , Shamblefrost
ExileLord , Soulless
ExileLord , Soulless 2
ExileLord , Soulless 3
ExileLord , Soulless 3 Redux
ExileLord , Soulless 4
ExileLord , Soulless 4
ExileLord , Soulless 4
ExileLord , Soulless 4 (125% Speed)
ExileLord , Soulless 4 with Open Notes
ExileLord , Soulless 6
ExileLord , Soulless Forces
ExileLord , Speed Test
ExileLord , Strumming Practice
ExileLord , Temple of the Temple
ExileLord , The Tree of Wat
ExileLord , Zig Zag Test
ExileLord , Zigman
Extreme , Play With Me
Fall Out Boy , This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race (6 Fret Chart)
Fall Out Boy , Uma Thurman (6 Fret Chart)
Falling In Reverse , Born to Lead
Falling In Reverse , Coming Home
Falling In Reverse , Wait and See
Five Finger Death Punch , Jekyll and Hyde
Fleshgod Apocalypse , The Violation
Foo Fighters , Best Of You
Foster the People , Pumped Up Kicks
Francesco Fareri , Francesco Fareri Solo Medley
Freezepop , Less Talk More Rokk (6 Frets)
Future , Mask Off
Galneryus , Destiny
Galneryus , Resurrection
Galneryus , Save You!
Galneryus , Still Loving You
Gamefreak , Pok�mon Medley
GaMetal , Dark Star
Gary Cancer , Get On My Horse
GMan , Atheists OWNED Rap!!!!!!
Gnarls Barkley , Crazy
Gojira , Silvera
Gojira (GH:Live Chart) , Stranded
Goldfinger , Superman
Gorillaz , DARE
Grant MacDonald , Ram Ranch
GRANT MACDONALD!!!!!!!!!! , RAM RANCH!!!!!!!!!!
Gravemind , The Death of Teyolia
Guns N' Roses , Paradise City
Guns N' Roses , Shadow of Your Love
Halestorm , I Miss The Misery (6 Fret Chart)
Halestorm , Love Bites (So Do I) (6 Fret)
Hannah Montana , Best of Both Worlds
Havok , D.O.A.
Heaven's Basement , I Am Electric
HertzDevil , Extends Levant
Hiroyuki Sawano , Before my Body is Dry
Homega , Shitpost
Humanity's Last Breath , Abyssal Mouth
I was touched as a child , My Longest Yeah Boy Ever
In Flames , Take This Life
Inferi , Behold The Bearer of Light
Initial D, Covered by RichaadEB , Deja Vu (Power Metal Cover)
Iron Maiden , Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden , Run to the Hills
Jared Dines , But Does It Djent?
Jared Dines , Demogorgon
Jarvis9999 , Purification
Jason Richardson , Hos Down (Ft. Rick Graham)
JasonParadise , MEME ME DADDY
JasonParadise , Mission Four
Jean-Jacques Goldman , Entre Gris Clair et Gris Foncé
Jeff Loomis , Miles of Machines
Jim Wise , Goofy Goober Rock
Joe Satriani , Crowd Chant
Joe Satriani , Satch Boogie
Joe Satriani , Shockwave Supernova
John 5 , Black Widow of La Porte
John 5 , Cleansing the Soul
Judas Priest , Painkiller
Justin Bieber , Baby
Kanye West , Black Skinhead
Kanye West , Waves
Katy Perry , E.T. (6 Fret Custom)
Kendrick Lamar , Tammy's Song (Her Evils)
Kevin Sherwood , Beauty of Annihilation (Ft. Elena Siegman)
Kid Cudi , Erase Me (feat. Kanye West) 6 Fret
Kiko Loureiro , Conflicted
Killswitch Engage , In Due Time
Killswitch Engage , In Due Time (6 Fret)
Killswitch Engage , My Curse
Killswitch Engage , My Curse
Koji Kondo , Yoshi's Island part 1
KSI , Lamborghini
KSI , Lamborghini
Lacuna Coil , Closer (6 Fret Chart)
Lamb of God , Ghost Walking (6 Fret Chart)
Lamb of God , Laid to Rest (6 Fret Chart)
LeaF , Calamity Fortune
Lemonxreaper , Glacier Glide
Lich King , Aggressive Perfector (Slayer Cover)
Lich King , I Quit
Lil Pump , Boss
Lil Uzi Vert , XO TOUR Llif3
Gang Overchart
Living Colour , Cult of Personality (6 Fret)
Loose Tooth , The Everfall
Luck Won't Save You , Unforgivable
Ludwig Van Beethoven , Fur Elise
Luis Fonsi ft. Justin Bieber, Daddy Yankee , Despacito
M83 , Go! (feat. Mai Lan)
Machinae Supremacy , Indiscriminate Murder is Counter-Productive
Macintosh Plus , Lisa Frank 420 / Modern Computing
Madness , Our House
Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera , Moves Like Jagger (6 Fret Chart)
Marty Friendman , Self Pullution
MattRach , Flight of the Bumblebee
Max Coveri , Running In The 90s
Meditating Business Man , Kazoo Kid - Trap Remix
Megadeth , Bullet to the Brain
Megadeth , Conquer or Die
Megadeth , Death From Within
Megadeth , Dystopia
Megadeth , Fatal Illusion
Megadeth , Foreign Policy
Megadeth , Hangar 18
Megadeth , Killing is my Business... And Business is Good!
