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Dear God

Source of all my being and countless blessings

Through you, in you and with you,
all things are possible beyond my imagining,
As I embark on this journey to hurdle the Bar and approximate my goal
towards becoming a lawyer,
I humbly beg you to send me your Divine Spirit to help me answer the
questions assisted by your wisdom,
Grace and articulation, to present my thoughts clearly and accurately;
Memory, to help recall things I’ve learned and yet to learn;
Faith, secure in the truth that you are with me all the days of my life;
Hope, for you are the anchor of all I am and hope to be;
Rectitude of intention that I may discern and glorify your will

I pray Lord that you grant my desire to exalt and

praise you through the results of my bar exams.
Help me to do my best and override my preparations with your Grace.
Calm me, strengthen me and embrace me dearly because though with
limitations, I offer this Bar as a way to seek your Kingdom, for as it is written,
“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and everything will be added unto you.”
Teach me to persevere, to work diligently, to pray unceasingly- and to rest
on your promises and above all on your unfailing Love.

In the mighty name of your Son, Jesus Christ and through the intercession of
Our Mother Mary, and Saint Raymond of Penafort, I pray.


Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

UST Faculty of Civil Law