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Principle #3; Principle #6:
Ensure safe and clear
pathways within the garden
considering overhanging
branches, plants with thorns,
moss, mould, uneven or
broken pavers or loose gravel.

Consider using poured

concrete for pathways. This
ensures smooth and even
paths that don’t lift or move
like conventional pavers.

Principle #5: Attract wildlife
into your garden through
features such as bird baths
and feeders.

Consider planting flora and

fauna which attract butterflies
and birds. Such plants include
Bottlebrush, and Grevillia.

6 PLANTING GUIDES 5 SEATING 4WATER Principle #5: Consider
planting seasonal or all year
Visit the enabling environments website for planting guides for Principle #8: Ensure Principle #5: Water round flowering plants so that
sensory plants, dangerous or poisonous plants to avoid and for other that there are shaded features can add an the garden will be alive with
helpful tips on creating a beautiful and enabling garden in your own areas to relax and sit extra sensory dimension colour and wildlife all through
backyard. www.enablingenvironments.com.au/GardensandNature comfortably. to the garden. the year.