Megadeth , Last Dying Wish
Megadeth , Look Who's Talking
Megadeth , Lucretia
Megadeth , Lying in State
Megadeth , Me Hate You
Megadeth , Melt the Ice Away
Megadeth , Poisonous Shadows
Megadeth , Post American World
Megadeth , Sudden Death
Megadeth , Symphony of Destruction
Megadeth , The Emperor
Megadeth , The Threat is Real
Megadeth , Tornado of Souls
Megadeth , Trust
Megadeth (xX760Xx) , Holy Wars... the Punishment Due (Better Version)
Megadeth and Metallica , The Rivalry
Meshuggah , Dehumanization
Meshuggah , Have you ever had a dream?
Metallica , All Nightmare Long
Metallica , Battery
Metallica , Creeping Death
Metallica , Dyers Eve
Metallica , Every Metallica song at once
Metallica , Fade to Black
Metallica , Fight Fire with Fire
Metallica , Fight Fire with Fire but it's a Rek3dge chart
Metallica , For Whom the Bell Tolls (6 Fret Chart)
Metallica , Fuel (Better Version)
Metallica , Hardwired
Metallica , Holier than Thou
Metallica , Master of Puppets
Metallica , Master of Puppets but every time he says Master it gets Faster of Puppets
Metallica , Moth Into Flame
Metallica , Nothing Else Matters
Metallica , One
Metallica , One (Abridged)
Metallica , One (Abridged) (Abridged)
Metallica , One (Abridged) (Abridged) (Abridged)
Metallica , One (Abridged) (Abridged) (Abridged) (Abridged)
Metallica , Orion
Metallica , Ride the Lightning (6 Fret)
Metallica , Spit out the Bone
Metallica , Spit out the Bone but every Harmonic is really overcharted.
Metallica , St. Anger (Anger Boosted)
Metallica , The Call of Ktulu
Metallica , The Unforgiven (6 Fret Chart)
Metallica , Through the Never
Metallica , Whiplash
Metro Station , Shake It
Michael Angelo Batio , Speed Kills
Migos , Bad and Boujee
Mike Orlando , Changes
Mike Orlando , Jam On It
Mindscar , When The Soul Dies
Mishovy Silenosti , I Play Pokemon GO Everyday
missing_artist , corrupted_song
Mors Subita , As Humanity Weeps
Mr. Riolu , Wii City - Fireshops
MrGregMurphy , Frequency
MrGregMurphy , The WTF Song
MrPokeahole , SURPRISE
Muse , Knights Of Cydonia (6 Frets)
Muse , Psycho (6 Fret Chart)
Muse , Reapers
My Enemies & I , Riot
Napalm Death , You Suffer
Neil Cicierega , Wallspin
Neil Cicierega , Wndrwll
Nest of Plagues , Dying Ground
Nest of Plagues , No One Can Hide
Nintendo , Big Blue
Nintendo , Mii Channel (Abridged)
Nintendo covered by RichaardEB , Melee Menu Theme
No1mann , Crisis City (Underchart)
Nokia , Nokia Ringtone
NOMA , Brain Power
Oceans Ate Alaska , Blood Brothers
Open Your Eyes , The Cure
Orianthi , According To You (6 Fret)
Owl City , Fireflies
Oystersh , The Machine
Pantera , Cowboys from Hell
Pantera , Heresy
Pantera , Immortally Insane
Pantera , Proud To Be Loud (Ft. Marc Ferrari)
Pantera , Whiplash, but Dimebag is singing, and Phil Anselmo shredding
Paramore , Decode
Paramore , Hard Times
Paramore , Monster
Paramore , Now
Paramore , Told You So
Pat Benetar , Hit Me With Your Best Shot (6 Fret Chart)
Paul Stanley , Live To Win
Pentakill , Blade of the Ruined King
Pentakill , Cull
Pentakill , Dead Man's Plate
Pentakill , Frozen Heart
Pentakill , Infinity Edge
Pentakill , Mortal Reminder
Pentakill , Rapid Firecannon
Pentakill , Tear of the Goddess
Pentakill , The Bloodthirster
Pentakill , The Hex Core-mk2
Periphery , Graveless
Periphery , Masamune
Periphery , Muramasa
Periphery , Ragnarok
Phinehas , A Pattern in Pain
Pierce The Veil , King For a Day (Ft. Kellin Quinn)
Piko Taro , PPAP
Plini / Kendrick Lamar , Away / Poetic Justice
Polyphia , James Franco
Polyphia , Transcend
Post Malone , Congratulations ft. Quavo
Powerglove , Guiles Theme
Powerglove , Kraid's Lair
Powerglove , Mario Minor 2
Powerglove , Power Rangers
