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12 Sanskrit Shlokas with meaning

› ^y^w©d§ ñd: VËg{dVwd©aoÊ`§
^Jm} Xodñ` Yr_{h, {Y`mo`moZ: àMmoX`mV

OM. I adore the Divine Self who illuminates the three worlds -
physical, astral and causal; I offer my prayers to that God who
shines like the Sun. May He enlighten our intellect.
›H$ma§ {~ÝXþg§`wº§$ {ZË`§ Ü`m`pÝV `mo{JZ:
H$m_X§ _mojX§ M¡d, ›H$mam` Z_mo Z_:
Aum, let us meditate on the one Brahman who can unite all
energies of the universe into a single point, who will lead us on the
path of becoming liberated from our karma and grant eternal
freedom. Let us bow again and again to that Brahman– the
supreme Lord.
MÝXZ_² erVb_² bmoHo$ M§XZmX{n M§Ð_m:
MÝÐM§XZ`mo_©Ü`o YrVbm gmYwg§JV:
Sandalwood is pleasant (cool), moon (or moon light) is more
pleasant than sandal. (but) company of a good person (sādhu) is
pleasant than both moon and sandal.

`pñ_Z² Ord{V OrdpÝV ~hd: g Vw Ord{V,
H$mH$mo{n qH$ Z Hw$ê$Vo M§Àdm ñdmoXnyaU_².
If the 'living' of a person results in 'living' of many other persons,
only then consider that person to have really 'lived'. Look even the
crow fills it's own stomach by it's beak!!

XmZoZ Vwë`mo {d{YampñV ZmÝ`mo bmo^moM ZmÝ`mopñV [anw: n¥{Wì`m,
{d^yfU§ erbg_§ M ZmÝ`V² g§VmofVwë`§ YZ_pñV ZmÝ`V².

There is no vidhi (ritual) which is as noble as donation.

There is no enemy as greed on this earth.
There is no other ornament like good character.
There is no wealth as satisfaction.

{dÛËd§ M Z¥nËd§ M Z¡d Vwë`§ H$XmMZ,
ñdXoeo nyÁ`Vo amOm {dÛmZ² gd©Ì nyÁ`Vo.

Intelligence and kingdom can never be compared. A king is

respected in his own land whereas a wise man is respected

eVofw Om`Vo eya: ghòofw M n§{S>V:,
dº$m Xeghòofw XmVm ^d{V dm Z dm.
There can be one hero in hundreds; One Pandit in thousands,
One orator in ten thousand but a patron is rarer still.

Aœñ` ^yfU§ doJmo _Îm§ ñ`mX² JO^yfU§,
MmVw`©_² ^yfU§ Zm`m© CÚmoJmo Za^yfU§.
Adornment of a horse is in his speed and that of an elephant in his
majestic gait. Women are adorned and appreciated for their skills
and men for their industriousness and perseverance.
{Z{üËdm `: àH«$_Vo ZmÝVd©g{V H$_©U:
AdÝÜ`H$mbmo dí`mË_m g d¡ n§{S>V CÀ`Vo.

Wise is the one whose endeavors are preceded by a firm

commitment, who does not take long rest till the task is
accomplished, who does not waste time and who has control over
his/her mind.

{dÚm§ Mm{dÚm§ M `ñVÛoXmoä` gh,
A{dÚ`m _¥Ë`w§ VrËdm©@_¥V_ûZwV.o

One who knows both- the material science as well as the spiritual
science, transgresses fear of death by proper bodily and mental
efforts, and attains salvation by purity of mind and soul.

dmUr agdVr `ñ`, `ñ` l_dVr {H«$`m,
bú_r: XmZdVr `ñ`, g\$b§ Vñ` Or{dV_².

The life of the one is worth whose

speech is sweet, whose work
is the result of the hard work and
whose wealth is used in giving.


AmnX: g§nX: H$mbo X¡dmXodo{V {Zü`r,

V¥á: ñdñWopÝÐ`mo {ZË`§ Z dm§N>{V Z emoM{V.
The one who knows it for sure that the
joy and sorrow are destined as per our
past deeds becomes content and gains
control over his sense organs. He neither
yearns nor grieves.