Powerglove , Under the Sea (Ft. Marc Hudson)
Powerwolf , Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend
preb , A Very Quick 1617 Notes
prebensoerensen93 , Great Nation of Clusterfucks (125% speed)
Prebensoerensen93 , Dark Caves of LOLNO
Prebensoerensen93 , Dark Caves of LOLNO (Original)
Prebensoerensen93 , Dark Caves of LOLNO (Remake)
Psy , Gangnam Style
Psychostick , Numbers
Puppetz , The Devil Went Down to Finland
Queen , Another One Bites the Dust (6 Fret Chart)
Queen , Somebody To Love
Ramones , Blitzkrieg Bop (6 Fret Chart)
Razihel and Virtual Riot , One For All, All For One
Rek3dge , Rek3dge
Rhythm Of Fear , Fire In The Sky
Rings of Saturn , The Macrocosm
Rob Scallon , Master of Puppets (Banjo Cover)
Royal Blood , Better Strangers
Royal Blood , Come On Over
Royal Blood , Loose Change
Russian Circles , Mladek
Rusty Cooley , Dark Matter (Puppetz)
Rusty Cooley , Dark Matter (Trunks)
Rusty Cooley , Under the Influence
Sabaton , Night Witches
sakuzyo , Rover Trip
Satoe Terashima; Kinuyo Yamashita , Castlevania (NES) - Boss Theme
Savatage , Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12-24)
Scar Symmetry , Ghost Prototype 1 - Measurement of Thought
Scar Symmetry , Holographic Universe
Scar Symmetry , Limits to Infinity
Scar Symmetry , Retaliator
Scatman John , Scatman
Schmutz , Intense torture
schmutz06 , Respawn
Schmutz06 , 12 Clusterfucks of Christmas
Schmutz06 , 12 Patterns of Christmas
Schmutz06 , Black Hole
Schmutz06 , Chordz
Schmutz06 , Fat Tonys Disco
Schmutz06 , ge4ce
Schmutz06 , ge4ce
Schmutz06 , ge4ce Underchart
Schmutz06 , Mercury City
Schmutz06 , Mercury City
Schmutz06 , Patterns 4+
Schmutz06 , Slayer
Schmutz06 , The Crazy GH Song
Schmutz06 , Uber Juice
Schmutz06 , Utopia
Schmutz06 , Utopia
Schmutz06 , Zoidberg the Cowboy
Shadow of Intent , The Aftermath in Jat-Krula
Shadow of Intent , The Catacombs (Ft. Dickie Allen & Jason Evans)
Shadow of Intent , The Didact's Will
Shadow of Intent , The Forsaken Effigy
Shadow of Intent , The Gathering of All (Ft. Alex Shikolai)
Shadow of Intent , The Great Schism
Shadow of Intent , The Heretic Prevails
Shadow of Intent , The Horror Within
Shadow of Intent , The Indexing
Shadow of Intent , The Last Bastion
Shadow of Intent , The Mad Tyrant's Betrayal
Shadow of Intent , The Mausoleum of Liars
Shadow of Intent , The Prophet's Beckoning (Ft. Tom Barber)
Shadow of Intent , The Return (We Descend)
Shadow of Intent , The Shaping Sickness
Shadow of Intent , The Tartarus Impalement
Shadow of Intent , The Twin Revelation
Sidney600, 2016 , Limitbreaker
Simon & Garfunkel , The Sounds of Silence
Skrillex , First of the Year (Equinox)
Skrillex , Rock N' Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)
Skrillex , Ruffneck (FULL FLEX)
Slash , Set the World on Fire
Slayer , Angel of Death
Slipknot , Before I Forget
Slipknot , Psychosocial
Slipknot , Pulse of the Maggots
Slipknot , Pulse of the Maggots
Slipknot , Pulse of the Maggots (Mazegeek Rechart)
Smash Mouth , All Star
Smash Mouth , All Star
Smashuggah , All Stars Bleed
SnipinG1337 , Talos
SoInhumane , Crisis City
Soreption , Reveal The Unseen
Soreption , Suppressing the Mute
Sp00nerism , Chandelier (Sia Cover)
Spongebob Squarechode , Jellyfish Jam
Spongebob Squarechode , Squidward Is My Best Friend In The World
Sprite: Feel Energized , Sprite: Feel Energized
Squidward Testicles , Solitude in E Minor
Squidward Testicles , Solitude in E Minor
srb2.org , Sonic Robo Blast 2 Medley
Steve Ouimette , Dueling Banjos
Strapping Young Lad , Wrong Side
Sunrise Skater Kids , Trigger Warning (Ft. Johnny Frank)
Symphony X , Nevermore
System of a Down , Hypnotize (Better Version)
System Of A Down , B.Y.O.B.
System Of A Down , Chop Suey
TAI & Le Shuuk , Unicorn
Tenacious D , Baby
Tenacious D , Beelzeboss
Tenacious D , Car Chase City
Tenacious D , Classico
Tenacious D , Destiny
Tenacious D , Dude (I Totally Miss You)
Tenacious D , Government Totally Sucks
Tenacious D , History
Tenacious D , Kickapoo
Tenacious D , Master Exploder
Tenacious D , Papagenu
Tenacious D , Storm the Gate
Tenacious D , The Divide
Tenacious D , The Metal
Tenacious D , The Pick of Destiny
Tenacious D , Tribute
Tenacious D , Tribute
The Agonist , The Moment
The Black Dahlia Murder , I Worship Only What You Bleed
The Exies , Hey You (6 Fret Chart)
The Fall of Troy (xX760Xx) , A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama (125% Speed)
The Fall of Troy (xX760Xx) , The Vomiting Winter (150% Speed)
The Fraud Formerly Known As Monkeyboy , Green Grass and High Tides (Abridged)
The Fraud Formerly Known As Monkeyboy , OGAP Acapella
The Fraud Formerly Known As Monkeyboy , Surfing With The Monkey
The Go-Go's , We Got the Beat (6 Fret)
The Killers , Somebody Told Me (6 Fret Chart)
The Lonely Island , Go Kindergarten
The Lonely Island , Jizz in My Pants
The unholy realm of 2016 memes , PPAP
The White Stripes , Seven Nation Army
TheDooo , Ascend
TheDooo , Ascend (2018)
TheDooo , Eclipse
TheDooo , Eclipse (2018)
TheDooo , Horizons
TheDooo , Horizons (2018)
TheEruptionOffer , Duck Song
TheEruptionOffer , Offer's Hell
TheEruptionOffer , The Lake
TheEruptionOffer, Sidney600, Gamingfreak3 , Enigma
Thomas Walker , Flight of the Bumblebee (Rimsky-Korsakov - Piano Version)
Thousand Sun Sky , Enact the Ending
Toto , Africa
Toto , Africa
Trivium , A Grey So Dark
Trivium , Ensnare The Sun
Trivium , In Waves (6 Fret Chart)
Trivium , In Waves (Choir)
Trivium , Strife
Trivium , Strife (6 Fret)
Trivium , Throes of Perdition
TwitchPresents , Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme Song
Unearth , Zombie Autopilot
Unicorn Kid , Dream Catcher
Unknown Artist , Goku enters SSJ3 for the first time
Vanessa Carlton , A Thousand Miles
Various Artists , GH3 Section Compilation Vol. 1
Various Artists , Neoclassical Madness
Various Artists , Try Not to Headbang (Guitar Hero Edition)
Various Artists (Insane Edition) , GH3 Section Compilation Vol. 2
Verni, Mike Orlando , Fire Up
Vexovoid , Omega Virus
Vince , ShamWow
Virtual Riot , Energy Drink
Vitalij Kuprij , Improvisation on a Theme by J.S. Bach
Vitalij Kuprij , Track on Fire
Vitalij Kuprij , Vitalij Kuprij Solo Medley
Void222x , Demonic Parallels
Void222X , Destruction Armaggedon
Void222X , EDtrio
Volbeat , Lola Montez
Ween , It's Gonna Be A Long Night
Ween , Ocean Man
Whitechapel , Let Me Burn
Whitechapel , The Saw is The Law
Whyks , Daily Bideos Boi (Whyks' Heck 3)
Whyks , Ode to Friendlydad
Wintersun , Winter Madness
Wolfmother , Joker & the Thief (6 Fret Chart)
XI , Freedom Dive
XxNicxX11 , Inverted
XxNicxX11 , Quad Practice
XXXTENTACION , Garette's Revenge
Yellowcard , Way Away
Young the Giant , Cough Syrup
Youtube Guitarists , The Biggest Shred Collab Song In The World
Zedd , Stache